Sam S. Jobes/Nancy Ann Allen of Junction, Texas
Family history, John H. Jobes, Sarah Hobbs, Andrew J. Allen, Sarah Wood, Nancy Ann (Annie) Allen, Samuel Shelby (Sam) Jobes, Fred Jobes of Uvalde TX, John Maddox, Rosie Davis, Junction City, Texas. Kimble County, TX. Llano, Menard, Texas. Uvalde Co., TX. (Created 8/13/2007. Updated 3/22/2016.)
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Sam S. Jobes and A. J. Allen Families
of Junction, Texas

       This is Grandma Jobes. She was called Annie by most folks. She was born August 28, 1851 and died May 28, 1919, Junction, Kimble Co., Texas. Nancy Ann Allen Jobes was wife of Samuel Shelby (Sam) Jobes. The Allens and Jobes families were well known in the Junction area.

       Family history tells us that Grandmother Jobes was 'sickly' and Rosie Davis Maddox was hired to care for Annie. That's how Rosie met Fred Jobes (Fred and Rosie were my Grandparents. SRC). FRED A. JOBES and ROSA E. (ROSIE) DAVIS: Marriage: September 22, 1918, Menard, Menard Co., TX.
(Photo is in original frame.) SRC

Descendants of John E. Jobe
Generation No. 1
1. Unknown JOBE Child of Unknown JOBE is: (Doubt has be raised about father of John Hall Jobes. We are now searching with family Finder DNA. 3/22/2016)

2. i. JOHN HALL (HALE)2 JOBES, b. August 1832, poss TN; d. Aft. 1910, TX.

Generation No. 2
2. JOHN HALL (HALE)2 JOBES (1 JOBE) was born August 1832 in poss TN, and died Aft. 1910 in TX. He married SARAH E. HOBBS June 11, 1851 in Stewart Co., TN, daughter of BENEDICT HOBBS and CASSANDRA LEE. She was born Abt. 1838 in Stewart Co., TN, and died Aft. 1863.

1860 Livingstone Co. KY : Jobes, J. H. 29, TN; Sarah E. 22, TN; Samuel S. 7, TN; Caroline A. Carrie 4, MO; Parmesia 1, KY; Cordelia Dee 1, KY.

The will of Joseph Hobbs 1863 Guadalupe Co., TX refers to Sarah E. Jobes dau of B. G. Hobbs deceased. (Benedict G. Hobbs was son of Joseph b. 1814 Ind.)

Guadalupe Co. marriages: Agnes C. Jobes to John Mills, Minister: P W Hobbs; wit: P H Hobbs & L E Hobbs; P W was son of Joseph & uncle to Sarah E. Jobes.

Children of JOHN JOBES and SARAH HOBBS are:
3. i. SAMUEL SHELBY SAM3 JOBES, b. May 1853, poss TN; d. December 1902, Kimble Co., TX.

ii. CAROLINE A. JOBES, b. Abt. 1859.

Generation No. 3 SAMUEL SHELBY SAM3 JOBES (JOHN HALL (HALE)2, 1 JOBE) was born May 1853 in poss TN, and died December 1902 in Kimble Co., TX.
He married (1) LAURA BUTLER 1871 in Bexar Co., TX. It is said Laura was married before.

He married (2) NANCY ANN ANNIE ALLEN April 22, 1877 in Junction City, TX, daughter of ANDREW J. ALLEN and SARAH WOOD. (Burial: Andrew Jackson Allen (1825 - 1911) She was born August 28, 1851 in TX, and died May 28, 1919 in Junction City, Kimble Co., TX. Annie was buried at Junction City, TX.
In 1882 Sam purchased land adjoining the East side of Junction town square. He opened a wagon yard and blacksmith shop which grew and provided service for travelers and teamsters. He added buildings to house feed, hardware, groceries and a space for bedroll camping.

       This photo is A. J. Allen father of Nancy Ann Allen. In 1879 A. J. Allen deeded 160 Kimble Co TX acres of land on the South Llano River to his daughter: Mrs. Ann Jobes.
Allen had opposed the marriage of Ann to Sam Jobes. Sam was not included on deed. A. J. thought Sam Jobes was "wild".
       Annie and her brother John Allen ran the Jobes Wagon Yard after Sam died in 1902.
       Census 1910 Kimble Co. Junction Tx lists Nancy A. Jobes as head of house with her son Fred.
       It was still in business in 1910 as reported in several historical accounts. The Jobes supply facility was still in force as Mrs S. S. Jobes had an advertisement in the Junction Citizen dated 12-15-1911 for "Saymen's Soap or Salve" for use in healing skin diseases.
Andrew J. Allen photo belongs to H. D. Jobes

       Annie's grandsons left comments that she " was a hellcat and mean with fire in her eyes".
       Rosie Davis Maddox was hired to care for Annie. "Annie had been sickly for years". Rosie had a young son by previous marriage. Rosie later married Annie's son Fred A. Jobes. (Rosie's first husband disappeared. That's another story.)
       Grandaughter Frankie L. Jobes Martin repeated story she heard "Grandma Jobes was a mean old woman". Frankie was the only descendant that I knew of that looked like Grandma Annie. Frankie had crippling arthritis for about 25 years before her death and she was mean at times. (SRC)

Children of SAMUEL JOBES and NANCY ALLEN are:
4. i. ANDREW JACKSON4 JOBES, b. June 09, 1878, Junction, Kimble Co., TX; d. November 15, 1958, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.

ii. HARRY DOUGLAS JOBES, b. July 03, 1880, S Llano River, Kimble Co., TX; d. July 16, 1964, Kerr Co., TX; m. GEORGIA ANN MILLER, November 28, 1901, Methodist Church, Junction, Kimble Co., TX; b. 1881; d. 1947.
HARRY JOBES and GEORGIA MILLER: Marriage: November 28, 1901, Methodist Church, Junction, Kimble Co., TX

iii.SAM EMMA SAMMA JOBES, b. April 24, 1886; d. 1972, Kimble Co. TX; m. JAMES DANIEL BAKER, January 12, 1902, Kimble Co., TX; b. Abt. 1859; d. Abt. 1917.
(I remember visiting Aunt Sammy and Aunt Sissy in Junction about 1948. SRC) JAMES BAKER and SAMMA JOBES: Marriage: January 12, 1902, Kimble Co., TX

iv. JOHN OLA SISSY JOBES (Source: Kimble Co., TX Birth cert: John Ola Jobes, b.1-19-1888, Dau of S. S. Jobes 36, Ky & Nancy Ann Allen 37, Anderson Co., TX. sig of phy: H. D. Jobes.), b. January 18, 1888, Junction, Kimble Co., TX; d. July 21, 1971; m. ALBERT SYDNEY RAMSEY, April 21, 1906; b. 1885; d. 1932.

5. v. FRED A. JOBES, b. June 18, 1892, Junction City, Kimble Co., TX; d. August 23, 1953, Uvalde, Uvalde Co., TX.

Generation No. 4
4. ANDREW JACKSON4 JOBES (SAMUEL SHELBY SAM3, JOHN HALL (HALE)2, 1 JOBE) (Source: Kimble Co., TX Birth cert: A J Jobes, b.6-9-1879, father: S. S. Jobes 27, KY & Annie Allen 29, TX. Father was " Merchant, Gen. Merchandise.") was born June 09, 1878 in Junction, Kimble Co., TX, and died November 15, 1958 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX. He married MARGARET FRANCES MILLER, daughter of JOHN MILLER and MARTHA BROWNING. She was born 1883, and died 1984.
ANDREW JACKSON JOBES: Born in Allen's Hotel. First white boy born in Junction City TX.

i. SAM SHELBY5 JOBES, b. June 17, 1903, Junction, Kimble, Texas; d. April 22, 1965, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas.
SAM SHELBY JOBES: Burial: SUNSET MEM CEM, San Antonio, Texas



(Source: Reg. for selective service: 4-27-1942:, "232 E. Leona St., Uvalde, TX; wt. 120 lbs, ht 5 ft & 7 in, brown hair, blue eyes, ruddy complexion." (I have his wallet from 1953. SRC) was born June 18, 1892 in Junction City, Kimble Co., TX, and died August 23, 1953 at his home in Uvalde, TX of self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest. Burial: August 25, 1953, Hillcrest Cem., Uvalde, Uvalde Co., TX.

He married (1) HATTIE JANES August 24, 1912 in Kimble Co., TX.

He married (2) ROSIE ROSA ETHEL DAVIS September 22, 1918 in Menard, Menard Co., TX, daughter of LYCURGUS Jefferson 'Cug' DAVIS and MARY ALICE 'ALLIE' MILLER. She was born May 02, 1892 in Bandera Co., TX, and died April 19, 1959 in Uvalde Co,. Texas. Burial: April 21, 1959, Hillcrest Cem.,Uvalde,Uvalde Co,. Texas. (FRED A. JOBES and ROSIE share a tombstone placed there by Grand daughter Sherry.)

6. i. WAYNE5 JOBES, b. September 11, 1914, Junction, Kimble Co., TX; d. March 1974, TX.

Children of FRED JOBES and ROSIE DAVIS are:
7. ii. Reba Allene JOBES, b. 1921, Eden, Concho Co., TX. Died Jan. 4, 2006 in Hondo Hospital, Hondo, TX. Burial in Vanderpool Cem.

iii. IMOGENE EMMA JOBES, b. September 26, 1924, Sabinal, Uvalde Co., TX; d. November 20, 1988, in the hospital at Garland, TX, Dallas Co., TX. Burial in Garland Cem. Imogene had no children.
Imogene was a Licensed Vocation Nurse. She worked mostly in private home care.
m. (1) LUIE WILLIAM 'HOOT' GIBSON, November 22, 1941, Uvalde Co., TX; b. October 17, 1914, poss OK; d. December 19, 1971. *Military Marker: "T Sgt 395 Inf WW2 Texas" in old cemetery Sec 3 line 2 not far from the Stitts, Martins (line 4) and Paul Maddox 1906-1970 (line 5) (long time friend)
*Hoot owned the Frio Canyon Drive Inn on Hwy 83 North of Uvalde, TX.

*Hoot was murdered out on a hunting lease 14 miles NE of Del Rio in Kinney Co.,TX. Kinney Co. death certificate says he was "ranch foreman, died at 9 AM of rifle wound through the heart, homicide". (There is more to that story also).

m. (2) IVAN LEE COPPAGE; b. November 24, 1920; d. January 20, 1993, Denton Co., TX. Ivan was tall, thin, quiet and soft spoken. He was a recovering alcoholic. You would never guess, he was a highly decorated Vet of WW2. You know the old saying.... Still waters run deep. SRC

8. iv. FRANKIE LAVERNE JOBES, b. July 29, 1926, Menard, Menard Co., TX; d. January 04, 1998, Uvalde Hospital, Uvalde Co,. Texas. (My favorite aunt. SRC)
Generation No. 5

6. WAYNE JOBES (FRED ARCHIBALD4, SAMUEL SHELBY SAM3, JOHN HALL (HALE)2, 1 JOBE) was born September 11, 1914 in Junction, Kimble Co., TX, and died March 1974 in TX. He married UNKNOWN. "Last time we saw Wayne was about 1966 at Christmas in Uvalde, TX. He was living in Kerrvile, TX. Wayne and his wife had trouble with alcohol." SRC

Children of WAYNE JOBES and UNKNOWN are:
i. Daughter Jobes
ii. Son Jobes

7. REBA ALLENE JOBES (FRED ARCHIBALD4, SAMUEL SHELBY SAM3, JOHN HALL (HALE)2, 1 JOBE) was born 1921 in Eden, Concho Co., TX. and died at 4:10 PM, January 4, 2006 Hondo, Medina CO. TX of pnuemonia result from COPD and CHF. (My Mother had smoked for years.)

8. FRANKIE LAVERNE5 JOBES (FRED ARCHIBALD4, SAMUEL SHELBY SAM3, JOHN HALL (HALE)2, 1 JOBE) was born July 29, 1926 in Menard, Menard Co., TX, and died 4:30 PM, January 04, 1998 in Uvalde Hospital, Uvalde Co,. Texas. She married WARREN WILLIAM MARTIN December 23, 1943, son of ABE MARTIN and GERTRUDE GERTIE ANSLEY of Uvalde, TX. He was born Abt. 1924. Warren and Frankie had 5 children.
Granpa Fred always wanted a boy child, but he had 3 girls. He called Frankie "PETE" and she helped him with his horses like a boy. Frankie was tall and slim. She followed her dad around, would open the gates, carry water and feed, and use the curry comb on the horses.
I welcome all corrections and additions. Most of this history was gathered by cousins that were gracious enough to share with me. Special thanks to T. Jobes and H. Jobes for the photo of A. J. Allen and much of the history.
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