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Family Tree DNA - Edwards yDNA Clasic Chart

Christian Todd Logan County, KY. Census Records.

Search for Edwards H. Edwards father: looks at probable sibling of Edwards family from Cumberland, Virginia who migrated to Logan / Todd County, Kentucky.

Search for the parents of William & Andrew Edwards of Cumberland Co., VA.

Andrew Edwards 1727-1775 died Cumberland Co., VA. married Elizabeth ________

Bernard Edwards 1785-1877; died Todd County, KY.; married Martha Davenport - MYTHs BUSTED

Edward Hardin Edwards born ABT May 1812 in Virginia; died 31 Jan 1876 Todd County, KY, married Martha Jane Graham  4/16/1840

Gazelle Ghee vs. Grizzle Ghee - 1779 marriage record incorrectly transcribed as Gazelle Ghee in lieu of Grizzle Ghee.

Martha Gillie Edwards born November 15, 1845, died April 1, 1937. Married Wilbur Fisk Mobley.

Nehemiah Edwards born 1780 in Cumberland County, Virginia; died 1851 in Logan County, Kentucky.

Thomas Nathaniel Edwards born October 14, 1690; died February 11, 1781 in Maryland; married Isabelle (Elizabeth) Downing in Wales on April 9, 1720.

William Edwards born ABT 1758; died before Dec 1803 Cumberland Co. VA; married Grizzle Ghee 1779 in Cumberland County, Virginia.

William Edwards born btwn Abt. 1725, died by/before. 1784; married Grizzell Coleman on March 27, 1750 in Cumberland County, Virginia.

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