Herod Cemetery




Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2003

Herod Cemetery is abandoned.   It was located in 1980 by J.D. McCain.   Beginning in the community of Woodbine, travel east past Rad Ware School and take the first gravel road left.   After about 2 miles, the road will make a turn to the north.   Travel 50 yds. and take the first gravel road right.   Drive about one mile and turn and at second road right, going south, take the first road left.   The Richey home is on the right and the cemetery is SE of the home in a field.   The graves are in a grove of trees about 300 yds. south of the road.

MORRIS, John     27 Nov 1825 - 5 May 1906

MORRIS, Nancy    6 Feb 1827 -27 Nov 1906

HEROD, J. O.   6 Feb 1832 - 11 Oct 1895

HEROD, Malinda    7 Feb 1803 - 18 Feb 1873

HEROD, J. W.   31 May 1854 - 23 Apr 1912

HEROD, Malinda A.   16 June 1853 - 16 June 1931

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