Marcus & Matilda Steward

Marcus & Matilda (Clifford) Steward

Image: Marcus & Matilda Steward

Matilda C. Clifford, Marcus Justus Steward
This photo is in possession of Tom Darland

Marcus Justus Steward was the son of Rev. Justus H. Steward and Amanda Main. He was born on August 6, 1855 in Ashtabula County, Ohio. He moved with his parents b covered wagon to Tama County, Iowa in 1861. He attended school and very early in life decided to study for the ministry. He was united in marriage to Matilda C. Clifford on November 20, 1876. They moved onto the Steward homestead not long after the death of his father.

Their Children are:
Lotta May Steward B-Jan. 21, 1878, in Tama County, Iowa
Elsie Ruth Steward B-Oct.10, 1880, in Tama County, Iowa
Jesse Marcus Steward B-May 19, 1883,  in Tama County, Iowa
Twin: Ada Steward B-Jan 30, 1887, in Tama County, Iowa
Twin: Addie Steward  B-Jan 30, 1887, in Tama County, Iowa
Ruby Agnes Steward B-Jan 18, 1893, in Tama County, Iowa

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