Family History Genealogy: Maggie Mae Davis, William Louis Ward, John Williams, Campwood, TX
Family History Genealogy: Maggie Williams: Maggie Mae Davis, William Louis Ward, John Williams of Campwood, Texas. Real County, Uvalde, Bandera, Llano, TX. Created 2007 - Updated 2016.

Maggie Mae Davis, William Louis Ward
and John Williams of Campwood, Texas

MAGGIE MAE DAVIS (dau of Cug and Allie) was born May 02, 1900 in Bandera Co., TX, and died January 1987 in Uvalde, Uvalde Co, TX, Burial: Campwood Cemetery, Real Co., TX.

She married (1) WILLIAM L. WARD December 21, 1919 in Sabinal TX, Uvalde Co TX, son of WILLIAM WARD and Mary Elizabeth Sansom He was born December 1890 in Coral Co TX, and died 3 Jan 1958 in Uvalde Co., Burial: Barksdale Cem., Edwards Co TX.

She married (2) JOHN WILLIAMS February 19, 1945, son of EMMA SMITH. He was born March 11, 1908 in Montell, Uvalde Co., TX, and died August 05, 1958 in Campwood, Real Co., TX, Burial: Campwood, Real Co., TX.
Will's family moved to Vance about 1892 when Will was 2 yrs old. Will and Maggie were married in 1919 by a 'Rubbin" doctor, justice of the peace. Will was 10 years older than Maggie. Will and Maggie had 2 children.

They were divorced about 1943. Will was about 53. Will married again to a lady named Edna. Edna had been living in Rocksprings when the cyclone storm hit Edwards County 1927. Local folks called it a cyclone however history calls it a tornado. Marjorie Walts had some photos of Rocksprings and I copied. She said her father (Len Davis) rushed to help the storm damaged town soon as he heard about the disaster. Read more about Texas storms.

Will died in 1955 of respiratory failure on the way to the Uvalde Hospital.

Maggie married John Williams in 1945. Maggie was 45. John was 8 years younger than Maggie. John had been injured in WWII and drew a good pension. He had a problem with alcohol. Maggie would get John to go to church with her. John got so emotional that he would have 'fits' and speak in tongues. Maggie said sometime John would need a drink so bad that he would even drink cough syrup or shaving lotion. No alcohol was sold in Campwood.

John had a half brother: Bill Hawkins. Conversation with Maggie. SRC
Real Co death certificate said John Williams died 1958, his occupation was mechanic, cause of death was coronary thrombosis.

Photo: Will Ward was Maggie's husband. Lon Davis was Maggie's brother. Mable was Lon's wife. Fred Jobes was married to Rosie Davis. (Maggie's older sister) (Fred was my Granpa. SRC) The owner of this photo is a distant cousin who was kind to let me copy. SRC

I have some very old letters written by the Ward family. In time I will have copies online.

Records for William Louis Ward (b. Dec 1890) Family:

1860 Salt Stream, Gonzales Co., TX: H T Ward 38, 1822, Ala, farmer, $1400 real estate/$2000 assets /Margeret Ward 34, 1826, TN/ Wm C Ward 16, 1844, Miss/dau P M Ward 13,1847, Miss/son L E Ward 12, 1848 Miss/dau P R Ward 10, 1850 Miss/son Wesley Ward 9, 1851, Miss/Thos Ward 7, 1853, TX/dau Arletea Ward 3, TX /Margeret Ward 6.12, TX /son Simon Ward 5, 1855, TX.

1870 Not found in census.

1880 June 9th, Precinct 3, Frio, TX: W. C. Ward 36, 1844, Miss, Miss, Miss/M. E. Ward 31, 1849, TX, TN, TN/son R. T. Ward 9, TX/dau E. E. Ward 8, 1872/dau C. E. Ward 6, 1874/son L. E. Ward 4, 1876 /dau H. A. Ward 2, 1878/son I. A. Ward 5M, Feb. 1880.

1900 Medina Co., TX: Simon Ward 42, June 1858, TX, Ala, TN, widower, farmer/son Roswell, 12 Oct 1887/dau Artella 8, Nov 1891, TX/son Lucian 5, June 1894, TX/mother Margaret Ward 73, Dec 1826, TN, TN, TN, widow, had 3 children/3 living.

Next in line Lee Ward 35, Dec 1864, TX, Ala, TN, stock farmer (brother to Simon?) / wife Jodie, 27, Jan 1873, Ark, Ark, Ark /son Clyde, 8 mos, Sept 1899, TX, TX, Ark / nephew F. H. Ward, 21, Jan 1879, TX, TX, TX.
1900 June, Justice Precinct 3, Edwards, Texas: William C Ward 56, May 1844, Miss, Ala, Tenn /Mary E Ward 51, Sept. 1848, TX, Tenn, Tenn, age at marriage 30, had 11 children, 11 living /son Ira A Ward 20, Feb. 1880, TX /son Houh l Ward 18, 1882, TX/dau Margeret M Ward 16, Mar 1884/son Jessie M Ward 14, May 1886/dau Annie L Ward 11, Oct 1888/William L Ward 9, Dec 1890 TX.

1910 Justice Precinct 6, Edwards, Texas: Mary E Ward 61, 1849, TX, TN, TN, head, widow, had 11 children/8 living, own farm, stock farmer/Ira A Ward 30, 1880, TX, Miss, TX, farm manager/William S Ward 20, 1890, TX, Miss, TX, farm labor/boarder Martha L Taylor 22, 1888, TX, TX, TX.

1920 Feb 20th, Justice Precinct 2, Uvalde, Texas: Willie L. Ward 29, 1891, TX, TX, TN, Head/Home: Rent, laborer, stock farm/wife Maggie M Ward 19, 1901/mother Mary E Ward 72, 1848, TN, TN, TN, widow/nephew Gus Welty 6 , AZ, TX, TX . Image: 421
Birth record: Barbara J Ward b.23 Aug 1929, Kimble Co., TX. Obit published in the Uvalde Leader News: "Mrs. Barbara Jean Boggs: Services held Monday from Assembly of God Church in Campwood, burial in Campwood Cemetery. Rev. E. E. Danneheim officiated. Mrs. Boggs was born Aug. 23, 1929 in Junction and died, May 17, 1969. She was 39. She is survived by her husband Ted Boggs; mother, Mrs. Maggie Williams; brother, Frank Ward; a nephew and a niece, all of Campwood, TX."

 1930 April 10th, census Junction, Kimble, TX: William L Ward 40, abt 1890, TX/Maggie M Ward 27, abt 1903, TX/Barbara J Ward 7, 1923/Louis F Ward 3, 1927 (Louis Franklin Ward).

 Death record: Uvalde Co., TX. Certificate 6005: William Louis Ward d.3 Jan 1958. (Uncle Will)

Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2002 Frank Ward b.1927 Age: 52 /Spouse: Living ____ . Divorce Date: 29 May 1979, Marriage Date: 12 Feb 1949, Number of Children: 2. County: Kerr Co., TX

Source: One World Family Tree submitted by unknown.
Hugh Thomas Ward b.13 Oct 1822, Tuscaloosa, Ala/d.16 Sep 1864, Pleasanton, Atascosa, TX.
Marriage: 11 Aug 1843, Panola, Miss to Margaret Fite, b.5 Dec 1826, Liberty, Smith, TN/d. 5 Sep 1912, Yancey, Medina, TX.

William C Ward, M 22 May 1844, Panola, Miss;
Sarah E Ward, F 1847, Panola, Miss;
Paralee Marita Ward, F 13 Jun 1848, Panola, Miss;
Louis Earl Ward, M 2 Mar 1851, Panola, Miss;
Phila R Ward, F 2 Feb 1852, Panola, Miss;
Noble Wesley Ward, M 29 Mar 1853, Panola, Miss;
Hugh Thomas Ward, M 17 Jan 1855, Wrightsboro, Gonzales, TX;
Artilla Q Ward, F 14 Feb 1856, TX;
Pleas Simon Ward, M 19 Jun 1858, Gonzales, TX;
Margaret Ward, F 9 Jan 1860, Gonzales, TX;
Monroe Tennell Ward, M 31 May 1862, Gonzales, TX;
Lee Ward, M 5 Jun 1864 in Gonzales, TX.
William C Ward M 22 May 1844 in Panola, Miss/d.14 Jun 1908, Tombstone, Cochise, AZ.
Marriage: 15 Jun 1870, Gonzales, TX to Mary Elizabeth Sansom , b. 3 Nov 1848, Tyler, TX/d. 9 Jun 1934 in Montell, Uvalde, TX.

Jessie May Ward, F;
Robert T Ward, M 17 Jun 1871, Gonzales, TX;
Ethel Eugenia Ward, F 18 Oct 1872, TX;
Maggie M Ward, F 18 Mar 1874;
Callie C Ward, F 2 Dec 1874, Kerr, TX;
Louis Earl Ward, M 11 Mar 1876, TX;
Hattie Alma Ward, F 2 Mar 1878, TX;
I A Ward, F Feb 1880;
Ira Arthur Ward, M 8 Feb 1880, Gonzales, TX;
Hugh Carroll Ward, M 1 Apr 1882, Frio, TX;
Annie L Ward, F 25 Oct 1888;
William Louis Ward, M 2 Dec 1890.  

Records for John Williams (b. March 1908) Family:

1880 census cannot find William Hawkins b.1855.

1900 June, Altus, Greer, OK: William Hawkins 44, Sept 1855, Miss, Miss, Miss, head, farmer/ wife Emmer Hawkins 25, July 1875, Miss, Miss, Miss/ son Elmer Hawkins 9 , Aug 1890, Miss, Miss, Miss/son Malvern Hawkins 7, Mar. 1893, TX, Miss, Miss/son Erving Hawkins 2, July 1897, OK, Miss, Miss/son Ceisal Hawkins, 1 month, April 1900, OK, Miss, Miss. (Age diff 19 yrs between William and Emmer.)

William Hawkins 44, Sept 1855 died after 1902/before 1907.
Mary Emma Hawkins married John G Williams abt 1907.

1910 Justice Precinct 6, Uvalde, Texas: John G Williman 41, 1869 _?_, Ohio, Ohio, head, farmer/wife Mary E Williman 38, abt 1872, Miss, Miss, Miss/son John D Williman 2, abt 1908/step son __Irvin?___ Hawkins, 13, abt 1897/step son William M Hawkins, 8, abt 1902.

John G Williman 41, 1869 died after 1910/before 1920?
1920 Uvalde, Uvalde, TX: Mary Williams 44, 1876, Miss, Miss, Miss, widow, Head, General work /son John Williams 11, abt 1909, TX, TX, Miss, Able to read: Yes/son Joe Williams 9, 1911, TX, TX, Miss / son Irving Hawkins 21, 1899, OK, Miss, Miss /son Bill Hawkins 17, 1903, OK, Miss, Miss .

Mary Emma married again or went back to using her maiden name.?

1930 Precinct 1, Uvalde, Texas: Mary E Davis 50 abt 1880, Miss, Miss, Miss, farmer, truck farmer/son William Hawkins 27, abt 1903, OK, Miss, Miss, farm laborer/son Joe Williams 19, 1911, TX, TX, Miss, farm laborer/boarder John Fowler 15, 1915, TX, farm laborer.

Cannot find John Williams b. March 1908 in 1930 census. Could be in military?

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000: John D Williams, Death Date: 5 Aug 1958, Campwood, Real, TX, Certificate: 47236. (John was only 50.)

My Memories

Maggie Davis Ward Williams
"Maggie was quite a character. I loved her without any restrictions. In her early years, I know she had smoked and drank a little. Her hair was red when she was young. In later years when the color faded, she used a red rinse on her hair.
Maggie lived in a small house and had no air conditioner. 1983 was an awful hot summer. I bought Maggie a little water cooler to cool her house. Come winter, she sold the cooler. I learned a lesson. When you give a gift, give it freely without strings.
A year or so before her death, she had gall bladder surgery followed by infection that took a toll on her health. She went to Amistad Nursing home for a short while for recovery. I made her some cream of potato soup like Grannie used to make and tried to get her to eat.
Maggie told me of a dream she had. "There was this big spider with lots of legs, came down on a string from up above to get her. Someone said "Not yet, Not yet" then the spider went back up."
She hated the nursing home. She wanted to go home to Campwood to the little house she had lived in for 44 years. She finally went home and 4 months later she was found on the floor. After that, Maggie's home was the Park Street Nursing Home. One evening they called me to come quick. I knew she was dying. Her daughter in law was with her, but I did not make it in time.
Maggie had the habit of putting her false teeth under her pillow when she went to bed. While she was at that nursing home, the teeth got lost in bed linens and probably went thru the laundry. This could have been a contributor to her death. Medicare does not pay for dental work. I guess Medicare does not consider nutrition a medical necessity." SRC

William Louis Ward
"I called him Uncle Will, but he was really Reba's uncle. In the 1950s, Saturday was a big day. Everyone went to Uvalde, Texas. They would all meet downtown at the Manhattan Cafe ran by Tony. Tony always had on a crisp white apron and a big smile. Uncle Will would give me a dime to go next door to the drug store for cherry phosphate soda and comic. Will, Fred Jobes and Frank McKinney had this little game of trading pocket knives. The trick was to see who got the best and worst knife in the trade. When Fred died, he had a box of ugly knives left from the trades." SRC

Barbara Jean Ward Lacy Ford Boggs
Barbara Jean was married 3 times and was pregnant several times. Something always happened before she was full term. She had one live birth while living in Houston, TX. She told us she heard the baby cry. She brought the tiny white casket in the back seat of her car to Campwood for burial.
Barbara Jean died one evening in car wreck just South of Campwood on Hwy 55 below Arnold's Crossing. She was 39 years old. She had called her cousin Frankie Martin and was headed to Spofford. Uvalde Leader News article "The driver of the 1956 Chevrolet apparently ran off the road on the right, hit a reflector sign, cut back across the road, hit an embankment, throwing her from the car. She was the only occupant."
She had a guinea pig and a Pekinese puppy with her. They never found the pig, but Aunt Maggie kept the little dog for many years till it died. The puppy had a bad habit of getting under Barbara's feet while she was driving. We wondered if that was cause of accident. SRC

Louis Franklin Ward
"In early years, the Jobes girls had a favorite nickname for their cousin. They called Louis Franklin... 'Pookie'. They were all raised together up the Nueces Canyon. Frank was an easy going, likeable man. He worked as a carpenter and ranch hand." SRC

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