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Myth #01 - The Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 in this profile is a different Andrew Edwards than the one who married Elizabeth Withers in 1758 Stafford County, VA. roughly 100 miles away.  See historical documentation including marriage records in Note [1] at bottom.

Myth #02 - Ancestry trees variously show Wm. Edwards (1720-1780)/Jennie Dickens; William Edwards (1720-1801)/Jane Taylor; Thomas Edwards (1723-1791/Margaret Elizabeth Nichols; William Harrison Edwards (1720-1801)/June Taylor as the parents of Andrew Edwards 1752-1819 who died in the Laurens District, Lauren Co., SC.  Most do not provide historical documents proving the relationship, but below you will find documentation proving Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 as his father.

Affidavits of support in the 1851 Revolutionary War pension application by Andrew Edwards 1752-1819's son Thomas Edwards for his widow Phobe states: Andrew Edwards and Phebe Meador her sister were married in Virginia Cumberland County...in the year 1778.   A second affidavit states: Andrew Edwards a citizen of Cumberland County State of Virginia, who was then married two Phebe Meador about the year 1778.  

Ancestry DNA shows Shared DNA matches between descendants of the Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 in this profile, whose son Andrew Edwards died in 1819 Laurens County, SC, and descendants of William  Edwards  who died in 1784 Cumberland Co., VA., which reinforces what's stated in the Revolutionary War pension application for Andrew Edwards 1752-1819's wife Phobe/Phoebe Meador's. That they were originally residents of Cumberland Co., VA.

Based upon 1765 and 1771 Cumberland Co., VA. land indentures listed below wherein William Edwards 1721-1784 of Cumberland Co., VA sold 200 acres of land on Grooms Quarter Creek in Cumberland Co., VA. for 5 shillings in 1765, 1/2 of the same land that William Edwards 1721-1784 had in 1764 paid 40 shillings for 400 acres to his probable brother Andrew Edwards 1727-1775. Andrew Edwards Cumberland Co., VA. will probated on the 27 Feb 1775 references his son Andrew Edwards, a minor.  Elizabeth Edwards his relict refused administration of his estate.  The 16 April 1778 Cumberland Co., VA. land indenture listed below wherein Elizabeth Edwards gave to her 'son' Andrew Edwards the land & dwellings upon which she dwelled on Grooms Quarter Creek with the proviso that he furnish her with good sufficient maintenance for the rest of her life.  And the 1 March 1790 Cumberland Co, VA. land indenture where Andrews Edwards and Phebe his wife selling 50 acres of land on the Grooms Quarter Creek to Wright Bond.  Andrew Edwards 1752-1819 was a son of Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 and his wife Elizabeth.    Note that the three land indentures referenced were all on Grooms Quarter Creek and several of the records list Jonas Meador as a neighbor or land being sold to John Meador, Jr.. Phobe Edwards was the daughter of Jonas Meador Jr. and Mary Holloway.

Myth #03 - The DAR / SAR web page for Andrew Edwards 1752-1819  (Ancestor #A036544) states he was born in Manhattan Island, NY..  The DAR profile for him also states 'Problems have been discovered with at least one previously verified paper - See Ancestor Full Record'.   The DAR/SAR note in red show they're aware of issuses in previous submissions and the above referenced affidavits in the Revolutionary War pension application and the will of Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 in this profile refute the Manhattan Island, NY birth location, which may have been assumed based upon the late 1800's/early 1900's Manhattan Island, New York based Edwards Estate scam.
See: Estate Fraud and Spurious Pedigrees by Helen Hinchcliff, Ph.D.
See: Ancestry Magazine 11/1/1995 - The Hall Edwards Estate - Fact or Fiction
See: Who was Thomas Nathaniel Edwards


Some Ancestry trees show Andrew Edwards 1727-1775's wife as Elizabeth Christian 1734-1810, daughter of Thomas Christian 1700-1743 born Charles City, VA / died Goochland, VA & his wife Rebecca Price -1742 but DO NOT provide documentation.)  


Andrew Edwards born abt. 1727  (ORIGINS) and died before 27 February 1775 Cumberland Co., VAwhen his will was entered for probate; married Elizabeth unknown.     What do we know?   This Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 was in Cumberland Co., VA. by / before 23 October 1752 as proved by the following:

 23 October 1752 Cumberland County, Virginia Deed Book 2, p. 17-18 -  Peter Holland of Cumberland Parish of Lunenburg Co. to William Clemons and Edward Clemons, a tract of land whereon Edward Clemons in the Parish of Southam in Cumberland Co., containing 366 acres by estimation; adj. Sampson and Fleming Easterly, Robert Smith, Benjamin Mosby, Andrew Edwards, William Holland, Samuel Allen, Jonas Meador, James Halloway and George Owen; it being land formerly conveyed by William Allen to Peter Holland. No wife mentioned. Wit: Isaac Hughes, Ben Harris, Mary Rogers, Hempsted Ransone, Gideon Marr.

28 May 1754 - Andrew Edwards was on a Cumberland Co. VA. jury in the trial of Thomas Williams against William Hudgens, Sen.

10 September 1755 Cumberland County, Virginia Deed Book 2, p. 53, , DB 2, p. 251, William Clements and Edward Clements to James Brown, 183 acres being part of the land they purchased of Peter Holland by deed dated 27 November 1749, now bounding lands of Robert Smith, William Clark, Andrew Edwards and Samuel Brown.

24 Nov 1755 - Cumberland Co., VA. land indenture between Andrew Edwards and Thomas Holland.

1759 Cumberland Co., VA. Tithe list - Andrew Edwards

July 1759  Cumberland Co., VA Court. [Order Book 1758-1762, p. 97]:  Thomas Yuille, Plaintiff, against HENRY ARNOLD, Defendant, in case. This day came the Plaintiff by his Attorney and thereupon came also a Jury, to wit, John Mays, William Maxey, Robert Burton, John Moseley, Edward Moseley, Andrew Edwards, Francis George Stegar, Edward Bond, John Pruit, Henry Hobson, Isham Pruit, and William Prosser, who being elected tried and sworn well and truly to enquire of damages in this cause upon their oath do say that the Plaintiff hath sustained damages by occasion of the Defendant’s Breach of Promise in the Declaration mentioned to seven pounds, three shillings and two pence, current money besides his costs. Therefore it is considered that the Plaintiff recover against the Defendant his damages aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed together with his costs by him in this behalf expended and the said Defendant in mercy yea.

27 August 1759 Cumberland Co., VA. Order Book 1756 – 1762, p. 107 - Andrew Edwards and William Edwards appeared in discharge of the recognizance entered by Andrew before Thomas Davenport, Gentleman, and on hearing the complaint agt. them and John Hamontree making oath and requiring security of the Peace agt. them, ordered Andrew and William be committed to the custody of the sherif until they shall give security (Fretwell 81)

Ancestry DNA shows Shared DNA matches between descendants of the Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 in this profile, and descendants of  William Edwards 1725-1784 also of Cumberland Co., VA.

24 September 1759 Cumberland Co., VA. Order Book 1756 – 1762, p. 119, - Andrew Edwards, Plaintif against John Hamontree, Defendant.  In Case, Dismis'd, the parties having agreed (Fretwell 85).

26 August 1760 Order Book 1756 – 1762, p. 254,
On the motion of John Hamontree, a Witness for Martin Richardson against Thomas Broom, It is ordered that Martin pay him fifty pounds of tobacco for two days attendance (Fretwell 125). Other witnesses for Martin Richardson granted similar motions were Adcock Hobson, Samuel Atkinson and Isaac Beacham. Witnesses for Thomas Broom granted similar motions were Andrew Edwards, William Edwards, Elizabeth Palmer and George Palmer.

9 March 1763 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture wherein Andrew Edwards and wife Elizabeth sold 200 acres of land to Joseph Call. For 150 pounds of current Virginia money

22 June 1765 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture between William Edwards and Andrew Edwards for the sum of 5 shillings has bargained and sold a tract of land on Grooms Quarter Creek containing 200 acres. Said lands adjoin lands owned by William Edwards, moiety of 400 acres granted to the said William Edwards by Patent bearing the date XV th day of August MDCCLXIIII for 40 shillings.  [Cumberland Co., VA. DB 4, p.28]

25 August 1766 Cumberland Co., VA. land indenture Charles Holland to Thomas Holland, 229 acres on south branches of Willis River, on Soak arse, bounded on the east by Nicholas Spears, the north by William Daniels, the west by Abraham Boyle & William Routon, and the south by William Hix. Land being part of land Thomas Holland conveyed to Andrew Edwards and by the sd Edward to Charles Holland. [Cumberland County, Virginia Deed Book 4, p. 92-93]

16 August 1770 notice in the Virginia Gazette page 4 Col #3:

1770 Andrew Edwards notice of land for sell

20 April 1771 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture between William Edwards and Andrew Edwards for and in consideration of one bay mare and a colt and four head of cattle to him delivered by Andrew Edwards doth bargain and sell one tract of land on Grooms Quarter Creek 100 acres of the 400 acres granted to William Edwards bearing the patent date 15 August 1764, adjoining the 200 acres previously purchased by Andrew Edwards  [Cumberland Co., VA. DB 4, p.465]

27 Feb 1775 Cumberland Co., VA. will of Andrew Edwards admitted into Cumberland Co. court. [Cumberland Co., VA WB 2, pp. 167-168]

In the name of God amen.  I Andrew Edwards being sick and weak, but of  sound memory do make this to be my last will and testament.  First I commend my soul to almighty God who gave it me hoping the through the intercession of my beloved saviour to meet with a happy and glorius resurrection an the last day.  I also recommend by body to it's kindred earth to be decently burried at the descretion of my executors hereafter named.  Item: I lend my loving wife my plantaion whereon I know live and liberty to clear what ground joyning the said plantation as she shall think proper.  I also lend my wife all my household goods of every kind whatsoever with my stocke of cattle and hogs during her natural life.

I also lend my son William Edwards the plantation whereon he now lives and liberty to clear what ground ajoyning the said plantation as he shall think proper but in case my son William should leave the plantation, then my wife shall take possession and act and do with it as she shall think proper.  I also desire that my executor pay my son William Edwards two shillings and six pence. 

It is also my desire that after my wifes death and my son william Edwards death, then I give all my land that I had before left to my wife and son William to my son Andrew Edwards with every other part or kind of estate whichsoever to him and his heirs lawfully begotten of his body except what I shall hereafter mention but incase my son Andrew Edwards should die before he comes of age or dies without heir lawfully begotten of his body, then I give all my estate that I have given to my son Andrew to my two daughters Moutry Edwards and Patty Edwards to be equally divided between the two to them and their heirs forever lawfully begotten of their bodys. 

It is also my desire that my daughter Patty Edwards shall have one of my beds and furniture and two dishes and six plates.  I also lend the two beds that my son William Edwards has now in his possession to him during his natural life and one dish, six plates and one iron pot.  It is also my desire that my executors pay unto my son Archibald Edwards two shillings and six pence. 

It is also my desire that my executors pay my two daughters Catherine Walker and Elizabeth Walker two shillings and six pence a piece.  It is also my deisre that my executors shall sell such of my personel estate as my wife can spare left to pay all my just debts.  I do also appoint Francis Flippping and Thomas Walton to be my executors of this my last will and testament given under my hand this seventh day of April one thousand seven hundred and seventy four.

Andrew Edwards

In presence of us:

William Bernard
Mary Bernard
Elizabeth Bernard

At a court held for Cumberland county 27th February 1775. This last will and testament of Andrew Edwards deceased was prove by William Bernard and Mary Bernard two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded  and Francis Flippig & Thomas Walker the executors therein named came into court and refused to take upon themselves the burden and execution thereof and Elizabeth Edwards widow and relict of the said Andrew Edwards also came into court and refused to take upon herself the administration of the said testators estate with the said will annexed whereupon on the motion of Jesse Thomas who made oath according to law certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration of the said testators estate with the said will annexed giving security whereupon he with Martin Richardson his security entered into bond according to law.             .          .            Tet  Thompson Swann Clrk.

Transcribed by Joseph E. Crouch - Lexington, KY.

Given references in the will dated April 1774, there were three children who were married / Of Age.  Of Age for males (William) meant age 21 which means by/before 1753, and for females (Catherine & Elizabeth) to marry by age 18 means they were born by / before 1756. So they were the first three children born.  The ages of the rest of the children is based upon their sequence in the above will.

16 April 1778 Cumberland Co., VA. land indenture wherein Elizabeth Edwards sold to her son Andrew Edwards.  He agreed to furnish his mother Elizabeth with good and sufficient maintenance for & during the natural life of her said Elizabeth.  Witnessed by John & Lucy Gill, John Robinson & William Edwards.   The first two witnesses proved the indenture on the 5th of May 1778 and William Edwards proved it in court on the 22 Feb 1779.   [Cumberland Co., VA. DB 6, p.4]

Children of Andrew Edwards & Elizabeth xxxxx:

The ages for the first three children assume William was of age 21 when Andrew Edwards wrote the will in April 1774, and the two married girls were married at age 18 which makes them the 2nd & 3rd children born.  The estimated birth years for the rest of the children named in the will assume they were born in the sequence in which they were named roughly 18 months apart and all minors at the time of Andrew Edwards will.

01 - William Edwards born by/before 1751.  Given the terms in his fathers will that if he should die, then his brother Andrew Edwards would inherit his fathers farm, one could assume this William Edwards died before 16 April 1778 when Elizabeth Edwards transferred her husbands farm to Andrew Edwards 1755-1819.  So it appears their mother Elizabeth Edwards did not honor the terms of her deceased husbands will.

There are three William Edwards referenced in the 3 November 1779 & 23 Nov 1780 Cumberland Co., VA petitions referenced below.  One an uncle (died 1784), one a 1st cousin (died 1803), and the other is this William Edwards.  With the wives of the other two William Edwards being known,  a  22 June 1772 land indenture recorded in Cumberland Co. VA OB 1770-1772, p. 480 (FamilySearch) suggests this William Edwards wifes given name was 'Sarah'.  The 15 April 1775 Cumberland Co., VA will of John Cook probated 25 Sep 1775 suggests this William Edwards wife was Sarah (Cook) Edwards. (Source)

3 Nov 1779 Cumberland Co., VA - William Edwards  Virginia Religious Petitions 1774-1802 [Library of Virginia]

23 Nov 1780 Cumberland Co., VA - William Edwards  Virginia Religious Petitions 1774-1802 [Library of Virginia]

02. - Catherine Edwards born abt.1752; married a Walker

03. - Elizabeth Edwards born abt.1753; married a Walker.

04.- Andrew Edwards born abt 1755 Cumberland Co., VA. died March 1819 Laurens, S.C.; married Phobe Meador 1778 Cumberland Co., VA.(Revolutionary War Pension App)  She was born abt. 1760 and died 14 June 1740.   DAR profile Ancestor # A036544      (WikiTree Profile)  (WeRelate Profile)

MYTH BUSTED:  The documents below list him as Andrew Edwards, (a.k.a. John Andrew Edwards, but no documentation supports the given name of John, just Andrew Edwards)

The will of  his father Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 was written in April 1774 and his son Andrew was not of age.  1774 minus 21 years of age places his birth by/after 1753.  And his 1778 marriage places his birth by/before 1757. 1755 birth year splits the difference.

17 Oct 1775 Cumberland Co., VA - Andrew Edwards listed under the command of Capt. Joseph Carrington

To have enlisted he had to be 16 years of age, so he was born by / before 1759.

16 April 1778 Cumberland Co., VA. land indenture - His mother Elizabeth Edwards gave to Andrew Edwards the land on Grooms Quarter Creek upon which she then lived with the proviso that he should furnish her with good sufficient maintenance during the rest of her life.  It was witnessed by William Edwards on 22 Feb 1779 when it was entered into court records.  While there were 3 William Edwards in Cumberland Co., VA., it's assumed this was Andrew Edwards older brother.[Cumberland Co., VA. DB 6, p. 4]

1782 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax Roll - Andrew Edwards,

1783 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax Roll - Andrew Edwards,

1784 Cumberland County, Virginia -Head of Household - Andrew Edwards,

1785 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax Roll - Andrew Edwards,

1788 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax Roll - Andrew Edwards

3 Nov 1779 Cumberland Co., VA - Andrew Edwards  Virginia Religious Petitions 1774-1802 [Library of Virginia]

1 March 1790 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture wherein Andrew Edwards & Phebe his wife sold to Wright Bond 50 acres on the Branches of Grooms Quarter creek bounded by John Meador,  Jonis Robinson and James Brown.  [Cumberland Co., VA. DB 7, p. 23]  (Was this part of the land on the branches of Grooms Quarter creek that William Edwards 1721-1784 sold to Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 on the 22 June 1765 or 20 April 1771 in Cumberland Co., VA.?)

1790 Cumberland Co., VA - Tax Roll - Andrew Edwards

29 Jan 1793 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture whreein Andrew Edwards sold 77 acres in Cumberland Co., VA to Richard Anderson for 78 pounds current money. [Cumberland Co., VA. DB 7, p. 230]

24 May 1795 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture wherein Andrew Edwards sold 9 1/4 acres to John Meador Jr.  [Cumberland Co., VA. DB 7, p. 395]

28 November 1796 Cumberland Co., VA land indenture wherein Andrew Edwards sold thirteen acres of land in Cumberland Co., VA for 12 pounds. [Cumberland Co, VA DB 7, p. 395]

1800 Cumberland Co., VA. U.S. census - Andrew Edwards

1810 Laurens District, South Carolina U.S. census - Andrew Edwards

His son Thomas Edwards submitted a Revolutionary War pension application for his widow Phobe Edwards. Married Phobe Meador 1778 Cumberland Co., VA. daughter of Jonas Meador, Jr. and Mary Holloway.

10 June 1851 Laurens District, SC -  Phebe Meador's sister Nancy Bradley made the following statement within the pension application:  On this the 10th day of June A.D. 1851 Personally appeared before me M. P. Evins a magistrate of the aforesaid State Nancy Bradley resident of the aforesaid State and District (who is aged Eighty four years) being duly sworn according to law, saith on her oath, that Andrew Edwards and Phebe Meador her sister were married in Virginia Cumberland County to the best of her knowledge in the year 1778.

Also on the 10 June 1851  Laurens District, SC -  : On this the 10th day of June in the year 1851 before me M. P. Evins a magistrate of the aforesaid State personally appeared Edward Scruggs Senior who is aged about Eighty one years, being duly Sworn according to law; Saith on his oath, that from his earliest acquaintance with any person he knew Andrew Edwards a citizen of Cumberland County State of Virginia, who was then married two Phebe Meador about the year 1778

05. - Moutry Edwards (female) born 1756.  Moutry is both a surname and a given name..

06. - Patty Edwards born abt. 1758

07 - Archibald Edwards (aka Archer Edwards) born abt. 1759   (He's first listed in the 1784 Cumberland Co., VA. tax list, so he was born by / before 1763.)  

Ancestry trees listing Archibald Isham Edwards show him as having married Dorcus Patterson.  Isham Edwards of Casey County, KY in the 1820 U.S. census was age 26 to 44, which makes him born between 1776 to 1794.  And the 1830 Casey Co., KY. U.S. census has him age 40-49 which places him born between 1781 to 1790.  Isham Edwards IS NOT Archibald Edwards aka Archer Edwards who was born abt. 1759.

Some Ancestry trees show him with the middle name of Isham. Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinet has a good discussion on the use of Middle Names before the mid-1800s.  In the later half of the 1700s less than 4% of the population had a middle name.  The records cited below just have him as Archer Edwards without a middle name Isham. Is stated to have married Dorcas Patterson.

1784 Cumberland County, Virginia - Head of Household - Archer Edwards,

1785 Cumberland County, Virginia - Tax Roll - Archer Edwards,



[1] The following documentation is for the Andrew Edwards who lived in Stafford Co., VA. and died in 1788 Stafford Co., VA.  The historical documentation presented below proves that he was a different Andrew Edwards than the one in the above profile who died in 1775 Cumberland Co., VA. and lived roughly concurrent with the Andrew Edwards in this profile.

OVERWHARTON PARISH REGISTER  page 188 - July 10, 1751 Waugh, Betty. Married Andrew Edwards,

On 7 May 1751 the twice widowed Betty married Andrew Edwards. On 16 January 1755, Rachel French died at about 15 years of age. On 11 March 1755 John Fitzhugh, John Murdock, Cain Withers and Daniel Chamber posted bond for Andrew Edwards

...The condition of the obligation is such that if Andrew Edwards truly pays unto Mason French Orphan of Hugh French deced all such Estate hereafter to be due as soon as he shall attain to Lawful age or when thereto required by the Justices as also keep harmless the above name...

Mason was probably a few years from being twenty-one years old. On 6 March 1756 Betty gave birth to Nancy Edwards. Betty must have died sometime after that date. On 19 January 1758 Andrew Edwards married Elizabeth Withers. No further records appear on the child, Mason French. Attempts were made to trace his land to see what happened to it without success, in part due to a void in the Stafford County records. There are no unconnected Frenches living in the area who could have been children of Mason’s [21]. Under a provision in Hugh3 will, (source)

OVERWHARTON PARISH REGISTER. page 193 Bailey, married 19 January 1758 Withers, Elizabeth. Married Andrew Edwards,

In 1758 Andrew Edwards had married Elizabeth (Cave) Withers, daughter of John Cave. Stafford County, Virginia [Will Book M page 338-339] William Cave of Overwharton Parish, Son James; Daughter Elizabeth Cave, wife Anne. Mr John Waugh executor of Will written 17 July 1742 will proved 14 Sep 1742. (Source)

OVERWHARTON PARISH REGISTER. page 191 Wheeler, Eleanor married William Edwards 12 Feb 1756. BUT the William Edwards of Cumberland Co., VA married Grizzle Coleman in 1750 Cumberland Co., VA.

Stafford County. Virginia Deed book P; page 80
pp16-Know all men ANDREW EDWARDS, JOHN WITHERS, JOHN MURDOCK, CAIN WITHERS, DANIEL CHAMBERS are bound unto JOHN MERCER gent. first Justice in the Commission of the Peace for County of Sufford In and to Sole behalf of the Justices in Sum of 1000 pounds to be made 11th March 1755.
The condition of this obligation is such that if ANDREW EDWARDS truly pay unto MASON FRENCH orphan of HUGH FRENCH deced all such Estate hereafter to be due as soon as he shall attain to lawful age or when thereto required by the Justices as also keep harmless the above name... rest of Justices all damae that may arrive said estate....to be void or remain...

the court
Andrew Edwards
John Fitzhuch
John Murdock
Cain Withers
Danl Chambers

At Court held for Stafford County 12 March 1744 (all signers) in open court acknowledged this their bond admitted to record.
November, 1756 - Two papers purporting to be copies of the Bible record have been examined. One gave what was printed on pages 31 1—313. The other contained a blank where the name " Koons Withers " appears in the copy which was printed. There is good reason to believe that the Bible entries are difficult to read, and that the name rendered "Koons," is "Keene." This Koons Withers, born- 1727-8, should probably be Keene is a name pronounced and often written Cain) Withers. It appears from the Stafford records that the inventory of the estate of " Mr. Cain Withers, deceased " was recorded November, 1756, and that his wife was named Elizabeth. There appears to have been no will. There is also on record in Stafford the application of Elizabeth, widow of "Keen Withers," but then wife of Andrew Edwards, for the division of the real estate of William Withers. (Source p 87)

Robert Edwin Withers, Sr, WITHERS FAMILY OF THE COUNTY LANCASTER, ENGLAND AND OF STAFFORD COUNTY, VA; 1189-1947; Roanoke, VA, The Dietz Printing Co, 1947; pp 41,103,125; obtained by inter-library loan from West Virginia Univ Library [C571,W8257] [1] "II. Keene Withers, b 13 Feb 1728, Stafford County, VA; d in 1756 in Stafford Co, VA; m 21 Dec 1747, Elizabeth Cave, daughter of William and Elizabeth Cave, of Stafford County, VA. She m 2, Andrew Edwards as his second wife 19 Jan 1758, and she m 3, Thomas Walker. I (Source)

George Harrison Sanford King, “Will of Andrew Edwards: Stafford County, Virginia,” Virginia Genealogist 16[1972]:307-310. [Source]

… I Andrew Edwards of Stafford County being sick & Weak of body but sound in sence & memory considering the uncertainty of life … to my said Wife [Elizabeth] the use of three negroes Vizt. Nan, a house wench, Phillis & Daniel until my young son comes to the age of twenty one years … my said son Andrew Neale Monkister … this lot, Stafford Old Court house … not to effect the right of my younger son … Land I now live upon purchased of Mr. George Dent, one hundred and seventy acres more or less … I give also for her support fifteen hundred pounds of Well fatted pork & the fat of said Hogs & three hundred weight of fatted beef, with the use of all my milch cows … two bushells of Allum Salt & one bushell of Country or Liverpool Salt & thirty barrels of Indian Corn that be sound & fit for use, ten bushells of wheat one hundred Gallons of Choice Cyder ten gallons of Good Brandy to be delivered to her in strong tight Casks, four pounds of the best tea, forty pounds of Loaf sugar, thirty pounds of Coffee, sixty pounds of the best brown Sugar, one thousand pounds of Crop Tobacco on Fallmouth inspection, not more than two months old twenty pounds of well washed wool … fire wood in plenty & in convenient season her Lott and Garden kept well inclosed with good fenceing & every repair made about the dwelling & out Houses to render them comfortable & convenient … the Looms, slays, Geers, &c all the feathered fowles, the feathers in my house now out of Beds … I give unto my daughter Margaret the money settled on her by deed, but in Case Robert Lowery Gives up the said money, I give unto my daughter Margaret his wife the negro Esther … my daughter Mountjoy shall have five pounds current money, then the residue of my estate to be divided between my two Children Travers & Sarah Vizt. Traverse to have two thirds … & Sarah the one third … I appoint my two friends Col: Thos. Mountjoy & Mr. Daniel Mason together with my wife Elizabeth my Exors. to this my last Will & Testament this eleventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty six.
                                                                                                    Andw. Edwards
Signed Sealed & acknowledged in the presence of us
• William Berry, John Curtis
• Thomas Kenna
The words which we were called upon by the late Andrew Edwards on his death to witness were the following that his daughter Anna he gave a Negro Girl by the name of Milley. Given under our hands this
4th of July 1788.
Signed in the presence of
• Suckey X Ryon
• Thomas Ludwell Lee
• George Lee Waugh
• John Payne
[At] a Court held for Stafford County the 14th day of July 1788.
The aforegoing Will of Andrew Edwards was then presented by Thos. Mountjoy Gent. an exor. therein named who [made?] oath and gave bond with Daniel Mason & Mason [?]cher as securities for his due exon. thereof which [is] ordered to be certified. Elizabeth relict of the [tes]tator & said Daniel Mason refusing to act as such and the said Will being proved by one of the Witnesses thereto it was ordered to be certifyed … And at a Court held for said County the 11th day of August next following being further proved by William Berry & John Curtis Evidences thereto and Ordered to be recorded.
R. Tyler C.S.C.
A copy Teste V. Peyton C.S.C.
Also filed …
… I Andrew Edwards, of the County of Stafford … my Daughters
Mary the wife of Alvin Mountjoy of the County … aforesaid, and Peggy Edwards … 12 [?] day of August 1778.
It is hereby agreed that the sum … intended for my Dauter Peggy shall be paid to, and received by Majr. Tho. Mountjoy in trust …
A. Edwards
• William Garrard
• James Garrard
• John Pollard sr.
• John Fristoe
Stafford to wit August Court 1778

1806 - The William and Mary Quarterly Vol. 11, No. 2 (Apr. 1931), p 128 - Lowery v. Mountjoy:  Andrew Edwards, dec'd .  Will dated in April 1786.  Issue: Margaret, wife of Robert Lowry; Mary wife of Alvin Mountjoy; Peggy and other children.