Texas Brown Family Genealogy/History: births, deaths, marriages
Family Genealogy/History: births, deaths, marriages. Texas counties: Bandera, Kendall, Gonzales, Uvalde of GEORGE BROWN, b.1714 Baltimore, MD / d. Feb. 24, 1770 Frederick Co., VA / married MARY NANCY STEVENSON Abt. 1730. His descendant George H. Brown b.1866 Comfort, TX-d.1941 Roscoe, Nolan, TX / married Sarah Brooksie (Brooksy) Davis b.1881 Texas. Brooksie was daughter of Lycurgus Jefferson 'Cug" Davis & Mary Alice 'Allie' Miller. (Created 11/01/2002. Updated 01/24/2016.).
Descendants of George Brown Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE BROWN was born Abt. 1714 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, and died February 24, 1770 in Frederick County, VA. He married MARY NANCY STEVENSON Abt. 1730 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. She was born Abt. 1716 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.

i. RUTH BROWN, b. 1731.
ii. JOHN BROWN, b. 1733.
2. iii. EDWARD BROWN, b. September 16, 1734, Frederick County, MD; d. August 14, 1823, Frederick County, MD.
iv. RICHARD BROWN, b. May 18, 1739, Frederick County, MD; d. March 24, 1811; m. HONOR WELLS, 1766, MD.
v. WILLIAM BROWN, b. 1742, Frederick County, MD. Burial: Baltimore County, MD
vi. HENRY BROWN, b. 1734, Frederick County, MD; d. July 16, 1827, Frederick County, MD; m. REGINA REIGNAH.
vii. HUGH BROWN, b. 1745, Frederick County, MD; d. July 11, 1811; m. RUTH BARNEY, August 15, 1771, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. Notes for HUGH BROWN: Cause of death: Drowning.
viii. GEORGE BROWN JR., b. 1747, Frederick County, MD; d. March 16, 1812, Frederick County, MD; m. MARY.
ix. JOSHUA BROWN, b. 1748, Frederick County, MD; d. September 17, 1832; m. SUSANNA.
x. NANCY BROWN, b. 1752, Frederick County, MD; m. (1) RICHARD WELLS; b. March 15, 1720/21, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; d. September 12, 1816, Powell Valley, Lee, VA; m. (2) JAMES WELLS. NANCY BROWN: Nancy was a twin to James Brown. RICHARD WELLS: Possibly had 3 other marriages. (I have more email info on Nancy.)
xi. JAMES BROWN, b. 1752, Frederick County, MD.
xii. RAINER BROWN, b. 1754, Frederick County, MD.
xiii. MARY BROWN, b. 1755, Frederick County, MD; m. GEORGE BAXTER
, Abt. 1775, Frederick County, MD.
xiv. SARAH BROWN, b. 1757, Frederick County, MD.
xv. ELIZABETH BROWN, b. 1759, Frederick County, MD; d. August 30, 1792, Denver, Arapaho, CO.
xvi. CALEB BROWN, b. 1761, Frederick County, MD.
Generation No. 2
2. EDWARD BROWN (GEORGE1) was born September 16, 1734 in Frederick County, MD, and died August 14, 1823 in Frederick County, MD. He married (1) MARGARET DURBIN 1753 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. She was born July 11, 1736 in Frederick County, MD, and died in Frederick County, MD. He married (2) SARAH November 27, 1797 in Madison County, KY.

3. i. JOSHUA BROWN3 SR., b. 1756, Frederick County, MD; d. May 20, 1826, Madison County, KY.
4. ii. CALEB BROWN, b. March 22, 1759, Frederick County, MD; d. July 30, 1837, KY.
iii. ANN BROWN, b. 1760, Frederick County, MD; d. September 02, 1802; m. WILLIAM JESSOP, 1795. WILLIAM JESSOP and ANN SR.: Marriage: 1795.
iv. NICHOLAS SR., b. 1765.
Generation No. 3
3. JOSHUA BROWN SR. (EDWARD2 BROWN, GEORGE1) was born 1756 in Frederick County, MD, and died May 20, 1826 in Madison County, KY. He married HONOR DURBIN. She was born Abt. 1750.

Children of JOSHUA SR. and HONOR DURBIN are:
i. JOSHUA BROWN JR., b. Abt. 1782.
iii. EDWARD BROWN, b. June 18, 1785, Madison Co., KY; d. December 1846, Gonzales Co., TX.

4. CALEB BROWN (EDWARD2, GEORGE1) was born March 22, 1759 in Frederick County, MD, and died July 30, 1837 in KY. He married (1) JEMINA STEVENSON August 24, 1786. She was born January 17, 1761, and died August 14, 1807. He married (2) ELIZABETH HARDISTER November 15, 1809.

i. HENRY BROWN. HENRY BROWN: Died in Childhood.
ii. EDWARD BROWN, b. June 18, 1789, Madison Co KY; d. January 23, 1855.
iii. NICHOLAS BROWN, b. 1791, Madison Co KY; d. 1813, Fort Meigs. Cause of death: War of 1812 casuality. Military service abt 1813.
iv. HENRY STEVENSON BROWN, b. 1793, Madison Co KY; d. 1834, West Columbia, Brazos, TX.
v. MARGARET BROWN, b. 1795.
vi. JOSHUA BROWN, b. 1797, Madison Co KY. Died as infant.
6. vii. JOHN BROWN, b. September 09, 1798, Madison Co KY.
viii. FRANCIS BROWN, b. 1799. Died as infant.
ix. HUGH H. BROWN, b. 1801, Madison Co KY; d. 1836.
x. CALEB STEVENSON BROWN, b. 1805, Madison Co KY. CALEB STEVENSON BROWN became a Doctor.
xi. JEMIMA4 BROWN, b. 1810.
xii. MALVINA BROWN, b. 1813.
xiii. NICHOLAS BROWN, b. 1814.

Generation No. 4
5. EDWARD BROWN (JOSHUA BROWN3 SR., EDWARD2 BROWN, GEORGE1) was born June 18, 1785 in Madison Co., KY, and died December 1846 in Gonzales Co., TX. He married ANASTASIA WORLAND. She died Abt. 1843, burial: Blanco Cem., Blanco Co., TX.
7. i. JOHN CALEB BROWN SR., b. 1838, Sabine Co., TX; d. 1919, Kendall Co., TX.
ii. JAMES STEVEN BROWN. JAMES STEVEN BROWN: "My husband's g-g grandfather is James Steven Brown and is a brother to your John Caleb with their parents being Edward and Anastasia Worland Brown." P. S. email.

6. JOHN BROWN (CALEB3, EDWARD2, GEORGE1) was born September 09, 1798 in Madison Co KY. He married NANCY ANN HOWELL. JOHN BROWN bacame a doctor.
i. JOHN DUFF BROWN, b. 1823; m. MARY ANN MAYES. JOHN DUFF BROWN became a doctor.

Generation No. 5
7. JOHN CALEB BROWN SR. (EDWARD4 BROWN, JOSHUA BROWN3 SR., EDWARD2 BROWN, GEORGE1) was born 1838 in Sabine Co., TX, and died 1919 in Kendall Co., TX. He married MARTHA JANE NICHOLS 1858 in Kerr Co., TX, daughter of GEORGE NICHOLS and SARAH YOUNG. She was born 1842 in Williamson Co., TN, and died October 01, 1917 in Comfort, Kendall Co., TX. Cemetery markers for Caleb and Martha Family.
Nichols-Bierschwale Bible pages.
1860 census Kerr Co Tx: Brown, John C, 23 TN wagoner, estate $600 and wife Martha 19 TX.
1870 census Kendall Co TX: Brown, John 31 TX Teamster, estate $450 ; Martha 26 TN real estate $150; William F. 9: Calope (John Caleb) 6; George C. 4; Natty (Nettie) 2; Oscar 8 mos.
1880 census Kendall Co TX: John, Martha listed with 4 more children: Alice 7; Diana 6; Ira 4; Champie James 2.
1900 census Kendall Co TX: John, Martha listed with: Alice b.11-1871; Deania b.9-1873; Oma (female) b.8-1881; Victor b.2-1884; Emmie b.10-1888. ( John and Martha married 42 yrs, had 12 children, 11 living, farmer, owned his land)
John C. Brown had many land transactions in Kendall and Kerr Counties 1850-1919.

John Caleb Brown born 1842 was delivered by Dr. Caleb S. Brown, a cousin of his father. The doctor named the baby for himself and his brother John (Waco) Brown.

John C. Brown's parents died and John's oldest brother, Joshua, was named guardian in Gonzales Co TX Oct 1, 1847.
Obit: Comfort TX Nov. 28th, 1919: "John C Brown, 83, died suddenly at his home on Joshua Creek about 8 miles from Comfort. Burial is to be at Brownsboro Cemetery beside his wife that died 2 years ago. He came to Kendall County as a young man and settled on the Guardelupe River above Waring TX in what is known as Brownsboro settlement. Survived by: 6 sons: George H. Brown (husband of Brooksy Davis Brown) of Garland, Victor A., William F., and A.T. Brown of San Antonio, Champie Brown of Natalia, Ira Brown of Comfort and 5 daughters: Mrs. Alf. F. Champie of Arizona, Mrs. Wm. Potter and Mrs. John Potter of Boerne, Mrs. Wm. W. Harwood and Miss Alice Brown of Comfort, Texas."
**I have much more on file. SRC

JOHN CALEB BROWN SR.: Burial: Nichols-Brown Cem., Brownsboro, Waring, Kendal Co., TX
MARTHA JANE NICHOLS: Obit: Comfort TX. Martha Jane Nichols came to Texas in 1852 with her parents and a number of brothers and sisters..... she married John Brown in 1864. (possible err) MARTHA JANE NICHOLS: Burial: Nichols-Brown Cem., Brownsboro, Waring, Kendal Co., TX.
JOHN SR. and MARTHA NICHOLS: Marriage: 1858, Kerr Co., TX

Children of JOHN SR. and MARTHA NICHOLS are:
8. i. GEORGE H. BROWN, b. March 18, 1866, Comfort TX, m. Sarah Brooksie Davis (Sarah Brooksie Davis Brown is first child of L. J. Cug Davis and Mary Alice Allie Miller)

Generation No. 6 (My family connection to the Browns. SRC)

8. GEORGE H. BROWN (JOHN CALEB BROWN5 SR., EDWARD4 BROWN, JOSHUA BROWN3 SR., EDWARD2 BROWN, GEORGE1) was born March 18, 1866 in Comfort TX; died 14 Feb 1941 , Roscoe, Nolan, Texas. George was a retired farmer and widowed. Burial place Champion, Texas. informant son B. T. Brown of Rascoe, TX printed cert. Source: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976.

He married SARAH BROOKSIE DAVIS December 21, 1901 in Bandera Co., TX.
(Source: Bandera Co., TX Marriages, pg 329, Brooksey Davis To Geo. H. Brown.) Brooksie was daughter of LYCURGUS Jefferson (Cug) DAVIS and MARY Alice (Allie) MILLER. Brooksie was born March 30, 1881 in poss Llano TX, and died July 16, 1920 in Uvalde Co.

(Brooksie was 20 when she married George. She had 9 siblings younger then her. If they were all living at home, maybe she had to leave home. I have to wonder why Brooksie married a man almost the age of her father and had one baby after another (10 babies total) til she died at 39. George was 15 years older than Brooksie. There is sadness here and many questions. SRC)

1910 Bandera Co Census: Brown Geo H., 42 (1868), marr. once for 10 yrs, TX,TN, TN; Brooksie wife 29 (1881), had 6 ch, 5 living, TX, TX, TX; Byrnes, son 8; John, son 7; Willie, dau 3; E____ , son __; Ider, dau 6 mos. (By 1910 census Brooksie had been married 9 years and given birth to 6 children. SRC)

1920 February 20, by: James W. Burris, Justice Precinct 2, Uvalde, Texas: George H Brown 53, TX, TX, TX, occ: farmer/ wife Brookey Brown 38 (1882)TX /Bonie T Brown m17 (1903) TX/ John J Brown m15, (1905), TX/ Willie Brown f13 (1907) / George L Brown m7 (1913) / Beatrice L Brown f5 (1915) / Dollie Brown f 9/12 (b. abt May 1919) TX.
(Brooksie died July 16, 1920, leaving George at age of 54 with 6 children under the age of 17. Did he marry again? Most of this family moved to the Nolan Co area.

In several places George Brown has "C" as middle initial.

George was listed as living in Garland TX in his father's obit of 1919. (Brooksie died 1920 in Uvalde County. Where was George when she died?)
SARAH BROOKSIE DAVIS: Brooksie's probate was in Uvalde Co., TX Brooksie's burial: Vanderpool Cem, Bandera Co., TX. (with her 3 babies, her mother Allie, her little brother Jesse.)

GEORGE BROWN and SARAH DAVIS: (5-17-2001 I have their original marriage certificate, also found Brooksie's sister Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Davis Fletcher Evans in Bandera TX. SRC)

Children of GEORGE H. BROWN and SARAH Brooksie DAVIS are:
i. BRYNES TILLISON7 BROWN, b.1902; d. __ Va Hosp , Kerrville, TX; m. ADDIE ___, Abilene. Bandera Co., TX Census 1910: BT was 8 yrs old. (Family called him 'BT'. SRC)
ii. JOHN JEFFERSON BROWN, b. April 06, 1904. Found birth record in Bandera and copied, born on Thompson Ranch, Dr. Campbell of Utopia TX.
iii. EARL BROWN, b. 1906. ("Little Earl died at 2 yrs old" Maggie Williams conversation 1986. Maggie was younger sister to Brooksie. SRC)
9. iv. WILLIE BROWN, b. November 17, 1908; d. January 03, 2001, Sweetwater, Nolan Co TX.
v. UNKNOWN BROWN, b. February 18, 1910. Found birth record. No sex listed, live birth, Vanderpool TX, Dr. V. E. Duren. (**Birth certificate Bandera Co.: "Number of children 3 , not yet named, 1 male & 2 female, white and they are strictly triplets, born at Vanderpool. 1 still born & 2 doing well. Reported by Dr. V. E. Duren, residence near Vanderpool, Feb. 22, 1910."
vi. GEORGE LEE BROWN, b. May 14, 1912, near Utopia, Bandera Co TX. Found birth recorded in Bandera Co. ("Died in VA Hospital at Kerrville. Never married. Buried at Campwood TX. Had a bro at Sweetwater TX". 1989 conversation Reba Jobes King. SRC)
vii. Baby BROWN, b. April 07, 1913; d. July 07, 1913, Utopia, Bandera Co., TX. (Found record of death, "Bandera Co., 3 mos old, white Female (?), died of whooping cough, Dr Clark. Sex is not readable. " SRC)

viii. ALLY BROWN, b. April 14, 1914. (" Ally died at birth. She was named after her Grandmother Allie Miller Davis." Maggie said 1986. SRC) (**Birth certificate Bandera Co., TX: female, live birth near Utopia, TX, father was farmer.)

ix. BEATRICE L. BROWN, b. 1915. ("Married Rakie Martin" book at Bandera Lib. ... ") ("Married Mr Coffey in San Antonio TX" Maggie said. SRC)

x. DOLLY BROWN, b. February 1920; d. 1938; m. possibly BAKER. (" Dolly was raised by Willie. Married at 16, had a baby girl and died at 18 of blood poison, probably at Sweetwater TX.". Maggie said. SRC)

Generation No. 7
9. WILLIE BROWN (GEORGE H.6, JOHN CALEB BROWN5 SR., EDWARD4 BROWN, JOSHUA BROWN3 SR., EDWARD2 BROWN, GEORGE1) was born November 17, 1908, and died January 03, 2001 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX. She married ED O STEVENS. He was born in poss Garland TX. ("Dolly was 3 mos old when Brooksie died. Willie raised Dolly." Maggie said. SRC)

Children of WILLIE BROWN and ED STEVENS are:
i. E STEVENS, b. 193_.

ii. G STEVENS, b. 193_.

My sincerest apology if I have made a mistake. Most of this info was collected from many sources. Very little is documented. If you have knowledge of Brooksie's children, please contact me. SRC

marriage of George H brown and Sarah brooksey Davis 1901

Bandera County TX Marriages: Brown, George H. to Davis, Sarah Brooksie married 12-13-1901.
(Brooksie was first child of L. J. Cug Davis and Mary Alice Allie Miller. Brooksie was my Grand mother's sister. SRC)

Texas Brown Family info: Uvalde Co TX: Marriages: (No connection to my Browns. SRC)

Brown, R. H. to Cox, Sarah\ m.6-18-1864\pg9.
Brown, David H. to Patines, Maria Antonia\m.11-10-1861\pg23.
Brown, Henry to Johnson, Catherine\m.11-6-1868\pg64.
Brown, Amanda E. to Bowles, G.\m.12-11-1856\pg1.
Brown, James to Hernandez, Guadalupe\m.5-28-1878\pg196.
Brown, Lee G. to Crane, Mollie E.\m.2-16-1886\pg352.
Brown, W. S. To Robinson, Lula\m.8-15-1888\pg405.
Brown, William to Maples, Millislie\m.10-13-1888\pg409.
Brown, Josephine to Johnson, Sam\m.4-9-1870\pg81.
Brown, William to Logan, Lula G.\m.1-3-1882\pg253.
Brown, M. E. to Flowers, R. C.\m.5-22-1872\pg119.
Brown, Margaret to Welch, Andrew\m.6-18-18972\pg120.
Brown, Hortencia to Guyon, Peter\m.8-21-1872\pg122.
Brown, Frank to Cox, Ethel\m.9-12-1908\pg34.
Brown, Geo H. to Luce, Lena Mae\m.9-12-1912\pg.
Brown, Willie A. to Carle, Alma\m.10-25-1914\pg391.

This Brown family is no kin to mine, but this was such a great photo, I had to add it. "This photo was taken about 1890 on the Sabinal River 8 miles South of Sabinal. The Browns are buried in a family cemetery on the Smith place." Conversation with owner of photo.

Records Found on this family:

1860 July 16, by: William Myluis, Asst Marshal. Uvalde, Texas: W A Brown 43, TN, real estate: $1000, personal $2500, occ: farmer and stock raiser/ wife T C Brown 30, Ala/H K Brown 10, TX, male/Josephina Brown 8, TX, female/ Austin Brown 6, TX, male/Elisabeth Brown 4, TX, female/Omegar Brown 2, TX, female/ H C Brown 10/12, TX, male. next to Joseph Brown, 37, TN, farmer, worth $1000/$800/ Emeline 20 Ala/Melissa 3, TX.

1870 Oct 28, Sabinal, Uvalde County Texas: William Brown 54, SC, worth: $1500, $2000, farmer/ Talitha C. 42, Ala/Austin 17 TX/Nancy E 15 TX/Omega 13 TX/George 11 TX/Morgan 7 TX/ Augusta 4 TX.

1880 Precinct 2, Uvalde, Texas: A. William Brown 64, SC/C. Telitha Brown 51, Ala/ Austin Brown 26, /Omega Brown 23, /A. George Brown 21, /M. Morgan Brown 16, / A. Telitha Brown 13, . Census is faded.

1900 June 1, by: Ross J. Kennedy, Justice Prec 2, Uvalde, Texas: Jelatha Brown 70, June 1829, Ala, white, female, widow, had 7 children, 4 living, occ: stock farmer/ son Austen Brown 45, June 1854, TX, Miss, Ala, white, male, single/dau Omega Brown 38, Feb 1862, TX, Miss, Ala, white, female, single/ dau Gussie I Fraynor 29, Oct 1870, TX, Miss, Ala, married 3 years, no children/ son in law Fred E Fraynor 34, July 1865, NJ, NJ, NJ, occ: RR man . (Prec 2 is probably Sabinal area.)

1920 January 3, by: James H. Burris, Justice Precinct 2, Uvalde, Texas: Austin Brown, 66, TX, Miss, Ala, occ: stock farmer, single, head. next to Fred C Trainer 51, NJ, NJ, NJ, head, occ: farmer/wife Augusta Trainer 49, TX, SC, Ala/ sister in law Omega Brown 51, TX, SC, Ala, single, white, female.

1930 Precinct 2, Uvalde, Texas: Frederick Traynor 59, NJ, farmer/wife Augusta Traynor 57, TX / bro in law Austin Brown 76, TX . Living near Smith and Shane familes south of Sabinal.

Uvalde Co Deaths: Augusta Brown 1954. No other info.

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