Bandera County Texas Records: Deaths, Births, Marriages, Obits, Cemetery, Family History, Genealogy
Bandera, Bandera County, Texas: Official Court Records including my family names: Davis, Petty, Eaton, Ivy, Brown, Fletcher, McKinney. Birth, Death, Marriage Records, Family history and genealogy of Bandera, Utopia, Vanderpool in Bandera County, TX. .... If you have photos, obituaries or any information to share, email to me.
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Connections to Families: Brown, Davis, Fletcher, Petty, McKinney and more.

Mr. Bandy

Bandera Co. Tax Assessor- Collector taken about 1890. John J. Bandy 1845-1904; Parathena A. Myrick Bandy 1851-1942; William T. Bandy 1867-1944 all buried in Vanderpool Cemetery located in SW Bandera County.

8-11-1911 Brown , James Richard. 60-210060.
4-24-1914 Brown , D. R., Utopia, to George H. and Brooksy (Sarah Brooksy Davis Brown, my KIN). 10-10163.
5-14-1912 Brown , Geo Lee, Utopia, to Geo H. and Brooksy Davis. 9-10142.
4-6-1904 Brown , Jeff J.. 4-1063. (This is wrong.)
5-5-1914 Brown , Charles Henry. 2-61199.
4-6-1904 Brown , John Jefferson, Thompson Ranch, to Geo H. and Brooksy. 28-61386.(correction)
2-18-1910 Brown , Unknown, alive, no sex, to Geo H. and Brooksey. 8-10126.
4-9-1904 Davis , William McKinley, Thompson Ranch, to L. J. 'Cug' and Mary Alice 'Allie'. 1-26-10325. (Uncle Mac, my Davis Family. )
5-23-1909 Davis, Ben Lee to James Henry Davisand Kate McDonald. (probably Catherine McDonald)(Family members state Ben Lee b.5-23-1884. .. ?
4-2-1904 Davis, Alton Lee to Marion Davis and Maggie Petty. (Oldest son of L. J. Davis. My Davis Family)
9-27-1907 Davis,Marion to Kendal Davis and Lena Hardcastle.
11-8-1905 Davis,Tina E. to Kendal Davis and Lena Hardcastle.
5-13-1914 Davis, Tammie Faye to James Henry Davis and Rosie Lee Bell. (My Davis family)
9-4-1914 McKinney, Crockett M. to Frank McKinney and Hallie Humphreys. #1-93. (My McKinney family, Frank was 2nd husband of Emma Davis. Not much is know of Frank & Hallie's children.)
1-11-1895 McKinney, Ellen Elizabeth to Robert Augusta McKinney and Flora Cravey.
5-23-1916 Eaton , Velma Faye. 6-188-61175.
9-14-1910 Fletcher , Claud Osborne to W. R. and Millie.
1-10-1913 Fletcher , Lois Annetta to W. R. and Millie.
12-13-1916 Fletcher , Roberta Elizabeth to W. R. and Millie.
2-18-1908 Fletcher , William Hollis, Utopia, to Charles Jefferson Fletcher and Mary Elizabeth 'Mollie' Davis , Dr. Duren. 1-38-10427.
7-7-1910 Fletcher , Herman, near Utopia, to Chas J. and Mollie, Dr. Patterson. (Aunt Mollie never spoke about this baby.)
12-12-1912 Fletcher , Isacc J. near Utopia, to Chas J. and Mollie Davis, Dr. Patterson.1-39-10448.
3-15-1906 Fletcher , James Virgil near Utopia, to Chas J. and Mollie Davis, Dr. Patterson.1-38-10419.
9-22-1892 Petty , Annie Rooney to Jim Petty and Frances Schoonover .
5-12-1907 Petty , Francis to Jim Petty and Emma Rosetta Davis (My Great Aunt) . 4-316-410307.
6-22-1894 Petty , Mattie Alma to Hiram F and Mollie A. Smith. 3-98-310195.
10-9-1896 Petty , Bertie to Frank H. and Mollie Smith .
11-20-1905 Petty , Female, Vanderpool, to Frank Petty and Mollie Smith. 1-104-101084
3-27-1912 Petty , Katie.
3-15-1908 Petty , Bessie.
12-8-1907 Petty , Mellen Virgil, Vanderpool, to E. J. and M. W. 1-105-101099.
1-18-1902 Petty , Minerva Caroline to Geo Amos and Amanda Mae Hardcastle. 6-135-61070.
10-15-1895 Petty , Wintha May to H. R. (or W.R.?) Petty and Laura Lee Arnold.
2-22-1897 Petty, Roxie Ann to Wm. Robert and Laura Lee Arnold. 5-449-5-0449.
8-1-1904 Petty , Male, Vanderpool, to Will and L. 1-104-101076. (Laura L. Petty died 8-1-1904 childbirth. Family story.)
Old ledgers are fragile and faded but they are very important to those of us searching for our history. It is easy to overlook a name if it is not entered correctly.

Brown, Geo H. to Brooksy Davis....12-23-1901. #2-329.(my Davis family)
Brown, Henry J. to Mollie Gobble...9-9-1880. #2-0005.
Brown, James Duff to Mahala Jane Jones...1-13-1879. #1-2.
Brown, James T. to Eliza Jane Parmelia Jones...7-9-1879. #1-197.
Brown, John Henry to M. C. Gobble...6-16-1885. #2-59.
Brown, R. T. to Lula Stevens...12-3-1884. #2-40.
Cox, John to Emma E. Neatherlin...3-8-1894. #2-191/2-0375. (My Cox Family.)
Davis, James to Kate McDonald ...1-27-1877. #1-0159/1-162.
Davis, Marion to Maggie Petty...6-28-1903. #02-0710/2-361. (My Davis family)
Davis, Warren to Alice Clark...11-6-1876. #01-0152/1-0154.
Fletcher, Charles Jefferson to Mollie Davis...9-15-1904.#2-0389.(Mary Elizabeth Davis , my Davis family)
Fletcher, W. R. to Millie O'Bryant...1-29-1905. #2-0400.
Ivey, H. J. to Jane Beard...11-14-1909.
Ivey, J. M. to Flora Beard...4-21-1907.
Ivey, W. B. to Emma Jane Jones...12-20-1886. (William Burdett Ivy Jr. m. Emily Jane Jones)
McKinney, C. C. to Mary E. Prather...8-1-1883.
McKinney, John Franklin to Hollie May O'Bryant...4-16-1911. # 3-69/3-0137.(This is Uncle Frank. We never knew his full name. Frank's first wife. He later married Emma Rosetta Davis Petty)
Petty, H. C. to Mollie Smith...6-7-1891.
Petty, J. N. to Emma Davis...1-25-1905. #2-0781/2-399. (Emma's 1st husband Janmes N. Petty, my Davis family)
Petty, W. A. to Laura Arnold...9-12-1888. # 2-0211/2-108. (probably W.R. Petty)
1-26-1939 Banta , Charles Wm.
6-17-1954 Banta , Ernest John.
3-15-1937 Banta , Geo. Wilson.
1-23-1893 Banta , Hilton Charles.
3-15-1930 Banta , Susan Melissa Rippy.
7-7-1913 Brown , Baby, female, age 3 months, Utopia, whooping cough, Dr. D. H. Clark. bk 1-5. (This is probably child of Geo & Brooksy Davis Brown.)
11-10-1903 Cox, Mary, age 3 months, Bandera, acute larengitis. (did not get parents.)
12-12-1923 Davis , Baby, parents W. H. Davis and Allyne Porter , bk 2-07.
2-18-1910 Davis , Infant, white female died Vanderpool, no parents listed, Dr. V.E. Duren of Utopia, TX. bk 1-26. (This is probably child of Geo & Brooksy Davis Brown.)

5-8-1929 Davis , Charles W. age 64, widower, shoemaker. bk 2a-13.
10-27-1918 Davis, Mary A. of Utopia, TX, Parents Andy Miller and Mary Jane Garrett . bk 2-2. (This is Mary Alice 'Allie' Miller w/o L. J. 'Cug' Davis, her parents Andrew Jackson Miller & Mary Jane Garrett. my Davis Family)
3-12-1949 Davis, Sarah Ann Savannah. bk 5-9.
6-7-1935 Davis, William Henry Harrison. bk3-127.
11-28-1905 Davis, Susan, age 49 died of shock from burning house. (Not sure who this is.)
3-8-1914 Fletcher, Charles Jefferson, urimic poison, Utopia, age 28 yrs 6 mos, b. San Saba Co., TX. bk 1-38. (He left 3 young sons with his widow. Mary Elizabeth 'Mollie' Davis 1st husband, my Family)
11-25-1911 Fletcher, Herman, cause: Typhoid, Utopia, age 4 mos 18 days, s/o Chas J and Mollie. bk 1-38. (Mary Elizabeth Davis. Aunt Mollie never mentioned the loss of this baby boy. Burial unknown.)
1-12-1931 Fletcher, Isaac N. b.11-17-1850 Navarro Co TX, farmer, s/o William and Jane Calaway of MO. bk 2a-32. (Isaac was f/o Charley J. Fletcher.)
12-24-1939 Fletcher , Virginia Louisa Mrs., w/o Isaac N.. bk4-19.
5-5-1903 Gains , Bray G.
4-26-1905 Gandy , John.
1-14-1910 Gerodette , Maria.
12-26-1905 Goodman , S. H.
4-21-1904 Gourley, Catherine.
4-8-1912 Gourley, Patton. 11-14-1906 Grofton , S. B.
3-3-1904 Ivey , Effie, Utopia TX. bk1-64.
7-8-1911 Martin , Walter R., 39 yrs, Leakey TX. bk 1-82.
2-15-1920 McKinney , Elizabeth Ann.
9-17-1935 McKinney , Melinda Elizabeth.
2-2-1936 Miller , C. C. bk 3-139. (Christopher Columbus (Lum) h/o Racheal Davis. Racheal sister of L. J. Cug Davis.)
5-19-1912 Parker , G. W.
3-25-1909 Pepper , Infant.
6-3-1910 Pepper , Jerry Lee, Infant.
9-12-1915 Petty , Jim, Dr. Clark of Utopia. bk1-105. (Emma Davis 1st husband, my family)
7-14-1910 Petty , Joshua, paralysis, Vanderpool, TX. bk 1-104.
8-1-1904 Petty , Laura L., 35 yrs, born in TX, childbirth, Vanderpool,TX. bk 1-104.
2-23-1916 Taylor , Elizabeth Ann.
8-14-1910 Taylor , Mollie.
6-5-1915 Taylor , William.

Bandera Co., TX Census Records:
1900 Justice Precinct 4,:
Sicurgus (Lycurgus) Davis 36, Dec 1862, TX, US, US, Farmer; (Mary Alice) Allie Davis 37, May 1863, TX, US, US, had 10 children, 10 living; Brooke (Brooksy) Davis 19 Mar 1881, TX; son Marian A Davis 18, Mar 1882, TX; Emma (Rosetta) Davis 15, June 1884, TX; Mollie (Mary Elizabeth) Davis 13, Aug 1886; James Davis 11, Mar 1889; Rosie (Rosa Ethel) Davis 8, May 1892, TX; Fort Davis 5, Nov 1894, TX; Lan (Lon) Davis 2, Oct 1897, TX; (twins) Lin Davis 2, Oct 1897, TX; Maggie M. Davis 0, May 1900, TX. (More on Lycurgus Davis)

on same page is William Ivy, 37, Aug 1862, TX, TX, KY, farmer (This is s/o Elizabeth Bet Davis Ivy. William Burdett Ivy, Jr. born Anderson Co., TX); wife Emlie 32, June 1867, TX, TN, US, had 8 children, 7 living; dau Ollie 12, Oct 1887, TX; son Jessie 11, Feb 1889, TX; son William H. 9, Aug 1890; dau Emly M 7, Sept 1892, TX; son Oran T. 5, July 1894, TX; dau Liddie 2, Oct 1897; dau Ettie Oct 1899, TX. (Research on Ivy (Ivey) Family)

1910 Bandera Census:
J. H. Davis b.1848, Martha b.1862, John b.1892, Charley b.1894.

Henry W. Ivy, 42, TX, TN, KY; Sallie, wife, had 13 children w/11 living; Daniel E., son, 14; Claron, dau; Norah, dau, 11; Rachel, dau, 4; Thomas, son, 18 mos;

with stepfather: Eaton, Julius M.(this is Joe Eaton), 76, M#2 23 yrs, NY, NY, VA; Elizabeth L., mother, 69 (this is Lucy Elizabeth Davis b.1840, dau of David Fort Davis).

close by, we find: Charley J. and Mollie (this Mary Elizabeth 'Mollie' Davis) Fletcher with sons James Virgil and William Hollis;

Isaac and Virginia Fletcher with grandson Jesse, 6;

L. J. and Allie Davis with 8 children( this is Lycurgus Jefferson 'Cug' Davis and Mary Alice 'Allie' Miller ;

George H. and Brooksy Brown (this is Sarah Brooksy Davis oldest child of L. J. Davis) with 5 of their children.

Obits: CURLEY THOMPSON 1904/1982: Funeral services were held March 2, 1982 at the Utopia Methodist Church for George Powell [Curley) Thompson, an important political figure and a menber of one of Bandera County oldest pioneer families. Mr. Thompson died of an apparent heart attack Feb. 27, 1982, at his residence. He was 78 years of age. His wife, Pearl, preceded him in death in 1975.
Mr. Thompson was born in Bandera County Jan. 31, 1904 and had been a life-long resident and rancher near the site of his birth. He was noted for his wit and as "a teller of colorful stories". He was a hunter who claimed to have killed more than 100 Russian Boars. In 1964 Curley Thompson entered politics and was elected to the first of four terms on Bandera County's commisioners court. He took his seat in January 1965 and served till March of 1981 when he retired because of illness. His son, Bud Thompson was appointed to fill his unexpired term.
Mr. Thompson was the son of Robert Hamilton Thompson and Mary Elizabeth Cummins, early day settlers who homesteaded in Bandera County. His grandfather, Giddeon Thompson was one of the first white pioneers in Sabinal Canyon, coming to the area from Perry County. Arkansas in 1852. In 1928, he wed the former Pearl Norman. They are survived by their two children, 3 grand children and two great-grandsons, 2 older brothers both of West Bandera County, and a sister of Dilley TX. (Obit 1982 Uvalde Leader News, Uvalde, TX)
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