Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2003

This cemetery is located in the northeastern part of Cooke County, southwest of CR 103, near the Red River on the property of L. E. Jones.   The old Ann Brown home is nearby.   Our thanks to Burl Sanderson for access to this site and some very interesting background information.  This survey was done in March 2003.  I would like to go back and take better pictures but one is working in rattlesnake country so this is it folks!  My daughter came along and helped survey these old stones, many darkened with age.  The cemetery backs right up to the river bottoms.

BOURLAND, James    - no dates
note: 11 Aug 1801 - 20 Aug 1879
father of Ann Bourland Manion

BOURLAND, Slina    -no dates
note: second wife of James

BOURLAND, Nellie O.    13 June 1877 - 25 Sept 1878
dau. of R. M. and Willie P. Manion Bourland

BOURLAND, infant    6 June 1878 - 12 Aug 1878
son of R. M. and W. P. Bourland

YOUNG, William C.    22 Jan 1874 - 3 Feb 1895

YOUNG, Georgia Ann MANION    5 Jan 1851 - 15 July 1887
wife of John C.

SCOTT, Walter    3 Apr 1852 - 7 Apr 1901

SCOTT, two infants    -no dates
children of Dr. George L. and Mary Appie
Stone   Stone

SCOTT, Della D.    -died 29 Oct 1869; age 11 mo.
dau. of Dr. George & Mary Appie Manion Scott

SCOTT, Benjamin    -died 10 July 1870; age 1 mo.
son of Dr. George L. and Mary Appie MANION SCOTT

MANION, Austin Brooks    14 Jan 1818 - 12 Mar 1903
Father of Ann MANION BROWN

MANION, Malinda    -died 30 July 1866
second wife of A. B.
name is on the same stone with husb. A. B.

MANION, Hannah Ann BOURLAND    26 Sept 1824 - 5 July 1859
first wife of A. B.
From the Northern Standard: 7-16-1859 - Died the 5th inst. in Cooke County
of consumption, Mrs. Ann Manion, consort of A. B. Manion.

MANION, Alex H.    21 Mar 1857 - 21 May 1859
From the Northern Standard: 7-16-1859 - Died, 21st of May 1859 in Cooke County
of inflammation of the brain, Harvey Alexander Manion, son of A. B. and Ann Manion.

MANION, Ambrose B.    8 Mar 1855 - 25 Aug 1855

ELLIOTTE, Camila MANION    11 June 1843 - 3 June 1864
wife of Dr. W. A.

ELLIOTTE, H. Austin    14 June 1860 - 14 Oct 1860
son of W. A. and Camila

RANDOLPH, three infants    buried early 1890s
children of Horace and Lallie YOUNG RANDOLPH
note: these not found although there
are 3 unknowns together.

YOUNG, infant    about 1908
child of Sidney J. and Sallie YOUNG;
grandchild of A. B. MANION

MANION, Ben and Sarah    -no dates
note: two Negro slaves; They are buried in the corner
opposite the gate.

FREEMAN, Jach(k?)    about 1891
note: not found 2003.

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