Joshua Calvin Beckett son of Calamise Beckett and Eliza Jane McInturff

JOSHUA CALVIN BECKETT, b. 1857, Kauffman or Fannin Co., TX son of Calamise Beckett and Eliza Jane McInturff. Calamise born 1820 in Kentucky & died 1898 in Kinney Co., TX, burial in small family cemetery NE corner of Kinney Co., TX (Proof: I have seen photo of Cal's tombstone.) with his wife and John & Sarah Beckett Brooks.) Josh Beckett was 1 of 12 children born to Cal & Eliza Beckett. (More on the families of: Cal Beckett, Richard Carta, and Patrick Henry Brooks.) Keep in mind, some of this is may not documented. ..... Email me if you can add or make correction. Created 11/18/2012. Update 01/22/2016 by texascantrells. Find more at WIKI TREE. Documented?

Joshua Calvin Beckett and Ellen Sheedy

  JOSHUA CALVIN BECKETT, b. December 28, 1857, Kauffman or Fannin County, son of Calamise Beckett and Eliza Jane McInturff. (Calamise born October 10, 1820 in Kentucky and died September 06, 1898 in Kinney County Texas) Josh was 1 of 12 children born to Cal and Eliza. Joshua C. Beckett married Ellen Sheedy (Photo on right is Ellen. Original Photo included Josh. email W. S.)

1870 census family not found.
1880 Precinct 3, Kinney, Texas:
C. Beckett, 61, TN, TN, TN, laborer
Eliza J. 56, TN, TN, TN
son Nathan 20, (1860) TX, TN, TN, laborer
son Charles 14, (1866) TX, TN, TN, laborer.

next to son of Cal: Josh Beckett 20 (b.1860) and family.

(Letter and Ellen's photo came from the collection of Wendy Seale and Elva Ruth Beckett Seale. Thank you. SRC)
Letter written on Kinney County letterhead.

Beckett, J. C.
Sheriff and Tax Collector
Kinney County
Notes when inquires about
land give abstract number

Brackettville, Texas April 24, 1916
Mr. J. M. Beckett,
My Dear Son,
I received your letter afew days ago and was more than glad to hear from you and that you was well. This leaves us all well and hope it will find you well. I haven't any thing new to write. We are having some hot and dry weather now. I haven't a letter from John in 3 or 4 months all tho I know where he is working for Weatherbee out at Joualean ranch he is all right or I would know it. The family is sure inhopes you are coming home in June we will be glad to see you once more. They all say you won't have any trouble in making up a fishing party when you get here. They will all be ready. I sure hope you will come. I am getting along all right only I am sick so much but not any way searies. I never quit working but do not feel well any time. I guess I will be all right some day.

Don't think I am bad off for I am not. I can't see how this Mexican trouble will come out yet of corse we only have the paper talk that is all we know. I hope they will sittle it soon. Well Jim I can't think of any thing new to tell you so I will close with best regards and love to you.
I am as ever your father J. C. Beckett
May God Bless you my son.

Generation No. 1
1. JOSHUA CALVIN3 BECKETT (CALAMISE "CAL"2, JOHN R.1) was born December 28, 1857 in Texas, and died March 14, 1917 in Kinney County Texas. He married ELLEN SHEEDY November 1875 in Kinney County, Texas. She was born Abt. 1858.

1880 Precinct 3, Kinney, Texas: Josh Beckett 20 TX, TN, TN, laborer / wife Ellen 20, TX, Ireland, Ireland / son Samuel 4, TX, TX, TX / son Louis (Lemuel) 2, TX, TX, TX.
1900 June, Justice Prec 1, 6-8, Pecos, TX: Joshua Beckett, Boarder, W M 43, married 25 yr, TX, KY , VA; Samuel Beckett, Boarder, W M, 24, TX. (Both Occ: RR work crew. With 14 other workers.)
1910 April 26. Justice Prec 1, Uvalde, TX: Joshua C Beckett, Head, w M 52, TX KY TN, married 30 yr, Ranch man,read & write. (listed with 4 cowboys & a cook)

2. i. SAMUEL NATHAN4 BECKETT, b. September 30, 1876, Kinney County, Texas; d. October 07, 1939, Uvalde, Texas.
ii. LEMUEL ANSON BECKETT, b. December 13, 1878; d. 1952, Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas.; m. (1) AMY ALMIRA TIDWELL, Kinney County, Texas; m. (2) URSULA SHARP. (Lemuel lived and died in Del Rio next door to his daughter Peaches. email M. W.)
iii. JESSIE BECKETT, b. Abt. 1880.
iv. MARY BECKETT, b. January 1884; d. Unknown. (Mary died in Brackett, must have been young, and she is buried a little way below where Joshua and Ellen are buried. email M. W.)
3. v. JAMES MARTIN BECKETT, b. November 25, 1885, Texas; d. July 07, 1940, Mesa, Arizona.
vi. JOHN HIRAM BECKETT, b. February 1889, Texas; d. 1961; m. ETHEL; b. Abt. 1890, d. 1982. (Death dates from email M. W.)
vii. LAURA MINTA BECKETT, b. Abt. 1892; m. H. H. Levering and lived in Del Rio, TX
4. viii. FLORENCE ELLEN BECKETT, b. December 1897, Kinney County, Texas; d. May 1977.
ix. ALMIRA MARGARET BECKETT, b. April 1900, d. about 1949; m. BUD REEDER.

Generation No. 2
2. SAMUEL NATHAN4 BECKETT (JOSHUA CALVIN3, CALAMISE "CAL"2, JOHN R.1) was born September 30, 1876 in Kinney County, Texas, and died October 07, 1939 in Uvalde, Texas. (Samuel lived in Uvalde and was a deputy sheriff there at the time of his death, heart attack on the dance floor. email note M. W.) He married CALLIE UREENE 1896 in Bracketville, Texas.

i. LETTIE5 BECKETT, b. 1898.
ii. STELLA BECKETT, b. 1900.
iii. WILLIAM J. BECKETT, b. 1903.
iv. ELLEN BECKETT, b. Abt. 1906.
v. SAMUEL (SAM ) JR. BECKETT, b. Abt. 1909.

3. JAMES MARTIN4 BECKETT (JOSHUA CALVIN3, CALAMISE "CAL"2, JOHN R.1) was born November 25, 1885 in Texas, and died July 07, 1940 in Mesa, Arizona. He married ELVA MAE WILLIAMSON March 07, 1918 in Bisbee, Arizona.

ii. BABY BOY BECKETT, b. February 04, 1922; d. February 04, 1922.
iv. JAMES (BUD) MARTIN JR. BECKETT, b. January 26, 1930, Solomonville, Arizona; d. May 20, 1960, Los Angeles, CA.

4. FLORENCE ELLEN4 BECKETT (JOSHUA CALVIN3, CALAMISE "CAL"2, JOHN R.1) was born December 1897 in Kinney County, Texas, and died May 1977. She married JACK SURLS in Kinney County, Texas. He was born Abt. 1875.

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