Henry (Digger) Brooks, Hondo, Medina Co., TX. Richard Carta of Kinney Co., TX/Cal Beckett Family/History/Genealogy
Family History/Genealogy: William B. Brooks of GA; Henry Brooks of Hondo, Texas; Calamise Beckett of KY; Richard Carta of Kinney Co., TX; Carta Brothers were River Riders of Del Rio, Texas. (Update 01/23/2016.

Henry B. (Digger) Brooks
Texas water well digger

Henry B. Brooks with his daughter Rebecca Louise, and 2 nephews: Little Billy Martin and Hugh Wayne (Hootie) Martin. (Sons of Warren and Frankie Jobes Martin.)

The hopes and dreams of a mother for a bright and happy life for her children are smothered with sorrow from the loss of a child.
"Patrick Henry and Miriam Hope (Carta) Brooks moved to El Paso Texas about 1927. Patrick worked as a barber. Young son Henry Brooks did not like being called Henry so most everyone knew him just as Brooks. Brooks did not want to move with the family. He moved to Del Rio when he was 13. He worked and lived with Lloyd and Effie Daniels. Lloyd drilled water wells around Del Rio Texas and taught Brooks all he knew about drilling. Lloyd had no children and kind of adopted Brooks." Conversation with Reba Brooks.
"Brooks did not talk much about his family. There were hard feelings somewhere. He told us his mother was a nurse and a beautiful woman. He said she was full blood Chickasaw Indian. We have not been able to connect the family to Indian ancestry." SRC
Brooks died of gunshot wound, "ruled as homicide to keep case open". Conversation with Medina Co. deputy. Brooks is buried at Fort Sam Cemetery, sec 112, grave # 6, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.

Henry Burns Brooks. He did not like to be called by his middle name

Photo is
Henry B. Brooks with
grandson taken on ranch
NW Medina County.
Around Hondo, Texas,
folks called Henry...
Henry dug water wells
all over Texas,
New Mexico, Arizona,
Colorado and Oklahoma.

Descendants of
John R. Beckett, Richard Carta and Patrick Henry Brooks
Kentucky to Texas

Generation No. 1
1. UNKNOWN1 BECKETT was born Abt. 1760.

Child of UNKNOWN BECKETT is: 2. i. JOHN R.2 BECKETT, b. Abt. 1787.

Generation No. 2
2. JOHN R. BECKETT (UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1787.

Child of JOHN R. BECKETT is: 3. i. CALAMISE "CAL"3 BECKETT, b. October 10, 1820, KY; d. September 06, 1898, Kinney Co.,TX..

Generation No. 3
3. CALAMISE "CAL" BECKETT (JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born October 10, 1820 in KY, and died September 06, 1898 in Kinney Co.,TX.. He married ELIZA JANE MCINTURFF in Kauffman Co.,TX, daughter of GEORGE MCINTURFF and SARAH ROSS. She was born Abt. 1820 in TN, and died 1902 in Kinney Co.,TX.. WIKI TREE Beckett info. Documented?

Cal and Eliza Jane: Burial: Tombstones on private ranch NE of Brackettville, TX. Photos of stones have been taken. There was a small settlement there long ago. Could possibly be more buried there.

4. i. SARAH ELIZABETH4 BECKET, b. February 10, 1838, Mt. Plesant,Berry Co., MO; d. 1930.
5. ii. HESTER ANN BECKETT, b. 1839.
6. iii. THOMAS B. BECKETT, b. 1842; d. April 28, 1866.
7. iv. JOHN ALLEN BECKETT, b. February 16, 1845, Bonham,Fannin Co.,TX; d. 1935.
v. GEORGE J. BECKETT, b. 1846, Kauffman Co.,TX..
vi. DAVID B. BECKETT, b. February 1850, Kauffman Co.,TX.
vii. MARY JANE BECKETT, b. 1854.
viii. ARRIE BECKETT, b. 1856; d. NM; m. JOSEPH E. THERRELL, Kinney Co., TX; b. MS.
ix. JOSHUA CALVIN BECKETT, b. December 28, 1857.
x. SAMUEL NATHAN BECKETT, b. 1860, Fannin Co., TX.
8. xi. MARGARET ELIZABETH BECKETT, b. 1863, Fannin Co.,TX; d. January 26, 1899, Del Rio,Val Verde Co.,TX.
xii. CHARLES L. BECKETT, b. 1868.

Generation No. 4
4. SARAH ELIZABETH BECKETT (CALAMISE "CAL"3 BECKETT, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born February 10, 1838 in Mt. Plesant,Berry Co., MO, and died 1930. She married JOHN W. BROOKS July 28, 1855 in Fannin Co TX.

Child of SARAH BECKETT and JOHN BROOKS is: i. SARAH ANN5 BROOKS, b. 1882; m. NATHAN MCGOVERN; b. 1882.

5. HESTER ANN BECKETT (CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1839. She married JESSE COX. He was born 1823.

i. ELIZA JANE COX, b. 1857.

6. THOMAS B. BECKETT (CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1842, and died April 28, 1866. He married MARTHA JANE COX October 25, 1861 in Uvalde Co., TX on record, daughter of WILLIAM COX and LETTY LARRISON. She was born 1844, and died 1866. Family was killed 1866 by Indians near Brackettville, TX.

THOMAS B. BECKETT: Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865 by Linda Mearse: Uvalde County 16 Feb 1864: Tom Becket Pvt. TST 2, wife and child.

Children of THOMAS BECKETT and MARTHA COX are:
i. UNK5 BECKETT, b. 1862; d. 1866.
ii. UNK BECKETT, b. 1864; d. 1866.
iii. UNK BECKETT, b. 1866; d. 1866.

7. JOHN ALLEN4 BECKETT (CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born February 16, 1845 in Bonham,Fannin Co.,TX, and died 1935. He married MALINDA ADELINE BLAKENEY. She was born 1848, and died 1917.

9. i. GEORGE A.5 BECKETT, b. 1866.
ii. MISSOURI A. BECKETT, b. 1870.
iii. MARY BECKETT, b. 1872.
iv. JOHN A. BECKETT, b. 1874.
10. v. THOMAS E. BECKETT, b. 1876; d. 1916.
vii. DAVID R. J. BECKETT, b. 1880.
ix. HIRAM C. BECKETT, b. 1884.

8. MARGARET ELIZABETH (Maggie) BECKETT (CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1863 in Fannin Co.,TX, and died January 26, 1899 in Del Rio,Val Verde Co.,TX.
She married RICHARD EDWARD (Ed) CARTA 1880 in Kinney Co., TX.
RICHARD EDWARD CARTA: Val Verde Co. TX: WW1 Registration lists Richard Carta's 4 sons:
John Allen of Brackettville, TX b.8-5-1888;
Joseph Edward living with sister in Valentine, TX b.1-26-1889;
Sam Martin of Del Rio, TX b.8-16-1892;
Wesley Frank of Del Rio, TX b.5-5-1895

(I believe 2 sons did not return home from war. Some Carta boys rode with a group in Del Rio called "the River Riders". SRC)

Val Verde Co., TX: Land records: Survey TMRR Co-Blk AZ3- R. Carta - League Section 36- Abstract 3033. Also: TMRR Co- TM- R. Carta -22-3032

i. JAMES RICHARD5 CARTA, b. October 1880, Kinney Co., TX; d. March 1973, Beaumont, TX;
ii. CHARLES CARTA, b. June 1882; d. February 23, 1956, Del Rio,Val Verde Co., TX.
iii. LUCY ANN CARTA, b. December 1883, Kinney Co., TX; d. November 20, 1940, El Paso, TX;
iv. ANDREW PICKNEY CARTA, b. April 27, 1886; d. January 12, 1954, Del Rio, Val Verde Co.,TX;
m. ROSA LEE MCBROOM; b. July 26, 1866, Johnson City, Blanco Co.,TX.
Record: Carta, Andy Pickney b. 27 Apr 1886, father Joseph Ed Carta, b. Bastrop County, mother Maggie Elizabeth Beckett, b. Kinney County. Both shown as White, Vol. 1-D pg 392.
v. JOHN ALLEN CARTA, b. October 1888, Kinney Co.,TX; d. October 07, 1918, France.
vi. SUSAN E. CARTA, b. October 1890, Kinney Co.,TX.; d. Del Rio,Val Verde Co.,TX;
m. J. C. USSREY.
vii. SAMUEL MARTIN CARTA, b. August 1892, Kinney Co., TX.
viii. WESLEY FRANKLIN CARTA, b. April 1895, Kinney Co., TX; d. December 15, 1944, Corpus Christi, TX..
11. ix. MIRIAM HOPE CARTA, b. March 03, 1897, Del Rio, Val Verde Co., TX; d. March 26, 1966, El Paso, TX.
x. JOSEPH EDWARD CARTA, b. Kinney Co.,TX; d. February 02, 1966, Del Rio, Val Verde Co.,TX;

Generation No. 5
9. GEORGE A. BECKETT (JOHN ALLEN4, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1866. He married SARAH A. ___ . She was born 1867.

Children of GEORGE BECKETT and SARAH A. are:
i. WILLIAM J.6 BECKETT, b. 1885.
ii. OLLIE BECKETT, b. 1892.

10. THOMAS E. BECKETT (JOHN ALLEN4, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1876, and died 1916.

i. NINA6 BECKETT, b. 1905.

11. MIRIAM HOPE CARTA (MARGARET ELIZABETH4 BECKETT, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born March 03, 1897 in Del Rio, Val Verde Co., TX, and died March 26, 1966 in El Paso, TX.

She married PATRICK HENRY BROOKS October 16, 1916 in Brownsville, TX..

He was born December 10, 1880 in Atlanta, TX., and died April 06, 1965 in El Paso, TX.

http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/elpaso/vitals/deaths/1965/elpakd65.txt. El Paso County deaths...
Brooks, Patrick Henry 4-6-1965...M... Separ/Divorced.

>World War I Draft Cards 1917/18 : Cameron County, TX:
13 Dec 1895, Barrett Jackson Brooks
17 Jun 1893, Ben Hill Brooks
20 Jul 1874, George Brooks
31 Oct 1900, Joseph Terrell Brooks
10 Dec 1879, Patrick Henry Brooks
17 Feb 1888, William Harold Brooks

Source http://www.censusdiggins.com/marriage_databases.html.
John Brooks and Elizabeth Beckett (7-28-1855) marriage in Fannin Co., TX. )

12. i. HENRY BURNS BROOKS, b. March 22, 1919, Mission, TX; d. September 03, 1979, NE of D'Hanis, Medina Co., TX. Henry was shot through the heart with rifle.

13. ii. OLLIE RUTH BROOKS, b. July 03, 1920, Mission, TX; d. March 05, 1989, El Paso, TX.

14. iii. MARY HOPE BROOKS, b. July 24, 1924, TX; d. July 02, 2001, poss CA.

15. iv. JOHN BROOKS, b. 1926, TX; d. November 21, 1995, Wis.

16. v. LIVING BROOKS. (Would like to contact this person if still living)

Generation No. 6
12. HENRY BURNS BROOKS (MIRIAM HOPE5 CARTA, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 BECKETT, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born March 22, 1919 in Mission, TX, and died September 03, 1979 NE of D'Hanis, Medina Co., TX.

He married (1) MARGARET POLLY BROCK Abt. 1942 probaly in Del Rio. They had 2 children.

He married (2) REBA A. JOBES July 25, 1953 in Uvalde Co., TX, daughter of FRED JOBES and ROSIE DAVIS. She was born 1921 in Eden, Concho Co., TX./d.Jan.4, 2006 Hondo, Medina Co., TX. Brooks and Reba had one child.

i. Living BROOKS, b._ _, TX.
ii. Living BROOKS, b.__, TX.

Child of HENRY BROOKS and REBA JOBES is: 17. iii. Rebecca Louise BROOKS, b. June 20, 1958, Farmington, NM, died Oct. 14, 2013at her home in Kyle, TX.

13. OLLIE RUTH6 BROOKS (MIRIAM HOPE5 CARTA, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 BECKETT, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born July 03, 1920 in Mission, TX, and died March 05, 1989 in El Paso, TX. She married (1) LIVING RAHRER.

14. MARY HOPE6 BROOKS (MIRIAM HOPE5 CARTA, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 BECKETT, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born July 24, 1924 in TX, and died July 02, 2001 in poss CA. She married LIVING MATTI.

Children of MARY BROOKS and LIVING MATTI are: (I have no info on these children. SRC)

15. JOHN BROOKS (MIRIAM HOPE5 CARTA, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 BECKETT, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1926 in TX, and died November 21, 1995 in Wis. He married UNKNOWN.


Generation No. 7
17. Rebecca Louise BROOKS (HENRY BURNS6, MIRIAM HOPE5 CARTA, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 BECKETT, CALAMISE "CAL"3, JOHN R.2, UNKNOWN1) was born June 20, 1958 in Farmington, NM and died October 14, 2013 in Kyle, TX. She married 1. Living Mehaffey, married 1972, her age 14, in Uvalde, TX ; 2. Living Groves, married 1981, her age 23, in Travis Co., TX.

OBIT: "Rebecca "Beckie" Brooks Groves, 55, passed away on Oct. 14, 2013, at her home in Kyle, Texas following an extended illness. She was born June 20, 1958, in Farmington, N.M., to Reba Allene Jobes and Henry Burns Brooks. She is survived by one son, James Glen Mehaffey of Austin ; one daughter in Kyle; four grandchildren; one sister in Sabinal; and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents; paternal grandparents, Patrick Henry Brooks and Miriam Hope Carta, formerly of Kinney County; and maternal grandparents, Fred Archie Jobes and Rosie Ethel Davis, formerly of Uvalde County. Beckie lived in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona before moving to Uvalde then to Kyle, TX. She had lived in Kyle about 25 years. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She especially loved her grandchildren and they were her world. A Celebration of Life service was held on Nov. 2 at her daughter's residence in Kyle." Source: Uvalde Leader News.
(James Glen Mehaffey 1973-2015)

OBIT "Edward Clay Carta of Llano, TX was born Nov. 10, 1937, in Del Rio and had lived most of his life in Llano County and in Sonora. He was a member of the Church of Christ in Llano. He passed away Sunday, April 22, 2001, at the age of 63 at his residence. Graveside service will be at 4 p.m. in Sonora Cemetery in Sonora. Arrangements are by Waldrope-Hatfield-Hawthorne Funeral Home. He married Linda Reagor on July 30, 1959, in Valley Spring. He was a rancher. Survivors include his wife, Linda Carta of Llano; one daughter, Kandis Dobbs and husband, Wayland, of Cherokee; two sons, James Kelly Carta and wife, Trudy, of Weatherford, and Edward Joseph Carta of San Angelo; one sister, Dixie Genini of Sonora; five grandchildren, Richard Carta, Mallory Carta, Beth Carta, Trey Dobbs, and Kasey Dobbs; two nieces, Evelyn Zook and Brenda Beck." Source http://web.gosanangelo.com/archive/01/april/24/daily.shtml

Source: http://ebydesigns.com/montague%20files/1850census-shelby.txt
1850 Records TX COUNTY: Shelby REEL NO: 915 PAGE NO: 023b.
Brooks Rubin, 33, abt 1817, M, Alab, Farmer/no. 9 322 322.
Brooks Henry, 30, abt 1820, M, Ala, Farmer/no. 10 322 322.

Source FTW online:
William B. BROOKS b: ABT. 1808 d: ABT. 1871
Ellis Isaiah BROOKS b: ABT. 1847 d: WFT Est. 1848-1937

Marriage 1 Isaiah Ellis BROOKS b: abt 1847 in Georgia. Married: WFT Est. 1867-1897
W.E. Willie BROOKS b: WFT Est. 1869-1896
Hattie BROOKS b: WFT Est. 1869-1896
Preston R. BROOKS b: WFT Est. 1869-1896
Ozella BROOKS b: 1873
Apluis BROOKS b: 1875
Cora BROOKS b: 1878
Patrick Henry BROOKS b: 10 DEC 1880 in Atlanta, Cass County, TX
Mattie BROOKS b: WFT Est. 1869-1896
Hattie BROOKS b: WFT Est. 1869-1896

1860 Courtland, Beat 6, Cass, Texas: W B Brooks m52, 1808, GA, $1500, $800 farmer/ A Brooks f50, 1810, NC/ L Brooks f22, GA/ G W Brooks m19, 1841, GA /J C Brooks m15, 1845, GA / E I Brooks m12, 1848, GA / W R Brooks m9, GA, 1851 / C W Brooks m4, 1856, LA. printed. no other record of W. B., b.1808 ?

Cannot find W. B. after 1860 census.
possible?? 1880 Freestone, Texas: William Brooks 70, 1810, GA GA SC, farmer/wife Sarah Brooks 41, 1839, Miss, SC, Miss /son in law D. C. Mathias 28 GA _ _, farming /dau Pamelia Mathias 21 Miss GA Miss.

1880 Cass Co., TX: I. E. Brooks, head, m31, 1849, GA, VA, SC, farmer/wife Harriet, f27, 1853, GA, GA, GA/ Ozella f7, TX, GA, GA/ Apilus f5, TX, GA, GA/ Cora f2, TX, GA, GA.

I. E. Brooks first wife Harriet was divorced or died between 1880 and 1882.

1900 Cass Co., TX, Atlanta City: Ellis Brooks, head, m52, 1848, farmer, GA, VA, SC/ wife Clemmie (Wil??pa) f40, 1860, TN or LA?/Apolis f27, TX, GA, ?/ Cora f24/ Patric H., m, 18, 1882,/ Preston m15/ Mattie f12/ Hattie f10/ William m8/ Minkey f7.

1920 Hidalgo Co., TX: Ellis I. Brooks, head, m73, GA, VA, SC, farmer, living alone.

1920 Mission City, Justice Precinct 5, Hidalgo, Texas: Pat Brook (Brooks) 38, TX GA GA, occ: barber, barber shop /(Miriam H. Carta) Hope Brook 22, TX TX TX /Pat Brook 2 3/12, TX TX TX/Henry Brook 3/12, TX TX TX.

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000 Name: Ellis Brooks Death Date: 13 May 1921 Death County: Jefferson Certificate: 14321 (not positive this is our Ellis)

1930 El Paso Co., TX: Patric H Brooks 49/Hope Brooks 33/Henry Brooks 10/John Brooks 3/Patsy Brooks 12/ Olive Brooks 9/Mary Brooks 5.

1860 Beat 6, Anderson, Texas: head John W Brooks 29, GA, farmer, $450/ Elizabeth Brooks 28, MO/G P Scarborough 24, male, MO/J Clements 22, male, Ala, teacher.

1870 Oct 19, Uvalde, Texas: John Brooks, 45, abt 1825, Missouri, $1500, stock raiser/wife Elizabeth (Beckett) 32, 1838, MO, /dau Sarah Ann, 12, TX/son George W., 7, TX/ dau Hester Ann, 4, 1866, TX/son Ziba, 2, 1868, TX.

1900 Justice Precinct 2, Kinney, Texas: head John Brooks 78, July 1822, MO, MO, MO, farmer /wife Elisabeth Brooks 63, Feb 1837, MO, KY, TN, had 11 children, 5 living /son Alfred Brooks 22, July 1877, TX, MO, MO, widower, farm labor /mother in law Jane Beckett 76, Oct 1823, TN, TN, TN, widow, had 14 children, 8 living.

same page: head J. A. Beckett , 61, May 1839, widower, MO, MO, TN, farm labor.

near by: H. H. Levering 43, May 1851, TX, Ohio, Germany, farmer/ wife Laura, 19, Oct 1881, TX, TX, TX, married 4 years, had 2 children, 2 living/ dau Lottie, 2, Oct 1897, TX, TX, TX/son Robert Milton 1 May 1899, TX, TX, TX.

1910 Nueces, Kinney, Texas: John Brooks 88, MO, US, MO, stock man, cattle/Elizabeth Brooks 72, MO, TN, TN, married 54 years /grand daughter Clara McKee 5, TX KY TX .

next to: Sam Beckett, 33, TX, TX, TX, stock man, goats/ wife Kallie 31 married 13 years, had 6 children, 5 living/dau Ledie 12, TX, TX, TX/ dau Stella, 10/ son Willie, 6/ dau Ellen, 4/ son Sam Jr., 2.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record:
Name: Patrick Henry Brooks , Co: Hidalgo , TX./ Birth Date: Dec. 10, 1879/Race: White/Roll: 1953529/Draft Board: 0.

Death: Patrick Brooks Last Residence: El Paso, Texas. Born: 10 Dec 1880. Died: Apr 1965.

Birth: Brooks, John Richard, 2-25-1927, M. Hope Carta/Patrick Henry Brooks.

1860 June 21, Bonham, Beat 1, Fannin, Texas: C Beckett, m42, KY, farmer / E J Beckett f38, TN / Thos Beckett m18, MO / John A Beckett m16, TX / Mary J Beckett f6, TX / Amy Beckett f4, TX / Joshua Beckett m2, (1858) TX / Nathan Beckett m5/12, TX.

same page: William Cox, 40, KY, wagon maker, real estate $1000, personal $1200 / Sarah, f28, Ind / Ar?ih M, m18, TX / Martha, f15, TX / Sarah, f13, TX / Ervin, m10, TX / Sirilda J., f7, TX / Wm, m5, TX. (William Cox is my GGG Grandfather. SRC)

next to: Saml Cantwell, m47, TN, personal $200, carpenter/and family.

also more Cox, Cummings and Mausers.

1880 Precinct 3, Kinney, Texas: Ed. Carta 24, TX GA, GA, laborer / wife Maggie (Margaret Elizabeth Beckett) Carta 17, TX, TX, KY.

next to: (parents of Margaret Elizabeth Beckett Carta) C. Beckett, 61, TN, TN, TN, laborer / wife Eliza J. 56, TN, TN, TN / son Nathan 20, TX, TN, TN, laborer / son Charles 14, TX, TN, TN, laborer.

next to : John Beckett 35, TX, TN, TX, stockman / wife Mary 30, TX, TX, TX / son George 10, TX, TX, TX / son M. A. 10 / son John A. 8 / dau Mary 6 / son Thomas 4 / dau ?lucy 2.

next to: Josh Beckett 20 TX, TN, TN, laborer / wife Ellen 20, TX, Ireland, Ireland / son ?lum 4, TX, TX, TX / son Louis 2, TX, TX, TX.

Margaret Elizabeth Beckett Carta b.1863/d.1899. She died at age 36 years giving birth to her 10th child. She was daughter of Cal and Eliza Jane.

1900 Justice Precinct 1, Val Verde, Texas: Richard Carta 42, Sept 1857, TX, ___, Miss, widower, stockman / son James R Carta 19, Oct 1880, TX, TX, TX / son Charles A Carta 17, June 1882 / dau Lucy H Carta 16, Dec 1883 / son Pinkney S Carta 17, April 1886 / son John A Carta 11, Aug 1888 / dau Susan E Carta 9, Oct 1890 / son Samuel M Carta 7, Aug 1892 / son Frank Carta 5 , April 1895 / dau Mioaui (Miriam) H Carta 3 , Mar 1897 / son Joseph E Carta 1, Jan 1899

1910 Justice Precinct 4, Val Verde, Texas: R S Carta 55, 1855, TX, TN, TX, stockman. Who is this?

1910 Justice Precinct 2, Val Verde, Texas: Ed A Carta 52, 1858, TX, TX, US, stockman, widowed / son Richard Carta 29, TX, TX, TX / son Charlie Carta 27 / dau Lucy Carta 26 / son John Carta 22 / son Sam Carta 18 / son Westley Carta 15 / dau Hope Carta 13 / son Edward Carta 11.

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000: Name: Edward John Carta, Death Date: 22 May 1958 Death County: Llano, Certificate: 17241

Source: http://www.accd.edu/pac/history/rhines/StudentProjects/1999/Sanderson/SANDERSO.html
The handbook of Texas describes early Sanderson as, frequented by gunmen, outlaws, rustlers, and border bandits; one of them being Pancho Villa. Pancho and his Mexican bandits were greatly feared during the early 1900's, during this time cattle rustling was at its peak. This was due to the fighting between the Mexican states at Chihuahua and Coahulia just across the Rio Grande from Texas. Their generals didn't have money to buy beef, so the bandits would come across the border and steal cattle from the ranches of Sanderson.
There were not enough Texas Rangers to protect the land, so the Government provided the feed for the ranchers horses, if the ranchers would provide their own protection.
This outfit became known as the "River Riders." Once the workers ranching duties were over, they would take turns patrolling up and down the Rio Grande River. This was important, because ranching of sheep and cattle was a major income for the town.
Ranchers hired many Mexican ranch hands that were fleeing the Bloody Mexican Civil War of the 1920's.

"The Carta brothers rode with the River Riders. They were brothers of Miriam Hope Carta Brooks."

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