John S. Jeffries family of Mecklenburg county, Virgina

John S. Jeffries and Rebecca Richards

(Last updated Nov. 28, 2017)


& Wife

John S. Jeffries was born about 1781 in Virginia.  He may have been the son of Swepson Jeffries and Sarah Hix.

Rebecca Richards
was born 1788-1791 in Virginia.  She may have been the daughter of William Richards.

John S. Jeffries and Rebecca Richards were married Sept. 8, 1806 in Mecklenburg county, Virginia. John died Feb. 13, 1837 in Mecklenburg county.

In 1858 the family moved to northern Mississippi settling in Desoto county. Rebecca died after 1860.    
Census records:

Dau. Susan Swepson Jeffries was born Oct. 17, 1808 in Mecklenburg co.?, Virginia. She married Latane (Latney) Montague Gregory on Dec. 22, 1839 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia. Susan died Oct. 1, 1855 probably in Mecklenburg co., Virginia.  By 1860 Latney moved the family to Mississippi.  
  • Martha A. "Pattie Jeffries" Gregory was born Aug. 8, 1843 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia. She married Benjamin F. Britton Aug. 28, 1867 in Desoto co., Mississippi. They moved to Texas in the mid 1870s. Pattie died Deabout 22, 1919 Paducah, Cottle co., TX and buried Buck Creek cem., Cottle co., Texas.

  • Lucy Y. Gregory was born May 8, 1845 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia. She died Aug. 22, 1862 and was buried Mt. Peryn cem., Tate co., Mississippi.

  • Virginia Alice Gregory was born about October 1846 (1847) in Mecklenburg co., Virginia.  She married John H Lea on Nov. 27, 1866 in Desoto county, Mississippi.  They moved to Texas with Benjamin and Pattie Britton.  Virginia died 1915 in Knox county, Texas.

  • James Naylor Gregory was born Sep. 29, 1848 Mecklenburg co., Virginia. He married Lucinda R. _____. James died May 18, 1915 Tate co., MS and was buried Singleton Springs cem., Tate co., Mississippi.
Dau. Lucy A. Jeffries was born about 1810 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia. Lucy died after 1860.  
Dau. Virginia Lewis Jeffries was born about 1812 in Virginia. She married Achilles Puryear (born March 24, 1803) Oct. 23, 1850 Mecklenburg co., VA, she was his 2nd wife. Virginia died after 1850 in Virginia?. Achilles also moved to northern Mississippi. He died Jan. 28, 1884.
  • Virginia (Jennie) Puryear. She married W. C. Haley. They moved to Texas.
  • Sallie Puryear. She married James Lea. They moved to Texas.
Son William R. Jeffries was born about 1815 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia. He married Catherine E. Bailey, Nov. 7, 1840 Charlotte co., Virginia. William died after April 1863 in Lafayette co.?, Mississippi.  
Dau. Martha R. Jeffries was born about 1821-25 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia.  
Son John L. B. Jeffries was born about 1824-25 in Mecklenburg co., Virginia. He married Caroline ______. Caroline died Deabout 1, 1870.