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Miles S. Cantrell Family and Texas Kin: Cal Beckett, Thomas Bingham, Richard Blackwell, Scott Boyd, Patrick Henry Brooks Of Hidalgo Co., Richard Carta of Kinney Co., William Cox of Fannin Co., Dexter D. D. Simons of Travis Co., Thomas H. Sylvester, Mary Townsley in Texas.
Also old documents, letters and photos found in my genealogy research.
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Great State of TEXAS

Miles S. Cantrell Family and Texas Kin
Fannin Co., Travis Co., Kinney Co.,
Uvalde Co., Williamson Co.

Great State of TEXAS

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            The original photo belonged to Aunt Clara Cantrell, daughter of Henry Cantrell b. 1892 Travis Co., son of Joshua b. 1870 Uvalde Co., son of Miles Standish Cantrell b. 1835 MO and Isabell Elizabeth Collier b. 1845 IN.
            The photo of a wagon train is believed to be the Cantrell Family moving cattle up the Llano River from the King Ranch about 1900. They made several trips with cattle from south Texas to New Mexico.
           I am researching: Cantrell, Simons, Cox, Davis, Jobes, Petty, Fletcher, McKinney, Maddox, Brooks, Becketts, Blackwell & MORE. Some of our families have been in Texas since the 1830s. Most info here will be related to TEXAS Families. There will be records, photos & interesting tales.
            We have copy of an interesting document which I will try to scan & get it on here: Miles' application for pension from the Confederate Service\ Frontier Regiment 5-3-1915 Austin Texas, was witnessed by: J. H. Holder, Will Townsley (Holder & Townsley were Miles Cantrell's son in laws.), Thomas Bingham (age 72) & Lucinda Bingham (she swore she was age 105). Miles served from fall of 1862 to April 1865 mostly in Kinney & Uvalde Counties Texas near Fort Clark & the Nueces River. Serving under Capt. Edgar & Col. McCord.
            As early as 1837 some of these families had migrated together to Fannin County, Texas from Kentucky down through Arkansas. In the 1860's William Cox, Jr. and Miles Cantrell fought Indians together in Uvalde and Kinney Counties. About 1890s William & Margaret Ann Whitaker (sp Whittaker) Cox lived near Reagan Wells & so did the Binghams. These families have been 'inner-twined' for over 180 years.

Very interesting links:     Stodgel/Ryan Bible pages with family births, deaths, obits;     1894 Letters Re: Mr.Braswell/Nusom of Hearne, TX;     PARKER Wagon Train 1833;     Rev. Gottlieb Langner, Brenham, TX;     Texas in the Civil War Message Board.

Josh and Annie
The photo is Josh and Annie Cantrell sitting on their back porch NW of Austin Texas about 1920.

This photo taken about 1950: Josh Cantrell and sons. From left to right: Henry, John, Walter, Josh (b.1870), Jack (nic name for Monroe Jackson Cantrell, Sr.) and Alvie.

Miles and Elizabeth Collier Cantrell
   Aunt Clara Cantrell said this photo was Miles and Elizabeth Collier Cantrell taken at Florence, Texas about 1915.
  I am not sure of that date or location because Miles went to New Mexico about 1910 with his son, Charles and a large group of other Texans including Cox, Maples and Binghams.
  Miles died about 1916 possibly in Eddy County, New Mexico. I have no documentation of his death. Eddy County includes Carlsbad and Artesia.
  Link to Eddy County forum. (Removed by ancestry)

1870 Zavala, Texas: Miles Cantrell, 31, 1839, MO, stock raiser, value $250/ wife Elizabeth 28, 1842 Ind /Mary 14 / Henry 9 / Charles 3, 1867 / Joshua 5/12, TX.

1880 June, 7, 8, 9, Prec. 3, Uvalde, TX: Miles Cantrell 45, 1835, MO, teamster/ wife Elizabeth Cantrell, 37, Ind, house keeping/dau Mary Cantrell, 21, 1859 /son Henry Cantrell, 19, teamster /son Charles Cantrell 13, /son Joshua Cantrell 10, 1870, TX/son Jesse Cantrell 7 /dau Nancy J. Cantrell 1.

1900 Justice Prec. 7, Travis, Texas; Roll: T623 1673; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 114. Janna (Joshua) Cantrell 30, 1870 (b. Uvalde), TX, farm laborer/wife Annie S Cantrell 27/ Ludia E Cantrell 10/ Henry W Cantrell 8/ Alva E Cantrell 6/ Johnnie N Cantrell 2/ Thomas D Cantrell 8/12.
Next was Milus Cantrell, 78, MO and wife Elizabeth, 66, Indiana. (This is Miles S. Cantrell b.1835 MO/d.1916 NM. father of Joshua)
Also on same census page was Jesse Cantrell.
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