1882 Creek (Muskogee) Nation Census, Tuskegee (Canadian) Town

1882 Creek Nation census
Tuskegee Town (Canadian)

1   Tuskekee Town Candian   [frame 330]
  NameAge  sex
1Sussie30 F. B. S.f
2Hannah17 "f
3Googee7 "m
4Joe5 "m
5Ellen3 "f
6Mary1 "f
1Linda17 F. B. S.f
2Martie4 "m
3baby1 " 
1Musker29 F. B. S.f
2Sofa4 "f
3baby1 "m
1David Cloud40 F. B. S.m
1Gayno15 Cramer is Ark.m
2Willie20 "m
1George Fisher50 F. B. S.m
1Ellen Wilson25 "f
2Robert    "8 "m
1Cumsey  F. B. S.m
2Cosey  "f
3John Phillip  "m
4Linday  "f
5Jinnie  "f
6Lewe  "m
1Mulley55 F. B. S.f
2Wilsey  "m
1Wm. Fisher  Mailed to Eufaulam
1Sar dy30 T. & Co.m
1It chars Lope16 F. B. S.m
2Lizzie3 C. A. & Co. in Ark.f
3Sallie20 "f
2   Tuskekee Canadian   [frame 331]
 NameAge  sex
1Edmon Harry40 F. B. S.f
2Judie29 "f
1Jackson27 Pd. in Ark. "   F. B. S.m
2Betsey25 "f
1Caraline Bulder60 T & Co.f
2Aggie6 C. A. & Co.f
3Burner9 T & C. & Co.m
1Julie20 Paid in Thlobthloccof
1Sar ter pe ye29 Cramerf
2Wittie5 Cramerm
3Angie3 "f
1Nocus Fixico28 Albert Harrym
2Misey 25 C. A. & Co.f
3Jacksey2 "m
    Baby  Albert Harry 
1Tarske kee Harjo29 F. B. Cramerm
2Hepsey10 "f
3Mary6 "f
1Jacob Bruner20 F. L. C.m
2Dave15 Frank Goodenm
3Hattie13 "f
1John  Cramerm
2Sarah  Cramerf
1He kin kee  Cramerm
1Jinnie40 C. A. & Co.f
2Lasey26 Cramerf
3George7/9 C. A. & Co.m
4Fanny7 Cramer 
5John5 m. C. A. & Co.m
6Cho tey29 Paid in Nym
 Wiley Scott32 Cramerm
 James Gooden37 Cramerm

3   [frame 322]
 NameAge  sex
1Jack Tepohye67 Cramerm
2Lizzie65 "f
3Caesar30 "m
4Nocher Jack27 "m
5Liddie19 C. A. & Co.f
6Cornel8 Cramerm
7Sandy6 Cramerm
8Nancy100 " 
1Sallie Scott30 C. A. & Co.f
2Hannah11 "f
3Peter9 "m
4Lizzie6 "f
1Warso Harjo, or Albert Harry29 Austin Jeffersonm
2Liza28 "f
3Sofay8 "f
4Hulley4 "m
5Conneil2 "m
6Edmond1 m. "m
1Te we35 Paid in Arks Coloredm
2Hector, or John Beaver25 Dave Cloudm
1Conchart Harjo32 Conchart Harjom
2Graysey28 "f
3Tubbie9 "m
4Simer7 "m
5Bobb5 "m
6Inay4 "f
7Pagie3 "f
8Fos Harjo28 "m
1Jinni Scott28 C. A.f
2Johnnie10 "m
3Sar me, or Sammy8 "m
4Tiday4 "m
5Tosen2 "m
4 (back of page 3) Tuskekee Candian
 NameAge  sex
1Woxsey Harjo30 David Cloudm
2Musker28  f
3Davey1  m
1Somulker28 C. A. & Co.f
2Rosanna7 "f
1Fos hutche Yarholer,
or Austan Jefferson
28  m
1Misey29  f
2Sissie1  f
1Dave Fisher35 selfm
2Larney30 D. Fisherf
3Johka8 "m
4Lucy4 "f
5Susan3 "f
6Mike Bruner9 "m
7Ma hale    "7 "f
8Noah6 m. "m
1Boose38 Frank Goodenm
2Mollie18 "f
3Tahlfey6 "f
4Frank19 "m
1Sam Gooden28 Cramerm
2Sinah25 Dave Harryf
3Friday9 "m
4Roda3 "f
5Anderson7 m. "m
1Pagie67 Geo. Taylorf
2George Taylor25 Geo. Taylorm
3Frank "20 Cramerm
4Sarah "16 Geo. Taylorf
5Lizzie "11 Cramerf
6Nocus Harjo Jefferson30 Geo. Taylor  
7Richmond Taylor4 m. George Taylorm

5   (Back of 3)   Tuskekee Canadian   [frame 332]
 NameAge  sex
1Sinday Cloud85 A. C.f
2Lasley "29 "m
3Steven "6 "m
4Lizzie "4 "f
1Wm. Gooden29 Cramerm
1James "31 "m
1Alic Manack35  m
1Colch cher Tustunuggee29 Cramerm
2Seminey28 Cramerf
3Tommy7 Cramerm
4Munner5  f
5Parmer2 Cramerm
1Oke les er Harjo68 David Cloudm
2Puttie70 Cramerf
3Wisey21  f
1Dick McNac or Snap30 C. A.m
2Tilda31 Pd. in Thlobloccof
3William9 "m
4Mary2 "f
5Monday McNac   m
1Lowiney25 Dave Cloudf
2Culpussey5 "m
3Josey3 "f
4Miley1 "f
1Marwey26 "f
1Litechee40 D. Cloudf
1Jack Gooden37 Cramerm

1   Canadian Tuskegee   [frame 334] 
 NameAge sex
1Annie Chicken35 f
2Washington14 m
3Sam Miller Brown12 m
4Jackah Brown10 m
5Sarrah Brown5 f
1Armstey20 Cramerm
1Alic Scott24 m
1Pattie McNack29 Richmond Brunerf
1Sarah Jane38 F. B. S.f
1Tawahlee46 issued in Arks 
2Mahaley20 issued in Arks 
3Louisia Perryman  " 
4Phirnas?  " 
1Moose ker24 Dave Cloudm
1Tiyolee25 "m
1Sarah Fisher  Sent to Wm. Fisher, Eufaulaf
2Emma    "  "f
3Martha    "  "f
4Saml Fisher  "m
5Annie    "   "f
1Mariah Noble  Silas Jeffersonf
2Sinda McNac  "f
1Silas Jefferson  Cramerm
2Lydia    "  Silas Jeffersonf
1Lizzie Taylor  Frank Taylorf
2Lesser    "  Cramer 
1Mose Redmouth36 m
1Manual Jefferson58 m
1-4Juddie & 3 children  Silas Jefferson 
2   [frame 335]
 NameAge sex
1Mary50 selff
2Robison22 Marym
1Thlarswoalkee Miller29 selfm
2Cartcher Emarthlar23 Thlarswoolkee  
3Nellie17 "f
4Fenie7 "f
5Albert5 "m
6Freddie3 "m
7Louisa2 "f
 Foxie35 selfm
 Nellie27 Foxie 
 Corney/Cooney15 "f
 Elsie4 "f
 Davie2 "m
 Beckie1 "f

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 NameAge sex
1William Fisher46 m
2Sarah Fisher30 f
3Emma Fisher15 f
4Marthie J. Fisher13 f
5Samuel Fisher10 m
6Virginia Ann Fisher8 f
1George W. Fisher52 m
2Sarah J. Fisher29 f
1Mary Chissam26 G. W. Fisherf
2Idar Chissam8 "f
3Polly Chissam3 "f
4John Chissam1 "m
 Katy Chissam   
1Ellin Wilson23 f
2Robert Wilson2 m
3Infant babe   
1Jefferson Simmons22 m
1Polly Fisher62 f
2Lizie Akin25 f
3Louvina Akin2 f
1Jim Charty Dave Cloud 
1Allinny Dave Cloud