1st Regt. Indian Home Guards (Creeks and Seminoles)

1st Regiment Indian Home Guards
(Creeks and Seminoles)

"Civil War Soldiers and Sailors" database

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The information above lists all the soldiers who served in the 1st Regiment Indian Home Guards which was a Union regiment attached to the Kansas Infantry. Companies "A" and "B" were Seminole Indian companies and companies "C" through "J" were Creek Indian companies.  For a brief overview of this regiment's history see The Civil War Archive.  The information above has had some minor editing for reproduction on this website.  Many times a name is listed several times with slightly different spellings.

The information above was taken from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System electronic database which was compiled by volunteer groups in cooperation with the National Park Service.  The information in the "Civil War Soldier and Sailor System" was taken from microfilm of the index to the compiled service records.  Copies of the original compiled service records can be ordered from the National Archives with the use of "NATF Form 86".  This form can be ordered by mail or in person from the National Archives and it's regional branchs or more easily from the National Archives'  Inquire Form  page. 

Download database as a text based database (145k). This database contains 3275 entries.

Muster Rolls:

A small partial muster roll of the 1st Regiment Indian Home Guards, companies A-J. This muster roll is from the "Letters Received" by the Office of Indian Affairs. This muster roll lists 996 persons and has names not listed in the above database.


A July 1870 list of 46 pension checks sent to widows and mothers of Seminole and Creek Indian soldiers.