1860 Creek Nation Census - Free Inhabitants & Slave Inhabitants

Free inhabitants in the Creek Nation, in the country west of Arkansas, 1860
(1860 Creek Nation census)

The 1860 Creek Nation census records white persons and "free" Negroes.   Persons who were deemed "Indian" were excluded presumably because they were not considered U. S. "citizens".   But, many of the persons listed as Black (B) or Mulatto (M) are actually mixed Indians and the names of the Creek Indian slave owners were recorded in the accompanying slave schedules.   In 1860 the Creek Nation was under the legal jurisdiction of Arkansas.

This transcription was initially based on Francis Woods' transcription which was incomplete and contained errors. This transcription has been fully corrected and updated against the original record for this website.   The original census is reproduced on microfilm M653, roll 52 part of the "Indian lands west of Arkansas" at the end of the roll. The Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole Nations are represented as well, included their slave schedules.

1860 Creek Nation census, pages: 1-4 ... 5-8 ... 9-12 ... 13-15

Index: No surname ... Surnames A-L ... Surnames M-Y

Slave inhabitants in the Creek Nation, in the country west of Arkansas, 1860
(1860 Creek Nation slave schedules)

The Creek Nation slave schedules record the names of the slave owners and the age, sex, color, and number of slaves. Unfortunately the names of the slaves are not recorded.

This transcription was originally abstracted by Teri Padgett from public records and was edited and formatted by D. Joshua Taylor & Maggie Stewart, June 2002. Submitted [to Rootsweb] by Teri Padgett August 14, 2001. This census was proofread by Maggie Stewart.   Their plain-text transcription was reformated and owner's names indexed for reproduction on this website.  The original slave schedule is reproduced on microfilm M653, roll 54 at the end of the roll.   For images of the original records see the Freedmen of the Five Civilised Tribes website.

1860 Creek Nation, slave schedules, pages: 1-4 ... 5-8 ... 9-12 ... 13-16 ... 17-20 ... 21

Summary of slave owners: Summary (in order) ... Summary (by name)

The transcriptions above were corrected, formated, and updated for this website in late November 2002.