L. J. Cug Davis and Mary Alice Allie Miller of Bandera, TX: family, history, photos, genealogy
Lycurgus Jefferson (Cug) Davis, Mary Alice (Allie) MIller, Rosa Ethel Davis Maddox Jobes, family history genealogy. Texas: Bandera, Burnet, Campwood, Junction, Llano, Sabinal, Tow Valley, Utopia, Uvalde, Vanderpool.
Created 2/1/2006 - updated on 03/25/2016.
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Lycurgus Jefferson (Cug) Davis and Mary Alice (Allie) Miller
of Llano, Bandera and Sabinal, Texas

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*A few years back, I asked an old timer if he had heard of Cug Davis in the Sabinal Canyon. He said "Yes, when I was a misbehaving boy, I was threatened with " Boy, If you don't behave, we will just have to CUG you".
This original frame with Davis family photo hangs on my wall.

This is the original photo with frame of Lycugrus Jefferson "Cug" Davis and his wife Mary Alice "Allie" Miller. It was taken, as near as we can guess, in Bandera County, Texas in 1908.

Cug worked on the Thompson Ranch near Vanderpool, TX. Cug and Allie had 13 children. 9 children are in this photo. It was torn and had water marks. This original photo was taken to a professional for restoration in 1986. The original photo was not colored. Copies were made in color and given to descendants.

Lots of stories still float around about old Cug Davis. Some mysteries will never be solved. A son in law disappeared, never to be heard of again. Cug's daughter, Rosie married John Maddox about 1911. John disappeared several months before she gave birth to her only son. She went to John's sister and begged her to say where John went. She was told "Go home and forget him. He's been in trouble with the law and is 'no good'."
It was rumored that John Maddox was murdered and that his body was hid in a cave near Vanderpool Texas. Many years later, some articles were found in a cave which gave some credibility to the story.
I have searched and cannot find any documentation.

Davis family in color.

The color photo is of 9 of the first 13 children. In the photo, find Lycugrus Jefferson (CUG) Davis b.1862; with first wife and mother of his first 13 children: Mary Alice (ALLIE) Miller and Children; James Henry b.1889: Rosa Ethel (my Grannie) b.1892; Fort b.1894; Len b.1897; George Lon b.1897; Maggie Mae b.1900: Charles (Charlie) b.1902; William McKinley (Uncle Mac) b.1904; little Jesse Lee b.1906. Everyone called granpa Davis 'CUG'.

LYCURGUS JEFFERSON (Cug) DAVIS (DAVID FORT, ISAAC) was born December 23, 1862 in poss Limestone Co., TX, and died May 22, 1944 in Sabinal, Uvalde Co., TX. Burial: May 23, 1944, Sabinal Cem. (Stone marker set 1994 by SRC)

He married (1) MARY ALICE (ALLIE) MILLER July 07, 1880 in Llano, TX (found recorded in Burnet Co.), daughter of ANDREW MILLER and MARY JANE GARRETT. Allie was born May 06, 1864 in poss Tow Valley, Llano Co., TX and died October 27, 1918 in Vanderpool, Bandera Co., TX on the Porter Ranch. Burial: October 28, 1918, Vanderpool Cem., Bandera Co., TX (Stone marker set 1999 by SRC)
Notes for MARY ALICE (ALLIE) MILLER: " Allie was raised by old man Parker. She had older brother named Jim Miller. Jim worked on the railroad. Jim had only 1 leg, may have died in San Angelo". Conversation in 1957 with Rosie Davis Jobes. (I have found some documentation on Allie. She had 2 sisters and 1 brother.)

He married (2) ROXIE PENNINGTON Abt. 1922 in poss Uvalde Co. TX. She was born in TX, and died abt 1974 in Sabinal, Uvalde Co., TX. Burial: Sabinal Cemetery.

Children of CUG and ALLIE:

i. SARAH BROOKSIE DAVIS, b. March 30, 1881, poss Llano TX; d. July 16, 1920, Uvalde Co..

ii. MARION A. DAVIS, b. May 08, 1882, poss Llano TX; d. May 24, 1942, Junction, TX.

iii. EMMA ROSETTA DAVIS, b. June 15, 1884, poss Bandera Co., TX; d. May 25, 1964, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.

iv. MARY ELIZABETH (Mollie) DAVIS, b. August 24, 1886, poss Llano TX; d. December 25, 1958, Campwood, Real Co, TX.

v. JAMES HENRY (Jim) DAVIS, b. March 12, 1889, poss Llano TX; d. December 11, 1978.

vi. ROSA ETHEL (Rosie) DAVIS, b. May 02, 1892, Bandera Co., TX; d. April 19, 1959, Uvalde Co,. Texas.

vii. FORT DAVIS, b. November 01, 1894, poss Llano, TX; d. September 17, 1979, Kerrville, Kerr Co., TX.

viii. LEN DAVIS, b. October 26, 1897, Bob Thompson Ranch 7 mi N of Utopia, Bandera Co., TX; d. November 08, 1977, Uvalde, Uvalde Co,. TX.

ix. GEORGE LON DAVIS, b. October 26, 1897, Bandera Co., TX. (Len and Lon were twins)

x. MAGGIE MAE DAVIS, b. May 02, 1900, Bandera Co., TX; d. January 1987, Uvalde, Uvalde Co,. Texas.

xi. CHARLEY DAVIS, b. January 31, 1902.

xii. WILLIAM MCKINLEY (Mac) DAVIS, b. April 09, 1904, Bandera Co., TX; m. HAZEL MAPLES, May 31, 1922; d._ , poss San Antonio, TX.

xiii. JESSE LEE DAVIS, b. November 13, 1906, TX; d.1920 Sabinal, buried Vanderpool Cemetery.

Brooksie, Charley and Jesse had typhoid. Only Charley lived.

Original frame with Davis family photo has never been copied.

Above is an original photo of Cug and Allie taken at same time the group photo was taken.
This one has never been taken out of the frame and never been copied.

Cug and Roxie's last living child
died 2005 in a nursing home
in Llano, TX.
Allie died in 1918. Cug remarried at age 62 to a younger lady and had 4 more children. Cug would have been 75 when Lena Mae was born. A son and a daughter spent most of their life in state facilities. (Found admitting records in Uvalde Co.)
Conversation with Maggie 1976: "New clothes were hard to come by. The little boy got a new pair of coveralls one winter. Come summer, it was hot, so he cut holes in them. Cug sure got mad at him."

Children of CUG and ROXIE:
xiv. LUCILLE DAVIS, b. October 03, 1924, TX.
xv. CROCKETT DAVIS, b. May 19, 1930, TX.
xvi. IVY LORENE DAVIS, b. May 13, 1933, TX/d. 2005 Llano, TX.
xvii. LENA MAY (Little Joe) DAVIS, b. January 10, 1937.

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