MYSTERY/Murder?: Johnie Lee Maddox: Uvalde, San Antonio, Texas. Family History/Genealogy
Texas mystery: what happened to Johnie Maddox's father? He disappeared: possible murder, accident or a man running from his wife and responsibilities? Now another mystery. What was Clefta's maiden name? Johnie was married to Clefta (Rudinger or Rothe) for only 3 months when he died of ruptured appendicts.

Johnie Lee Maddox and Clefta
Uvalde, Crystal City, San Antonio, TX

     ROSA ETHEL (Rosie) DAVIS married John (Sr.) Maddox January 23rd, 1912 in Junction, Kimble County, Texas.
     Johnnie Lee was born December 24, 1912 Utopia, TX. John (Sr.) disappeared several months before Johnnie Lee was born. Rosie went to John's sister and begged her to say where John went. She was told "Go home and forget him. He has been in trouble with the law and is no good." Rosie said John's sister lived in Rocksprings, Edwards County, Texas and her name was Mrs. Jim Hunter. We have no history of John (Sr.) Maddox.
    It was rumored later that John Maddox was murdered and his body had been hidden in a cave near Vanderpool, Bandera County, Texas. Many years later, some articles were found in a cave which gave some credibility to the story.
    Rosie had a 5 yr old son (Johnie) when she was hired about 1917 to care for Fred Jobes' mother, Nancy Ann (Annie) Allen Jobes, wife of Samuel Shelby (Sam) Jobes. Annie was born August 28, 1851 and died May 28, 1919, Junction, Kimble Co., Texas.
    While caring for Annie, Rosie fell in love with Fred and decided she better get a divorce from her missing husband. She did so February 6th, 1917.
    Rosie married Fred on September 22, 1918 in Menard, Menard County, Texas. Rosie was daughter of LYCURGUS (Cug) DAVIS and ALLIE MILLER. Rosie was born May 02, 1892 in Bandera County, Texas.
    Fred and Rosie raised Johnie and added 3 daughters to the family.

    Johnie Maddox married Clefta about 1931 in Crystal City, Texas. Johnie died in San Antonio 3 months later of appendicitis. Rosie's family never got to know Clefta, not even her maiden name, but she was never forgotten.
***Recently I found information about Clefta. Look to the bottom of this page.

    1930 April 8, Census Uvalde, Uvalde County, Texas: Jobes, Fred A. 37, abt 1892, TX, TX, TX, rent home $10.00 month, laborer, dairy work/wife Rosie, 37, abt 1892, TX, TX, TX/dau Reba A., 8, abt 1921, TX/dau Ima G. 5, abt 1926/dau Frankie, 3, abt 1924/stepson Johnie 17, abt 1912, TX, TX, TX, laborer, dairy work.

    At this time Fred and his stepson were both working at a dairy. Rosie stayed at home to care for the girls. The family lived in a house on N. Park St. in Uvalde about 8 blocks north of the John Nance Garner home. Garner's home is now a museum.

Johnie Lee Maddox and John Carver
Johnie wore 'whites' when he worked at Campbells Dairy in Uvalde, Texas.
Tin Type Photo taken about 1930.

Clefta may have lost her parents. I have found these records:

Possible brother or uncle to Louis Rothe ID: I11031

Name: Johann Frederich "Fritz" ROTHE, Sex: M , Birth: 21 DEC 1838 in Warmensteinach, Bavaria, Germany Death: 2 MAR 1916 in Hondo, Medina County, Texas, Burial: Hondo, Medina County, Texas. Father: Christoph Gottlieb Heinrich ROTHE b: 5 AUG 1793 in Oberfranken, Bavaria/ Mother: Emilie Rosa WURZBACH b: 1815 in Nuremburg, Germany Marriage 1 Maria Caroline REUTER b: 2 APR 1854 in D'Hanis, Medina County, Texas/ Married: 31 DEC 1871 in D'Hanis, Medina County, Texas.

1880 Dhanis, Medina, Texas: Joseph Rudinger 50, abt 1830, Alcece (Alcace, Germany) /Agatha Rudinger 46, abt 1834, Alsice /Emil Rudinger 22 TX/Louis Rudinger 20, abt 1860/August Rudinger 16, abt 1864 /Louisa Rudinger 16/Mary Rudinger 14/Christina Rudinger 10/Regina Rudinger 8/Henry Rudinger 6, abt 1874/Albert Rudinger 4, abt 1876.

1900 Justice Precinct 4, Medina, Texas: Louis A Rudinger 41, abt 1859, m, head, TX, Germany, Germany/wife Ida Rudinger 41, abt 1859, TX, Germany, Germany/Walter P Rudinger 14, abt 1886/Maryhilder Rudinger 12, abt 1888/Alfred L Rudinger 9, abt 1891/Jane C Rudinger 7, abt 1897/Charles J Rudinger 1, abt 1899.

1900 Precinct 4, D'Hanis, Medina, Texas, D Hanis: Louis Rothe 56 Sept 1843, Germany, Germany, Germany, stock raiser/Mary A Rothe 47, abt 1853, TX, Germany, Germany/Jacob Rothe 20 TX/Karl Rothe 17, July 1882 TX/Alfrida Rothe 16/Ernst Rothe 13/Arthur Rothe 11/Mary Rothe 9/Oskar Rothe 6/Alma Rothe 4.

1910 Justice Precinct 4, Medina, Texas: Henry Rudinger 37, abt 1873/wife Christina Rudinger 38/dau Mary Rudinger 2/mother Agatha Rudinger, 76, abt 1834, Germany, Germany, Germany.

1920 Precinct 4, D'Hanis, Medina, Texas/Carl Rathe 38, abt 1882 TX, Bavaria,TX/Johanna Rathe 27, abt 1893, TX/Roma Rathe 2 5/12/ boarder Clifta Rudinger 6, abt 1914, TX , __ , TX.

1930 April 22/Precinct 4, D'Hanis, Medina, Texas: Carl Rothe 48, b.June 30, 1882, TX Germany TX, stock farmer/Jane Rothe 38, TX, TX, TX, children all b.TX/Clefta Rothe 16 abt 1914/Roma Rothe 12/Casper Rothe 9/Selma Rothe 6/Dorothy Rothe 3.

1910 Jayton, Kent, Texas: John W Hinton 59 miss, rancher/Dollie J Hinton 35/ Euna A Hinton 15/ Nora L Hinton 14/Effie L Hinton 12/Edward H Hinton 10/Sopha S Hinton 9/Albert N Hinton 7/boarder Bud Linsley 22, abt 1888, TX, Ill, TX/John J Baker 48/Vester Jones 20.

1920 Electra, Wichita, Texas: Bud Lindsley [Bud Lindsley??] 33, abt 1887 TX, Ill, TX, head , White Male, Home: Renting, Able to read and write: Yes, occ: oil field trucking/wife Josephine 27, abt 1893/Erland Lindsley 6, abt 1914 /Elmore Lindsley 3 5/12, abt 1917.

1930 Uvalde, Uvalde, Texas: Bud Linsley, 44, abt 1886, TX, Ill, TX, operator truck line/Josephine Linsley 37/ Aaron Linsley 15, abt 1915/ Elmore Linsley 13/sister in law Mary Allison 21/neice Nellon Allison 3 11/12.

Recorded: Name: Bud Linsley Birth: 10 Jul 1887/Death: Sep 1971 - Safford, Graham, AZ.
Reg 1917 draft Stonewall, TX wife n 2 babies. Not desirable (because he was needed at home).

Recorded: Uvalde County, TX births: Linsley, living 3-27-1933, female, Clefta Louise Rothe/Aaron Bud Linsley.

Recorded:Aaron Bud Linsley Birth: 23 Sep 1913/Death: Aug 1982 - Safford, Graham, AZ.

Recorded: Clefta Linsley Birth: 4 May 1913/ Death: Aug 1971 - Pinon, Otero, New Mexico.  

So, now we do know a little about Clefta. She married Johnie when she was 17, then he died 3 months later. That had to be a real shock. I hope she had a happy life with a new husband and family. Some where she has family still alive. I would like them to know, we never forgot the Clefta that married our Johnie Maddox.

More Maddox records:
Maddox, Baby 3-30-1905/4-16-1905 Dau of A. R. & M. B. Maddox
Maddox, Mamie B. 1-27-1875/4-8-1959
Maddox, A. R. 6-1-1873/6-13-1916
Maddox, Mary Lee 1926/1926
Maddox, Mamie Dail 8-19-1913/1-11-1929
Maddox, Leonard Allen 1-7-1900/11-20-1964 S/W
Maddox, Annie Lee 11-9-1900/7-7-1998 Mar. 12-24-1925
Maddoux, Gerald D. 7-3-1922/12-11-1994 S/W US Navy WWII
Maddoux, Mary Ellen 5-26-1928
Maddux, Alberta A. 1882/1978 S/W Mother
Maddux, John W. 1877/1949
TX marriages Concho Co: Wotton W. F./Maddox Miss Myrtle J. 11 Jul 1903 B 134.
STATE OF TEXAS DEATH: Name: Maddox, Infant dau. of A.A. Maddox of Concho- Date of Death 16 Apr 1905 - Age 16 days - Place of Death Eden, - Cause of Death la grippe.

Rosie Davis married John Maddox in Junction, Kimble County, so we assume John's family would be there or nearby. She divorced John after he disappeared and married Fred Jobes. Reba Jobes was born 1921 in Eden. Eden is in Concho County. Rosie also had family in Menard. These counties all join.

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