8. Moss2 Aaron (Barney1) was born in London, England about 16 August 1838. His birth date is calculated from the age at death on his death certificate. His place of birth comes from his death record. On the 1900 census his birth month and year were given as August 1836. The 1841 census lists him as "Moses" Aaron, age 7, but his name is "Moss" by the 1851 census. Moss died of cancer of the stomach, 24 December 1902, at home, 235 Harvard St., in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(13) He was buried in Cambridge Cemetery on December 27th.

He married Martha G. Hamblen, about 1863, possibly in Maine. The 1900 census taken on June 4th states that Moss and Martha had been married for 37 years, which would place their marriage as having taken place about 1863. Their marriage record is not in the Mass. Vital Records indexes for the years 1856-1865 so probably took place in Martha's home state of Maine.

Martha was born in January 1844, in Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine. The month and year of her birth come from her entry in the 1900 census. Birthplace comes from her death record. Martha was the daughter of Allen T. Hamblen and Hannah Jackson Wentworth.


Martha G. (Hamblen) Aaron, center, is surrounded by family members. At right is her son Joseph Aaron, and at her right is Joe's wife Carrie (Schmelzer) Aaron. The young girl is Gladys Aaron, Joe and Carrie's daughter, who was born in 1901.

Martha died of heart disease, 25 August 1913, at home, 235 Harvard St., in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(14) The official cause of death from her death certificate reads, "Valvular disease of the heart, cerebral hemorrhage and paralysis." She was buried in Cambridge Cemetery.

Moss was a cigarmaker by trade. According to the 1900 census he came to this country in 1858.(15) He probably arrived in New York City, remaining there for a short time before moving to Cambridge, Mass. where he lived for more than forty years. He became a naturalized American citizen in Boston on November 5, 1870. On his naturalization record it states that he arrived in this country on August 17, 1840, but that may be in error because he would have been only two years old at the time. This information was transcribed by another individual and has not been verified yet.(16) He may have still been living in New York in 1860 because his name doesn't appear in the indexes to the 1860 Massachusetts census, however he wasn't found in the 1860 census indexes on HeritageQuest either. In the 1868 and 1869 Cambridge City directories he is listed as living on Eaton Street, near Cherry St. His business address was 317 Main St. as a cigar-maker. When the census was taken in July 1870 the young family was living in Cambridge and Moss gave his occupation as cigar maker.(17) When the census was taken in June 1880 the family was living at 65 Washington St. in Cambridge and Moss was still a cigar maker.(18) By June 1900 when that year's census was taken(19) they were living at 235 Harvard St. in Cambridge, and they were still there when Moss died two years later. His widow Martha was still living there when she died in 1913. The 1900 census also states that they had an adopted daughter named Phoebe Hamblen, presumably a relative of Martha's. According to the census, Phoebe was born in Massachusetts in August 1886. Her mother was born in NH and her father in Maine, also according to the census.

Moss' obituary in the Cambridge Chronicle, Dec. 27, 1902, p.4, reads as follows: "Moss Aaron, a prominent cigar manufacturer, for many years a resident of Cambridgeport, died at his residence, 235 Harvard street, Wednesday evening. He had been in failing health for a year, and had been confined to his house by illness with cancer for five weeks before his death. Rev. Charles H. Williams, of the Wood Memorial church, conducted the funeral services at the house, yesterday afternoon. The burial was in Cambridge cemetery. The deceased was born in London, Eng., 64 years ago, but came to this country in early life, settling first in New York. He came to this city to live about 42 years ago and was a resident here ever since. He used to belong to Pioneer engine, No. 6, in the old hand engine days, and was a member of the Veteran Firemen, as well as of the Red Jackets. Mr. Aaron was all his life in the cigar business. He leaves a wife and four children, Mrs. James Clay, Harry and Lewis Aaron, of this city, and Joseph Aaron, of Malden."

The Cambridge Tribune, Dec. 27, 1902, p.1, had the following: "Moss Aaron, for nearly half a century a Cambridge business man, died Wednesday, at his home, 235 Harvard St. Mr. Aaron was born in London, England, 64 years ago. He came to this city about 45 years ago, and three years later started in business as a cigar manufacturer. He followed this line of work all his life. "Mr. Aaron was a member of old Pioneer 6, the famous hand fire engine company, and was later identified with the Veteran Firemen's Association and the Red Jacket veterans. He was for many years a member of the cigar maker's union. "For the past year and more, Mr. Aaron had been failing in health, and for five weeks he had not been able to leave his house. A cancer was the final cause of death. "The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, at his late home. Rev. Charles H. Williams, of Wood Memorial Church, conducted the service, and the burial was in Cambridge Cemetery. There was a wealth of floral pieces, among them a beautiful tribute from the Owl Cycle Club, of which two of Mr. Aaron's sons are members. Undertaker E.L. Derby was in charge of the burial exercises. "Mr. Aaron is survived by a widow and four children, Joseph Aaron, of Malden, Mrs. James N. Clay, Messrs. Harry and Louis Aaron, all of this city, beside a large circle of friends in this city and in Boston."

Moss and Martha were the parents of nine children, but only four lived to adulthood.

Moss Aaron and Martha G. Hamblen had the following children:

child 10 i. Barney3 Aaron was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 10 January 1864.(20) Barney died of typhoid fever, 28 February 1869, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(21)

child + 11 ii. Joseph Aaron was born 6 February 1866.

child 12 iii. Solomon Aaron was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 18 June 1869.(22) Solomon died of scarlet fever, 23 June 1875, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(23)

child 13 iv. Phoebe Lee Aaron was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 15 September 1871.(24) Phoebe died in late 1944 or early 1945, in Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan. Her body was brought back east for burial, probably in Cambridge, Mass. She married James Newton Clay, 4 December 1895, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(25) Their marriage ended in divorce.

James was born January 1873, in Waco, Texas. His month and year of birth comes from the 1900 census and his parents' names come from his marriage certificate. James was the son of William Clay and Esse [Giery?].

James is deceased. According to his grandson Ray Pigman he supposedly was killed by a vehicle of some kind, "probably in Boston".

(See James Newton Clay for the continuation of this line.)

When they were married in 1895 James was a salesman and they were living in Cambridge, Mass. When son Harry was born on Christmas Day in 1897 they were living on 102 Moore St. in Cambridge. James was still a salesman at the time. When the 1900 census was taken in June 1900 the family was living with Phoebe's parents Moss and Martha Aaron at 235 Harvard St. in Cambridge.(26) James was a traveling machinery salesman at the time. When daughter Esse was born the following year they were still there and James was still a salesman.

child 14 v. Abraham Aaron was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 7 June 1874.(27) Abraham died of scarlet fever, 4 July 1875, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the age of thirteen months.(28)

child + 15 vi. Harry Lee Aaron was born 13 August 1876.

child 16 vii. Martha Aaron was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 27 November 1878.(29) Martha died of scarlet fever, 14 December 1884, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(30)

child + 17 viii. Lewis Franklin Aaron was born 20 October 1881.

child 18 ix. Ella Aaron was born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 12 January 1884.(31) Ella died of pulmonary congestion, 17 March 1888, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(32)

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