Please do say "Hi!" by choosing one of the options below for our email whether you are a member of our family, enjoyed your stay here or have anything else to write to us about!

And of course, if you have more information about any of our relatives, or find any mistakes, then we also want to hear from you! Please note that we have done our best to avoid publishing information which could invade the privacy of our living relatives, but if we have failed to do that, please let us know and we will do our best to immediately rectify the problem.

If you already know us and have our phone numbers, we prefer you to contact us by telephone. But if you do not, we apologize that, in order to keep our address from being harvested by spam bots, we are giving you the option of contacting us in one of three ways, instead of just posting our complete email address out in the open. And if you don't hear back soon, please write again, in case we did not get your email:

HEY! We have discovered our Recaptcha/word puzzle was broken, so to get ahold of us, you will need to use either option 2, 3 or 4 below. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will require quite a bit of work to come up with a replacement. Once we come up with a good replacement, we will be able to restore the direct links to an email address directly on our webpages.
  1. (THIS OPTION IS BROKEN, We are looking for a replacement.) You previously could email us after answering a quick and easy word identification, just click here for our exact address.
  2. You can email us at "the cohens in california", changing the spaces between the quote marks to periods, and removing the quote marks, adding an at sign, and then writing the word "gmail" followed by a period and then the word "com".
  3. You can send a message to us through our Blumstein Family Tree at TribalPages. On the Blumstein Family Tree Home Page at TribalPages, you can click to fill out the contact form. Or if that link does not work, in the second short paragraph of the introduction, just to the right of the image of a tree, click where it says "click here" to fill out the form. Be sure to include your email address and who you are writing about.
  4. You can also contact us through the third-party email system at, which is a good idea to register at anyhow, if you are doing Jewish family history research. Their member-only databases are not accessible by external search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and MSN, but they have an amazing amount of information. Do a search for Blumstein in London, Tennebaum in Odesa, or Kaminsky in Osova, and you will find and can then contact us. We are researcher number 276647 at JewishGen.


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