Aldine, Cem. Reagan Wells, Texas Cemeteries, History of families: Binghams, Cox, Maples Aldine Cemetery near Reagan Wells, Uvalde Co., Texas, family history, genealogy, families Cox, Cantrell, Bingham, Maples and more. Many thanks go to all who helped with added info: Uvalde County official records, Uvalde Library, the Aldine Cemetery caretakers, Cox Family research group and email from kin.

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Aldine Cemetery near
Reagan Wells, Uvalde Co., Texas

Reagan Wells, Texas: Aldine Cemetery List and Genealogy
Family connections: Binghams, Cox, Maples, and more.

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Baker, Gerald Earl 5/4/l937-7/4/l972 (Killed in N. Uvalde when train hit his car. ? s/o Earl H & Mildred Arthur Baker ;
Barton, Pete 11/7/1963-9/17/1992;
Bingham, Betty Ann Edwards 10/9/1906-4/25/1990 (wife of Marion Harold Bingham);
Bingham, Edna 5/25/1943-5/25/1943, (d/o Ronald G & Edan Bernice Hill Bingham;
Bingham, David G. 6/29/1917-9/2/1984 (2nd son of P.Marion Bingham and Myrtle)
Bingham, Eva Mae Sept. 18, 1947/ Aug. 10, 2006 (dau of Calvin and Effie English Bingham);
Bingham, Leonard L.; 9/12/1930-10/30/1956 (5th son of P. Marion Bingham);
Bingham, Marion Harold 6/20/1916-2/23/1984 (1st son of 5 born to P.Marion Bingham and Myrtle)
Bingham, Myrtle M. Hurt Nov 13, 1895/Jan. 20, 1984 (wife of P. Marion Bingham);
Bingham, Neva Talley 1926-2006 (2nd wife of David G. Bingham);
Bingham, P. Marion 2/11/1888-4/l0/1941;
Bingham, Ronald Gwen 3/13/1921-10/25/1950 (4th son of P.Marion Bingham);
Bingham, Tressie Lanell 3/11/1938-8/31/2007;
Chapman, Eli 70 yrs. old, (Eli Lafayette Chapman ? 27 Dec 1881 - 6 Feb 1952 h/o Lucinda Cox (d/o Henry & Cynthia Bingham Cox) ;
Cox, Harmon 12/l5/l894-l0/23/l968, (s/o Henry & Cynthia Bingham Cox, h/o Minnie Maurine Thurman) ;
Cox, Josh 6/23/l889-10/21/l950, (Joshua "Josh" s/o Henry & Cynthia, h/o 1. Maggie J Shipman & 2. Cora Chapman) ;
Cox, Thomas l883-l96l, (Thomas C. 1 Jan 1885/5 Mar 1961, s/o Henry & Cynthia, h/o Mary Cup Overton Shipman ;
Cox, Wayne 1951-1952, (s/o George Howard and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Chandler Cox ;
Dean, Eula Pearl Cox Howard 10/6/1908-9/20/l97l, (mother of: 1st son?, 2nd son Clinton Lee, 3rd son Hugh Von, 4th and 5th sons (twins) Winston, Walton) (Eula Pearl Cox, d/o Hugh & Prudella "Prudy" O'Bryant Cox, wife/o 1. Clinton Lee Howard; 2. Unknown? Dean)
Everett, Robert Paul 11/30/1972-12/6/1972;
Frizzell, Colleen Bingham 9/27/1949-3/31/2001 (dau of David G. and Ola Rankin Bingham)
Gerrea, Marion 1914;
Howard, Carolyn 12/6/1949-5/24/2006 (wife of Walton Howard);
Howard, Clinton Lee 4/16/1936-1/9/1973; (s/o Eula Dean Cox. (I went to school with the Howard boys. SRC)
Howard, Hugh Vonne b. abt 1938 / d._?__ (s/o Eula);
Howard, Walton K. 3/11/1944-11/12/1988 (s/o Eula)
Howard, Winston K. 3/11/1944-2006 (s/o Eula)
Johnson, Homer 1898-1973;
Jones, Berdie Bingham 3/22/l886-3/20/l958, (Birdie or Albertha d/o John Allen Bingham and Minnie Netherlin;
Jones, Gus 2/5/1885-2/ ? /1979, h/o Birdie, family listed in 1910 Uvalde census;
Kassler, Jack W. 3/1/1929-2/17/2002 (son of Betty A. Bingham);
Maner, Martha E. 5/15/1894-12/13/1948;
Maples, Ben P. b. ? - 9/20/1892, (Benjamin Franklin Maples b. abt 1849, h/o Syrilda Cox);
Mayfield, Luke March 1839-April 1913;
Ray, Alice Faye Carter Scheafer Bomer 1940-2004;
Thomas, Diana Dawn (Dee) 7/10/1966-11/12/2005;
("There are 2 stones for unknown infants.")

(Many more Cox Family buried at Vance Cemetery NE of Campwood, TX.)

Graves unknown: Sid Heard knows that the following were buried in this cemetery:

Grandma Bingham, (Lucinda Cox Bingham? abt 1834 - 26 Jul 1924);
Grandpa Bingham, (Harmon Bingham? 1827/1832 - 15 Dec 1890;
John Bingham, (John Allen Bingham? 19 Aug 1867 - 15 May 1935;
John Bud Bingham,(John William "Bud" Bingham? b. abt 1902 - d. ? s/o John Allen and Mina Lee "Minnie" Neatherlin Bingham ;
Minnie Bingham, (Mina Lee "Minnie" Neatherlin Bingham? 19 Aug 1870 - 12 Jul 1938 w/o John Allen Bingham ;
Nate Bingham, (Nathan "Nate" Bingham? Jan 1876 - 28 May 1941 s/o Harmon and Lucinda Cox Bingham ;
Tom Bingham, (Probably h/o Mary Cantrell? Thomas B Bingham Jan 1853/aft 1920, s/o Harmon & Lucinda Cox Bingham. Mary was daughter of Miles S. Cantrell.;
Blakeney Baby;
Lizzie Carter (nee Bingham);
Charley Chatfield;
Ben Cox, (Benjamin Henry Cox? 1 May 1881 - 21 May 1962 s/o Henry and Cynthia Bingham Cox ;
Billie Cox, (?Cox, William, Jr. 1816 KY/1891.? Often referred to as Billy older stories. There was at least 1 other Billy in the family (Wm. M "Billy" Cox, s/o Nathaniel and Lucinda Mouser Cox who died in 1937 NM.;
Mrs. Billie Cox, (Could be the Sarah Jane Yates Cox? abt 1832 - Mar 1866, 3rd w/o Wm Cox Jr. Does anyone have any more info for her? ;
Cintha Cox, (Cynthia "Cynthy/Cinthy" Bingham Cox? abt 1862/aft 1930, TX Death Index 1903-2000: Name: Santa Cox, Date: 16 Oct 1937, Real Co., Cert #52100;
Henry Cox, (abt 1854 - 26 Apr 1926 s/o Joshua Hugh and Nancy Jane Cantrell Cox, h/o Cynthia Bingham ;
Lucindy Cox, (Henry and Cynthia Bingham Cox had a daughter Lucinda who was supposed to have married a Chapman. I have nothing else on her except she was born abt 1906. ;
Eliza Cummins;
Hozington Baby;
Arthur Hurt (husband of Martha P. Maner);
Mr. Mitchell (father of Riley);
Riley Mitchell (d 1928);
Minerva Perkins (nee Cox), (Feb 1879 - 1915/1920 d/o Henry and Cynthia Bingham Cox, w/o Elijah Perkins Maybe someone else has better dates for her. ;
Shannon baby;
Shannon baby;
Shannon baby.

(Info gathered from many sources: the Uvalde Library, Cox research group, Real County History book, found official records and from online kin.)

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More cemeteries near Reagan Wells: Graveyard Flat Cemetery and Clark Cemetery are in SW Real County, Texas near Exile Cemetery. Read interesting stories.

Exile Cemetery has about 35 burials and is located on the old Hokit Ranch north of Uvalde, Texas. From Uvalde, you go N. on Hwy 83, turn west on FM 1051 toward Reagan Wells then go 7 miles above Reagan Wells. It is a pretty drive with the road following along the Dry Frio River. The history and survey of Exile Cem. was done many years ago by Mr. Sid Heard. A long time resident of Reagan Wells area. Fred A. Jobes delivered mail to the Reagan Wells area in the 1940s. Fred was my Grandfather. SRC

Reagan Wells store and post office.

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