1882 Creek (Muskogee) Nation Census, Big Spring Town

Big Spring Town

[The original pages are very long consisting of two or three pages glued together.]
[frame 23]
     NameAge sex
1  Pleasant Porter42Cramerm
2  M. E. Porter21"f
3  Willie A. Porter6"m
4  Pleasant Porter, Jr.2"m
1  Mrs. Phoebe Porter68Cramer per B.E.P.f
2  Lily Buster11"f
1  Benj. Porter27Cramerm
2  Sarah E. Porter20"f
3  Nina Porter4"f
4  Edward Porter2"m
5  Miss Tooka Butler18 f
1  Cornelius Perryman30selfm
1  Hon. Beau Burgess J. P.40mailm
2  Martha Burgess35"f
3  Eddie Burgess6"m
1  Geo. B. Perryman36Hal Bowmanm
2  Rachel Perryman37paid in Loche Pokerf
3  Moses Perryman12"m
4  John Perryman10"m
5  Ellen Perryman8"f
6  Emma Perryman6"f
7  Ebenezer Perryman4"m
8  Alice Perryman2"f
1  J. C. Perryman42L. C. Perrymanm
1  L. C. Perryman44Hall Bowmanm
2  Apaye Perryman35"f
3  Andrew J. Perryman10Hal Bowmanm
4  Henry Perryman6"m
1  John W. Perryman38I. Brownm
2  Nancy Perryman33Paid in Locher Pokerf
3  Robt. Perryman13"m
4  Nancy Perryman11"f
5  Edmund Perryman6"m
6  Baby Perryman2"f
   Louis Perryman S. W. Brownm
   Frank Mathewson   (white man) m
   Hetty Mathewson26S. Brownf
   Nunnie? Mathewson3S. Brownf
   Len. William Thurman32(F.B. white man)m
[frame 24, cont. of frame 23]
     NameAge sex
1  Chana40C. H. Thomasf
2  Reuben Partridge13"m
3  Louisa (Wicey) P.11"f
4  Kizzy9"f
5  Delilah6"f
6  Alice Thurman3"f
  [separate page]   
   David W. Harris  (F.B. white man)m
1  Ellen Harris28Hal Bowmanf
2  Walter Harris2"m
1  Mary Jane Whitfield30 f
2  William Whitfield2 m
   Bisey Cheparne thlocco35 f
   Bird Harris (Cherokee)40selfm
1  Ellen Harris41Bird Harrisf
2  William Harris19"m
3  Chas. Harris17"m
4  John Harris10"m
5  Cheskey Harris8"m
1  James Perryman Red88 m
   James R. Gregory  m
1  D. M. Hodge41S. B.m
2  Susan Hodge30Ucheef
1  Mrs. Nancy Hodge60S. Brownf
2  Elim B. Hodge27S. B.m
3  Joanna Hodge22S. B.f
   Delilah Denton23S. B.f
1  Thomas W. Perryman43 m
2  Ella Perryman23 f
3  Ida Perryman6 f
4  Thomas L. Perryman2 m
5  Arther Perryman2 m
6  Jonah Perryman13 m
1  William Perryman30 m
2  Mrs. ---   Perryman20 f
1  Noble Perryman25F. B. S.f
1  Marth M. Root30F. B. S.f
2  Eliza J. Root15"f
3  Thomas Root13"m
1  Alvin T. Hodge36 m
2  Mary Hodge24Saml. Brownf
3  Adaline Hodge13"f
4  Parise Hodge11"f
5  Beatrice Hodge9"f

[frame 25, cont. of frame 24]
  NameAge sex
6 John N. Hodge5Saml. Brownm
7 Maggie Hodge3"f
8 Louis Platt13"m
1 Danil Childers50per orderm
2 Lidie35per orderf
3 Silas15per orderm
4 Thomas13per orderm
5 Benjamin13per orderm
6 Jimmie7per orderm
7 Joseph4per orderm
8 Henry Pratt1per orderm
9 Danil Childrs3per orderm
1 Little George Perryman30order per Hal Bowmanm
2 Martha Perryman24Paid in Cheyaharf
3 Ruthie Perryman4"f
4 Baby Perryman1" 
  John Burk (white man)    
1 Mahaley Berk28 f
2 Baby Berk2  
3 Louis6 m
  Mary Ann Ispar kah ce  f
1 Elic Williams   
2 Jinny Williams   
  Sophia Childers   
  Severs Childers   
  Katie Sampson   
  Sara Ann Tiger Enrolled in Cheyaha 
  Mrs. Jane Burgess50L. C. P.f
  Po Sunday   
  J. S. Burgess Saml. Brownm
  Mrs. Electa Fife  f
1 John Yargee, Jr,28selfm
2 Nancy T. Yargee26J. I. Y.f
3 N. V. Yargee2J. I. Y.m
  David Jones18Holattam
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[frame 26]
  NameAge sex
1 Robt. McKellop55 m
2 Mary McKellop35 f
  Jeannette McKellop20 f
? Mrs. Neosho Brown35 f
2 Matteson Brown15 m
3 Rachel Brown12 f
4 Celeste Brown  f
5 Willie Brown  m
6 Neosho Brown1m. f
  Becky Moore Eufaula townf
  Mary Kelley  f
  Mrs. Thompson Perryman49 f
    Danel Austin 
1 Mrs. Susy Austin  f
2 Baby Austin   
  Simon Peter    dead60 m
  Tenar Burgess60Cramerf
  Albert Burgess25Cramerm
  James Burgess20Cramerm
1 Ed Crowell40Ed. C.m
2 Martha Crowell30"f
3 John Crowell9"m
4 Joe Crowell12"m
5 Eddie Crowell4"m
6 Bettie Crowell14"f
7 Bennie Crowell6"m
8 R. L. Crowell1"m
  Chas. Clinton (white man)  m
1 Lue Clinton Broken Arrowf
2 Freddy Clinton "m
3 Lee Clinton "m
4 Vera Clinton "f
  Billy McKim (white man) Broken Arrowm
3 Texas McKim "f
1 Bobby "m
2 Hattie "f
4 Willie "m
5 Mary "f
1 Alica Atkins18Broken Arrowf
2 Fanny Atkins16"f
3 Chas. Atkins14"m
4 Bobby Atkins10"m
5 James Atkins40"m
1 J. M. Perryman49selfm
2 Ellen M. Perryman22J. M. P.f

[frame 27, cont. of frame 26]
 NameAge sex
1Ellen P. Barnett29J. M. P.f
1Wm. Fish40selfm
1John Lynch28selfm
2James     "25sent to him Muskogeem
3Albert    "20Jno. Lynchm
1Margrett McCalvey35J. M. P.f
2Eddy    "7"m
3Everett    "5"m
4Joseph    "2"m
5Lucy M.    ""f
1Sarah Doyle38Wm. Fishf
2Sissie    "17"f
3Maggie    "14"f
4Muskogee    "11"f
5Nancy    "6"f
6Thomas    "3"m
7Hettie    ""f
1Daniel Franklin25selfm
1Margrett Broadnax48selff
1Union Harrison18Tobe Fieldsm
1Jessie Bruner45 m
1Major Franks Severs 
2Tom Lott Severs 
3Tim Stidham Severs 
4Miller    " Severs 
5John S.    " Severs 
[frame 27 cont.]
 NameAge sex
1Adaline Carr Tulwar Fixico 
2Jack " 
3Lucy " 
4Mary " 
5Cellia " 
 Mary David Frank per order 
1Sarah Stake Severs 
2Phillip    " Severs 
3Severs    " Severs 
4Johnson    " Severs 
1Doc Willingham28Cramer 
4Julia22G. W. S. 
5Buddie3G. W. S. 
6Sofay6G. W. S. 
7Susan1G. W. S. 
 Susan Austin24  
 Madison    "   
 Hannah Perryman55  
1Nannie Deer20Parney 
 Hannah  "  Baby1m." 
2Lizzie Deer   
3Lydia    " Danl. Austin 
 Daniel Childers49  
 Lydia     "   
 Silas     "   

[frame 28, cont. of frame 27]
 NameAge sex
1Sam Checote14Cal Checote 
1Jane Freeman14Cramer 
1J. A. Gentry8L. G. Mc. per order 
1John Yargee26  
2Nancy T.    "30  
3N. V.     "7  
 Jane C. Perryman   
 Hettie     "   
 Nora     "   
 John Morrison1Cramer 
 Elizabeth Morrison3" 
 Henry Morrison29" 
 Sally Morrison24" 
 Annias Morrison4" 
 Amos Beaver Hal Bowman 
 Saml.    " Hal Bowman 
 Chepona    " " 
 Alice    " " 
 Dema Craig   
 Gusta    "   
 Jerry Morrison   
 Mary     " Concharty 
 Thomas Yardy self 
 Willie Sevier26selfm
 Melissa Cherokee25 f
 Sissie    "1 f
 Alice Cherokee23 f
 Buddy    "2 m
 Gusta Hogan7W. B. Hoganf
 Bell    "5"f
 Charly Cates23 m
 Jerry? Morrison   
 Alexander Williams Saml. Brown 

We the officers of the Big Spring town certify that the above census roll is just & correct and that the above named persons are members of said town.

(signed) Legus C. Perryman
Member House Warriors