Randall Cemetery 1 and 2

Randall Cemetery 1

(from "Okmulgee County Cemetery Records, V.1" and
"Our People And Where They Rest, V.6")

This cemetery is located in the center of Section 20, T12N, R12E. Info given by Harvey Randall in 1974.  [Find-A-Grave]

Barnett, Willene Kay

Coon, Gilbert SamuelJan. 29, 1941Sep. 7, 1952
Gilroy, Ramona
April 12, 1970
H___, Bob

Looney, Becky

Randall, Bettie

12 years
Randall, Billie18921904
Randall, Fannie

Randall, George

Randall, Louisianna

Randall, Rosie18971967w/o Timmie Randall
Randall, Timmie18651936
Screechowl, dau.

Screechowl, g-dau.

Screechowl, Henry

Screechowl, JeanetteJune 27, 1950Nov. 4, 1968
Screechowl, Linda19531956
Screechowl, Edward

Randall Cemetery 2

from "Okmulgee County Cemetery Records, V.1"

This cemetery is located in Section 29, T12N, R12E. Surveyed 1974.  [No Find-A-Grave listing]

Randall, Roman
July 28, 194439 years
Randall, (Dicey?)

mother of Roman, unmarked
Randall, Emma

sister of Roman, unmarked
Berryhill, Dicey Sue