Dawes Enrollment Cards Databases

National Archives
Dawes Enrollment Cards database
(1898-1907, 1914)

The staff at the National Archives and Records Administrations has transcribed all the names (including parents) from the Dawes enrollment cards for the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Delaware, Mississippi Choctaws (also rejected), and Seminole tribes into electronic databases that can be searched online at Access Genealogy. The Dawes cards were compiled from 1898 to 1907, with a few additions in 1914, but, most of the cards were compiled between 1899 and 1901.   There are some early 1896 Dawes applications that were later rejected.   See a microfilm list of Dawes enrollment applications and cards.

Contact the SW National Archives branch to order copies of the Dawes enrollment cards.   Ordering info.

A Dawes enrollment card example.   Use this Dawes abstraction form to take notes from the Dawes cards.

For more information on the Dawes enrollment process for the Creeks see "The Dawes Commission and the Enrollment of the Creeks" by Kent Carter.

Also, you can search an online version of the Dawes Creek Enrollment cards database hosted at Quickbase.com.  The type denotes whether the listing is from a "by blood (BB)", "minor (M)", or "newborn (NB)" Creek Dawes card. "Parent (P)" is the name listed as the parent on the Dawes card.  You can change the view according to "type". This database is effectively an online version of the index to "Campbell's Abstract".  In 1915 John Bert Campbell produced a detailed abstraction of (and index to) the Creek Dawes cards. For a facsimile of the original 1915 abstract visit the ChiefMcIntosh.com website.