Morris Feldberg was a tailor who was born in Warsaw, Russia (now in Poland) about 1865, and immigrated to the United States in 1880. In about 1881, he married his wife Sarah, who was also born in Warsaw. They had seven children: Beckie, born in Makow, Russia (now in Poland), George and Isadore born in New York, Marion and Esther born in Missouri, and Bertha and Eva, who were born in Chicago, Illinois.

Morris Feldberg passed away on May 22, 1925, and his wife, Sarah Feldberg, died on March 1, 1936, both in Chicago, Illinois. For more information about Morris Feldberg's siblings and extended family, click here.

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Beckie Feldberg and Louis Friedlander

Morris and Sarah's first child, Beckie (Beatrice) Feldberg, was born in Makova, Poland in about 1884, and came to the United States as an infant about 1885. She married Louis Friedlander, who was born about 1882 in Russia, and immigrated about 1894. Louis was the manager of a tailor shop according to the 1920 Census, and they had three children in Illinois: Dorothy, Maxine, and Edwin.

Beckie Friedlander passed away in 1943 in Illinois and her husband Louis Friedlander apparently passed away in 1944.

George Feldberg and Anna Handler

George Feldberg (1887-1955) was born in New York, He married Anna Handler (1890-1950) and they had two children. Their son Lester Feldberg (1912-1963) was an accountant who married Libby Kaplan (1911-2008), and they had two sons. Their daughter Leonore Feldberg (1915-2000), who was known as Lee, married Albert Norris (1909-1988) and they had two daughters.

Isadore Feldberg and Ida Cohen

Isadore (also known or listed in records as Ike, Izzy, Issy) (1888-1955) was born in New York, and married Ida Cohen (1891-1978). They had four children, Sidney, Eleanor, Lillian, and Anita. For information about Ida's parents and siblings, click here.

Isadore and Ida's son Sidney Feldberg (1911-1976) married Sarah Duby and had a family. Eleanor Feldberg (1913-1993) married Steven Maro with whom she had three children. Lillian Feldberg (1915-2000) married and had two children with Harold Jacobson. Anita Feldberg (1917-2006) married Manuel Knee and had three children.

Marian Feldberg and David Liss

Morris and Sarah's daughter Mary (Marian, Marion) Feldberg (1890-1964) was born, along with her twin sister Esther, in Missouri. She married David Liss (1890-1961) and they had four sons, Irwin (1913-1982), Melvin (1915-1982), Lester (1917-1994), and Seymour Liss (1921-1991).

Esther Feldberg and Isadore Tagrin

Esther Feldberg (1890-unknown), was born as a twin sister to Mariam Feldberg, in Missouri in 1890. She married Isadore Tagrin and they had three children: Elaine (1915-1992), Sylvia (1917-1999) and Marvin Tagrin (1922-2004). Elaine Tagrin married Irving Rosen, and they had three children. Sylvia Tagrin married Albert Bendersky and they had two children. Marvin Tagrin also married and had a family.

Bertha Feldberg and Joseph Netzky

Bertha Feldberg (1895-1974) was born in Chicago, Illinois. She married Joseph Netzky and they had three sons and a daughter. Joseph Netzky listed himself as a travelling salesman at the time of the 1920 Census, and as a proprietor of a fur store in the 1930 Census.

Eva Feldberg and Jacob Berger

Eva Feldberg (1896-1956) was born in Chicago, Illinois, where she also passed away. She married Jacob Berger (1894-1958), who was a lawyer and also was from Illinois. They had two children in Chicago, Illinois.

Immigration and Birthplace Puzzle

Morris Feldberg was born about 1865, immigrated to the United States in 1880, and married his wife Sarah about 1881. But their daughter Beckie was, according to United States Federal Census data for both 1900 and 1920, born in Russia in 1884. If Morris arrived in the U.S. in 1880, how could he have fathered Beckie in Russia in 1884?

The occupation and dates of immigration, and marriage dates according to the US Census records, are also inconsistent with the information the naturalization card we found on him. Since Barnet Gilberg, Morris' brother-in-law, was the witness to Morris' naturalization on October 3, 1887, we can be fairly certain that this is the correct immigration date and person.

The naturalization card indicates that he was a painter born in February 1864, who arrived in the United States in July 1880. However, he listed his occupation as that of a tailor in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 US Federal Censuses, indicated that he was born either in 1860 or in 1867, and that he immigrated in 1884 or 1885. The census records also indicate that daughter Beckie Feldberg was born in 1884 in Russia, which does not make sense if he came to the US before that, in 1880, unless he went back to Russia to bring the family over, which we believe is the most likely scenario.

If anyone can help us clarify when Morris, his wife Sarah, and Beckie immigrated, please contact us.


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