Squire Davis s/o Enoch Davis & Sarah (Sally) Munson, family history, genealogy
Family history, genealogy of Squire Davis b.1828/d.1909, buried Uvalde, Texas. He was son of Enoch Davis b.1794 KY and Sarah (Sally) Munson b.1804 NY. Squire's parents died in Sabine Parish, LA. This research all started with the photo of a broken tombstone in the old Uvalde Cemetery. A family member of Squire emailed me with a bit more info. I do look-ups at no charge in Sabinal, Leakey, Bandera, Utopia, Vanderpool, Reagan Wells, Concan, Knippa.
Enoch Davis, b.1794, KY, d. 20 Feb. 1866, Sabine Parish, LA (possible buried in Sabine Parish Belmont Cem.)/ wife Sarah Munson, b.1804, New York, d.18 Feb 1881, Sabine Parish, LA/ Marriage: 18 May 1819, Vigo, Illinois.

Children: (Possible 11 children.)

Elizabeth Ann Davis, Feb 1821, Ill (married William Finley)

James Gorham Davis, Jan 1824

Squire Davis, Feb 1828

Owen Davis, Jul 1829

Willis Munson Davis, Feb 1833

Martha Elizabeth Davis, 1834, Ark (married James Fletcher)

John Lewis Davis, May 1837 in Pulaski, Ark (married 1876 #1 Elizabeth Howard McDow; #2 Margaret Russell) in Sabine Parish, LA

Sarah Emily Davis, Jun 1839

Narcissa Amarilla Davis, Nov 1841, Pulaski, Ark (married J.A. Dowden)

Allen Martin Davis, May 1844 (Source: OneWorldTree)
Census 1810 Crawford Co., Illinois: Enoch Davis (Senior); Males: 1 sixteen and over; 4 other household members.

Census 1820 Clark Co., Illinois: Enoch Davis (Sr.) and son Enoch Davis with wife Sarah (Sally) Munson.

Census 1830 Clark Co., Illinois: Enoch Davis (Sr.). (by 1830 Enoch Davis and wife Sarah Munson had moved to Arkansas)

*Census 1850 Fourche, Pulaski, Ark: Enoch Davis, 56, (1794) Ky, wagon maker/wife Sarah, 46, 1804, NY/son Squire, 22, 1828, Ill, farmer/son W. M., m18, Ark/Martha, 16, 1834, Ark/son John L., 13, 1837, Ark/dau Sarah E., 11, / N., f8, Ark.

next to: James Fletcher, 24, 1826, TN?, farmer/ Eliza W, (Sister to Squire?) 24, 1826/ James, 1.

*Squire Davis signed a power of attorney as a witness for James Fletcher and his brother Andrew Jackson Fletcher on January 1, 1854 in Natchitoches Parish, LA. Book F page 239-240.

1860 Many, Sabine, LA: Enoch Davis 66, 1794, KY, farmer /Sarah Davis 54, 1806, NY / J. A. Dowden, 23, 1836, LA/ Narcise _____ , f19, Ark.

*Recorded book 72 page 417: Natchitoches Parish, LA January 1870, Squire Davis sold two parcels of land to (his brother in law) James Fletcher. (Squire gave his residence as Marion Co., TX.

1870 Ward 9, Sabine, LA: Sarah Davis, (Squire's mother) 66, 1804, NY, keeping house/ Narcisas B., f28, Ark/ E. R. Larira, m10, LA. next to: James Fletcher, (Squires bro in law) 44, Ill, farmer/ Eliza A., (Squire's sister) 44, 1826, Ill/ Josephine M., f11, LA/ Squire J, m14, LA, farm labor/Martha E., f9, La.

1870 Garden Valley Beat, Smith, TX: Squire Davis, 43, 1827, SC, farmer/ Dianna, 25, 1845, SC/ Sandy, m5, 1875, TX/ Jesse, f3/12, TX. (This appears to be the Squire buried in Uvalde. This Dianna is 18 years younger than Squire. Is she wife or daughter?)

1870 Precinct 4, Grayson, TX: Davis, Angeline, f31, 1851, TX/ Edmond, m8, TX/ Squire, m7, 1863, TX. (??)

Census 1880 Panola Co., TX: Squire J. Fletcher; mother Eliza Davis Fletcher, 1834, Ark, widow (possible Martha Elizabeth Davis m. James Fletcher.)

Census 1880 Smith Co., TX: Squire Davis, Feb 21, 1828.

San Antonio, Texas City Directories, 1891-94 Name: Squire Davis, Business Name: The Corner saloon, Occupation: bartender, Year: 1891. This may or may not be the same Squire.

San Antonio, Texas City Directories, 1891-94 Name: Squire Davis, Location 2: r 210 Hill, Year: 1893

*Squire's tombstone in Uvalde, Texas: "ESQ Davis, Born Feb 21, 1828, Died Dec 29, 1909, son of Enoch and Sarah Davis, Age 81 yrs, 10 mos, 8 days."
He was an elderly gentleman. Why was he buried in Uvalde? There is no city or county record of his death, but we all know the early records are not complete or accurate at times.
Squire may have been a long way away from his home and family. Someone cared enough to give identification information on his marker.
*Items marked are documented.

Other info collected in my search, may or may not be related:
*1850 Sept., Clarke, Alabama: Enoch Davis, Jr., 43, 1807, NC, farmer / Sarah Davis 26, 1824, NC /William Davis 9, Ala /Howard Davis 7, Ala /Caroline Davis 5, Ala /Strother Davis 1, Ala.

*1860 Grove Hill, Clarke, Ala: Enoch Davis 52, 1808, NC, farmer, real estate $4,000-personal $4,100 / Sarah Davis 38, 1822, NC /William Davis 19, farm labor, Willcox, Ala /Howard Davis 16, farm labor, Willcox, Ala /Caroline Davis 14, Clark, Ala /Strother G Davis 12, Clark, Ala / John Davis 9/Sarah Davis 6 /Thomas E Davis 3, 1857 /Ann Davis 11.12, Clark, Ala.

*1880 Pleasant Hill, Clarke, Alab: Enoch Davis 72, 1808, NC, NC, NC, farming /wife Sarah Davis 58, 1822, NC, NC, NC / son Thomas Davis 22, 1858, Ala /dau Lucy Davis 19, Ala / son Samuel J. Davis 17, Ala .

*Illinois Marriages, 1790-1860 Name: Squire B. Davis /Spouse: Mrs. Susan McMillen Date: 22 Aug 1850 County: Alexander State: Illinois Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT Microfilm: 0961420

*Illinois Marriages, 1790-1860 Name: Sabena W. Davis / Spouse: Joel Munson (Squires mother was Sarah Munson.) Date: 16 Nov 1841 County: Shelby State: Illinois Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT Microfilm: 1008065

Census and history 1860 Newton Co., Ark : Visit No 321: DAVIS, Squire, 28m, 1832, KY, Farmer, (was in Confederate Army-Civil War) / LARETTA E 24f, 1836, Ark / Lyda 55f, 1805, KY/ ARNOLD, Fanny 15f, KY/ DAVIS, Alfred 8m, 1852, Ark/ Andrew J 6m, 1854, Ark/ John T 4m, Ark/ William L 2m, Ark/ James W 9/12m Ark. (Many other Davis here and lots of history.)
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