John A Richey and Amanda Minerva Applegate famILy

John A. Richey and
Amanda M. Applegate

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and Wife:

John A. Richey was born in September 1836 in Indiana. He appears to have been the son of John Richey (1807-1879) and Elizabeth Sharp (1810-1872) but this is unverified and purely circumstantial. By the late 1850s John A Richey had moved to Pike county, Illinois. 

Amanda Minerva Applegate was born May 1841 in Scott co., Indiana.  She was the daughter of James Monroe Applegate and Jerusha Stark.   The Applegates moved to Pike county, Illinois in the 1850s where other Applegate and Stark relatives were already living. 

John A Richey married Amanda Minerva Applegate on Oct. 24, 1858 in Pike co., Illinois.   About 1877 they migrated to Collin county, Texas bringing with them Amanda's mother Jerusha Applegate and sister Susanna Applegate (wife of John W. Richey.) 

Amanda died Jan, 4, 1910 in McKinney and was buried in Altoga cemetery, Collin co., Texas.  John A Richey died after 1910 and was also buried in Altoga cemetery.  Their graves are marked with engraved aluminum plaques.   [notes]
Census Records: 

1860 Illinois, Pike county, Spring
          Creek Twp., family 65

1870 Illinois, Pike co. Pleasant Hill
          Twp., p. 4, family 18

1880 Texas, Collin county, ED 8, p. 25

1900 Texas, Collin county, ED 6, p. 16b,

1910 Texas, Collin county, ED 8, p. 13b,
Dau. Lydia "Lizzy" Richey was born Dec. 1859 Pike co., Illinois.  She married Thomas Henry Topping, c. 1890.  Thomas died Jan. 29, 1912 and was buried in Highland cem., Durant, Bryan co., OK  Lizzie Dec. 26, 1913 San Antonio, TX and was buried in the #7 city cemetery.
  • Robert Morton Topping, born Jan.8, 1891, TX.  He died May 12, 1963 Higgins, Texas.
Dau. Rhoda Janie Richey was born March 1865 Pike co., Illinois.  She married David Elijah Johnson (1860-1941) Oct 31, 1880 Collin co., TX..  Rhoda died Feb. 18, 1927 Emory, Rains co., TX and was buried in Turner cem.
  • Viola Maude Johnson, born Dec. 17, 1881.
  • Ernest Cleveland Johnson, born Jan. 18, 1885.
  • Dora Alice Johnson, born March 12, 1888.
  • Johnnie P Johnson, born Feb. 1891.
  • Goldie Johnson, born March 10, 1896, died Oct. 28, 1985.
Dau. Flora A Richey was born July 25, 1869 Pike co., Illinois. She married Charles L. Henderson, Sep. 10, 1892, Collin co., Texas.  Flora died Feb. 27, 1936 in Naples, Texas and was buried in "Cross Roads" cemetery. 
  • son Henderson, born and died Jan. 22, 1904 McKinney, Texas.
  • Charley Love Henderson, born Feb. 13, 1906.  Charles died Aug. 17, 1974 Linden, Texas.
  • Robert Howard Henderson, born c. 1909.
Dau. Lenora "Nora" J Richey was born c. 1875, Pike co., Illinois.  She married (1) married John R. Brannon, July 4, 1897 Collin co., Texas. She married (2) Benjamin F. Langford, c. 1903.  Nora died Jan 2., 1923 Fort Worth, Texas and was buried in Greenleaf cem., Brownwood, Texas.
  • Arthur Ross Brannon, born Oct. 18, 1898 Connerville, Oklahoma.  He died Oct. 19, 1918 in Vallejo, CA and was buried in Greenleaf cem., Brownwood, Texas.
Dau. Eva Viola Richey was born Sep. 18, 1877 (1878), Collin co., TX.  She married William Matison Millican, Aug. 15, 1894 Collin co., TX..  Eva died April 22, 1952 Cordell, OK and was buried Lawnview cem., Cordell, OK.
  • Arthur Allen Millican, born Dec. 29, 1896 Collin co., Texas.
  • Birtie Lee Millican, born Aug. 27, 1899 Altoga, Collin co., Texas.
  • George Wesley Millican, born June 3 1901/2 Texas.
  • Gladys Millican, born Jan. 18, 1905, Altoga, Collin co., Texas.
  • Nolan Millican, born Jan. 25, 1908, Pontotoc co., Oklahoma.
  • Ora Millican, born Sep. 30, 1910, Francis, Pontotoc co., Oklahoma.
  • Eula Mae Millican, born May 21, 1914, Steedman, Pontotoc co., Oklahoma.
  • Dorothy Weneford Millican, born May 19, 1920, Coleman, Johnston co., Oklahoma.
Son George J. Richey was born Sep. 1881 Texas.  George died April 13, 1901 McKinney, Collin co., Texas and was buried in Altoga cemetery, Altoga, Collin co., Texas.  
Son Andrew James Melvin "Mel" Richey was born Feb. 28, 1883 (1885) Collin co., Texas.  He married Katie Marie Chastain, June 22, 1905 Collin co., Texas.  Katie died June 1, 1916 Wood co., Texas.  He married  Hilda E ?? 

Mel died July 24, 1953 Houston, TX and was buried in Brookside Memorial, Houston, Harris co., Texas.
  • Dick Clarence Richie, born April 11, 1906, McKinney, Texas.
  • Austin Lewis Richie, born Jan. 5, 1908 McKinney, Texas.
  • Ervin Richie, born May 24, 1911 McKinney, Texas.
  • Claude Damon Richie, born June 17, 1914, Wood co., Texas.
1900 TX, Collin co., McKinney
(with parents)

1910 TX, Collin co., McKinney

1920 TX, Tarrant co., Fort Worth

1930 TX, Nueces co., North Beach

1940 TX, Harris co., Houston
  John and Amanda also had four other children that died young according to the 1900 census.


There was a death certificate filed 1917 for a man identified as "Andrew Milban Richey" who was killed on the Interuban between Dallas and Fort Worth.  The death certificate indicated he was the son of John & Amanda Richey and the body was identified by Dave Johnson (husband of Rhoda Richey). An obituary was also printed in the Fort Worth and McKinney newspapers indicating the same identity.   Evidently the body was misidentified and Andrew's whereabouts were unknown.

When Andrew James Melvin Richey filed for the 1942 draft he purposely gave a wrong birthplace claiming he was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi.