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My name is Sonya & this is my page!
Here is where I get to tell you about my passions!
First my love for the Lord!
He made it possible for me to have the other passions "My Family"
Jewelry, Flowers & Chocolate!
Oh Yeah!  Gourmet Coffee too!
Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect. 
 It means you must try to be and when you are not.......
 you have the chance for forgiveness
Some of My Genealogy Names

Perkins, Lynch, Nelson, Stovall , Tevis , Hathaway, Duncan, Bond, Stubblefield, Creswick, Tibbs, Eakin, Maxey, Roberts, Mann, Hammer, Fouke,  Jones , Devoss, Scott, Beverley, Robinson, Slye, Cozart 
and many more!

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