Callis Cemetery




Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2005-2010

This small cemetery is of historical interest because it was originally located on the property of Samuel L. Callis, who settled here prior to 1870.  Near his blacksmith shop,  Sam drilled a water well which served the public for many years and later in 1883, when a post office was established in the community, it was given the name Callisburg.
The cemetery was recorded in 1980 by the CTGS.   I visited it in March, 2005 accompanied by lifelong resident of the area, John Titch.   Little is left of the small graveyard but according to John's grandfather, James Marion Blankenship, who moved to the area as a boy about 1866, at least one man was hung as a horse thief and is supposedly buried here also.  There is a large rock lined enclosure containing graves.  Since my visit the heavy undergrowth has been cut back so possibly other names may be found.  From CR 117 to CR 158, you will drive two tenths mile to a red gate on the right.  The cemetery is located at the top of a small hill in a grove of cedars.

CALLIS, Mary *   25 Oct 1860 - 19 Nov 1870
dau. of S. L. and E. J.
note: the 1870 census, F.N. 151, lists mother as Eliza J.

HAMMACK, Sarah A. WILLIAMS *   28 Sept 1847 - 9 Mar 1869?
married James J. Hammock 17 May 1866 CC
He remarried 21 Oct 1869 Amanda F. Magee

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