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"ESQ Davis b.2-21-1828, d.12-29-1909, son of Enoch and Sarah Davis".
I found a Davis tombstone that I thought no one would ever be looking for.
Well... guess what? I received an email from someone looking for exactly that person. See Squire Davis Family.

His stone is in the old Uvalde Texas Cemetery broken into 3 pieces, lying on the ground.

It would be a great project for a Scout troop to learn how and repair these old stones before they are totally destroyed by time and lawn mowers.

Births in Uvalde Co. Texas:
2-14-1904 --F-- Gladys Lucille Davis to I. N. Davis & V. S.___ ;
8-9-1904 --F-- Allie Gid Davis to A. J. Davis & Isabell ____ ;
1-21-1906 --M-- _______ Davis to James Davis & _____;
10-10-1908 -- M-- ________ Davis to Jim Davis & Jennie Howard;
3-16-1909--M-- Willie Davis to W. A. Davis & ____ Petty (sp?);
4-15-1909--F-- Wita Davis to M. A. Davis & Pa --- (sp?);
10-16-1912-- M-- Paul Davis to Allison Davis> & _____ Schringer ( sp?);
5-9-1911-- F-- Evite Davis to Jasa Davis & ______ ;
5-31-1910--F-- Mildred Louise Davis to Homer Price Davis & Alice Marie Philips.

Delayed births recorded :
1-27-1878--F-- Martha Anna Margaret Brown to Robert Henry Brown & Sarah Cox.
1-24-1894--F-- Jessie Irene Davenport to Jack Walker Davenport & Zenobia Davis.
10-3-1882--F--Johnnie Davis to John Smith Davis & Mary Adeline Eldridge;
3-3-1899--F-- Lucille Sybil Davis to James Henry Davis & Jennie Howard;
10-25-1877 --M-- Martin Davis to William Henry Davis & Ophelia Janes Tennyson;
8-15-1878--M-- Hillery Foster Davis to William Henry Davis & Ophelia Janes Tennyson;

Uvalde City deaths: ("The oldest journal of city records was stored in the safe for protection. Someone cleaned out the safe and threw the tattered old thing in the trash." told to me by city employee in 1988.)

Alvarado, Juan died June 3o, 1914, age 32 years & 2 months, dysentery, buried in Uvalde, parents: Juan Alvarado & C________ of Espinosa, Mexico.
Brown, Andrew (colored) died Nov. 2, 1915, 18 year old laborer, TB, buried in Uvalde, father: Leivis Brown of Texas & mother unknown. informant was Cicero Bell of Uvalde.
Caraway, Janie Beatrice (Negro) 4-12-1900\4-25-1917, Septic poison, Student, father: Anderson Caraway of Texas & mother: Maggie Walker of Texas, buried in Floresvile Texas.
Carroll, Mary Catherine born April 6, 1849 Miss.\died June 6 1916, buried in Uvalde, informant was husband T. B. Carroll of Cline TX, parents: Isaac Hancock of Ga. & Mary Irby of Tenn.(I have much more info on Carroll Family).
Cox , William 5-23-1833\12-1-1915 senility, retired M.D., parents were Howard S. Cox & Henrietta Stein of KY.
Davis, Elizabeth (colored) b.1-10-1886 San Antonio TX\d.8-12-1910 of TB, parents were John Blanks of Savanah GA & Julia Jordan of San Antonio, informant was Julia Blanks;
Davis ,John Henry 11-10-1889/8-6-1969 parents Columbus & Laura McDonald buried Hillcrest Cem. Uvalde, TX.
Davis , Henry (colored) about 28 yrs old, died 5-9-1915, stabbed in neck, employed at barber shop, informant was Agrils Davis;
Davis, Jennie 9-8-1881/8-23-1933 wife of J. H. Davis, her father: J. T. Howard.
Davis, Warren Everett b.7-25-1907 Lampasas, TX / d.7-2-1968 wife: Elizabeth Hancock, his father: Warren Austin Davis.
Davis, William 4-8-1822\7-24-1911, buried Uvalde Cem., Uvalde, TX, Bookkeeper, no parents listed.
Davis, William Hill ___

Uvalde Co TX deaths:
3-16-1904 Davis, Virginia ,white female 29 yrs b. TX.;
5-30-1904 Davis, Joshua Leach white male 80 yrs b.in Amer.;
6-14-1904 Davis, Mike , negro male 60 yrs b. US;
4-3-1909 Davis, William V. white male b. MISS.

Bexar Co Death: ("Buried in Uvalde, TX" from Death Certificate)
*Davis, William M., B.07-12-1853 TX/D.10-01-1929. Res: Uvalde. Occ: Merchant. Father: J. R. Davis

Marriages in Uvalde Co TX :
C.A. Brooks (F) to Robert Parsons 5 Jul 1888. More about this family...
E.M. Brooks (F) to J. J. Griner 4 Nov 1875. More about this family...
Mary E Brooks (F) to John O. Wood 9 Mar 1884
I. J. Carroll (M) to Myrtle Daugherty 5-12-1910 pg 149;
Ed Davis to Juanita Parker 7-23-1934 pg 410
Henry Davis to Sarah Partridge 7-21-1908;
M. B. Davis to Eliza O'Blanks 9-2-1908;
Homer Davis to Alice Phillips 10-7-1908;
J. H. Davis to Martha Hicks 10-23-1909;
Henry Davis to Agnes Clay 6-2-1913;
Robert Davis to Mattie Young 9-27-1913;
T. M. Davis to Lizzie Richey 3-6-1914;
C. B. Davis to Rachel Ruth Phillepson 9-10-1914;
J. W. Davis to Olela Lockhart 3-16-1915.
J. L. Fletcher to Edith Dodson pg 16
J. V. Fletcher to Thelma Dawson Sept. 2, 1928, pg 39. More about this family.....
A. Cook Fletcher to Zelma Lorain Cox pg 128
James Martin Petty to Minnie Coudra 11-7-14 pg 372
G. H. Routh to Zula Cox 6-1-1921

Uvalde Co TX probate:
Davis, D. J. died 11-26-1866 Bk 1-394 s/o Daniel Davis.
Davis, V. S. died 1905 Bk 6-64,65.

Tombstones in the Old Uvalde Cem.:
Davis, Jas H. 1861/1927..wife.. Davis, Leona 1864/1939.
Davis, Jay W. 1889/1987
Davis, Madie Wooten 1891/1981
Davis, Elsie M. 1900/1970 wife of Frank Stephens
Davis, William 8-25-1853\10-1-1923.;
Watch for 2 photos of tombstones belonging to:
Davis, Mrs. S.B. b.8-13-1842 in Greenville, Tenn.\d.3-14-1900. (stone in 3 pieces)
next to Davis, Gussie C. b.1-24-1873\d.10-18-1897.
Davenport, Bub Monroe 1872/
Davenport, Norman E 1894/1983
Davenport, Annie Mae 1900/1987, w/o Norman
Gibson, Louie W. (Hoot) b.10-17-1914\d.12-19-1971. He was murdered in Kinney Co., TX.
Kinchlow, Eliza b9-7-1874\d2-2-1950
Kinchlow, Ben b6-12-1846\d5-19-1942. Ben was a Seminole Scout
Petty, Minnie Lee 1874/1925
Petty, William Henry 1869/1949
Petty, Rev. W. H. _/1968
Maddox, Paul 1906\1970, h/o Elizabeth. Paul was Pastor of the Free Methodist on N. Park St.about 1950.
McBurnett, Kenith Weldon 1907/1943
McKinney, T. N. 1883\1965
McKinney, Anna 1883\1979
Stephens, Frank 1896/1964 husband of Elsie M. Davis
Winder, John W. 5-26-1828\4-8-1900
near wife Martha Adam 12-4-1831\1-8-1883

Old Pioneer Cemetery on N Park burials 1862-1902:
Pannell, Mrs N. A., 1-14-1838\11-30-1885;
Williamson, P.C., 9-26-1853\4-25-1891;
Woman, A mother, unknown;
A tomb (railing) no info;
Dolan, Daisy, 1876\1878;
Kernodle, Mrs. MM, 1-23-1871\9-10-1891,"mother and babe";
Cummings,Gerald, 1-21-1889\7-27-1889, infant son of J.E. & M.;
Cummings, "our baby" born dead, 3-23-1879 (shares stone with above infant);
H.C.S. on footpiece, railing, no stone, has German inscription;
Grant, Samuel, 2-28-1855\9-8-1891, Masonic inscription;
Grant, Bertha, 3-12-1880\5-7-1890 dau of Sam;
West, Elinor, 1-10-1810\4-1-1884;
Watkins, B.F., 9-19-1836\8-11-1862, (assassinated by Indians);
Baker, Emma Sale,10-22-1857\3-10-1891, wife of J.A. Baker;
Martellfall, Dejestus, __\1887;
Rogers, Saller E.,7-4-1863\6-1-1887, wife of J.A.;
Cheney, Edwin, 10-4-1822\12-15-1883;
Ansley, Georgia, 5-17-1882\7-25-1883, dau of J.H. & M.F.;
McCarthy, Timothy, 1793\6-17-1867;
Hewitt, James E., 5-1852\12-27-1875, died from mortal wounds received 12-25-1875;
Cummings, Mary MaCarthy Hewitt, 1830\4-18-1875;
Tucker, Mrs. Caroline R., 12-25-1835\12-30-1859 or 69;
Weymiller, F., 1821\1881;
Leakey, Tom, 1-23-1858\8-7-1884;
Griner, H.W., 11-19-1816\2-5-1889;
Pulliam, John T., 11-29-1846\9-26-1872, Killed in Mexico;
Pulliam, Ben A., 1-3-1841\7-13-1873, killed by Indians.;
Creigler, R.T.;
Papperson, Minnie, 2-18-1877\3-21-1880, (could be Patterson?) dau of J.J.H. & C.;
Hatch, Mattie, 3-13-1874\2-20-1889 (Hatch family lived on W. Garden St. about 1944.);
Packingham, Octivia, 1859\1-18-1864;
Packingham, Catherine, 1854\1-21-1864, erected by mother C.P.O.H, alias McCarthy;
Parke, Josiah, 3-5-1842\11-14-1864 (possible name: Parker?;
Emerson, Ray, 5-6-1881\8-7-1882;
Griffin, Melissa, 7-2-186_\12-22-1869, dau of Jane and Horace;
Griffin, Jane, 1844\3-12-1882 with Cherri Ann, 6-21-1866\4-12-1882;
Red brick vault, empty
McLaughlin, Elijah Porter, 1-1882\7-14-1883, son of S.M. & E.J.;
Goodman, J.B., 6-14-1814\3-28-1884;
Goodman, Giles, 3-11-1870\12-11-1871, son of N. Goodman;
King Fisher, Born ____ /Died March 11, 1884. He was acting Uvalde County Sheriff, when, he and the notorious Ben Thompson were killed from ambush at a vaudeville theater in San Antonio.

There are many graves here that have no information.

Leona Chapel Cemetery is 8 mi S. of Uvalde, TX:
Dillard, Florence E. Davis, no dates, w/o of A. Jim Dillard.
Davis, W. Frank, b.11-3-1870\ d.10-15-1893.
Brooks, Ruby Annabell Dillard, b.6-4-1904\d.----, w/o Wm. G. Brooks, dau of P.&R. Dillard.
Bowles, Sallie Ann Dalrymple, b.2-6-1871\d.6-13-1937 w/o of Hy J. Bowles (he bu in S.A. TX).
Brown, Talitha C. Patterson, b. abt 1829 in Ala., d.___, w/o of Wm A. Brown ( he bu near Sabinal).
Patterson, Geo W., Jr., b.1-11-1839\d.8-1-1904, h/o Elizabeth Mariah Bowles d/o John Bowles killed by Indians 10-28-1859.
Patterson, Eliz M., b.2-7-1842 in Ittewambee Co Miss \d.10-7-1904.

Edgewood Cemetery of Batesville TX:
King, Charlie Joe b.9-6-1902\ d.1-21-1986 (h/o Verla) (b/o Chester King)
Petty, Amanda, b.1840\d.1913.

Small burial sites near Uvalde:
Herndon Ranch: 30 miles N., off Hwy 55.
Petty, George, b.6-14-1896\d.6-17-1901, "Son of G.C. & L. A. Petty." Is this son of Laura Arnold Petty buried in Vanderpool Cem? NO. I received a letter stating: "The parents are George Charles Petty & Leta A. (McBee) Petty. (They later moved to Del Rio and are buried there as are several of their children. Their oldest daughter, Martha (Petty) Yancy Cox and her first husband William Yancy are buried in the Yancy (Live Oak) cemetery nearby.) Yancy is south of Castroville, Texas. (I always appreciate help. Thank you.

Old Sutherland Ranch: 20 miles N. of Uvalde off Hwy 55 near Montell.
Threadgill, Wade Hampton, "Killed 6-12-1800 by Con Gibson in argument over livestock"

Durnell Ranch:
Humphreys, Jane Rigg, b.2-1815\d.6-1898;
Humphreys, Parry H., b.1-11-1811 KY\d.1-25-1892, "Texas Capt. in U.S. Navy";

Lyles Ranch: 11 miles South of Uvalde
Cook, W.T., b. 1839 Franklin Co., Alabama/d. 1867. Cause of Death: Thrown from horse. Son of David Cook.

Montell Cem: off Hwy 55 North of Uvalde, TX
Davis, Cecil, 1906-1959;
Davis, Catherine C., 1910-___;
Davis, Editha Luce, 10-18-1881\11-17-1948;
Davis, Harry Kimball, 11-24-1877\5-24-1962, "Master Sgt TRPK 1st Calvary";
Davis, Ray M., 1889\1948.
Gibson, Mary Alice 1879\1929.
Gibson, Penina Polen 1852\1926.
Gibson, Robert Peel 1847\1933.
Gibson, Celesteen, Mrs. 1831\1926.
Gibson, Mary 1869\1906 dau of Celesteen.

Old Perkins place:
Etheridge, Betty, 11-18-1857\6-14-1883;
Etheridge, James H. 12-10-1826\7-15-1910;
Etheridge, Elizabeth, 9-24-1833\12-4-1912, wife of James H.;
Arnold, Sarah Grady, 12-14-1859\10-26-1897, wife of J. M.;
Arnold, Lacy Lester, 10-27-1888\11-8-1893, son of J.M. & S.G.;
Follett, Capt. Joseph, no info on large cement cross. (Could this be Tollett? Be sure to keep an open mind when doing your research. Many names are copied wrong or spelled like they sound.)

Aldine Cemetery near Reagan Wells, Uvalde Co., Texas: many of William Cox descendants are buried here.

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