Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2003

When Moss Lake was built, Worley Cemetery was moved from the Sivell's Bend area to Spring Hill Cemetery.   It is located 2/10 mile east of Marysville Church on road 462.   Turn right at the old church/lodge hall.   Spring Hill/Worley and Marysville Cemeteries are very near each other.   Worley graves are located at the back of the Spring Hill Cemetery but most are unknowns now.   Visited 9 May 2003.

WORLEY, Ambrose    9 Oct 1821 - 7 Mar 1879
WORLEY, Sarah    8 May 1826 - 18 Sept 1899

WORLEY, Braxton    - died age 7 mo.

WORLEY, Cora    -died 19 Aug 1881 - age 14 yrs.

WORLEY, Elizabeth    1820 - 1887
widow of Langston

PENNINGTON, Mrs. E. G.    -no dates
PENNINGTON, two infants    -no dates

YOUNG, Claudia    - died age about 14 yrs.

CHISM, Mrs. M. W.    -died age 50 yrs.

YOUNG, Mollie    - no dates
YOUNG, Joe    - no dates

YOUNG, William Benjamin    Oct? 1854 - 21 Dec 1931
YOUNG, Mary Elizabeth SAWYER    7 Oct 1858 - 26 Aug 1938

MARTIN, Mrs.    - died age 72 yrs.

YOUNG, Mac {infant}    -died 27 Aug?

YOUNG, Mary    -no dates

WORLEY, Mrs. Dick    -no dates

WORLEY, two infants    -no dates

WORLEY, two children    -no dates
children of J. W.

WORLEY, two children    -no dates
children of Olive

WINKLE, two children    -no dates
children of T. R.

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