The migration and surname listings on this page are primarily those of the blood relations of our Cohen family. But we also have studied many families intensely which are not listed below, who are relatives of our relatives. So, if the information you see below does not fit what you know about your particular family, please do also use our personal FreeFind site search to see if you can find your family elsewhere on our website or in our Family Trees.

Where We Lived and When

This listing shows the time periods that I am sure our families lived where they lived. If you notice any errors, or have additional information about dates or places, let me know.

BERNSTEIN  Suwalki, Poland > New York and Los Angeles (United States) 1870's until now
BLUMSTEIN/BLOOMSTEIN  Russia (Makow, Warsaw, Poland) 1870's > England 1890's > United States (California) 1906 to now
COHEN/KAPLANSKY  Lithuania > Russia (aka Prussia/Germany) > Wales 1880's > United States 1888 until now
   (Connecticut 1890-92, Pennsylvania 1896, Missouri 1900, California 1903 to present)
FELDBERG  Poland/Russia > United States 1880's until now
GROSSMAN  Russia or Poland > United States abt. 1888 > Seattle, Washington 1895 > New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada 1898-1901 > United States about 1902 until present
   (New York City 1903, California about 1906 until now)
JACOBS  Telsiai, Lithuania (Russia) > England (Manchester, Liverpool, Canterbury, Sunderland 1869-81, Bristol 1890 on) and also some to Wales by the mid-1880's, and some to Australia and South Africa since the early 1900's.
KAMINSKY  Sarny and Osova (Volhynia, Russia/Poland) 1850 > United States (1908 to present, especially Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio), one branch to Argentina (early 1930's)
KASLE   Russia (Osova, Rovna) and/or Poland (Minsk) > United States 1900-1910 until present (initially Michigan and Ohio)
TENNEBAUM/TENNENBAUM/TENNABAUM/TENEBAUM   Rovney, Volhynia, Russia (now Ukraine) (1850) > Winnipeg, Canada (about 1882-1895) > California about 1895 until present
VISHNICK/VISHNEK Poland (Makova/Makow and Lomza) 1800's > England 1890's to present > some migrated to United States ~1900-1910 to present
WEINZIMMER Poland (Mishnitz, Lomza) 1800's > United States 1880's > Cleveland 1890's to about 1900 > Chicago 1900

Surnames Taken by Our Descendants

This listing is very incomplete, as I am adding names as I work on each branch. If you belong to my family and you notice that your's or another's surname is missing, let me know and I will add it quickly if you wish.

ABRAHAMS  Corkland, Dubos, Ells, Franco, Horwitz, Lerman, Levitt, Matthews, Rabkin, Romoff, Rose, Rosen, Roy, Swerling, Targovnick/Targovnik, Young
BLUMSTEIN/BLOOMSTEIN    Abrams, Bloom, Granot, Grossman, Leavitt, Rubin, Sadick, Schoenfeld, Schwartz, Shabashov, White
COHEN/KAPLANSKY    Cooper, Herrin, Kollmyer, Lydon, McKnight, Sarver, Schneider, Speizer, Suarez
FELDBERG/FELBERG  Bendersky, Berger, Friedlander, Gilberg, Irlen, Jacobson, Jenkins, Johnson, Knee, Lauer, Liss, Maro, Netzky, Rosen, Rosenbaum, Rudy, Tagrin, Vishnick, Weinzimmer
GROSSMAN    Almada, Cohen, Jones, Koons, Lerman, Ramirez, Schell, Smith, Williamson
JACOBS/JACOB  Abelson, Abrahams, Berner, Cohen, Goldberg, Heyne, Horwood, Levine, Wyburn, Zolty
KAMINSKY/Kamieneiki/Kamieniecki/Cominski   Charaff, Goldberg, Gordon, Joffe, Kamen, Kasle, Krivoshey, Lybeck, Markowitz, Nelson, Rutstein, Shapiro, Tennebaum, Waddell
KASLE/KOZEL/KOZOIL   Abrams, Black, Brown, Burstein, Cartlidge, Feldman, Greenson, Gudema, Jones, Leff, Liebman, Nelson, Petricoff, Pollens, Roskin, Rothstein, Sakols, Simon, Smith, Steinberg, Stutz, Taylor
TENNEBAUM/TENNENBAUM/TENNABAUM/TENEBAUM   Callen, Clapkin, Cohen, Hogan, Hubbell, Leibman, Levin, Levy, Oppenheimer, Rabinovich, Reed, Stone, Titus, Wayne, Weinstock, Weiser, Williams
VISHNICK/VISHNEK/WIZNIK   Adams, Antosiewicz, Baran, Barusch, Blumstein, Broida, Countryman, Dean, Depper, Erdman, Forman, Gilberg, Godfrey, Heller, Hershel, Hilby, Hougham, Klein, Kulik, Levy, Lightner, Lustig, Mayer, McFetridge, Pactor, Phillips, Pollack, Portman, Regan, Saugstad, Seches, Willinger, Winitz

Maiden Names of Matriarchs

This is a partial listing of the maiden names of women who married, or whose descendants married, into branches or twigs of our family tree. I am adding names as I work on each branch. If you belong to our family and you notice any errors, or that your grandmother's, great-grandmother's, or another matriarch's maiden name is missing, let me know and I will add it quickly if you wish.

BLUMSTEIN/BLOOMSTEIN   Budskanski, Gold, Kvitsky, Lichtig, Marcus, Roswell, Tischler, Vishnick, Weinberg, Wolfson
FELDBERG/FELBERG  Berger, Braudt, Cohen, Duby (Dubinsky/Dubinovsky), Hampston, Handler, Hurwitz, Kram, Liss, Pitlack
GROSSMAN    Akins, Bernstein, Bradley, Cowell, Duncan, Frame, Kasviner, Kizer, Kuznetz, Shatkin, Sosnowitz, Tannenbaum, Udovich
JACOBS    Figenbone, Fremason (or possibly Fromson, transliteration unclear), Kraum, Levy, Morris, Oppenheim, Sacof (Sacov), Sagaloff, Salomon, Wilkes
KAMINSKY   Belce (Belco), Dworkin, Newman (Naiman), Silverstein, Sokolov, Tell, Weinstein
KASLE   Ammerman, Baer, Klepper, Lewis, Neifeld, Pollock, Rosenzweig, Silverstein, Singer, Sott, Tuschman
TENNEBAUM/TENNENBAUM   Ballen, Broudy, Factor, Goldman, Kaufman, Rosenberg, Rothblatt, Scheideman, Stein, Sternberg, Tovaroski
VISHNICK/VISHNEK   Belzman, Bressler, Cohen, Feldberg, Gayetty, Goldstein, Josephson, Miller, Moscovit, Weisgarber

Other Families Related to Us

We have not yet identified the exact links, but are certain that the following families are also related to us. The Palestrants are related to the Vishnicks, the Greenbaums are related to the Blumsteins or Vishnicks, and the Finkelsteins are related to the Cohens or Jacobs, and the Wyshniaks are related to the Vishnicks. If you find your family listed here, please get in touch. Also note there are different Finkelstein and Greenberg families than the ones mentioned below, who are distantly related to our Weinzimmers.

GREENBAUM/GRUNBAUM/GRUENBAUM/GRYNBAUM Poland > living Brooklyn 1905 (could be Brooklyn, New York or Brooklyn Township, Oakland, California)
FINKELSTEIN  Caplan, Heyman, Kaplan
Migration: Poland/Russia > United States 1890 > Massachusetts 1893 > Scranton, Pennsylvania 1900 > Oakland, California 1908
PALESTRANT/PALESTINE/TRENT  Cohen, Firth, Hare, Hoffman, Trent
Migration: Makow (Makova), Lomza, Poland/Russia > Leeds and London, and then some to Cape Town and New York.
Migration: Poland/Russia > Ireland and England and Israel

Other Families of Interest

We also are researching the genealogy of the following families. They are related to our direct line families by marriage, or are our friends. Feel free to contact us for more information about them.

BLONDIN Poland > England - married Figenbone
BUROS Russia > Ohio > Arizona - married Lichtig
GEIGER Russia or Germany > Louisiana - friend of Gilberg
GITTLESON Russia > Wales - married Abrahams
LEVITT Russia > New York > California - married Grossman
POOKMAN Russia > Kentucky and California - friend of Cohen
SCHULMAN Poland/Russia > California - married Levitt
STEINER New York > California - friend of Cohen
WEINZIMER/WAJNCYMER Kolno and Bialystok > Chile, Israel and United States - cousins of our Weinzimmers
WEISS Hungary > Ohio > Colorado - married Lichtig

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