We have five Feldberg ancestors in our family tree who were probably born between about 1850 and 1875 in the areas of Warsaw and Lomza, Poland: Esther, Chana, Morris, Rose and Sarah.

We know that Esther and Chana were sisters, and also that Morris Feldberg was a brother of the sisters Rose and Sarah. However, we do not know at this point whether all five were also siblings or if these five Feldbergs were simply cousins.

The two sisters, Esther and Chana Feldberg, were both born, and passed away as well, in the area of Warsaw or Lomza, probably in Makow or Makova, which I understand had all records destroyed in a fire in 1898. We are guessing that they were born somewhere between about 1840 and 1870.

Esther Feldberg: married Lazarus Vishnick before 1870, died before 1873
Annie Feldberg: married Lazarus Vishnick somewhere between 1871 and 1874, died after 1891

The first sister, Esther Feldberg, married Lazarus Vishnick, who was a tailor born in Lomza, Poland. Then, starting with the birth of Malka or Amelia Vishnek in 1870, they had two or three children, including their son Morris, who was born about 1871, before she apparently passed away.

Her sister, Chana Feldberg (aka Annie), then married Lazarus, and had at least four or five children in Makow, Lomza, Poland with him, including Philip, Esther, Chawa, Leah and Joseph, all born between 1881 and 1891. You can read more about the descendants of Lazarus, Esther and Chana Vishnick by visiting our Vishnick page.

As mentioned above, we know through Morris Vishnick, the son of Lazarus Vishnick and Esther Feldberg Vishnick, that Esther and and her sister Chana, were somehow related to the three other Feldbergs ancestors we have who came to the United States in the late 1800's: Morris and his sisters, Rose, and Sarah, all three born between 1857 and 1872. It seems highly likely that Sarah, Morris and Rose were siblings of Lazarus' wives Esther and Chana, but we do not have any proof.

Sarah Feldberg 1858-1917 (married Barnet Gilberg, lived Alexandria, Louisiana)
Morris Feldberg 1864-1925 (married Sarah Lazarus in Poland, lived Chicago, Illinois)
Rose Feldberg 1873-1953 (married Meyer Weinzimmer, lived Chicago, Illinois)

We do not know who the parents of Esther and Annie Felberg were. However, we do know from Morris Feldberg's tombstone and his and his sister's death certificates, that the father of Morris and his sisters Sarah and Rose, was Yitzkhak (Isaac) Feldberg, and that his mother was Leah Liss.

If you know or are a member of the Feldberg or other family written about here, please note that we are not mentioning, in this narrative, the names of people if they or their siblings are still living, in order to protect the privacy of the living. Our family tree does, however, include the names of deceased relatives, whether or not they are survived by any living siblings. If you are a member of our family, find any errors, or have more information you would like to see added to this narrative, please do contact us.

Sarah Feldberg and Barnet Gilberg

Sarah Feldberg was born in Russia or Germany about 1857. In about 1878, she married Barnet Gilberg, who was a tailor who was born in Poland, Russia, or Germany about 1857. They apparently had no children themselves, but adopted Amalia Vishnick's daughter Bertha, who was born in New York in September 1886 or 1887. Bertha Gilberg married Samuel Broida about 1908, and the Broidas had three children in Louisiana.

Morris Feldberg

Sarah and Rose Feldberg's brother Morris lived in Chicago. He was a tailor born in Warsaw about 1865, and immigrated to the United States in 1880. He married his wife Sarah about 1881, and they had seven children. Their daughter Beckie (Beatrice) Feldberg was born in Makova, Russia (now in Poland) in 1884. Their sons George (1887-1955) and Isadore (also know as Ike, Izzy, Issy) (1888-1955) were born in New York, their twin daughters Mary (Marian, Marion) Feldberg (1890-1964) and Esther Feldberg (1890-1966) were born in Missouri, and their daughters Bertha Feldberg (1895-1974) and Eva Feldberg (1896-1956) were born in Illinois.

For more information about Morris and Sarah Feldberg and their descendants, click here.

Rose Feldberg and Meyer Weinzimmer

Rose Feldberg was born in Russia or Poland in November 1872 and immigrated to the United States about 1885. In about 1891, she married Meyer Weinzimmer, who was a tailor and retail clothier who was born in Russia or Poland in September 1867. He immigrated to the United States about 1880, and was naturalized in about 1883. For more information about Meyer and Rose Weinzimmer and their eight children, click here.

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