David Nusom & Frank Braswell, Calvert & Hearne Texas, 1894 letters, family history genealogy
            Over 30 letters and documents written in the 1800's were found in 1982 concerning family history and genealogy: #1. 8 pages David Braswell of Calvert, TX / Hearne, TX wrote to Frank J. Nusom of Charco, Texas. He wrote the sheriff looking family. Jacob Braswell went to TN. Elexander (Alexander?) Braswell died in GA. Grandma Braswell's maiden name was Cotton. 1881 had big rains and flood. Bring negro families to the Brazos Bottoms. The family came from Edgcomd, NC. Someone moved to Goliad, TX. Frank Nusom died in Uvalde 1922. I found him on Find A Grave. (Received email confirmation, photo is same Nusom in letters.)
            #2. MORE TO COME.
            You figure it out if they are your kin. Great fun. I collect old photos, letters and postcards. When I find history written on them, I like to share them FREE.
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In searching with GOOGLE, I found a Mr. Frank Nusom in Texas. Not being sure it is the same person, you can decide. (YES, confirmed by family email. )
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Texas Past Grand High Priests 1893-1894
http://www.texasyorkrite.org/pghp.htm (Sorry, the link is no good.)

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