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Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2003

Located in the Sivell's Bend area, this cemetery is east off of FM 1201 at a point about 3 1/2 miles north of Moss Lake Dam and very near the Red River.   Last surveyed in 1978 by Patti Tucker.

HOBBS, Henry Enos   3 Sept 1872 - 18 Mar 1874

HOBBS, W. H.   22 June 1816 - 22 Nov 1878

HOBBS, Infant   -9 days old
dau. of W. H. and P. G.

HOBBS, H. E.   -no dates

HOBBS, W. H.   - no dates

MAY, G. D.   - no dates

MAY, Gibson   22 Oct 1860 - 9 July 1868
son of G. D. and D. C.

MAY, J. L.   10 June 1855 - 2 Nov 1881

One name has been added from the D.A.R. survey.

CALHOUN, R. G.   - no dates

The owner of this property in 1978 gave the following information:

BAILEY, Dick   -died in the 1930s - sandstone marker

BAILEY, female   - no known dates
note: I believe this woman is the following:
BAILEY, Mrs. Randolph   died 27 Jan 1918 - aged 78 yrs.
source: Obituary

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