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Tow Cemetery, Llano County, Texas

Tow Cem. partial ist:
Alexander, William N. 1841/1929
Alexander, Narcissa 1846/1913
Arant, J.K. 1845/1894
Bible, Bobbie Joe 1932/1985
Clark, John 1830/1884 h/o Sarah
Clark, Sarah Jane Tow b.10-22-1842/1884
Cox, James W. 1840/1883
Garrard, Avon 1924/1981
Garrard, Helen 1919/_
Garrard, B. L. 1915/1986
Garrard, John Roy 1940/2001
Garrett, Nora Dell 1877/1960
Garrett, James Isaac 1869/1947
Garrett, Inf. s/o Tom & Ora 1924/1924
Garrett, Thomas Isaac 1904/1983
Garrett, Ora Emma 1906/2000
Gibson, Ruby Maurine 1921/2002
Gibson, Bobby Joe __/__
Gilstrap, Howard 1909/1982
Gilstrap, Monnie 1913/__
Gray, __
Gray, __
Gray, __
Gray, __
Gray, __
Gray, Bill Morris 1933/_
Gray, Lou Ann 1937/1999
Hoover, Logan L. 1880/1881
Johnson, Patsy J. 1925/2000
Lockhart, Samuel 1823/1858
Oestreich, Gary Lynn 1960/1960

Merrill Simpson Garrett f/o Merrill Simpson Garrett, Jr. f/o Margaret Isabel Garrett (b.1892-d.1968).

James Isaac Garrett was brother of Merrill Jr.
Tow Cem. partial list:
Pope, Violet J. 1896/1909
Pope, Maudie A. 1894/1900
Pope, Minnie L. 1890/1891
Pope, Alford T. 1888/1890
Pope, A.E. 1892/1904
Pope, infant s/o A.T. 1909
Pope, Allen T. 1861/1922
Pope, Fannie J. 1869/1945
Pope, Alfred H. 1887/1956
*Savage, Peter T. 3-14-1848/5-1-1895
Shaw, E.P. 1878/1881
Shaw, Margaret 1839/1896
Scott, Birdie Cowart 1908/1980
Scott, Epp W. 1904/1992
Scott, Ruby D. 1902/1970
Scott, Archie Lee 1902/1997
Scott, John H. 1911/1993
Scott, Sara E. 1918/1995
Sutton, Sydney V. 1942/ _
Sutton, Jan N. 1954/1994
Sutton, Denzil W. 1918/1991
Sutton, Dorothy M. /1922/_
Thorp, Joseph Louis __
Tillman, Carol __
Timm, Hugo G. __
Timmins, Patricia 1928/__
Timmins, Austin E. 1927/1996
*Tow, Mary Jane 1839/1879
Tow, Charles N. 1881/1881
Tow, Margaret 1819/1900
Tow, Wilson 1817/1884
Tow, James W. 1876/1877
Tow, Wm Joseph 1870/1870
Tow, Milam Jasper 1879/1880
Tow, Mary Matilda 1872/1873
Tow Sarah J. C. 1860/1892
Tow, William 1811/1889
Tow, Mary 1814/1907
Tow, Lynda N. 1944/__
Tow, Billy D. 1931/__
Tow, Leona 1902/1987
Tow, Frank 1889/1974
*Tow, Sidney Harris 1880/1955
Tow, James W. 1874/1949
Tow Amanda C. 1852/1933
Tow, W. R. 1844/1915

Rootsweb Llano Co.
Hand Book of Texas: Tow, TX

Does anyone know how to contact the caretaker of Tow Cemetery?

Email from T. Box: Sidney Tow was brother to Cora Tow who married Wylie Johnson.

Email from V. G. said: 1850 death of Margaret R.(Ruth) Thorp, she was living with her uncle David C. Cowan and his family. Margaret's mother, Ella Elizabeth Cowan Thorp, died in 1848.

Please contact me if you can add names to the Tow Cemetery list.
If you can add history of this area or history of the families that lie here, I will be glad to add to this page.

Addition to list: John Clark, b.1830/d.1884, Confederate Soldier and Texas Ranger. John's wife Sarah Jane Tow Miller Clark, b.22 Oct 1842/d.1884.
"They were both murdered in 1884. The only markers they had were stone with the names Clark marked into them and they have either disintergated over the years or been broken. Their grandaughter saw the old stones there in the 1950's. They were on the south side of the cemetery in the fence row." Email from C. V.

Mary Jane Garrett Miller Tow
(ISAAC2, SAMUEL1) was born December 15, 1839, Ala./died March 29, 1879, Tow Valley, Llano Co., TX.
She married (1) ANDREW ANDY JACKSON MILLER September 24, 1857, Nacogdoches Co., TX, son of UNKNOWN parents. He was born Abt. 1830, Ala./died Abt. 1867 in possible Ellis Co., TX. (My connection to Tow Vally: Garrett, Miller and Davis.) Mary Jane married (2) WILLIAM H. TOW Bef. 1870, Tow, TX, son of WILSON TOW. He was born 1849, MO.
(No record of W. H. Tow marriage unless they could be in Burnet County. Llano County records burned in 1880.)
More about Andrew J. Miller and Mary Jane Garrett Miller.

Peter Tittle Savage, B.3-14-1848 Banner, Miss. D.5-1-1895 Tow, TX. Married: Treasa Elizabeth Ada Lackey 1852/1969. Child: Wyatt Mardin Harrison 1857/1928. Peter's Father: Terrell Palmer Savage B.1815 Union, SC/D.1881 Banner Miss. Mother: Rachel Tittle 1817/1865. Terrell's father: Joseph Savage B.1789 Union, SC/D.1844 Yalonusha, Miss. Mother: Rejoice Palmer B.1793 Union, SC/D.1845 Calhoun City, Miss.

(Bit by bit, we find more history.)

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