The tailor Elias Jacobs and his wife Sarah were both born in Russia somewhere between about 1833 and 1840. According to census records, they were from Teluzk, Russia, which is probably the Telz, also referred to as Telshe or Telsiai, of modern Lithuania. For histories of the area at http://www.jewishgen.org, click here and here, and for geography, map, and more resources about Telz, click here.

Elias and Sarah Jacobs, along with their first two children, Esther and Samuel Jacob, immigrated from Russia to England somewhere between 1867 and 1869. Their surname was recorded as Jacob in the 1871 British Census, and their children Jane and Israel both bore the Jacob surname on their birth certificates. However, by the time of the birth of Etta Jacobs in 1878, the family surname had changed to Jacobs.

They were living in Warwickshire in 1871, and at 43 Pemberton in Sunderland in Durham County, England at the 1881 Census. Their children were Esther Jacob born in Russia about 1862, Samuel Jacobs born in Russia about 1867, Jane Jacob born in 1869, Israel Jacob born in Liverpool in 1874, Etta Jacobs born in Kent, Canterbury about 1878, and Sophia Jacobs born in 1880 or 1881 in Sunderland.

Sarah's maiden name is spelled various ways on her childrens' birth certificates, and we do not know what it actually was, except that it clearly sounded something like Fromshum, Fromzon, Fermazin, or Fremason. If Sarah Fremason Jacobs had any siblings or cousins in England, they may well have gone by the surname of Fromson, Frumson, or even Franzen. If you happen to be researching family from Lithuania or Prussia with a name sounding like Fromson or Fermazen, please do contact us.

Something must have drawn the family to Sunderland, and they went at a time when the Jewish community seems to have many, many Jews from Kretinga in Lithuania. For an interesting history of the Jewish community in Sunderland, click here. One of the leaders of the Jewish community in the late 1800's was an Israel Jacobs from Kretinga. It is not clear when he immigated to Sunderland, but might he have been a relative of ours? But whether or not he was, our family did not remain in Sunderland, moving to Cardiff by 1891.

By 1891, Sarah and Elias Jacob were living in Cardiff with their daughter Sophia, with no "S" in the surname again. In fact, it seems that most of the Jacobs family was in Wales in 1891. Their son Samuel and daughter Hettie were in Bristol, but Esther and Jane were also in Cardiff with their husbands and children in 1891.

If you know or are a member of one of the families mentioned here, please note that we are not listing the names of people if they or their siblings are still living, in order to protect the privacy of the living. If you find any errors, or have more information you would like to see added to this page, please do contact us.

To see our family tree for Elias Jacobs and his descendants, check out our Jacobs Family Tree Home Page which has links to branches of the tree and a down to earth explanation of how to navigate it.


Sarah and Elias' oldest daughter, Esther Jacobs was born in Russia about 1863. She married the tailor Coleman Abrahams (aka Colman Abraham), who was born about 1859 and was also from Russia. They married in Canterbury in 1879. They were living in the town of Christ Church, England in 1881, but by 1891 had moved to the city of Cardiff in Glamorgan County, Wales. Their children included Hettie (Ettie), Marks (Mark), Rebecca, Israel, Samuel, Solomon, Leah, Lena, and Bessie, all born between about 1880 and 1900. For more complete information about the genealogy of Coleman and Esther Abrahams and their descendants, you can click here.


Elias' oldest son, Samuel Jacobs, married Mary Figenbone in Bristol, England in June 1889. Mary was a daughter of the tailor Archer (Arther) Figenbone and his wife Dinah Figenbone, and the sister of Fanny Figenbone, who married and had a family with Lewis (Louis) Blondin (Blondman).

Samuel and Mary Jacobs's children included Simeon, Lilly, Harry, Israel, Rosie, Hetty, and Arthur Jacobs, all born in Bristol between 1890 and 1906.

Samuel and Mary's eldest son, Simeon Jacobs, married Annie Sacof in 1919. They had two children, both of whom married and had children.

Lilly Jacobs, who was born about 1892 in Bristol, married Barry Levine. They had two daughters, Marie and Joyce, and one son, Leon. Lilly Levine unfortunately passed away after the birth of their son. Marie and Joyce Levine were then taken care of by their grandmother and one or more aunts, and never married. Their son Leon Levine, who was adopted by the Berner family after Lilly's death, married and had one child.

Harry Wolfe Jacobs, also known as Henry, was born in Bristol in 1895. He married Marie Wilkes and they had one child, who has also married and had a family.

Israel Jacobs, who was also known as Rael and as Jack Jacobs, was born about 1897 in Bristol, married Belle Morris, and was a Dental Surgeon. The couple did not have any children.

Rosie Jacobs was born in 1901 in Bristol, and passed away in Bristol in 1976. She never married.

Esther Jacobs, who went by Hetty, was born in Bristol in 1903. She married Dr. Ernest Abelson, and they had no children.

Arthur Jacobs, who was born about 1905 in Bristol, married Eileen Salanson (surname changed by her father from Salomon) in Bristol in 1929. They had one son.


Jane Jacobs, who also went by Jennie and Julia, married David Cohen in Wales in 1886. The couple immigrated to the United States about 1888, where they had two children. Their son Max Harris Cohen, also known as Harry, was born in 1890 in New Britain, Connecticut, and his sister Sarah Lillie was born in 1896, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. For more information about the family of David and Jane Cohen, click here.


Israel Jacobs was born in Liverpool in May 1874, and was apparently Samuel's only brother. He was living with the family in Sunderland at the time of the 1881 Census, but we have been unable to find out what happened to him after 1881. One family member recalled hearing that Samuel Harris Jacobs had a brother who married a non-Jew and "went to America," and this is very likely to be Israel, but we have not yet been able to substantiate this.

There are many Israel Jacobs listed in the U.S. Federal Census Records who were born in the 1870's. Although very few were born in England according to the records, a number of them are listed as having been born in Russia and it is possible that one of them might be him, since place of birth is often misrepresented in this type of record, and it is possible he or his wife or children thought he was born in Russia, where his parents were from.

We are studying the records of various men with this name, attempting to determine which of them might be our ancestor. So, if you are a descendant of an Israel Jacobs who was born around 1874, please do contact us.


Etta Jacobs was living in Bristol with her oldest brother Samuel and his wife and family at the time of the 1891 Census. She was listed as Hetty Jacobs, and working as a "shop assistant" at that time.

Then, Hettie Jacobs married the tailor Solomon Isaac Goldberg in Cardiff in 1895. They were living in Cardiff at the time of the 1901 Census, but migrated to the United States in 1902. By 1903, they had settled in Oakland in Alameda County, California, the same town that Hettie's sister Jane was living in at the time. Hettie's husband Solomon ran a tailor shop across the Bay in San Francisco.

Hettie and Solomon Goldberg did not have any children. Hettie passed away in Oakland on August 10, 1930, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California.


In 1898, Elias' youngest daughter, Sophia Jacobs, married the tailor Henry Aaron Cohen, who was a son of the glazier Casper Cohen. At the time of the 1901 Census, when they were living in Bristol, the children of Sophia and Henry Cohen included Newman Meyer Cohen, who was born in Cardiff about 1899, and Sarah Lilian Cohen, who was born in Bristol in 1900. They had at least one more son and two more daughters. Henry Aaron Cohen passed away in December 1937, and Sophia Cohen passed away in June 1942. Both were buried in Ridgeways Cemetary in Bristol.


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