NICHOLS-BIERSCHWALE Family Bible pages: TN to Kendall Co., TX Conrad and Elisabeth Bierschwale, Henry Bierschwale and Anna Belle, Johanna Bierschwale born in Hanover Germany, Charles Bierschwale and Mattie A. Tillie, John A. Nichols born Williamson Co., TN, Albert Nichols born in Kendall Co., Texas.

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I met an elderly lady in Uvalde that had this Bible. I knew someone somewhere would love to have this information. I copied the pages though some were very hard to read.

If you can add to this family, please email me and I will post it here.

Conrad Bierschwale born May 2, 1820, died August 12, 1865.
Elisabeth Bierschwale was born Aug. 27, 1822.
Conrad and Elisabeth Bierschwale were married Oct. 10, 1843.

Henry Bierschwale was born June 22, 1845, died November 27, 1877.
Henry Bierschwale married Anna Belle* about 1921*.
Johanna Bierschwale was born Hanover Germany, November 1, 1846*.
Dorothy Bierschwale was born Feb. 24, 1849.

Rachel Bierschwale was born Sept. 12, 1850, died October 2, 1850.
Conrad Bierschwale born Aug. 24,1851. (#2)
Frederick Bierschwale was born Sept. 24, 1853.
Charles Bierschwale was born Dec. 25, 1855.
Charles Bierschwale died April 25, 1889.
Charles Bierschwale and Mattie A. Tillie* were married April 8, 1877.
William and Miena Bierschwale were born December 25, 1857.
William and Miena Bierschwale died December 25, 1857.
William Bierschwale was born Oct. 28, 1858.
James Bierschwale was born Jan. 1, 1861.
Elisabweth Bierschwale was born Jan.22, 1863.
Mary Bierschwale was born Feb. 2, 1865.

John A. Nichols born Williamson Co., TN, August 24, 1844, died January 28, 1917.
Mrs. J. A. (Johanna Bierschwale) Nichols died March 31, 1921* at age of 74 years and 3 months.
John A. Nichols married Miss Johanna Bierschwale Dec. 24, 1867.
Albert Nichols born in Kendall Co., TX, December 19, 1871.
Mary Belle Nichols born in Kendall Co., TX, January19, 1874.

* items can not be read well.

Update: 12-6-2002... Found Henry and Charles in Kendall Co TX Cemetery.
Update 12-3-2008.. I had a request to post copies of pages online. I am glad to do so.

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