Bell/Lyon Family Photos: Wilmont, Plattsburg, Valcour, NY and Texas

John Bell and Alice Lyon Family Photos. Wilmont, Plattsburg, Valcour, NY and Texas. Twins: Kenneth and Carleton Bell. Samuel H. Bell, b.1841, NY and Sara (Sada) Harmon Bell; Cora Cook; Syrilla Ogden Brownell mother of Willard Brownell of Canada; Wilmont Lyon; Edith Bell with cousin Clarence Bell taken at Berwyn, Maryland; Old Methodist Church on Lake Shore Rd, Valcour NY. (I have not researched the possibility of a connection from Lyon family to Alexander Graham Bell. - ??? .... Created 08/13/2005 - Updated 01/22/2016

I have collected photos, Bible pages and documents for 50 years. These photos have family history written on them. Some one may find treasures here. I have not connected them to my Bell Family. Be sure and let me know if you are kin to these folks.

Found info:
1880 Washington, District of Columbia:
Samuel H. Bell, 39, 1841, NY, Ireland, Ireland, printer, Gov. post office; wife Sarah M. Bell, 35, Mich, Ohio, Mich ; son Alexander H. Bell 13 1867 Mich NY Mich ;son Clarence W. Bell 11 (1869), Ill NY Mich; dau Grace I. Bell, 9, New Jersy, NY, Mich; dau Sarah L. Bell, 7, Mich, NY, Mich;son John H. Bell 5 1875 Mich, NY, Mich ;son Samuel T. Bell 3 Mich, NY, Mich.

1900 Albany Ward 6, Albany, New York:
Ruah A Packham 61 Nov. 1839, NY, NY, NY, attorney; wife Harriet R Packham 60 Mar 1840 NY, Conn, NY, married 34 yrs, had 1 child, 1 living; son Henry A Packham 31 NY, NY, NY, attorney; dau in law Catherine A Packham 29 Aug 1870, NY, Ohio, Ohio, married 4 yrs, had 1 child, 1 living; grand dau Harrell Packham 1, Jan 1899, NY, NY, NY; Emma C Johnson 35 June 1864, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, arrival 1886, servant, Cook; Elsie Wiener 39 May 1861, Germany, Germany, Germany, arrival 1893servant, nurse; Julia A Brinnon 24, Nov 1895 NY, NY, Ireland, servant, maid; Harry W Marton 33 Dec 1866, Eng, Eng, Eng, servant, butler; John H Bell 24 Aug 1875, Mich, Mich, Mich, servant, painter.

1900 Vansville, Prince George, Maryland:
Samuel H Bell 59 Dec 1840 Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, printer; wife Sada Bell 55, Feb 1845, Mich, Ohio, NY, married 34 years, had 10 children, 9 living ;son Clarence W Bell 30, Aug 1869, Ill, Ireland, Mich, salesman, coffee; dau Louisa Bell 26 Aug 1873, Mich, Ireland, Mich ;dau Emma I Bell 19 , Sept 1880, DC, Ireland, Mich; dau Edith Bell 15 Dec 1884, DC, Ireland, Mich.

1910 Berwyn Heights, Election District 1, Prince George's, Maryland:
Samuel H Bell 69, Canada, Canada, Scotland, arrival 1861, Editor, Govt printing office; wife Sadie M Bell 65, Mich, Ohio, NY, married 44 yrs, 10 children, 8 living ;son Clarence W Bell 42, Ill, Canada, Mich, farmer, chickens; dau Louise Bell 38, Mich, Canada, Mich, asst cinf, laundry dept B&E ;dau Emma R Bell 28, Dist of Col, Canada, Mich, occ: none.

1910 Peru, Clinton, New York: Sherman H Lyon 75 NY NY Vermont, farm labor, working out ; wife Wilmont S Lyon 61 NY NY NY, married 42 years, had 2 children, 1 living, carpet weaver, at home; dau Alice V Bell 30 NY NY NY, at home, married 4 years, no children; son in law John H Bell 36 (1874) Mich Mich Mich, chaufier, private bar.

1920 Jan 20, Vansville, Prince Georges, Maryland:
Samel H Bell 79, 1841, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Immigration: 1856, own home, gen truck farm; wife Sarah M Bell, 75, 1845, Mich, Ohio, Mich; son Clarace W Bell 50, 1870, Ill, Ireland, Mich, poultry farmer; dau Enner R Bell 37, 1883, DC, Ireland, Mich, clerk, gen mdse store.
(Sarah M. Bell probably died spring of 1920, then Samuel moved in with (his son or nephew) James U Bell.)

1920 Pleasant View, Frederick, Maryland:
James U Bell, 44, 1876, single, Ohio, Penn, Ireland, Rural Rt Postal clerk, farmer ; father Samuel H Bell 83, 1837, Penn, Penn, Penn, widower, occ: none; sister Allice L Bell 46, single, Penn, Penn, Ireland, teacher, high school; sister Mary V Bell 36, single, Ohio, Penn, Ireland, teacher, high school.

1920 Plattsburg Ward 2, Clinton, New York:
John H Bell 48 (1872), Mich, Ireland, Mich, occ: floorman, Hea?rst Henry Garage/ Alice V (Lyon) Bell 40, (1880), NY, NY, NY/(twin sons) Kenneth H Bell 6 (1914) , NY, Mich, NY/Carlton H Bell 6 (1914) , NY, Mich, NY .

Willard Brownell was possibly from Canada.

1930 May 14, Berwyn Heights, Prince George's, Maryland:
head Sarah M Bell 85 (1845) Ill, Canada, Mich, widow, own home, value $6,000; son Clarence W Bell 61 (1869) Mich, Conn, Ny, single, farmer, poultry; son John H Bell 56 (1874) Mich, Conn, NY, married, bus driver, hotel.

Alice Lyon Bell at 18 years old, Birthday Nov. 13th (about 1880). Later she became mother of twins: Kenneth and Carleton Bell.

Syrilla Ogden at age 11, cousin of Alice Lyon Bell, Valcour, NY. Syrilla Ogden Brownell later became the mother of Willard Brownell.
L to R: standing- Samuel Bell, Grandfather of Kenneth Bell. seated lower step- Sara Harmon Bell, Grandmother. seated upper step- John Bell, father of Kenneth and son of Samuel and Sara Bell. seated center- Aunt Empsy Bell and daughter: Louise Bell. standing- Aunt Edith Bell with cousin Clarence Bell. Taken at Berwyn, Maryland. John Bell buried at Berwyn.

Syrilla Brownell is holding baby. Cousin Cora Cook (b.1902\d.1982) is girl on L center with white dress. Willard Brownell is little boy on R (died 1983 was married to Dora). Rear L: Aunt Minnie ( Cora Ogden's mother), 2nd John Bell (husband of Alice), 3rd Orville Brownell, 4th Alice Lyon Bell, 5th Wilmont Lyon (mother of Alice Bell), 6th and 7th bro and sis of Wilmont Lyon.

L rear: Alice Bell and her husband John (parents of Kenneth H. and Carleton Bell. Taken at Plattsburg, NY. Nellie and M.V. Edwards, Alice's friends.

Alice's church. Old Methodist Church
on Lake Shore Rd, Valcour NY.

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