Our Kaminsky Kasle Tennebaum family tree is an outgrowth of the family history research of Kaminsky, Kasle, and Tennebaum family members performed over the last half century. Originally at Rootsweb's World Connect project at http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=kaminsky, our Kaminsky Kasle Tennebaum Family Tree now has two versions, and has been split into three branches at one of them.. There is a less up to date but more fully featured graphically based copy of the tree containing all three families at http://kaminskytree.tribalpages.com/. But the most up to date version at http://thecohens.theunixplace.com/trees/kaminsky/ has now been split into three branches to enable more frequent updating, and you can visit the specific trees for our Kaminsky family, for our Kasle family, and for our Tennebaum family branches. Our site at theunixplace may go down occasionally, due to system upgrades, but generally will be back within a few minutes or hours, so try again if it is not reachable.

Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy the information and guided tour below explaining how to maximize the family tree features available here at Rootsweb.


Rachel Kamienecka Tennebaum
Tewia Kaminsky
Feige Kaminsky Kasle
The Silversteins

The vignettes below give quick links to family tree pages for the three siblings Feiga, Rachael and Tevye Kaminsky and their families. For more complete discussion of our family history, see our Kaminsky family, Kasle family, and Tennebaum family genealogy pages.

If you know which branch you belong to, you can use these links to take you right to your ancestors' pages. If you do not know which branch you belong to, then you can either go directly to the name index in our combined tree at http://kaminskytree.tribalpages.com/, use the freefind box at the bottom of the page for our Kaminsky tree at theunixplace, read the section below about how to navigate the tree, or ask for help by sending an email to us.

Also, no matter whether you are a member of our Kaminsky, Kasle, or Tennebaum family or extended families wanting to say hello, or someone finding any errors in the narrative or tree or having more information you would like to see added to this narrative, please do email us.

Sarah Rachel Kamienecka and Israel Tennebaum

Israel's Profile Page (Graphical)
Rachel's Profile Page (Graphical)
Israel's Profile - Text Version
Rachel's Profile - Text Version
    Tennebaum Family Descendant Chart
Tennebaum Descendant Report
Tennebaum Descendants - Updated (text version)

Rachel Kaminsky and Israel Tennebaum were married and started their family in or near the area of Osowa, Poland that was under Russian rule at that time. They later moved to Canada about 1882, and then on to the United States. They had ten children who survived to adulthood: Bessie, Charles, Donald, Dora, Esther, James, Leah, Mary, Rose and Simon, and links to specific family tree pages for their children are provided below. For more complete discussion of their family history, see our Tennebaum Family genealogy page.

Children and their Spouses
   Personal Pages    Family Tree Charts and Reports
Bessie Tennebaum and Albert Titus
   Albert's Profile - Text Version
Bessie's Profile - Text Version
   Titus Descendants (Graphical)
Titus Descendant Report
Charles Tennebaum and Pauline Rosenberg
   Charles' Profile - Text Version
Pauline's Profile - Text Version
   Charles & Pauline's Descendants - Graphical
Charles Descendant Report
Donald Tennebaum and Alice Bettman
   Donald's Profile - Text Version
Alice's Profile - Text Version
   Donald's Pedigree - Graphical
Donald's Ahnentafel Report
Dora Tennebaum and Joseph Levin
   Joseph's Profile - Text Version
Dora's Profile - Text Version
   Levin Descendant Tree (Graphical)
Levin Descendant Report
Esther Tennebaum and Jacob Weinstock
   Jacob's Profile - Text Version
Esther's Profile - Text Version
   Weinstock Descendants - Graphical
Weinstock Descendant Report
James Tennebaum
   James' Profile - Text Version
   James' Pedigree - Graphical
James Ahnentafel Report
Leah Tennebaum and Charles Rabinovich
   Leah's Profile - Text Version
   Leah's Pedigree - Graphical
Leah's Ahnentafel Report
Mary Tennebaum and Max Harris Cohen
   Max Harris' Profile - Text Version
Mary's Profile - Text Version
   Cohen Family Descendants - Graphical**
Cohen Descendant Report**
Rose Tennebaum and Arthur Oppenheimer
   Arthur's Profile - Text Version
Rose's Profile - Text Version
   Oppenheimer Descendants - Graphical
Oppenheimer Descendant Report
Simon Harry Tennebaum
   Simon's Personal Page (Graphical)
Simon's Profile - Text Version
   Simon's Pedigree - Graphical
Simon's Ahnentafel Report
** This link opens a new browser window as it takes you to Harry's family's tree in case you might otherwise have problems returning to this page.

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Tevye Kaminsky and Pearl Naiman

Tevye Kaminsky's Profile - Text Version
Pearl Naiman's Profile - Text Version
    Tevye & Pearl Descendants - Updated (text version)
Tevye & Pearl Descendant Report

Tevye Kaminsky married Pearl Naiman in the area of Osowa, Poland at a time when it was part of Russia. They had at least three children in about the 1880's who we know about for sure, all of whom left and set up homes in either North or South America in the early 1900's before the Holocaust.

If you can help with more information, have any questions, want to just say "hello" or are able to help in any other way (like maybe help find or obtain old family records, or get tombstone photos) please email us.

To learn more about the Kaminsky branch of our Kaminsky family tree, you can also read about Tevye and Pearl Kaminsky and their children on our Kaminsky Family genealogy page.

Children and their Spouses
   Personal Pages    Family Tree Charts and Reports
Bluma Kaminsky and Joseph Gordon
   Bluma's Profile - Text Version
Joseph's Profile - Text Version
   Joseph Gordon Descendants - Graphical
Gordon Descendant Report
Isaac Kaminsky and Sarah Silverstein
   Isaac Kaminsky's Profile - Text Version
Sarah Silverstein's Profile - Text Version
   Isaac & Sarah's Descendants - Graphical
Isaac and Sarah Descendant Report
Salomon Kamienecka and Czerna
   Solomon Kaminsky's Profile - Text Version
Czerna's Profile - Text Version
   Kamienecka Family Descendants - Graphical
Kamienecka Descendant Report

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Feige Kamieniecka and Hyman Kasle

The links below lead to various ancestor and descendant reports for the descendants of Feiga and Hyman Kasle.

Faige Kaminsky's Profile - Text Version
Hyman Kasle's Profile - Text Version
   Hyman & Feige Descendants - Updated (text version)
Fanny & Hyman Descendant Report

Feige Kamieniecka married Hyman Kasle in the area of Osowa, Poland or Mitsk, Belarus at a time when it was part of Russia. They had seven children between about 1885 and 1910 who survived to adulthood: Samuel, Abraham, Joseph, Bella Blanche, Dorothy, Jacob, and Louis.

Feige, Hyman, and their children started immigrating to United States around 1900, all arriving by around 1922. For a more complete discussion about them and their children, visit our Kasle Family genealogy page,

The links below will take you to useful views of the tree for each of Hyman and Feige Kasle's children. Please note that we are working on making the information in the tree more complete, so please do write if you can help by providing or searching for more facts or information.

Children and their Spouses
   Personal Pages    Family Tree Charts and Reports
Abraham Kasle and Pearl Silverstein
   Abraham Kasle's Profile - Text Version
Pearl Silverstein's Profile - Text Version
   Abe & Pearl Descendants - Graphical
Abe Kasle Descendant Report
Bella Blanche Kasle and Oscar Sakols
   Blanche Kasle's Profile - Text Version

Oscar Sakols' Profile - Text Version

   Sakols Descendants - Graphical
Sakols Descendant Report
Dorothy Kasle and Joseph Pollens
   Dorothy Kasle's Profile - Text Version
Joseph Pollens' Profile - Text Version
   Pollens Descendants - Graphical
Pollens Descendant Report
Jacob Kasle, Jennie Pollack and Rae Neifeld
   Jacob Kasle's Profile - Text Version
Jennie Pollock's Profile - Text Version
Rachel Niefeld's Profile - Text Version
   Jacob Kasle's Descendants - Graphical
Jacob's Descendant Report
Joseph Kasle and Rebecca Baer
   Joseph's Profile - Text Version
Rebecca's Profile - Text Version
   Joe Kasle's Descendants - Graphical
Joseph's Descendant Report
Louis Kasle
   Louis Kasle's Profile - Text Version
Charlotte Lewis' Profile - Text Version
   Louis Kasle's Ahnentafel Report  
Samuel Kasle and Hannah Tuschman
   Samuel Kasle's Profile - Text Version
Hannah Tuschman's Profile - Text Version
   Sam Kasle's Descendants - Graphical
Samuel's Descendant Report

If you know more, have any questions, would like to help in any way, or just want to say "hello," please email us.

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Louis and Rose Silverstein

The Silversteins play a key role in our family tree because three of their daughters married into our family: Sarah, Clara, and Pearl. So, the genealogy of their parents, Louis and Rosa Silverstein, is an integral part of our family history.

You can read more about Louis and Rose Silverstein's daughter Pearl's family on our Kasle Family genealogy page, and about their daughters Sarah and Clara on our Kaminsky Family genealogy page.

Personal Pages    Family Tree Charts and Reports
Louis and Rose Silverstein
   Louis Silverstein's Profile - Text Version
Rose Geibell's Profile - Text Version
Silverstein Descendants - Graphical

Silverstein Descendant Report

If you know more about our family, have any questions, find any errors, would like to help in any other way, or just want to say "hello," please email us.

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Kaminsky, Kasle and Tennebaum Trees at TheUnixPlace

The home pages for each of our text-based trees, our Kaminsky family tree (including the Silversteins), our Kasle family tree, and our Tennebaum family tree, each have links to descendant charts for the primary branches represented in that tree.

At the top of most pages you will also find a link to the NAME index for that tree, and at the bottom of every page, there is a FreeFind box which may help you find family members who went by other names than the primary one shown in the NAME index. FreeFind will search all our trees on that site, so if you do not know which branch your ancestors were in, it should help you locate the appropriate pages in our trees there.

The trees consist solely of text based individual profiles which show that person's immediate family members. , To browse the tree, or to find out more about that person's parents, spouses or children, select the name of a in the profile, of either of their parents, or of their spouse or one of their children. Then click on that name to view that family member's profile.

Each person's profile will contain basic birth, marriage and death information, along with the names of the person's immediate family members, as well as any other names to be found for this person. There also is a NOTES section at the bottom of each profile with more information on various topics if that person has notes.

Kaminsky Kasle Tennebaum Tree at TribalPages

Our graphical Kaminsky Kasle Tennebaum Tree is generally less up to date than the trees for the specific branches at http://thecohens.theunixplace.com/trees/, and is more challenging to figure out because there are so many choices about how to view the tree, but it's pages show people's names in boxes so people's relationship are easier to understand.

The HOME PAGE for the graphical version of our merged Kaminsky Kasle Tennebaum tree provides basic information about the tree, and about half way down the page, there is a section for "Getting around the Tree". The information below is meant to supplement that information, explaining how to make choices for viewing different parts and views of the tree.

At the top of almost every page, directly below any ads, is a black menu bar as shown below. Clicking on a word in that menu bar will trigger a dropdown submenu, and will take you to a page of that type in the tree. Below that black menu bar will be a list of the options for that part of the tree.

[tribalpages menu bar]

To start with, you may wish to simply search for a person using the search box on the right of the menu bar, or click on "People" on the menu bar. The resulting choices, shown below, will give you the ability to visit either the "Last Name" or the "Name" index.

[tribalpages menu bar for people]

Choosing "View" on the menu bar provides you with most of the ways available to view information about a particular person in the tree.

[tribalpages menu bar for views]

Then, each page showing information about people in the tree will have a small box displaying a person's name, and selecting a different name in that box will change to a page or report that is for that person. If you are on a VIEW or REPORT page, changing the type of view or report (shown as a list of choices below the black menu bar) will cause the page to change to display that type of view or report for the person already selected.

About Names in Our Trees

In some cases, you will see a plus sign "+" or a question mark "?" after a name. What this means is as follows:

?  single question marks have been appended to the surnames (i.e., a last name) of women whose maiden name is unknown
???  multiple question marks at the end of a name indicate that the full name is not clear in the source data
+  plus signs have been appended to given names (i.e., first names) when it is not clear whether the entry represents information belonging to a new person not currently in the tree, or to someone already in the tree - it is an unattached or possible duplicate entry


This is a partial list of the sources used to construct the tree. If you wish to know exactly which sources were used for information on a specific person in the tree, please do email us.

  1. Interviews with family members
  2. Private family trees
  3. United States Federal Census Records for 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 available online (by subscription and at Public Libraries) at Ancestry.com and at Public Libraries through the Heritage Quest Census database.
  4. United States Federal Census Records for 1930, available online by subscriptions to Ancestry.com and Fold3.com, and at subscribing public libraries.
  5. Canadian Census Records for 1891, 1901, and 1911 available for free at automated genealogy, at subscribing Public Libraries and online via subscription to Ancestry.com
  6. Canadian Census Records for 1916 available for free at subscribing Public Libraries and online via subscription to Ancestry.com
  7. World War I Draft Registration Cards, available online at https://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=6482 by subscription and for free from public libraries, and occasionally for free from Ancestry.Com's special offers
  8. World War II Draft Registration Cards, available online at https://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1002 by subscription, and occasionally for free from Ancestry.Com's special offers
  9. Social Security Death Index, formerly available online for free at http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com, now available from Ancestry.com by paid subscription, or for free from Genealogy Bank, from Familysearch.org, and at subscribing public libraries.
  10. California Death Index 1940 to 1997, formerly at http://vitals.rootsweb.com/ca/death/search.cgi?cj=1&o_xid=0000584, now available for free at https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/2015582
  11. Birth, marriage and death certificates for various family members
  12. Obituaries for various family members
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