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William Edwards and Grizzell Coleman

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Myth #01 - Some family genealogy trees state this William Edwards was the son of Thomas Nathaniel Edwards who married Isabelle Downing, however other genealogy files show said Thomas Nathaniel Edwards son William born 1720 marrying a different wife with different named children being born almost concurrent with this William Edwards who married Grizzel Coleman.  There is NO PROOF of a relationship, only conjecture.  A well written Blogspot puts forth the hypothesis Thomas Nathaniel Edwards never even existed can be found here "Who was Thomas Nathaniel Edwards?A paper on Estate Fraud and Spurious Pedigrees by Helen Hinchliff, Ph.D. shows there was more than one surname using similar circumstances to fleece money from genealogy researchers.  And a 11/1/1995 Ancestry Magazine article on The Hall-Edwards Estate: Fact or Fiction?.

Myth #02- Some family genealogy trees show this William Edwards wife Grizzel Coleman being born about 1705 King & Queen Co., VA and died  in 20 Feb 1759 Goochland Co. VA. (WikiTreeBUT that was Grizzle (Coleman) Edwards aunt.  The Grizzel Coleman who married William Edwards was mentioned in her father Daniel Coleman  26 Aug 1763 Cumberland Co., VA. will and her mother Patience Elliott's 18 Jul 1771 Cumberland Co., VA. will.  Grizzell (Coleman) Edwards (WikiTree) is later listed as head of household in the 1784 Cumberland Co. VA enumeration/tax list. 

Myth #03 - This William Edwards IS NOT the same William Harrison Edwards who died 30 Apr 1808 (WikiTree) Claiborne County, Tennessee. (Findagrave), as the William Edwards in this profile died before 1784 Cumberland Co., VA (WikiTree) when his wife Grizzel Coleman was listed as head of household and whose estate inventory was entered into Cumberland County, VA court records in Jan. 1786.

NOR is he the William Edwards in this group of Rootsweb family files that state the William Edwards who married Grizzel Coleman died in Gallatin, Kentucky on June 30, 1801.  Doing a search on FamilySearch.org for the surname: 'Edwards' And Residence: 'Gallatin, Kentucky' for Residence Years: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 does not return any Census Record information for Edwards in Gallatin, Kentucky.  Adding 1840 to the list returns two Edwards.  Gallatin County, Kentucky was formed in 1798 and while portions of it were split off in 1819, 1836 & 1838 the U.S. Census records for any Edwards in Gallatin should have still shown up under Gallatin, Kentucky.



William Edwards born about 1725  (ORIGINS(based upon him being an older brother to Andrew Edwards Sr. born abt 1727);  died by/before 1784 Cumberland County, Virginia (Findagrave) based upon Grisel Edwards being listed as head of household in 1784 and the submission of the appraisal of estate in the January 1786 Court.; married Grizzell Coleman [1] daughter of Daniel Coleman born about 1732, on March 27, 1750 in Cumberland County, Virginia.[6]  Grisel Edwards (nee Coleman) died after 1788 (Findagrave) as she last appears in the 1788 Cumberland Co., VA tax list where she was listed as Gilly Edwards. Gilly being a nickname for Grizzle. .  Grizzell Coleman was the daughter of Daniel Coleman, Jr. and Patience Elliot. (See note [22] as this was the niece of the Grizzell Coleman who was born in 1705 King Queen, Virginia and died February 20, 1759 in Goochland County, Virginia.)

27 August 1759 Cumberland Co., VA. Order Book 1756 1762, p. 107 - Andrew Edwards and William Edwards appeared in discharge of the recognizance entered by Andrew before Thomas Davenport, Gentleman, and on hearing the complaint agt. them and John Hamontree making oath and requiring security of the Peace agt. them, ordered Andrew and William be committed to the custody of the sherif until they shall give security (Fretwell 81)

Ancestry DNA shows Shared DNA matches between descendants of the William Edwards in this profile, and descendants of Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 whose son Andrew Edwards died in Laurens County, SC in 1819.

26 August 1760 Order Book 1756 1762, p. 254,
On the motion of John Hamontree, a Witness for Martin Richardson against Thomas Broom, It is ordered that Martin pay him fifty pounds of tobacco for two days attendance (Fretwell 125). Other witnesses for Martin Richardson granted similar motions were Adcock Hobson, Samuel Atkinson and Isaac Beacham. Witnesses for Thomas Broom granted similar motions were Andrew Edwards, William Edwards, Elizabeth Palmer and George Palmer.

22 June 1765 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture between William Edwards and Andrew Edwards for the sum of 5 shillings has bargained and sold a tract of land on Grooms Quarter Creek containing 200 acres. Said lands adjoin lands owned by William Edwards, moiety of 400 acres granted to the said William Edwards by Patent bearing the date XV th day of August MDCCLXIIII for 40 shillings.

20 April 1771 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture between William Edwards and Andrew Edwards for and in consideration of one bay mare and a colt and four head of cattle to him delivered by Andrew Edwards doth bargain and sell one tract of land on Grooms Quarter Creek 100 acres of the 400 acres granted to William Edwards bearing the patent date 15 August 1764, adjoining the 200 acres previously purchased by Andrew Edwards


Their children were:

1. Daniel Coleman Edwards born 1750 Cumberland County ( Findagrave )Virginia; died November 23, 1832 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; his Obituary was published in the Lynchburg Virginia December 24, 1832 newspaper; Married Mary Allen (aka 'Polly') about 1775.   In colonial times there was a considerable distance (90 miles) between Bedford County, Virginia and Cumberland County, Virginia.  Would his parents have really made this journey during a pregnancy and then returned to Cumberland County or is it two different Daniel Edwards? The 1790 Virginia Tax List has Daniel Edwards in both Bedford & Campbell Counties, Virginia. The 1800 Virginia Tax List has Daniel Edwards in Henrico, Isle Wright, Northumberland and a Daniel C. Edwards in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  No 'Edwards' were listed on the Pittsylvania County, Virginia Tax Lists for: 1782, 1783, 1784, 1785 For U.S. Census Records no Edwards are found in the 1790, 1800 and 1810 records, but Daniel C. Edwards, George Edwards, and William H. Edwards show up in the 1820 U.S. Census Record. There's also a Daniel Edwards in 1820 resided in Cumberland County, Virginia. Although there are marriage records for Judah Edwards (June 16, 1806), Mary Edwards (September 1, 1819), Nancy Edwards (April 19, 1819), Elizabeth Edwards (August 1817) with father listed as Daniel C. Edwards.

Daniel C. Edwards is noted in the Will of William Witcher probated in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on the 18th of July 1808 as having land bounded by John Smith, John Witcher, Daniel C. Edwards and William Swanson Jr., on the north side of Pigg River.

The children of Daniel Coleman Edwards and Mary 'Polly' Edwards were: Judith "Judah" Edwards b. 1785 (married John Reuben Witcher), Daniel Coleman Edwards b. 1786 (married Jane Dalton), Gideon Edwards b. 1788, George A. Edwards b. 1790, Mary Polly Coleman Edwards b. abt 1792, Elizabeth 'Betsy' Edwards b. 1794, William Edwards b. 1796, Nancy Ann Edwards b. 1798, Gilly Edwards b. abt. 1800, John Edwards b. 1806.  The given names 'Daniel Coleman', 'Gideon' and 'Gilly' show up in succeeding generations for Daniel's brother William, so that tends to tie this Daniel to the below brother William.

2. Gideon Edwards born 29 Aug 1751 (*) in Cumberland County, Virginia. A portion of his maternal grandparents estate was left to Gideon. [4]  Gideon Edwards married Nancy Anna Perkins in April 1775 (*) , Buckingham County, Virginia. Ann was the daughter of Hardin and Sarah Price Perkins of Buckingham County, Virginia. She was born in Buckingham County in 1757. According to family letters, Hardin and Sarah Perkins had an "excellent farm" on the James River in Buckingham County and raised their family "well to do". Meshack Franklin's older brother, Jesse Franklin had married Ann's younger sister, Mary "Meeky" (or Maacah) Perkins. Ann died in Surry Co., North Carolina in 1820. 

* - Some trees have his birth date as 29 Aug 1751 and others have 29 Aug 1763.  If the marriage occurred in April 1775, then Gideon Edwards was 11 years 7 months old when he married Nancy Ann Perkins using the 1763 year which is unlikely. 1751 as his birth year is reinforced by Nancy Anna Perkins 1757 birth year.  In Colonial times females typically married at 18 and men at 21 years of age.

By August 1778 Gideon was in Surry Co. North Carolina as he appears in Court Minutes serving on a jury: Abner Phillips, WM. Denny, Ezeriah Denny, Joshua Freeman, William Freeman, Obediah Martin, Salichial Martin, James Bryson, Jacob Sheppard, Obediah Berge, Abraham Downey, & Gideon Edwards appointed jury to view lands entered by Jonathan Wagner for iron works & adjudging whether said lands are fit for cultivation.

The 1782 Surry County, N.C. tax list shows him with 444 acres on Fishers River.  The 1785 and 1786 tax lists of Capt. Willis show Gideon Edwards with 500 acres, 1 wp, 6 bp.

Gideon became a prominent planter in Surry Co., North Carolina, where he owned 1440 acres near Fisher River. In the early 1800s, he owned over thirty slaves, some purchased from a trader in Craven, South Carolina. He served one term in the House of Commons in 1789. He was elected to the state Senate in 1791-1803, 1809. He was a delegate to the Fayetteville Convention that ratified the United States Constitution. In 1799,

Gideon Edwards built the "Edwards-Franklin House," circa 1799 on land he bought in 1795 from Colonel Martin Armstrong, the house now restored is owned by the Surry County Historical Society, based in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. It was situated on a rocky elevation west of Fisher River, near Skull Camp Mountain and within view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a two-story, frame structure, with a hall-and-parlor design and massive chimneys on both ends. It was only ten miles from the house of Bernard Franklin. Gideon served on the county court with Jesse Franklin, who married his sister-in-law. In 1810, Gideon Edwards owned more than 2000 acres and over thirty slaves. Gideon Edwards died in September 1810.[15] [16]

The will of Gideon Edwards dated April 15, 1810. Wife Anna is to have negroes Hanna, Nicey & Jack. Dau-in-law Patsy Edwards gets negroes Sukey, & Jancy during her widowhood, then they go to my grandau Grazzeal ADC Edwards.  Dau. Milley Franklin, Grandson Gideon E. Franklin. Granddau Ann P. Franklin gets negro girl Malinda. Exrs: Meshack Franklin, Charles Taliafero.  Wit:  Jno Hughes, Geo. McCrais, Martin Burris. Prvd by Burris. Rec. Nov. Ct. 1810.

The children of Gideon Edwards and Nancy Anna Perkins were::

1 - Daniel Edwards
2 - Mildred Edwards b. 1785 (Married: Meshack Franklin on 22 Jan 1802 (Surry Co, NC).)
3 - Hardin Edwards

3.  William Edwards born abt. 1758 Cumberland County, Virginia. Various family files state his full name was John William Edwards, BUT the Marriage Record, tax, census, land indentures and the Estate Appraisal just state William Edwards.   Married Grizzle Ghee  in 1779 Cumberland County, VA.  Listed in the 1782 Cumberland Co., VA tax roll and the 1790 Cumberland Co., VA. tax roll. Ancestry DNA shows a confidence level 'Good' for a match between Flemstead Edwards, Daniel Coleman Edwards and this William Edwards. 

Note: William Edwards married Grizzle Ghee, not Gazelle Ghee as the transcribed marrige record incorrectly states.  (See: Gazelle Ghee vs Grizzle Ghee )

4. Flemstead Edwards born abt. 1760 Cumberland Co., VA.; died btwn 20 Feb 1839 when he signed his will and the 25 March 1839 when his will was probated in Cumberland Co.,VA court.; married Elizabeth Ellyson Johnson on 7 Jan 1780 daughter of John Johnson and Elizabeth Ellyson.  Ancestry DNA shows a confidence level 'Good' for a match between Flemstead Edwards and the William Edwards I believe I descend from.   Listed in the 1782 Cumberland Co., VA tax roll (proves he was born by or before 1761) and the 1790 Cumberland Co., VA. tax roll.

Flemstead Edwards was Surety on the Cumberland Co. VA. Marriage Bond for Lucy Coleman Edwards 25 Oct 1831 marriage to Julius Coleman, and in the same source ( Marriage Records 1749-1840 Cumberland Co. VA. by Katherine B. Elliott ) is Flemstead Edwards 7 Jan 1780 marriage to Elizabeth Ellyson. Most trees list Lucy C. Edwards as the daughter of Flemstead Edwards born abt. 1760. Assuming Elizabeth Ellyson was 18 when she married Flemstead Edwards on 7 Jan 1780, then she would have been 51 years of age (assumes Lucy C. Edwards was born abt. 1813 1831 minus 18 years of age = 1813). Even if you use the 1810 birth year for Elizabeth Ellyson in most trees (assumes age 21 at marriage), the numbers would have Elizabeth Ellyson at age 48. Assuming menopause had already kicked in, I suspect she was more likely the daughter of Flemstead Edwards, Jr. unless this Elizabeth (Ellyson) Edwards died and Flemstead remarried a younger woman.  No proof. Just looking at probable ages of the mother and daughter/g-daughter.

The Daniel C. Edwards in the below record is a different Daniel C. Edwards Jr. or his father Daniel C. Edward the son of William and Grizzle (Coleman) Edwards listed above.  He was most likely a son or grandson of the above Flemstead Edwards.

An October 1815 Cumberland Co., VA Chancery court deposition on page 6 proves Daniel Coleman Edwards  marriage to Elizabeth Eggleston:  Found on the Libraary of Virginia Chancery Court website.

1815 Cumberland Co., VA deposition

June 1831 Tipton Co. TN. land indenture where John Leonard sold to Daniel C. Edwards 125 acres of land in Tipton Co. TN. for $313.50  (FamilySearch)

An 1838 Cumberland Co., VA Chancery court answer to a bill of complaint against Daniel C. Coleman shows he was in Tipton Co., TN in August 1837.

May 1852 the will of Elizabeth Edwards dated 23 July 1848 was proved in Tipton Co. TN. court.  The will  bequeaths to her daughters Rebecca Pryor, Elizabeth Bowman, Sally Pettus, Judith Eggleston, Lucy Ann Matthews $50 against the estate of Daniel C. Edwards provided they relinquish all claims against said estate. Names her Executor as Richard B. Edwards.  Names granddaughter Elliizabeth Jeffries.  Names Richard B. Edwards as her son.  (FamilySearch)


5. Unknown Edwards big enough gap for other children probably female as referenced in the 1760 Cumberland Co., VA Daniel Coleman land indenture whereby Daniel Coleman gave land to his daughter Grissel Edwards, wife of William Edwards and her sons & daughters.

One unproven possibility for a daughter is a Rebecca Edwards.  The refernced will of Andrew Edwards 1724-1775 DOES NOT reference a daughter Rebecca Edwards, but a Rebecca Edwards is stated to have married abt 1770 in Cumberland Co., VA  Robert Scruggs (born abt. 1740). (Reference)  A birth year of 1752 would have her turning 18 in 1770 and of marrying age.  The William Edwards 1725-1784 in this profile died without a will in 1784, so Rebecca Edwards might be one of the daughters referenced in the 1760 Cumberland Co., VA. land indenture.  This might tie in the Benjamin E. Scruggs who filed suit against Grizzle (Ghee) Edwards wife of  the deceased William Edwards 1757-1803 in a 1827 Cumberland Co., VA. Chancery court case to finally divide the estate of William Edwards 1757-1803.

I did show Andrew Edwards 1757-1819 who married Phobe Meador and died in Lauren Co., S.C. as a possible son or nelphew of the William Edwards in this profile.  Based upon a 1774 Cumberland Co., VA will of Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 and a 1778 Cumberlnad Co., VA. land indenture by Elizabeth Edwards to her son Andrew Edwards 1757-1816, he was a nephew of the William Edwards in this profile.


    William Edwards married 1750 Cumberland Co. VA Grizzle Coleman    
  1 3 4 5 6 7
Daniel Colman Edwards Gideon Edwards William Edwards Flemstead Edwards Unkonwn daughter  
Born: 1750 Cumberland Co., VA 29 Aug 1751 Cumberland Co. VA. abt. 1758 Cumberland Co. VA. abt. 1760 Cumberland Co. VA.    
Spouses: Mary Allen Nancy Ann Perkins Grizzle Ghee (not Gazelle ) Elizabeth Ellyson    
Married: 1775 Cumberland Co., VA 1775 Buckingham Co, VA. 1779 Cumberland Co., VA 7 Jan 1780 Cumberland Co., VA    
Estate Settlement: 1832 Pittsylvania Co., VA 10 Apri 1810 Surry, N.C. Dec 1803 Cumberland Co. VA. March 1839 Cumberland Co., VA.  
Grandchild #1 Judith Edwards 1784-1862 Daniel Edwards Nehemiah Edwards 1780-1851 Coleman Edwards    
Grandchild #2 George A. Edwards 1785-1863 Mildred Edwards 1776-1843 William Edwards 1781-1846
m. Martha Coleman
Flemstead Edwards    
Grandchild #3 Gideon Edwards 1788- Hardin Edwards Nancy Edwards 1783-  m. Thomas Coleman George Edwards  
Grandchild #4 Polly 'Dolly' Edwards 1790-1873   Bernard Edwards 1785-1877 John E. Edwards    
Grandchild #5 Gilly Ann Edwards 1791-1882   Gracy Edwards 1787- m. James B. Woodson Cumberland Co. VA Lucy Coleman Edwards 1810-1871 m. Augustus Coleman 10 Nov 1830 Buckingham Co. VA.    
Grandchild #6 Daniel Coleman Edwards 1793-1861 Gideon Edwards 1795-1859 Nancy Edwards ? 1796-d. 20 Jan 1873 Buckingham Co. VA (FamilySearch)
Grandchild #7 Ann C. Edwards 1794-   Mary Edwards 1800-aft 1830 Nehemiah Edwards    
Grandchild #8 Elizabeth 'Betsy' Edwards 1795-1839     Gilley Edwards 1794-1882    
Grandchild #9 William Harden Edwards 1796-1867     Judith C. Edwards 1792-1870    
Grandchild #10 John A. Edwards 1806-1885          
Grandchild # Mary 'Polly' Edwards          

[1] Coleman Genealogy:  The name Grizzell, a Scottish form of "Grace", was usually given to daughters, but could also be given to boys.  Spellings in genealogy files/public records: Grizzell, Grizzelle, Grissel, Grissle, Grissil

[2] This family file says William Edwards married 1) Jane Taylor b:1737  2) Grizzell Coleman b: 1705  3) Polly Cramer b: 1721  4) Sarah Hillard b: 1710  No documentation of same.

[3] Family information for Daniel Coleman Edwards

[4] Within the above Coleman Genealogy [1] is a Will dated August 29, 1763 for Daniel Coleman in which he names his son Daniel, grandson William and son-in-law Nathan Glen (Will Book 2, p.4., Cumberland County, VA Records). Within the will he devised his home place, 300 acres, to grandson William Coleman and lands which he owned in Halifax County, Virginia to grandson Gideon Edwards.  The remainder of the property was directed to be divided among nine of his children after his wife's death.

Patience Elliott Coleman's will was dated 18 Jul 1771 and proved on 26 Aug 1771 in Cumberland Co. Wit: George Barker, John Chatten, Rebekah Barker. Patience mentioned in her will sons Daniel & James, daughters Lucy Glenn, Mary Sims, Ann Glenn, Grissil Edwards, grandson William Coleman, son of "my son Thomas", son Thomas L10, grandson Gideon Edwards & 20 shillings to grandsons Daniel, Guilelmus & Parmenus "sons of my son Thomas", granddaughter Patience Terry Sims & great-grandson Elliott G. Coleman.

[5] Cumberland County, Virginia was formed from Goochland County, Virginia in 1749.

[6 Cumberland County, Virginia - Marriage Records for Coleman and Edwards

Groom      Surname      Given      Bride      Surname      Given              Mnth Day Year

                 Edwards     William                   Coleman     Grisel                Mar 27 1750
                 Bedford      Thomas                   Coleman     Mary Ligon       Sep 24 1750
                 Edwards     Charles                   Moseby       Hannah             Jan  27 1754
                 Glenn          Nathan                   Goleman      Lucy                 May 24 1756
                 Glenn          Nathan                   Coleman      Lucy                 May 24 1756
                 Allen           Philip                      Coleman      Elizabeth           Nov 19 1763
                 Coleman     James                     Cocke          Ann                 Dec 19 1764
                 Coleman     Julius                      Coleman       Elizabeth          Sep 23 1789
                 Coleman     Elliott                      Daniel           Elizabeth          Nov 23 1789
                 Edwards      F.                          Ellys              Elizabeth          Jan 7 1780
                 Hambleton   James                    Coleman       Sarah               Nov 25 1793

Cumberland County marriage bond says "William Edwards and Grisel Coleman, daughter of Burrill Coleman, married March 27, 1750.  Surety Bond: William Edwards , James Aday.  Per the Coleman genealogy: Grisel was the daughter of Daniel Coleman.

[7] Colonial Militia Roster of Henings Statutes, Cumberland County, September 1758: Wm. Edwards in Col. Robt. Slaughter's command (Search for 'Edwards', ninth one down)

[8] Gideon Edwards still in Cumberland County, Virginia as of 1771 when he witnessed the will of Sarah Guttry.

[9] Cumberland County, VA. - DEED BOOK 3: 1760-1765 p. 46 - Daniel Coleman to daughter Grizzel, wife of William Edwards and her sons and daughters...20 Mar 1760 and witnessed by Nathan Glen, James Coleman, Spilsbee Coleman.

[10] Cumberland County, Virginia, Will Book 2, pg. 257. Account of administration of Jonas Meador. By: Jehu Meador, admin. paid: to James Holloway for his account; to Richard James for his account; to James Holloway on account of Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah Turner; to William Hill account, Drury Hudgens; paid Thomas Holand for his account; paid Samuel Holloway for account Jesse Boatright; William Saunderson for finishing the crop; James Minter for his account; John Creasy for his account; Richard Blands account; Caleb Hughes for Thomas Kevil for work done; Zach McGwin for account James Guilliam; Jesse Meador for his account; William Hughes for account Randolph Robinson; Holloway Hudgens for account Robert Hudgens; William Hix for Jonas Meador bond on Joel Meador; paid James Holloway on same account; Dal Boatright for his account; John Murry for bond of Jane Meador; paid William Edwards for his account: Hezekiah Bradley for account of John Burton; George Carrington for account of William Holland; Joseph Palmore for his account; Alex and Peterfield Trent and Co. for ... accounts; Daniel Bates for account; Richard Crump' Miller Burford; Thomas Sugt. Hill; paid Hannah Holloway for his account; James Minter for Sarah Meador, orphan of Jonas Meador; Thomas Kevil for board and clothing of Ann Meador; Jesse Thomas; Bond vs. Caleb Hughes, 1773; Bond vs. Thomas Hughes, 1773, Micajah Compton and his wife; Thomas Kevil; due Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah. In obedience to order of court account was dated 23 November 1778. Account examined and ordered recorded 18 October 1779. Jos. Carrington. Katherine Reynolds. Abstracts of Cumberland County, Virginia Will Books 1 and 2, 1749-1782.

[11] 1768 Cumberland County, Virginia - List of Tithes - Jas. Coleman, Daniel Coleman, Jr., Jas. Coleman, William Edwards

[11a] 3 Nov 1779 Cumberland Co., VA. Church records - Andrew Edwards, William Edwards, William Edwards 

[11b] 23 Nov 1880  Cumberland Co., VA. Church records - William Edwards, Daniel C. Edwards, Flamstead Edwards, William Edwards.

[12] 1782 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax Roll - Andrew Edwards, William Edwards (b. abt 1758?), Flemstead Edwards, William Edwards (b. abt. 1720?)

[12a] 1783 Cumberland County, VA - Tax Roll - William Edwards, Andrew Edwards, William Edwards, Flamstead Edwards

[13] 1784 Cumberland County, Virginia - Heads of Families - Andrew Edwards, Archer Edwards, Grissel Edwards (*), Moutre Edwards. * - A William Edwards does not appear in this list. Yet two appear in the 1782 Tax Roll. Was the husband of Grissel deceased and the son living with his mother?

[13a] 1785 Cumberland Co., VA. - tax list - Andrew Edwards, Archer Edwards, Flamstead Edwards, Grizle Edwards, William Edwards.

[13b] 1788 Cumberland Co., VA - Tax Roll - Gilly Edwards, Andrew Edwards, Flamstead Edwards

[14] 1790 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax list - Elizabeth Coleman, Julielmas Coleman, Julius Coleman, Parmonas Coleman, Patience Coleman, William Coleman, Wyatt Coleman, Andrew Edwards, Flemsted Edwards, William Edwards.

[15] Title: Edwards-Franklin House of Surry County, a historical research report Author: Bruce S. Cheeseman Publication: Raleigh, NC: 10 Nov 1978 Note: ABBR Edwards-Franklin House aka Bernard Franklin House in the National Register of Historic Places.

[16] North Carolina Archeological Council Publication No. 4, published 1977. Archeological research on the Edwards-Franklin House. Search the PDF for 'Gideon'

[17] There's a court record dated 1804 for a Daniel C. Edwards being on a jury in Surry County, N.C.  Is this the same Daniel C. Edwards in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

1803 John Carty - Surry Co, NC. Grantor sold land to Wm. Meredith, DB K, p 190 10 Oct 1803 JOHN CARTY of Surry to WILLIAM MEREDITH of Surry. 350 pounds 125 acres on Fishes River adjoining James Jervis. Signed M Franklin, John Carty (seal), Danl C Edwards. Duly proven in Surry Co Court Feb Term 1804 by the oath of Daniel C Edwards & ordered to be registered. Test: Jo Williams, C C.

[18] Cumberland County, Virginia - DEED BOOK 3: 1760-1765 (source Nancy Royce - references to Davenport)

p. 46 - Daniel Coleman to daughter Grizzel, wife of William Edwards and her sons and daughters...20 Mar 1760 and witnessed by Nathan Glen, James Coleman, Spilsbee Coleman

p. 85 - Know...I Mary Ligon Coleman of Cumberland Co. quit claim unto Matthew Ligon of sd. county...all debts etc. which I had agst. him....14 Oct 1749 and witnessed by James Ligon, Thomas Ligon.

DEED BOOK 2: 1752-1760

p. 45 - Indenture 29 Jan 1753 James Terry of Antrum Parish, Halifax Co. to Thomas Foster of Southam 630 ac. in Southam adj. John Williams, Robert Peak, James Allen and witnessed by William Womack Jr., John Woodson, Daniel Coleman Jr.

p. 349 - Indenture 28 Aug 1769 Thomas Coleman Sr. of Cumb. Co. to William Coleman of same 170 ac. Barr Creek adj. Joseph Hill, Isaac Allen, James Daniel and Daniel Coleman Sr. being the land sd. William Coleman now lives on.

[19] Gideon Edwards witnessed the 1771 Will of Sarah Guttry.

[20] The 1775 Will of John Cook lists his daughters Sarah Edwards and Anne Coleman.  Sarah Edwards was most likely the wife of William Edwards son of Andrew Edwards who was most likely a brother of the William Edwards in this profile.

[21] The 1827 Will of Richard Wilson was witnessed by Daniel C. Edwards.

[22] Several Rootsweb.com family files state Grizzell (Coleman) Edwards died February 20, 1759 in Goochland County, Virginia; however she is listed in her father's August 29, 1763 WillHer mothers July 18, 1771 will and as the 1784 Head of Household for Cumberland County, VA. which discounts that she died February 17, 1759 in Goochland, Virginia. It also suggests that Grizzell Edwards outlived her husband William Edwards as there were two William Edwards in the 1782 Tax Lists and only one in the 1784 Tax List.  However by 1790 it appears Grizzell (Coleman) Edwards was deceased in Cumberland County, Virginia as only William Edwards is listed in the Tax Records.  Adding weight to this though is a 1786 Settlement of Estate for a William Edwards in Cumberland County, Virginia.  And a 1803 Will/Settlement of Estate for a second William Edwards in Cumberland County, Virginia.

[23] Library of Virginia - Virginia Memory: Chancery Records Index -0049-1827-008.  Locality, Index Number, Original Case Number. CUMBERLAND CO, 1827-008. Plaintiff(s), Defendant(s). Benjamin E Scruggs, WIDOW OF William Edwards ETC.  ( PDF of chancery case) (transcription of chancery case)


If you are a descendant of the people listed on this page, have information different, or in addition to what's shown above (birth information, baptistery info, marriage bonds/certificates, wills, obituaries, deeds, court records, etc..) please forward to Joe Crouch and I will edit and or add it to this site.