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This is a transcription of a few smaller Seminole & Apalachicola Indian Emigration muster rolls and letters from National Archives microfilm series M234, rolls 290, 291, 806 and 807. Series M234 reproduces letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs. Rolls 806 and 807 contains correspondence relating to Seminole Emigration from 1827 to 1859. Rolls 290 and 291 contains correspondence relating to Florida Superintendency Emigration from 1828 to 1853. Many of these are very hard to read and there are no doubt mistakes in the transcriptions. More background information regarding the transcribed records below can usually be found in the letters preceeding and following the record, on the microfilm.

The Indians were usually collected at Tampa Bay, Florida and from there taken to New Orleans, Louisianna and then to Fort Gibson, Indian Territory where they were officially recorded as having arrived.

[* Information from the Arkansas Gazette]

1838 Emigrants

The following 4 groups were emigrated together. This party left Pensacola, Florida on Oct. 29, 1838 and arrived at New Orleans on Nov. 2, 1838. They arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas on board the steam boat "Rodney" in November 1838.  They were conveyed to Fort Gibson on board the steam boat "North St. Louis" but the boat ran a ground near Cadron, Arkansas. This group finally arrived on January 10, 1839.   * November 28, 1838.

  • A letter from Daniel Boyd, Nov. 11, 1838.

  • A muster roll of 32 Apalachicola Indians belonging to Blunts Tribe
  • A muster roll of 126 Apalachicola Indians belonging to Walker's town.
  • A muster roll of 81 Apalachicola Indians belonging to Econ chatta Micco's town.
  • A muster roll of 37 Apalachicola Indians received from Lt. Berrian at Dog Island.

  • A muster roll of 272 Seminoles who arrived January 10, 1839. Many of the persons appear on the list of claims below.

1839 Emigrants

1841 Emigrants

1842 Emigrants

1843 Emigrants

1850? Emigrants


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