Lon Davis and Mable Boykin of Campwood, Texas. Family History/Genealogy/Photos
Lon Davis and Mable Boykin of
Campwood, Real Co., Texas

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Lon was born October 26, 1897 in Bandera Co., TX /D.May 15, 1991, Campwood, Real Co. He married MABLE (Minnie) BOYKIN August 11, 1920. Mable b.1905/d. 11-20-1990, Campwood, Real Co. TX.
Both buried in Campwood, Real Co., TX.

Children are:
i. Male DAVIS, b.1923.

ii. Male DAVIS, b.1924.

iii. Male DAVIS, b.1925.

iv. Female DAVIS, b.1927.

v. Male DAVIS, b.1930.

vi. Male DAVIS, b.1933.

vii. Male DAVIS, b.1935.

At a young age, Lon had an accident that caused an eye to be removed. Lon was a twin to Len.

George Lee Brown was Lon's nephew. George was son of Sarah Brooksie Davis(1881/1920) and George H. Brown (1866/died?). Brooksie was the oldest child of L. J. (Cug) Davis and Mary Alice (Allie) Miller. Brooksie was sister to Lon.

Children of Lon and Mable.


(Updated 3/23/2016. My research notes:
1860 July, District 4, Angelina, TX: Frances G Boykin 48, 1812, Ala, value $640/$125 wife Elizabeth Boykin 38, 1822, Ala/ William L Boykin 9, 1851 Miss/ Sarah F Boykin 6, 1854, TX/ James F Boykin 4, 1856 TX / Susan E Boykin 3/John J Boykin 8/12, 1860/ Jeramiah Taylor 14, Ala. (Frances G Boykin b.1812/d.abt 1864. He was Grandfather of Mable Boykin.)

1870 cannot find widow Elizabeth Boykin 48 or son John J, 10. (John J. was father of Mable Boykin.) (Elizabeth had small children. Did she marry again?)

1880 cannot find Elizabeth Boykin 58 or son John J, 20 (1860) (Elizabeth Boykin d. abt 1883)

1900 cannot find John, 40 (b.1860) and wife Sarah, 30 (Married abt 1886)

1900 Justice Precinct 4, Bandera, County, Texas : Sicurgus (Lycurgus) Davis 36, Dec 1862, TX, US, US, farmer/wife Allie (Mary Alice Miller) Davis 37, May 1863, TX, US, US, had 10 children, 10 living /dau Brooke Davis 19 Mar 1881, TX/son Marian A Davis 18, Mar 1882, TX/dau Emma Davis 15, June 1884, TX /dau Mollie Davis 13, Aug 1886 /son James Davis 11, Mar 1889/dau Rosie Davis 8, May 1892, TX/son Fort Davis 5, Nov 1894, TX/son Lan (Lon) Davis 2, Oct 1897, TX/son Lin Davis 2, Oct 1897, TX/dau Maggie M Davis 0, May 1900, TX. (Lon And Len were twins.)

same page is William Ivy, 37, Aug 1862, TX, TX, KY, farmer/wife Emlie 32, June 1867, TX, TN, US, had 8 children, 7 living/dau Ollie 12, Oct 1887, TX/son Jessie 11, Feb 1889, TX/son William H. 9, Aug 1890/dau Emly M 7, Sept 1892, TX/son Oran T. 5, July 1894, TX/dau Liddie 2, Oct 1897/ dau Ettie Oct 1899, TX. (This William Ivy b.1862 is son of Lucy Elizabeth Davis Ivy. Maggie Davis Ward Williams called her Aunt Bet. Lucy was oldest sister to L.J. Cug Davis.)

1910 Justice Precinct 4, Bandera, TX: Loucergust J (L. J. Davis) David 47 /wife Margret (Mary Alice Allie) David 46/Rosa Ethel David 18/Fort David 16/son Len David 13 /son Lon David 13 /Maggie M David 10/Charles David 8/son MS William (William McKinley) David 5/son Jesse David 3. (Correct last name is Davis.)

next to Isaac Newton Fletcher (father of Mollie Davis Fletcher's husband), 59,TX, MO, Ill, farmer /wife Virginia 57, MO, MO, MO /grandson Jesse, 6, TX TX TX.

Next to Geo H Brown 44, Brooksie Davis Brown, 29. (Cug and Allies oldest child.) and their 5 children.

1910 Justice Precinct 6, Edwards, TX: John J Boykin 50, 1860, TX, Miss, Ala, stockfarmer / Sarah A Boykin 40, 1870, Ark, MIss, Ala / Frank Y Boykin 23, 1887, TX, TX, Ark/ William A Boykin 18 TX, TX, Ark/James K Boykin 16 TX, TX, Ark/ Elizabeth Boykin 14 TX, TX, Ark/Charles Boykin 11 TX, TX, Ark/Nora M Boykin 9 TX, TX, Ark/Monnie (Minnie Mable) M Boykin 5, 1905, TX, TX, Ark.

1920 Jan 8th, Sabinal town, Uvalde, TX: S A (Sarah) Boykin 48, female, Ark, US, US, home is rented, occ: none /dau Mabel Boykin 14, TX, TX, Ark, divorced (Is this err??), occ: none/son James Boykin, 26, TX, TX, Ark, chauffer, truck/dau in law Mae Boykin 21, TX, TX, TX. (Mable married August 11, 1920 to Lon Davis)

1920 Feb Justice Precinct 2, Uvalde, TX: Mrs Sarah Boykin, 49, Ark. Ark. Ark, widow, washer woman/Charles Boykin, 19, TX, TX, Ark, laborer, working out /Mabel Boykin, 14, TX, TX, Ark, house keeper, working out. (Times must have been hard for a single mother with children still at home. Family probably moved so listed twice in census.)

1920 census: cannot find Lon Davis.

1930 Precinct 2, Uvalde, TX: Lon Davis 32, TX, TX, TX, labor odd jobs/wife Mabel M Davis 25 , TX, TX, Ark/son Lonnie J Davis 8, TX, TX, TX/son Living Davis 7/son Living Davis 4/dau Living Davis 2. (same census page has many Boykins.)

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