William Cox Family: Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas to Texas: Fannin, Kinney, Uvalde, Real, Bandera County William Cox family line with photos/history/genealogy of Bingham, Beckett, Cantrell, Keene, Mouser and more. Our search of courthouse records, census, cemetery listings show they went through VA, KY, AK and MO down to Fannin County in NE Texas. In 1860's, the group moved on down to Kinney and Uvalde Counties in Southwest Texas.
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WILLIAM COX of Fannin Co., Texas
with Cantrell connection

     The Cox family traveled with a group of families including: Bingham, Beckett, Cantrell, Keene, Mouser and more. Our search of courthouse records, census, cemetery listings show they went through VA, KY, AK and MO down to Fannin County in Northeast Texas and settled about 1837 in Fannin County. They rode horses and mules and some folks walked. They carried their belongings in horse drawn wagons, ox carts and some had all they owned strapped on their backs. As they traveled their way, there were marriages, babies were born and loved ones died. In 1860's, some moved on down to Kinney and Uvalde Counties in Southwest Texas.

WILLIAM COX of Fannin County Texas

WILLIAM COX, Sr. was born about 1782 in possibly Randolph Co., NC or VA and died April 13, 1856 in Fannin Co., TX. Williams parents are unknown. (If you have info, please email me.)

William married (1) MARTHA CANTRELL about 1801 in NC and died between 1856-1860 in Fannin Co., TX. Martha was born about 1782 in Randolph Co., NC, she was daughter of CHARLES CANTRELL, Sr. and SARAH MURRAY.
Children of William and Martha Cantrell Cox:
1. NATHANIEL HENRY COX, b.May 10, 1803, KY; d.1901, Kinney Co., TX.
2. JOSHUA COX, b. Abt. 1806, KY.
3. UNKNOWN COX, b. Abt. 1807, KY.
4. MARY POLLY COX, b. 1809, KY;
5. JOHN T. COX, b. 1812, KY; d. 1838, Fannin Co., TX.
6. HUGH COX, b. 1814, KY; d. 1887, Fannin Co., TX; m. (1) FRANCES FANNIE CANTRELL, Abt. 1849; b. Abt. 1819, KY; m. (2) EMILY SHIELDS, February 06, 1865, Fannin Co., TX.
7. SILAS MILAS COX, b. 1815, KY; d. 1837, Fannin Co., TX.
8. WILLIAM COX, JR., b. October 14, 1816, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; d. July 05, 1891, Aldine,TX.
9. LUCINDA COX, b. 1819; m. HENRY MOUSER. (6 yr gap between birth of Lucinda and Jesse may mean a child was lost.)
10. JESSE COX, b. 1825, MO; m. (1) MARY MARGARET CANTRELL MOUSER; m. (2) HESTER ANN BECKETT, February 13, 1857, Fannin Co., TX.
12. ISAAC COX, b. 1833, MO. (7 yr gap between birth of Rebecca and Isaac may mean a child was lost.)
Hugh son of William Cox and Martha Cantrell.

Note:"Several Wm Cox in MO 1830 census. Fact: Wm and Martha sold land before they went to Texas. He arrived in Fannin Co 1837 & received 1200 acres as a family head. In 1841 his youngest son, Isaac was kidnapped by Indians & ransom was paid for his return (documents). Two other sons: Silas & John T may have been killed by Indians (not sure)." PK 8-13-2000.

1850 Fannin Co. census; Cox, Wm Sr., b.1782 VA, farmer, 1610 ; Martha b.1782 VA ; Mary b. 1809 KY ; Isaac b.1830 MO ; with Mouser, ? I. P. b. 1842 TX ; & more.

Note: Martha Cantrell (Charles, John, Joseph, Richard) was born ca 1782 in Randolph Co. NC. On the 1800 census of her father, there was a listing for a 10-15 year old female. She married William Cox ca 1801. In 1810 they were listed on page 76 of the Knox Co. KY census. They were both listed as 16-26 years of age and the household also encluded another male 16-26 years of age. Children consisted of one daughter under 10 and three sons under 10. They made the move to MO. about the time of statehood for that state and in 1830 they were recorded in Layfette Co., MO. They moved southward with the rest of the family and William died in 1856 Bonham, Texas, Martha died in the same county.

Generation No. 3
3. NATHANIEL HENRY3 COX (WILLIAM, Sr.2, UNKNOWN1) was born May 10, 1803 in KY, and died 1901 in Kinney Co., TX.
He married (1) MARGARET ELIZABETH CANTRELL December 17, 1830 in Lafayette Co., MO, daughter of JAMES CANTRELL and FRANCES. She was born 1812 in KY, and died Bef. 1847 in TX.
He married (2) LUCINDA MOUSER July 11, 1847 in Fannin Co., TX, daughter of HENRY MOUSER and MARGUERETTE. LUCINDA was born December 25, 1822 in MO, and died February 06, 1908 in Bracketville, Kinney Co., Texas. Burial: Bracketville Cemetery.


i. ZIBY4 COX, b. 1832.

ii. JOSHUA HUGH COX, b. December 29, 1833, Lafayette, MO.

iii. LUCINDA COX, b. 1834.

iv. JESSE COX, b. 1834.

v. HUGH COX, b. Abt. 1836; m. SARAH TURNBOUGH, 1859, Fannin Co TX.
1850 July 25th, Fannin, TX #496: Nathan Cox 40m (1810) KY farmer; Lucinda Cox 25f (1815) MO; Joshua Cox 17m (1833) MO; Hugh Cox 14m (1836) Ark; James Cox 11m (1839) Ark; Jessee Cox 6m (1844) TX; William Cox 1m (1849) TX.

1850 July 25th, Fannin, TX #497: Z. (ZIBY) Cox 18m (1832) MO laborer; Margaret Cox 17 (1833) MO; Nathan Cox 1mo. (1850), TX.

1850 July 25th, Fannin, TX #499: James Cantrell 74m (1776) NC farmer; Fanny Cantrell 73f (1777) VA.

1850 July 25th, Fannin, TX #500 Jesse Cox 25m (1825) MO farmer; Margaret Cox 24f MO; Geo Sansom 19m MO farmer.

1850 July 25th, Fannin, TX #501: Lavina Cox 33f KY; Nancy Cox 8f Ark; Rachel Cox 6f Ark; William Cox 4m TX.

1850 July 25th, Fannin, TX #502: Chas Cantrell 64m (1786) farmer NC; Amy Cantrell 52f (1798) KY; Elehue Cantrell 23m MO laborer; Nancy Cantrell 20f MO; Omy Cantrell 17f MO; Milus Cantrell 13m (1837) Ark. (This MILUS is Miles Standish Cantrell This is Charles Cantrell Jr. and Naomi Cox (This is an example of how close the Cox and Cantrell families were.)

1860 Census Fannin Co., TX: Cox, Nathan 52 (1808) Ky; Lucinda 23 (1837) Mo; William 11 (1849) TX; Polly 8 (1852) TX; Nathan 7 (1853) TX; Frederick 6 (1854) TX; Rebecca J. 4 (1856) TX; Amy 2 (1858) TX.

1860 Beat 6, Bonham, Fannin, TX: Sarah Sambough 60f (1800), Ala; Hugh Cox 20m (1840) TX; Sarah Cox 18f (1842) Miss; Lucinda J Cox 6.12f (1860) TX. (Too many Hughs, makes many errs.)

1870 Uvalde County TX census 17 18: Hugh Cox, 30m, (1840) stk raisr, AR; Sarah, 27f, (1843) MS; Lucinda J., 10f, TX; Sarah E., 8f, TX; Mary A., 6f, TX; Emaline, 4f, TX ; Clara Lee, 2f, TX; Catherine, 4 mos.f, TX. Hugh and Sarah are listed on the 1910 Tom Green county TX census, she had 14 children and 8 now living.

vi. JAMES COX, b. 1839, Crawford Co., Arkansas.


vii. WILLIAM4 COX, b.Jul 24, 1849 Fannin, TX/d.Aug 6, 1937
viii. HENRY COX, b. 1850, Fannin Co., TX.
(William Cox Jr's sons Ervin and Henry trailed their cattle to Ft. Stockton in 1880 but Henry was still in Uvalde Co for the census.)

ix. MARY ELIZABETH POLLY COX, b. December 20, 1850; d. June 19, 1878, Uvalde,Uvalde,Texas.
x. NATHAN COX, b. March 16, 1853, Fannin Co., Texas; d. December 02, 1931, Bracketville, Kinney, Texas.
xi. FREDERICK COX, b. October 16, 1854.
xii. REBECCA JANE COX, b. December 15, 1856.
xiii. AMY ANN COX, b. October 16, 1858.
xiv. ORA EVALYN COX, b. April 11, 1860.
xv. HESTER ANN COX, b. August 11, 1861.
xvi. ADELINE COX, b. December 05, 1864.
xvii. ALMEDA COX, b. February 22, 1867.

Photo of: Billy Cox (Written on photo: William Cox married Rhonda Ann Blakley.
He was son of Nathan Cox and Lucinda Mouser) 1910 census Lower Penasco, Chaves, NM: William Cox 60wm widowed TX MO UNK farmer stockman; son Nathan 19wm single NM TX; son ??? 17wm single NM TX.

4. JOSHUA3 COX (WILLIAM, Sr.2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1806 in KY. He married NANCY MITCHELL July 02 in Lafayette Co., MO. 1860 Fannin Co., TX Census: Cox, Joshua 54 Ky; Nancy 56 Ky; Nancy 9 Tx; Edward 5 Tx

5. WILLIAM3 COX, JR. (WILLIAM, Sr.2, UNKNOWN1) WILLIAM COX, Jr. was born October 14, 1816 in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, and died July 05, 1891 in Aldine,TX. (Probably buried at Aldine Cem.)

He married (1) ELIZABETH SARAH CANTRELL February 14, 1833 in Lafayette Co., MO. She was born Abt. 1815 in KY, and died Abt. 1834 in poss Ark or MO. (He was age 17 and she was 18. They were married 1 year, she died then William married Letty the same year?)

He married (2) LETTY LETTICIA LARRISON Dec 2, 1836, Jackson, MO. (He was 20 and she was 14 years old?) in Fannin Co., TX. She was born about 1822 in poss MO, and died June 30, 1856 in Fannin Co., TX. (She died at 34. They were married 20 years. William waited 2 years and married Sara.)

He married (3) SARA JANE YATES February 20, 1858 She was born Abt. 1832 in poss Indiana, and died March 1866. (When they married he was 32 and she was 26. She died at 32. They were married 12 years. William waited 3 years and married Margaret Ann.)

He married (4) MARGARET ANN WHITTIKER (Whiteaker-Price) September 23, 1869 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX. She was born 1844 in Titus Co., TX, and died September 18, 1929, Burial: Vance Cem., Real Co., TX. (She was about 75.) (When they married he was 53 and she was 25.)
(Conversation: "Margaret Ann (wife #4) raised Angelina and Isaac.")

Census Uvalde in 1880:
William COX Self M Male W 64 (1816) KY Stock Raiser VA VA ;
Margaret COX Wife M Female W 38 (1842) TX Keeping House SC GA;
John COX Son S Male W 7 (1873) KY Tx TX ; ---
Hugh COX Son S Male W 5 (1875) TX KY TX ;
Hester A COX Dau S Female W 4 TX KY TX ;
Jesse COX Son S Male W 1 (1879) TX KY TX ;
Rebecca MANSER (Mouser) Other W Female W 55 (1825) MO VA VA .
Margaret Ann had been married before, if any previous children, unknown.
Rebecca Manser (Mouser) was probably sister of William Cox, Jr. twice widowed.

Source: www.genforum.com, could be this is Margaret Ann's brother: "John Taylor Whitaker...John T. was born in Mt.Vernon, Fanin Co. TX. about 1844. Married Martha Roberson (she is believed to be from Franklin Co. AR.) April 5, 1872 in Franklin Co. AR. We also know he had a sister, Margrete Ann born in Mt. Vernon, Fannin Co. TX. (year unknown) Margrete married 1st to William Price (Divorced.) and 2nd to William Cox. She at some point lived in Uvalde TX. John T. and Martha's children were: William m. Julia ___; Janie m. John Silvertooth (Janie may have been her middle name, 1st name may be Cynthia); Mary m. Arnett Aron Hunter; Louisia m. 1st Jim Crase, 2nd ___ Sanders; Vertie m. Charlie Owens; Elijah Maze b.Franklin Co. AR. 1889 m. 1st. Vertie Owens (Charlie's sister) and 2nd Essie E. Green.
Elijah Maze had a total of 13 children all born in Haskell and Leflore Co. Oklahoma.
Have not been able to connect Margaret Ann with William Whitaker of Nac. Co. TX. other than John T. was listed as an heir of William in William's will and the land that was willed to him, and then where the land was deeded over to W.B Carroll. There are copies of a few other documents where land that was willed to some of William Whitaker's children and grandchildren, was deeded over to other people."

We assume Margaret Ann Whittaker married William R. Price (m.1866) when she was 22, widowed and then married William Cox 1869. Margaret was about 25. William had moved to Kinney Co. in S. Texas with Sara and family. When Sara died in 1866 (They were married 8 years.), William returned to Fannin Co. to marry Margaret Ann. That is about 500 miles. Did William know Margaret Ann before he moved to S. Texas?)
Fannin Co marriages:
Price, W. R. to Whitaker, M. A. 2-5-1866 (Margaret Ann was about 22.;
Cox, William to Price, Margaret 9-23-1869 Bonham, TX. (Her age 25)

i. MARY4 COX, b. Abt. 1834, poss Amory, Monroe Co., Miss; she married (1) UNKNOWN LARRISON, Abt. 1851; m. (2) MARTIN LOGSDON, Abt. 1855.

Children of WILLIAM COX, Jr. and LETTY LARRISON are:
10. ii. HENRY CLAY4 COX, b.1839, Ark., married 14 Mar 1856, Fannin, TX Julia "Juda" Murrey Lewis. Henry 9 Aug 1903 Edward's Camp, Fairview, Winston, NM.
iii. C. COX, b. Abt. 1838, Arkansas.
iv. ARCHIBALD ARCH M. COX, b. Abt. 1842, TX. Marrried 4 Jan 1905 to Fannie. Arch died Dec 31, 1925.
v. MARTHA JANE COX b.abt 1844 Fannin Co., TX. Married 29 Oct 1861 in Uvalde, TX to THOMAS BECKETT. Martha, Thomas and children were killed 1865 by Indians in Kinney Co., TX.
vi. SARAH ANN COX, b.1845; m. ROBERT HENRY BROWN, June 18, 1864, Uvalde Co., TX. SARAH d.1900 Carrizo Springs, Dimmitt Co., TX.
vii. ERWIN COX, b.1849 Fannin Co., TX. m. Wealthy Trent about 1868. He d.May 1906 La Leuz, Otero, NM.
11. viii. SERILDA JANE COX, b.Oct 1851, Bonham, Fannin Co., TX./ d.Mar 23, 1823. She m. Apr 1869, 1st Benjamin F. Maples in Uvalde, TX. Ben was killed then she m. 2nd R. Whistler.
ix. WILLIAM COX 3RD, b.1855 Fannin Co., TX, d.1869 "killed by Indians in Uvalde Co., TX." (County records.)

Children of WILLIAM COX, Jr. and SARA YATES are:
x. ANGELINA4 COX, b. October 14, 1861, Fannin Co., Texas; d. 1923, Tom Green Co., Texas; m. JOSHUA HUGH COX, December 22, 1877, Uvalde Co., TX on record; b. Abt. 1858. ANGELINA COX: Burial: Fairmont Cem., San Angelo, TX.
JOSHUA COX and ANGELINA COX: Marriage: December 22, 1877, Uvalde Co., TX (on record.
xi. DUANE COX, b. Abt. 1863. 1870 Uvalde Co. census: Duane with Wm Jr and Sara
xii. JANE COX, b. 1866, Uvalde Co., TX; m. JACKSON FURR, May 01, 1884. JACKSON FURR and JANE COX: Marriage: May 01, 1884.
xiii. ISAAC COX, b. Abt. 1868, Tx; m. DELLAR DAVENPORT, August 02, 1883, Uvalde Co., TX on record.

13. xiv. JOHN4 COX, b. May 22, 1872, Uvalde Co., TX; d. May 28, 1956. (My GGrandfather. SRC)
14. xv. HUGH COX, b. November 22, 1874, Uvalde Co,. Texas; d. January 23, 1950, Campwood, Real Co., TX.
xvi. HESTER ANN COX, b. May 05, 1876, Uvalde Co,. Texas; m. ROBERT BURNEY.
xvii. JESSE ARCHIBALD COX, b. December 24, 1880, Uvalde Co,. Texas.
6. ISAAC3 COX (WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. January 1833 in MO. He married MARY ANN MOLLIE MOUSER July 08, 1849 in Fannin Co., TX. She was born Abt. 1833 in MO.

1860 Fannin Co. TX census; Cox, Isaac b. 1834 100/400; Mary 26: child b. AK. next to: Cox, Polly b.1807 KY; Ziba b. 1844 AK.

1870 Kinney Co. TX census; Cox, Isaac 39, Guide at Ft Clark, b. MO; Mary 32, b. MO; Albert B. 1,b. MO. with Patsy Mouser 16, b. TX; also Carter, William 27, b. TX; Emuline 18, b. TX; Sarah A. J. 1, b.TX.).

1880 Kinney Co TX census; Isaac Cox, 49, MO, VA, KY; Mary, 47, MO, PA, PA; Bacon, 11, TX, MO, MO.

1880 Zavalla Co. census: 45-55 Cox, Jesse wm 27 (1853) stockraiser TX, KY, KY; Welthy wf 26 IN, IL, IL; Maggie 14 dau wf MO, TX, IN; Rahael 7 dau wf TX, TX, TX; Robert 1 son wm ", ". (Not sure of parents for this Jesse Cox.?)

1910 Kinney Co. TX census, Ike and Mollie married 61 yrs had 1 child.

Child of ISAAC COX and MARY MOUSER is:
i. ALBERT BACON4 COX, b. Abt. 1869.

Generation No. 4
7. JOSHUA HUGH4 COX (NATHANIEL HENRY3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born December 29, 1833 in Lafayette, MO.
He married (1) NANCY JANE CANTRELL Abt. 1851 in Fannin Co., TX, daughter of CHARLES CANTRELL and NAOMI COX. She was born Abt. 1834 in Layfaette, MO, and died Abt. 1876 in Uvalde Co TX.
He married (2) ANGELINA COX Abt. 1877 in Uvalde Co., TX.

1860 Fannin Co., TX census: Cox, Joshua farmer 24 Mo.; Nancy 26 Mo.; Hugh 9 Tx; Henry 6 Tx; Nathan 2 Tx; Amy.

Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865: Uvalde County 16 Feb 1864: Joshua Cox Pvt. TST 6, wife and children.
Joshua Hugh COX, Birth: 10 Jan 1851, Fannin Co., Texas, Death: 22 Apr 1928, Travis Co., Texas, Burial: Fiskville Cem., N. Austin, Texas, Marriage: 3 Apr 1871, Uvalde Co., Texas, Father: Joshua Hugh COX (b 29 Dec 1833), Mother: Nancy J. CANTRELL (b 1834).
Wife: Mary V. LEVERING, Birth: 25 Dec 1850, TX, Death: 22 Mar 1927, Travis Co., TX, Burial: Fiskville Cem., N. Austin, TX, Father: Henry Stanton Earle LEVERING (b 1817). Mother: Elizabeth PEHL

1 M Harmon COX, Birth: 30 Dec 1872, Uvalde Co., TX, Spouse: Betty PENNY.
2 F Naomi COX, Birth: 16 Dec 1874, Uvalde Co., TX, Spouse: Hugh MAYFIELD.
3 F Ruth COX, Birth: 30 Dec 1876, Uvalde Co., TX, Spouse: John PEHL.
4 F Martha E. COX, Birth: 9 Dec 1878, Uvalde Co., TX, Death: 1917, Spouse: Lewis Andrew KEENE (m 16 Jun 1903).
5 M Joshua COX, Birth: 9 Jan 1880, Uvalde Co., TX, Spouse: May Cealia KEENE.
6 M Miles COX, Birth: 11 Mar 1882, Uvalde Co., TX.
7 F Angelina COX, Birth: 6 Jun 1884, Uvalde Co., TX, Death: 17 Mar 1928, Burial: Fiskville Cem., N. Austin, TX. Spouse: William Franklin MAPLES (m 22 Jun 1902)
8 M Frank COX, Birth: 2 Apr 1886, Uvalde Co., TX, Death: 1957, Burial: Fiskville Cem., N. Austin, TX. Spouse: Rachel PRUITT.
9 F Serilda COX, Birth: 17 Feb 1888. Uvalde Co., TX. Spouse: Dick BOATRITE ( Boatright).
10 M Alex COX, Birth: 24 Dec 1890, Uvalde Co., TX, Spouse: Emma Leta LAW.
11 M Edgar G. COX, Birth: 13 Mar 1892, Spouse: Lucie Elizabeth CANTRELL. (Ludie Cantrell 1889/1976 dau of Joshua Cantrell 1870/1965. Joshua was son of Miles S. Cantrell 1835 MO/1916 NM.)

1900 Uvalde Census: Hugh Cox and Mary children listed: Martha, age 21; Josh, age 20; Milus, age 18; Angie, age 16; Frank, age 14; Serilda, age 12; Alex, age 10; Edgar, age 8.

Children of JOSHUA COX and NANCY CANTRELL are:
i. JOSHUA HUGH5 COX, b. 1851, Fannin co. Texas; m. MARY V. LEVERING.
ii. HENRY COX, b. 1853.
iii. NATHAN ANDREW COX, b. 1858.
iv. NAOMI COX, b. 1860.
v. MILES COX, b. 1863.
vi. NANCY COX, b. 1869.

8. MARY ELIZABETH POLLY4 COX (NATHANIEL HENRY3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born December 20, 1850, and died June 19, 1878 in Uvalde,Uvalde,Texas.
She married FRANKLIN C. SAWYER August 12, 1869. He was born Abt. 1831.

Census 1880 Uvalde County, Texas June 11 page 521B Film T9 1330
Franklin C Sawyer W M 49 M head laborer Ohio Mass Mass
Adaline,/ W, F, 45, wife, Keep house, Tn, Tn, Tn.
Susan E,/ W, F, 8, S, dau, TX, OH, Tn.
Nathaniel G./ W, M, 6, S, son, Tx, OH, Tn.
Eunice J./ W, F, 4, S, dau, TX, OH, TN.

The other children died young. Adaline was second wife.

Children of MARY COX and FRANKLIN SAWYER are:
i. JOHN N.5 SAWYER, b. Abt. 1870.
ii. SUSAN E. SUSIE SAWYER, b. Abt. 1872.
v. EUNICE J. SAWYER, b. Abt. 1876.

9. NATHAN4 COX (NATHANIEL HENRY3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born March 16, 1853 in Fannin Co., Texas, and died December 02, 1931 in Bracketville, Kinney, Texas.
He married MARY ADALINE KEENE December 25, 1873 in Kinney Co., Texas, daughter of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN KEENE (b1814)and MARY JAMIESON (b1828). She was born 1858.

Census 1880 Kinney Co TX: Nathan Cox 27 TX KY PA; Mary 22 TX MO MO; Patsy 5 TX TX TX; Eveline 3 TX TX TX; August Apr 1880 TX TX TX.

Children of NATHAN COX and MARY KEENE are:
i. PATSY MAY5 COX, b. May 01, 1873, Uvalde, Uvalde, Texas; d. December 29, 1962, Maricopa Co., Arizona.
ii. AUGUST COX, b. April 1880, Kinney Co., Texas; m. GERTRUDE WHIPKEY. iii. LAURA ETHEL COX, m. ALBERT POSTELL.

10. HENRY CLAY4 COX (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1835 in Arkansas.
He married JULIA ANN or JUDE Abt. 1856. Uvalde Co Marriage Record: April 5, 1878: Henry Cox to Cinthy Bingham.

1880 Uvalde Co Tx Census ED 137 Prct 4: #59-65 Henry Cox, 41, stock raiser; wife Jude, 42; Tabitha 15; Weltha 10; Martha 8; Sarah 5; Jude 1; Malinda - black servant 70 MS.

Children of HENRY COX and JULIA JUDE are:
i. TILITHA5 COX, b. Abt. 1859.
ii. TABITHA COX, b. Abt. 1863.
iii. MARTHA COX, b. Abt. 1872.
iv. JUDE COX, b. Abt. 1879.

11. SERILDA JANE4 COX (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born October 1851 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX. (We find Serilda's name often misspelled.)
She married BENJAMIN F. MAPLES April 22, 1869 in Uvalde Co., TX, only child of NATHANIEL MAPLES and ELIZABETH COATES. He was born 1849 in GA, and died 1892 in Uvalde Co., TX. (J. Lafferty killed Ben in 1892. Uvalde Co. court records.) (Nathaniel and Elizabeth married 1848 Pike Co. and divorced in 1852 and Nathaniel married Cynthia Ann Littleton in 1856.)

1880 Census Place: Precinct 3, Uvalde, TX:

Relation... Sex... Marr... Race.. Age.. Birthplace.
Benjamin MAPLES Self M M W 28 GA, Occ: Farmer Fa: Unk, Mo: Unk.
Serilda MAPLES Wife F M W 27 TX, Occ: Keeping House Fa: MO, Mo: MO.
Alice MAPLES Dau F S W 11 TX, Occ: At Home Fa: GA, Mo: TX.
Melissa MAPLES Dau F S W 9 TX, Fa: GA, Mo: TX.
Sarah MAPLES Dau F S W 6 TX, Fa: GA, Mo: TX.
Ida MAPLES Dau F S W 5 TX, Fa: GA, Mo: TX.
Robert MAPLES Son M S W 2 TX, Fa: GA, Mo: TX.

Photo dated Dec. 1922: Serilda Jane Cox married Benjamin Franklin Maples. Ben was murdered.
Serilda married July 31, 1897 to Robinson Ross Whistler b. abt 1845 Illinois. His parents: Lewis Whistler and Hester Ann Smalley.
(Tillie Schaefer Cummings b.May 1898/d.15 May 1979, Uvalde, TX.

i. ALICE5 MAPLES, b. Abt. 1869.
ii. MELISSA JANE MAPLES, b. August 06, 1871, Uvalde Co., TX.
iii. SARAH BELLE MAPLES, b. Abt. 1874. (Married abt 1894 Adolph A. Schiefen b.1865)
iv. IDA MAPLES, b. Abt. 1875.
v. ROBERT MAPLES, b. Abt. 1878.
vi. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MAPLES, b. Abt. 1880, Uvalde Co., TX. (He married Angie Cox.)
vii. MAGGIE BELLE MAPLES, b. August 19, 1882.
viii. LENA MAPLES, b. 1884.
ix. MARY HESTER MAPLES, b. 1886.
x. ISAAC "IKE" MAPLES, b. 1889.

12. MARTHA JANE4 COX (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1844, and died 1866.
Martha married THOMAS B. BECKETT October 25, 1861 in Uvalde Co.,TX (on record), son of CALAMISE BECKETT and ELIZA MCINTURFF. He was born 1842, and died April 28, 1866.

THOMAS B. BECKETT: Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865. Uvalde County 16 Feb 1864: Tom Becket Pvt. TST 2, wife and child.

Family story: "Late April 1866, Martha and Tom Beckett made a trip into Brackettville. On the way, they stopped overnight at neighbors house. Late that evening, they heard a rooster crowing after going to roost. The hosts warned them this was a bad omen and begged the family to stay over. Martha said they didn't believe in omens and next morning they started on down the road to Brackettville, Texas. They were only 24 years old and had no idea they were in such danger.
They had gone only a few miles when they were ambushed by Indians, April 28, 1866. It seems Tom put up a good fight, but there were too many Indians. During the fight a bullet hit one of the old campfire skillets (the kind with legs to hold the pan up off the coals). The skillet shattered leaving the handle, part of the pan, and one of the legs still together. There was evidence that the Indians had used this as a weapon."

Children of MARTHA COX and THOMAS BECKETT are:
i. UNK5 BECKETT, b. 1862; d. 1866.
ii. UNK BECKETT, b. 1864; d. 1866.
iii. UNK BECKETT, b. 1866; d. 1866.

13. JOHN4 COX (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born May 22, 1872 in Uvalde Co., TX, and died May 28, 1956.
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14. HUGH4 COX (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born November 22, 1874 in Uvalde Co,. Texas, and died January 23, 1950 in Campwood, Real Co., TX. He married PRUDELLA O'BRIANT.

Children of HUGH COX and PRUDELLA O'BRIANT are:
i. WILLIAM FRANKLIN5 COX, b. 1902; d. 1904.
iii. GUY PRESTON COX, b. 1906.
iv. BULA LEE COX, b. 1908; m. JACK GRIFFIN.
v. EULA PEARL COX, b. 1908.
vi. ELMER MARTIN COX, b. 1911.
vii. ALMA COX, b. 1911.
viii. HUGH CLIFFORD COX, b. 1913; m. MINNIE E. GAY.
x. H. COX, b. 1923; m. F. WOOD.

Generation No. 5
15. HESTER JANE COX (JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born March 08, 1895 in Reagan Wells, TX Uvalde Co., and died October 05, 1967 in Campwood, TX Real Co.

Click here for Hester Jane Cox married R. J. Vernor of Campwood, Texas.

16. LEONA LUDY5 COX (JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born October 14, 1908 in Vance, TX, Real Co., and died Bef. 2000. She married GUS BOON ROUTH.
17. EULA PEARL5 COX (HUGH4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, UNKNOWN1) b.1908/d.1971, burial Aldine Cem., TX. She married first CLINTON LEE HOWARD; second Mr. Dean.
Children of EULA COX and CLINTON HOWARD are:
iii. W. Howard (twin)
iv. W. Howard (twin)

Joshua Cox son of Nathan
Joshua Cox son of Nathan

Photo: Hugh Cox (second from the right end) with deer hunters about 1910
on Nueces River, Uvalde County, TX.

I found an interesting old ledger in Kinney County Texas with brands and marks used on cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. This documents the time and location of these families. Many were related by blood or marriage.

Photo: William Mouser (standing, back row, right end) at Confederate Reunion held at the GROVE. (Uvalde Memorial Park) I believe this is same photo used in the Uvalde Leader News Centenial Ed. 1956.

The news articles are from Kinney Co TX abt 1900.
Fred Cox was son of Nathan b.1802 KY and Lucinda b.1822 MO.


Many thanks to all those who have spent hours of research and traveled many miles to gather this information.
With each little pebble gathered, we make a moutain.

Cox, Arah M., Fannin Co., age 18, born 1842, in TX, occup. unk, Pct. Unk, Dwl#268/272, worth ?/?;
Cox, C. S., Fannin Co., age 44, born 1816, in NC, occp. Farmer, Pct. Unk, Dwl#698/716, worth 4000/2000;
Cox, Christopher C., Fannin Co., age 23, born 1837, in MO, occup. unk, Pct. Unk, Dwl#692/709, worth ?/?;
Cox, Henry, Fannin Co., age 21, born 1839, in AR, occp. Farmer, Pct. Unk, Dwl#255/259, worth 0/150;
Cox, Hugh, Fannin Co., age 45, born 1815, in KY, occp. Farmer, Pct. Unk, Dwl#88/88, worth 3000/10000 (s/o William Cox Sr.?);
Cox, Hugh, Fannin Co., age 20, born 1840, in TX, occup. unk, Pct. Unk, Dwl#1152/1173, worth ?/?;
Cox, J. T., Lamar Co., age 23, born 1837, in KY, occup. unk, Pct. 1, Dwl#306/306, worth ?/?;
Cox, Jno., Lamar Co., age 14, born 1846, in KY, occup. unk, Pct. 1, Dwl#306/306, worth ?/?;
Cox, Jno., Fannin Co., age 41, born 1819, in KY, occp. Farmer, Pct. Unk, Dwl#869/890, worth 800/200;
Cox, John T., Fannin Co., age 18, born 1842, in MO, occup. unk, Pct. Unk, Dwl#692/709, worth ?/?;
Cox, Joshua, Fannin Co., age 24, born 1836, in MO, occp. Farmer, Pct. Unk, Dwl#284/289, worth 480/500;
Cox, W. H., Lamar Co., age 17, born 1843, in KY, occup. unk, Pct. 1, Dwl#306/306, worth ?/?;
Cox, William (Is this our William, Jr.?), Lamar Co., age 43 (1817?), born 1817, in KY, occp. Farmer, Pct. 1, Dwl#306/306, worth 0/400;
Cox, William A., Lamar Co., age 35, born 1825, in TN, occp. Farmer, Pct. 6, Dwl#180/183, worth 1500/1500.

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