Bible pages: Julia Cantrell/Thomas Wright Smith of Georgia/Arkansas/Texas
The Smith family came from Daulton, near Rome, GA. (Created 3/13/2007. Updated 3/23/2016.)

Julia Cantrell
Thomas Wright Smith

I found these Bible pages in Uvalde, Texas.
Thought someone may want a copy.
I am sure Julia is a distant cousin to Miles S. Cantrell.

*I received an email from a relative of this family. They were glad to see this.

*Source online family tree. *Document: 1860 census Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia

Thomas W Smith, Born: 14 Feb 1840, GA / Died: 19 Jan 1899, Ione, Arkansas
Thomas father: Absalom Smith, Born: 1810 (or 11, 12) SC/Died: 1867, Gilmer,GA.
Thomas mother: Elizabeth Foster, Born: ___ , GA/Died: ___ , GA.

Thomas wife: Julia A Cantrell, Born: 27 Feb 1852, Murray, Georgia/Died: 11 Sep 1887, Ione, Arkansas

Children of Thomas and Julia:
William Erastus Smith, 1869/1938
James Monroe Smith, 1871/1939
John Wooten Smith, 1873/1951
George Thomas Smith, 1873/1943
Andrew W Smith, 1877/1928
Absalom (Abb) A Smith, 1880/1967
Minnie E Smith, 1882/ __
Sarah M.A. Smith, 1884 / __

Parents of Julia A. Cantrell: Aaron Cantrell, 1799 SC/ 1885 Whitfield, Georgia, Married 1838 Temperance Davis, 1819/1881
Parents of Aaron Cantrell: James Cantrell, 1768–1838 and Margaret Saunders, 1768/ __ .
Parents of James Cantrell: Isaac Cantrell, 1729/ 1806 and Talitha Cloud, 1729/1772.

You have my permission to copy with the understanding that it has
been gathered from many sources and very little is documented.
Texas Cantrells home page.

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