Ozment Cemetery


Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2003

This small cemetery is located south of Gainesville.   Take FM 372 from Gainesville and turn left on Burns City Rd.   Where it ends at CR 265, take a right and the cemetery is located on the right where the road turns back east.

SELBY, Jane A.   11 Nov 1843 - 26 Apr 1901
wife of Isaiah
note: Her stone reads: A. J. Selby;
see remarks at bottom of page.



MILLER, Mollie   19 Dec 1872 - 26 Sept 1911

OZMENT, W. J.   17 May 1874 - 28 Sept 1909
note: W.O.W.

OZMENT, Mary E.   18 Aug 1849 - 17 Feb 1922
OZMENT, John L.   17 Aug 1837 - 26 Feb 1919
note: large sandstone marker by John. Could this be
an older marker for him?

OZMENT, Charley C.   15 Mar 1881 - 5 Dec 1881
son of J. L. and M. E.


note: located inside a family plot with no
other graves visible

OZMENT, Martha Luezena   18 Nov 1891 - 5 Feb 1894
dau. of Bob and Carrie

OZMENT, Martha Francis   8 Oct 1862 - 10 May 1884
wife of R. H.
note: earlier surveys show husb. as "B. H."

OZMENT, William M.   30 May 1876 - 29 July 1876

OZMENT, John J.   - died 16 Apr 1855; aged 55 yrs.
note: new stone of John Jasper Ozment, 1800 - 16 Apr 1855

OZMENT, A. C.   - 1 Nov 1883; aged 40 yrs.
note: Masonic emblem

OZMENT, John W.   7 June 1878 - 13 June 1878
son of A. C. and M. M.

note: large marker abt. 2 spaces from J. W. Ozment

The following names were found in 1978. These markers, made of cement,
have since crumbled and are no longer readable. There are
three in a row and one was identified by small pieces.

MITCHELL, Samuel D.   - no dates
son of J. R. and O.
note: has an old funeral home marker

MITCHELL, infant   5 Dec 1869 - 14 Dec 1869
son of J. R. and O.
note: grave nearest the gate

note: this grave is marked & identical to the others.
Also has an old funeral home marker.

End of Survey.

Note about A. J. Selby buried in Ozment Cemetery: Sometimes it is interesting to do some limited research about a person.   I found this woman on the 1900 Cooke Co. census with husband Isaiah. They're family # 276.  Her name was JANE A. SELBY and not A. J. as found on her stone.   Jane was born in Indiana and had twelve children but only seven were alive in 1900.   Isaiah was 62 years old and I suspect he is also buried here, possibly one of the unknowns found beside her.

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