James N. Petty Family History Genealogy, NC, TN to TX: Bandera, Uvalde, Sabinal Petty Family History Genealogy, NC, TN to TX: Bandera, Uvalde, Sabinal. Jim Petty with unknown parents. Could be Joshua, John or Ralph. Jim's wife Frankie is the daughter of James Wesley Schoonover, b. abt 1832 in Illinois and Manerva Petty, b. Year? in Arkansas. James Wesley is the son of Benjamin Schoonover, b. abt 1804 in Pennsylvania and m. Elizabeth Wheeler, b. New York, in 1823 in Scioto County, Ohio. Benjamin's father was Christopher Schoonover, b. 1762 near what is now Port Jervis, New York."
Petty Family History
Texas: Bandera, Uvalde, Sabinal

(I have very little documentation. I really need help in sorting the Petty family.)
Be sure to see the Vanderpool Cemetery.)

Descendants of Petty
Generation No. 1
JIM PETTY, b. 1830, TN; d. 1910.

1860 Census Uvalde Co. TX: James Petty, 24 (b. ca 1836) male, Corporal, of Maryland.
(Questions: Is this our Jim Petty? Jim's parents unknown. Could be Joshua s/o Ralph.)

(Email info: "Jim may be the son of John (b. ca 1779) and Polly Petty James M. PETTY [John Petty/Hubbard Petty/William Petty Sr./Thomas Petty/Hubert Petty] b. 1838 AR")

JIM PETTY was born abt 1830 in TN, and died abt 1910 TX. He married FRANCES FRANKIE SCHOONOVER, daughter of JAMES SCHOONOVER and MANERVA PETTY. She was born in AR.

Email info: "Frankie is the daughter of James Wesley Schoonover, b. abt 1832 in Illinois and Manerva Petty, b. Year? in Arkansas. James Wesley is the son of Benjamin Schoonover, b. abt 1804 in Pennsylvania and m. Elizabeth Wheeler, b. New York, in 1823 in Scioto County, Ohio. Benjamin's father was Christopher Schoonover, b. 1762 near what is now Port Jervis, New York."

JIM PETTY: Burial: Vanderpool Cem , Bandera Co., TX

i. MATTIE PETTY (No knowledge on this person.)
ii. JAMES NEWTON PETTY b. Abt. 1869, AR; d. Abt. 1917. (Married Emma Davis)
iii. MAGGIE PETTY b.April 02, 1878, TX. (Maggie married Emma Davis Petty's brother Marion A Davis)
iv. WESLIE JOSHAWAY "SHAM" PETTY b. April 01, 1880; d. March 14, 1944, Uvalde, TX. Burial: Vanderpool Cem, Bandera Co., TX.

Notes for WESLIE JOSHAWAY "SHAM" PETTY: Frankie Jobes Martin said "Old Sham Petty stepped on a nail at Dunbar Ranch while visiting with Emma & Frank McKinney.
They were all out near the stock pens and Emma had warned him not to step on a pile of old lumber. He laughed at her and stomped some nails over. Sure enough a nail went through his boot. His foot swelled up and soon was infected. Over time it became worse and the foot had to be cut off and still the infection continued til he slowly died a painful death.
Uvalde City death certificate "Wesley Joshway Petty, died by accident 3-5-1944 Uvalde, Uvalde Co., TX, parents Jim Petty b.Texas and Miss Scoonoer b.Texas. Cause of death diabetic gangrene, R leg amputation, nail in foot 3-5-1942 followed by gangrene." (bk5\142)
Sham died in the old Uvalde hospital on Martin Street at age 64. No mention of wife or children.
(The family history says that he was Frank's nephew, but I have not found the connection.)

v. ANNIE ROONEY PETTY, b. September 09, 1892. (I have no other info on this person)

Generation No. 3
JAMES NEWTON PETTY (JIM, UNKOWN PETTY) was born Abt. 1869 in AR, and died Abt. 1917, Burial: Vanderpool Cem, Bandera Co., TX.
He married EMMA ROSETTA DAVIS January 25, 1905 in Bandera Co., TX, daughter of L.J. CUG DAVIS and Mary Alice ALLIE MILLER. She was born June 15, 1884 in poss Bandera Co., TX, and died May 25, 1964 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX, Burial: Hillcrest Cem, Uvalde, Uvalde Co, TX.
I have copy of Marriage record: "Married 1-25-1905 by W. J. O'Brien, JP of prec .#4, Bandera Co TX. Filed 1-31-1905 by Sam O'Bryant, Co. Clerk."

i.FRANCIS PETTY, b. May 12, 1907, Bandera Co., TX.

MAGGIE PETTY (JIM, Unknown PETTY) was born Abt. 1880. She married MARION A. DAVIS June 28, 1903 in Bandera Co. TX, son of L. J. CUG DAVIS and Mary Alice ALLIE MILLER. Marion Davis was born May 08, 1882 in poss Llano TX, and died May 24, 1942 in Junction, TX. He was brother to Emma R Davis wife of Jim Petty.
Notes for MAGGIE PETTY: "Maggie Petty was sister to Sham and Jim". said Rosa E. Davis Jobes, sister to Marion Davis and Emma Davis Petty.
Marriage Notes for MAGGIE PETTY and MARION DAVIS: Have copy of Marr record: Marr. 1-28-1903 by J. B. O'Bryant, JP of Bandera Co Tx. Filed 1-31-1905 by Sam O'Bryant, Co. Clerk.

Children of MAGGIE PETTY and MARION DAVIS are:
i. CLAUDE EDGAR DAVIS, b. Abt. 1909; d. Abt. 1920. Burial: Junction TX.
ii. ALTON LEE DAVIS, b. April 02, 1904, Bandera Co., TX. Found his birth record. "He had many sons". Maggie Davis Williams said.
iii. PEARL DAVIS, b. Abt. 1906, poss Junction TX.
iv. UNKNOWN DAVIS, b. Abt. 1911; m. O. GARRY.
v. UNKNOWN DAVIS, b. Abt. 1914; m. JOHN ELVINS.

Generation No. 4
5. FRANCIS PETTY (JAMES NEWTON, JIM, PETTY1) was born May 12, 1907 in Bandera Co., TX. Died Feb.26, 1993 TX. He married EUGENE GERTRUDE WHALEY. She was born April 20, 1910 in Anson TX.

Document Birth Cert of "Francis Petty, b. May 12, 1907, Vanderpool, Bandera Co., TX white male, father James Newton Petty, white male, age 38, farmer; mother Emma Zetty Davis, white female, age 21 housewife, own home, children born and now living 1. Signature of physician: Mrs. J. F. McKinney of Uvalde TX. Affidavit for delayed birth cert made 6-3-1946 by Mrs J F McKinney and signed by Bob Davis Uvalde Co. Judge." (I believe this is err.)
Emma married John F. McKinney after Jim Petty died.
"Francis born on Bob Thompson ranch N of Utopia". Maggie said.
If Francis' birth record is correct, we assume Jim Petty was born about 1869 and Emma born 1886. Jim was 18 years older than Emma.

i. Living PETTY, (female) b.___, Henderson, TX. married Unknown Hill

More records:

    Official Records Found Bandera Co TX:
  • Marriage: 9-3-1866 or 86 James E. Bandy to Amanda Rollin.
  • Marriage: 12-20-1866 John J. Bandy to Profane A. Myrick.(Photo of John in wagon)
  • Marriage: 8-01-1883 C. C. McKinney to Mary E. Prather. (Is C. C. kin to Frank McKinney?)
  • Marriage: 9-12-1888 W. A. Petty to Laura Arnold. (Is W. A. Petty kin to James N Petty?)
  • Marriage: no date L. A. Lindsey to Louisa McKinney. (Is Louisa kin to Frank McKinney?)
  • Marriage: 6-07-1891 H. F. Petty to Mollie Smith. (Is H. F. Petty kin to James N Petty?)
  • Marriage: 1-28-1903 Marion Davis to Maggie Petty.
  • Marriage: 1-25-1905 James Newton Petty to Emma Rosetta Davis.
  • Marriage: 4-16-1911 John Franklin McKinney to Hallie May O'Bryant. (This is Uncle Frank.)
  • Birth: 9-22-1892 Annie Rooney to Jim Petty & Frances Schoonover. (This Jim Petty is father of James N Petty?)
  • Birth: 6-22-1894 Mattie Alma Petty to Hiram F. Petty and Mollie Smith
  • Birth: 1-11-1895 Ellen Elizabeth McKinney to Robert August and Flora Cravy McKinney
  • Birth: 10-09-1896 Bertie A. Petty to Frank H. Petty and Mollie Petty. (Is Frank H Petty kin to James N Petty?)
  • Birth: 2-22-1897 Roxie Ann Petty to __
  • Birth: 1-18-1902 Minerva Caroline Petty to George Amos Petty & Amanda Mae Hardcastle. (Is George kin to James N Petty?)
  • Birth: 8-1-1904 male, Vanderpool TX, to W. R. Petty & Laura Lee Arnold.
  • Birth: 11-05-1905 Female (no name) to Frank and Mollie Petty, Vanderpool, TX.
  • Birth: 11-20-1905 Female infant to Hiram F. Petty & Mollie Smith.
  • Birth: 12-8-1907 Millard Virgil, Vanderpool to E. J. Petty & M. W. (who is this?)
  • Birth: May 12, 1907 (male) Francis Petty to James Newton Petty and Emma Z Davis (This is Aunt Emma.)
  • Birth: 3-15-1908 Bessie Petty to __ (Some old ledgers do not have parents recorded.)
  • Birth: 3-27-1912 Katie Petty to __
  • Birth: 9-4-1914 Crockett M McKinney to Frank McKinney and Hallie Humphreys
  • Birth: ______ Wintha May Petty to ___
  • Death: Petty, Laura L. d.8-1-1904 Vanderpool TX, age 35 yrs, childbirth, b. TX. (Laura Arnold b.5-18-69 wife of W. R. Petty)
  • Death: Petty, Joshua d.7-14-1910, age 80 yrs/2 mos/3 days, Vanderpool of paralysis (b.1830)
  • Death: Petty, Jim d.9-12-1915 (Could Joshua b.1830 be father or uncle of Jim Petty b.ca 1869?)
  • Death: 2-15-1920 Elizabeth Ann McKinney.
  • Death: 9-17-1935 Melinda Elizabeth McKinney.

Bandera Co Tx Census 1900:
Petty, George 7\1871 w Fam, TX, TN, Ind.
Petty, James 10\1858, w Fam, Ark, TN, Ark.
Petty, Hiram 2\1867 w Fam, TX, TN, Ark.
Petty, J------ 5\1830 w Fam, TN, NC, TN, father of Hiram.

Navarro Co Tx Marriage:
11-15-1849 Tho J. Mckinney to Mary J. Petty

Uvalde Co TX Marriages: 11-7-1914 James Martin Petty to Jimmie Coudra.
(Thank you for Email correction: This is James Martin (Sam) Petty married to Minnie Belle Condra.)

Uvalde TX Old Cem.:
Petty Wm. Henry 1869\1949 on sec 2,line 1.
Petty, Minnie Lee 1874\1925.

Uvalde Probate: Petty, W. H. d.2-3-1925, lists his wife: Minnie Lee ______

Vanderpool TX Cemetery, SW Bandera County:

1. Petty, Baby 8-18-1904\8-18-1904 (male infant of Laura L.?
2. Petty, Baby 5-24-1896\5-24-1896 (duplicate of # 10?
3. Petty, Gilbert A. 6-26-1890\12-18-1972
4. Petty, Joshua 5-11-1830\7-14-1910 (father of James b.abt 1858?
5. Petty, James 1830\1910 (b. abt 1858? (Father of James N. and Sham Petty?)
6. Petty, James Newton b.__ \12-9-1917 (b.___ hus of Emma R. Davis?)
7. Petty, Laura Arnold 5-18-1869\8-1-1904
8. Petty, W. R. (Will) 1863\1-18-1918 *hus of Laura L. (Arnold)
9. Petty, Weslie Joshaway (Sham) 4-1-1880\3-14-1944 (son of James & Frances Schoonover.
10. Petty, Infant son of Mrs. M. F. 5-24-1896\5-24-1896
11. Petty, Mrs. M. F. 5-7-1863\6-1-1896. (who is M. F. Petty?)

Uvalde City/Uvalde Co TX Deaths:
John Franklin McKinney 9-26-1891\7-15-1960, parents: Wm. Bell McKinney & Mattie Petty;

Weslie Joshaway (Sham ) Petty 4-1-1880\3-14-1944, parents: Jim Petty & Miss Scooner (document correction Frances Schoonover).

Uvalde Births: 3-16-1909 Willie to W. A. Davis & ____ Petty.
Obit in Uvalde Leader News: John Franklin McKinney b.9-26-1891 Live Oak Co TX, d.7-15-1960 Uvalde TX, survived by half sister: Miss Annie Rooney. (Explain how they are kin? Her birth record: Annie Rooney b.9-22-1892 to Jim Petty & Frances Schoonover.)

Family hist: "After Jim Petty died, Emma married Jim's nephew, Frank McKinney". (how was Frank kin to Jim Petty?)

Small burial site near Uvalde\Montell area on Herndon Ranch: Tombstone reads: Petty, George, b.6-14-1896\d.6-17-1901. "Son of G.C. & L. A. Petty."
(Thank you for the email: "This young George Petty is the son of George C. and Leta A. (Lettie) McBee Petty. They are both buried in Westlawn Cemetery in Del Rio, Val Verde, Texas with several of their children. George Charles and Leta A. Petty are parents of the James Martin (Sam) Petty that married 11-7-1914 Minnie Belle Condra in Uvalde. George Charles Petty's oldest daughter, Martha (Petty) Yancy Cox and her first husband William Yancy are buried in the Yancy (Live Oak) cemetery nearby.")

Research notes, may or may not be related.

I have 5 pages of Petty deaths in Texas 1903 to 1940.
It lists name, death date and county. It does not list parents or birth date.

Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909: Manerva Petty, Marriage: 4 Aug 1859 to James W. Schoonover in DeWitt Co Texas.

1860, July 27th/ Fort Osage, Jackson, Missouri, Sibely: Joshua Petty 40, abt 1820, KY, farmer, real estate $500, personal $700/ Martha A Petty 34, abt 1826 VA/ John H Petty 16, KY/ Joseph E Petty 14, KY/ William E Petty 8, MO / James L Petty 5, MO, 1855/ James P Bradley 26 , KY, farm hand.

1860 Belton, Bell, Texas: W J Petty 38, abt 1822 TN / Lenetta Petty 38, abt 1822, Ala / James Petty 16 , abt 1844, Ark/ son I V Petty 14, Ark / Mary Petty 13, Ark / Joseph Petty 11, Ark /dau M E Petty 7, TX /Emily Petty 5, TX / Robert Petty 2, TX.

1870 Pleasanton, Atascosa Co TX: W J Petty, 48, TN, dry goods merchant, $200, $360 / wife Gennetta E, 49, Ala, keeping house/ son T E , 21, Ark / dau M E 17, Ark / dau Emily A, 14, TX/ son Robert E, 12, TX /dau Lenora 9, TX/ dau Larisa 7, TX.

1870 Beat 1, Corsicana, Navarro, TX: W C Petty 45, abt 1825, TN, male, farmer, $1240/$2300/ I. S. Petty, 30, MO, female/ G. Petty, 13, TX, male/ L. Petty, 11, female, TX/ M. A. Slone, 14, female, TX/ A. Slone, 12, female, TX/ William Slone, 9, male, TX/ William Petty, 9, male, TX/ J. Petty, 6, male, TX/ J. T., male, 3, TX.

1870 Precinct 2, Burnet, TX: D. W. Petty, 26, farmer, KY/ wife Elizabeth, 27, NC/ J. D. Petty, 2, abt 1868, TX/ Theopolis 1, TX/ William Conley, 5, TX.

1870 Fort Osage, Jackson, MO: Joshua Petty 51, abt 1819, KY, farmer value 300/ wife Martha A. Petty 46, abt 1824 VA/son Joseph 23, KY , minister gospel/ William E 19 son, MO, farm labor / James L 15, abt 1855, MO, farm labor/ dau Mattie t., 6, abt 1864, MO / son Peace, 1, abt 1869/Anna T., 8, abt 1868.

1880 Springfield, Greene, MO: Joshua Petty 62, 1818, TN, TN, TN, Blacksmith /Marry A. Petty 52, (1828) NC, NC, NC /son Archy R. Petty 23, Iowa, TN, NC , laborer /wife Emiley Petty 18, Iowa, PA, PA / Oliver Petty 14, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio.

1880 Sherman, Grayson, TX: Joshua Petty 59, abt 1821, KY, -, - , hotel keeper, / wife Martha A. Petty 54, abt 1826, VA /Eugene Petty 25, MO, KY, VA / James L. Petty 23, abt 1857, MO, KY, VA / Mattie L. Petty 16, abt 1864, MO, KY, VA / Joshua P. Petty 11, abt 1869, MO, KY, __ .

1880 Dyer, TN: James Petty, 70, May 1830, TN, NC, TN, head, farmer /wife Se?faonia A Petty 60, Oct 1839, Ark, Unk, Unk/dau Maggie M Petty 19, Jan. 1881, TX, TN, Ark / Jasnway E Petty 17, May 1883, TX, TN, Ark.

Next to 1880 Dyer, TN: Jas. M. Petty, 22, 1858, Ill, Ill, Ill / wife Jane Petty 36?, 1844, TN, Ill, Ill /dau Alice Petty 3, TN, Ill, TN /son Monroe Petty 2.

1880 June 15, Medina Co., TX: Gabriel Petty 37, abt 1843, TN, __, TN, head, farmer/ wife Manda C. Petty 37, IN, Ohio, TN / son Thomas G. Petty 12, TX, TN, Ind /dau Mary J. Petty 10, abt 1870 /son George A. Petty 9, abt 1871 / son James M. Petty 7 , abt 1873, Texas , TN, IN /dau Olivia B. Petty 5 /son Alfred Petty 4, abt 1876 /dau Rosalie Petty 3/ son John H. Petty 1, abt 1879.
1900 Justice Prec 4, Bandera, TX: James Petty, 41 ,Oct 1858, Ark, TN, Ark, head, farmer/ dau Emma, 16, Sep 1883, Mexico or MO?, Ark, TX /son William E, 14, Mar 1886, TX, Ark, TX/ son Frank B, 12, Feb 1888, TX, Ark, TX/ dau Rannie C., 8, Sep 1891, TX, Ark, TX.

1900 Prec 4, Caldwell, TX: John M Petty 51, March 1849, Miss, Miss, TN /wife M R Petty 45, Mar 1855, MO, TN, TN /dau Lena J Petty 21, July 1878, TX / Birdie L Petty 19, Nov 1880, TX/dau Lexie M Petty 17, Dec 1882 / James W Petty 14, Oct 1885, TX /dau Darcos A Petty 11, Dec 1888/ dau Corrie D Petty 8, March 1892.

1900 June 7, Justice Prec 6, Bandera, TX: George Petty 28, July 1871, TX, TN, Ind, farmer /Mandy Petty 27, Jan 1873, TX, TX, TN /Amos B Petty 8, July 1892 / Elsie Petty 6, Dec 1894 /Stonewal Petty 4, Dec 1896 /Ada M Petty 3, Jan/ Mary W Petty 1, Sept /George Petty 3 months/ mother Amanda C Petty 53, Sept 1847 / sister (to George?) Joe? S Petty 19, Nov 1880. search all prec 6.

1900 June 20, prec 4, dist 4, Bandera Co., TX: Hiram Petty, 33, Feb 1867, TX, TN, Ark./wife M?urie A , 27, Mar 1871, Miss, Miss, Miss, married 9 years, had 4 children, 4 living./dau Myrtle m 7, Nov 1892, TX, TX, Miss/dau Mattie E, 5, June 1894, TX, TX, Miss /dau Bertie A, 3, Oct 1896, TX, TX, Miss/dau Lora V, 1, Nov 1899, TX, TX, Miss.

1900 June 6, Manor, Travis, TX: Jeff Petty 28, July 1871, TN, TN, TN, head, farmer /bro Redden H Petty 27, Jan 1873, TN, TN, TN, farm labor /bro Smith Petty 16, Oct 1884, TN, TN, TN, farm labor /mother Frankie J Petty 54, abt 1846 TN, TN, TN.

1900 June 9, Prec 4, Brown Co, TX: Harrison Petty 59, Jan 1841, TN, ?, ?/wife Frankie J Petty 55, June 1845, TN, TN, TN, had 9 child, 7 living, /Lura F Petty 21, Mar 1879, TN/ Murphy C Petty 18, Aug 1881, TN/Crocket C Petty 15, Dec 1845, TN. (I suspect tihs Crocket C. Petty is connected to Frank McKinney some how.)

1900 Prec 4, Edwards Co, TX: Thomas L Petty 30, June 1869, Ark, TN, Alab/ Margarette E Petty 30, Nov 1869, TX, TN, Ark / son George L Petty 8, Oct 1891, TX / son Pearl Earl Petty 7, Apr 1893, TX /dau Maude M Petty 5, Apr 1895, TX /son Martin L Petty 3, Oct 1896, TX /dau Mabel B Petty 2, Apr 1898, TX.

1900 Prec 2, Brown Co, TX: Sterling Petty 26, Dec 1873, LA, NC, LA / Eva E Petty 20, Nov 1879, TX, Miss, TX/ son Burnis J Petty 3, Dec 1896, TX / Bruton Petty 2, Feb 1898, TX / John R Petty 1, Feb 1899, TX.

1900 Prec 4, Brown Co, TX: Ben Petty 49, Jul 1850, TN, NC, NC / Sarah A Petty 26, May 1873, TX, Ark, TX, / Oscar J Petty 11, Aug 1888, TX/Maud E Petty 12, July 1887, TX/ Lillie J Petty 6, Jan 1894, TX /James C Petty 4, Mar 1896, TX / Mary Petty 0, Aug 1899, TX . age when married he 49, she 28, married 13 years, had 6 children, 5 living.
Emma Davis married James N Petty 1905 in Bandera Co, TX.

May 12, 1907 Francis Petty born Bandera Co., TX to James N and Emma Davis Petty.

1910 census James N Petty and Emma missing. They may have been out working on a ranch.

1910 Bandera, TX: Joshua Petty, 79, abt 1831, TN, US, TN, widower.

1910 Justice Precinct 3, Mills, TX: Reddin H Petty 37, 1873 TN, TN, TN /brother Crockett O or C Petty 24 TN, TN, TN / mother Franke J Petty 64, abt 1846, TN, TN, NC.

1910 Justice Precinct 4, Brown, TX: William H Petty 69, TN, NC, VA /wife Frankie J Petty 66, abt 1844 TN, TN, TN/dau Lurch F Petty 30 /son Calvin M Petty 28 .

1910 Justice Precinct 1, Kimble, TX: Edgar J Petty 28, abt 1882, TX, US, US /Mattie V Petty 20, TX / Millard V Petty 2, TX /Nora V Petty 5/12, TX .

1910 Justice Precinct 1, Navarro, TX: W C Petty 85, abt 1825, TN, NC, TN, head, farmer/ son J T Petty 41, abt 1869, single, TN , TN , TN/ dau Maud McCall 33, abt 1877, TX, TX, KY, widow, no children.

1920 Justice Precinct 4, Brown, TX: Calvin M Pelty 38, TN, NC, TN, farmer /brother Crockett C Pelty 34, TN, NC, TN /sister Lura Pelty 40, TN, NC, TN /mother Frankie Pelty 74, abt 1846 TN, TN, TN, widow.

Texas Death records: Frankie Jane Petty, Death: 17 May 1939 - Brown Co., TX #21960

1920 Del Rio, Val Verde, TX: George Petty 71, 1849, TN, TN, TN/ Lucy Petty 63, Ark, Ark, Ark/ Will Petty 40, 1880, TX, TN, Ark / Myrle Petty 10, 1910, TX / A J Petty 28, 1892, TX, TN, Ark/ Howard Petty 18, 1902, TX, TN, Ark / Lester Bayne 23.

1920 Jan 3, Texas Uvalde Co., Sabinal: Emma Petty 35, (1885), TX, TX, TX, head /son Francis Petty, 12, (b.1907) TX, TX, TX / lodger Lydia Ivy 22 (Lydia is probably descendant of Emma's Aunt Bet Davis Ivy Carson Eaton).

1930 Precinct 4, Uvalde, TX: W J Petty, 50, 1880 , TX, head, laborer, ranch. (This is old 'Sham'. Wesley Joshaway Petty!! d.1944 in Uvalde, TX.)

More notes on Schoonover famliy.
1840 Blue River, Harrison, Indiana: Benj Schoonover family: on same page is Thompson Schoonover family: next page is William Schoonover family: males under 70, 1/ und 10, 1/ females und 70, 1/und 20, 1. and James Schoonover family: males und 70, 1/und 50, 1/ und 10, 1/ und 5, 2/females und 70, 1/ und 30, 1/ under 20, 1/.

1850 Navarro, Tarrant, TX: James W Schoonover, 18, abt 1832, Indiana/ with parents and siblings.

1910 Weinert, Haskell, Texas: Shady? Schoonover 43, 1867, TX, US, TX / Nancy Schoonover 41, 1869, GA, GA, GA / Matilda Schoonover 21 / Joseph Schoonover 18, TX /Henry G Schoonover 14, TX / James Schoonover, 9, 1901, /Minnie Schoonover 6 /George Schoonover 2 /orphan Wallace Word 14.

I sure could use some help connecting this family. Does anyone have a photo?

Click here: Bandera Co TX Marriages 1880-91 - The TXGenWeb Project - Pettytown Cemetery, Bastrop County, TX

Most of this page has little documentation. For addition of photos, family history or corrections, contact me