James Mitchell, Sr. 1710 - 1776

Mitchell Family History

James Mitchell Sr. married Margaret (Caldwell) Rogers

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Note: Senior and Junior in the below text is there to differentiate between father and son.  Historically Senior and Junior did not mean the same as it does today. In the 1700's and early 1800's Senior and Junior were more typically used to differentiate two people with the same names for tax / court records and they did not have to belong to the same yDNA line. But they could be son and father, nephew and uncle. etc...

In the 1754-58 Bedford County road orders for the care and upkeep of public roads [4] three Mitchell's are found: Daniel Mitchell, James Mitchell, and Robert Mitchell.  Most family files suggest all three of these Mitchell's were born in Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland, migrated to Pequa, Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a time period, then about 1745 migrated to that portion of Lunenburg County, VA., which later became Bedford County, VA.  This version appears on pages 134-137 in the 1856 book ‘Historical and Biographical Sketches of Virginia’ by  the Rev. William Henry Foote,. Others suggest they landed in Deleware and then migrated to the area that became Bedford County, VA.  In Daniel Mitchel's 1775 Will he states Robert Mitchell is his brother, but does not mention James Mitchell.  The following circumstantial evidence suggests they were:

Between 1754-1758, Bedford Co VA order Book 1A, 146, have Robert Mitchell, Daniel Mitchell, James Mitchell and others repair the road between Col. Randels Rowling Road and from thence to where the county line crosses James Mitchell's Mill Road and to make such alterations as will be most convenient for the inhabitants so that your humble petitioners may have an opportunity to go to the place of public worship without trouble or molestation.

James Mitchell married Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers abt. 1751, a possible cousin to the Mary Caldwell who married Daniel Mitchell. Proximity along the same road plus James and Daniel Mitchell having both married Caldwell girls suggests a familial relationship between Robert Mitchell, Daniel Mitchell and James Mitchell, but does not prove said relationship.

To research these Mitchell's you have to know when the older counties were divided to form new counties as it affects where you look for information.  Campbell County, VA. the source for a 1790 estate claim for Daniel Mitchell was formed from Bedford County, VA. in  1782.  Bedford County, VA. was formed from the northwestern end of Lunenburg County, VA in 1753. Lunenburg County, VA. was formed on May 1, 1746 from Brunswick County, VA.  And Brunswick County, VA was formed in 1720 from Prince George County, VA. 

In an attempt to ascertain when these Mitchell's moved to the Bedford County, VA. area I queried the Library of Virginia LVA Catalogs for these counties and found.

One land grant for James Mitchell in Brunswick County, VA. in March 1736. In Lunenburg County, VA land grants referencing James Mitchell are found in the years 1750, 1751, 1756, and 1758, 1763.  Note, the 1736 Lunenburg County, VA. land grant may be a separate James Mitchell born about 1707-1710 in Prince Georges County, Virginia and died 1755 in Luenenburg County, Virginia who married Catherine Bates.  Not known if the two James Mitchell's are related.

No land grants referencing Daniel Mitchell are found in Brunswick County, VA..  In Lunenburg County, VA four land grants reference Daniel Mitchell in the years 1753, 1767, 1767 and 1770.

In Brunswick County, VA. two land grants referencing a Robert Mitchell (unknown if all refer to same person or different Robert Mitchells) are found in the years 1732 and 1740. In Lunenburg County, VA. three land grants reference Robert Mitchell in the year 1748. In Bedford County, VA. there is one in the year 1773.

In Brunswick County, VA three land grants referencing a John Mitchell (unknown if all refer to same person or different John Mitchells)are found in the years 1732, 1737 & 1745.  In Luenenburg County, VA. land grants in the years 1748, 1750, 1751, 1753, 1758, 1759, 1762, 1767, 1770 and 1780 are found which refernce John Mitchell.

Lunenberg Co., VA will book 1, p. 140 - John Mitchell signed 29 Dec 1753 & probated 4 Feb 1755. Mentions sons James Mitchell, Isaac Mitchell.  Daughters, Catherine Mitchell (wife of Robert Mitchell), Mary Yarbrough (wife of Wm. Yarbrough), Son-in-Law: Jacob Mitchell   Eexcutors: Isaac Mitchell, Jacob Mitchell (Source)

The earliest land grant reference to a Mitchell in Brunswick County, VA. is for a Thomas Mitchell in 1731, then Robert Mitchell in 1731, John Mitchell in 1732, Jones Mitchell in 1736, James Mitchell in 1736, Peter Mitchell in 1741, Ninion Mitchell in 1746, Joab Mitchell in 1747, Nathaniel Mitchell in 1756, William Mitchell 1763.  The earliest land grant reference in Luenenburg County, VA. is for Robert Mitchell in 1748, John Mitchell 1748, James Mitchell 1750, Jacob Mitchell 1751, Daniel Mitchell 1753, Thomas Mitchell 1756.

Robert Mitchell born 1708 to 1714 had a son named James Mitchell born 29 Jan. 1747 (Reverand James Mitchell) Pequa, Lancaster County, PA. who married Frances Rice in Bedford County, VA. [13]

Daniel Mitchell born 1718-1724  per a 1790 Campbell County, VA. deed as part of the settlement of Daniel Mitchell's estate lists a son 'James (born abt 1751) and wife Sarah Mitchell'.[11] 'Sarah' historically was not a nickname, but the nicknames for Sarah were: Sadie, Sally & Sallie.  And unless documentation can be found that shows that 'Sarah' was part of the name of Elizabeth Brumfield who married James Mitchell, Jr. in 1787, then it further reduces the chance of Daniel Mitchell being the father of the James Mitchell who married Elizabeth Brumfield.  The final impediment I'm aware of to the Daniel Mitchell born 1708-1724 being the father of James Mitchell, Jr. is that James Mitchell, Jr. was born on the 17 November 1754, while the Mary Mitchell  who married William Walker Stearman, one of Daniel Mitchell's daughters, was born 23 January 1755 roughly two months after James Mitchel, Jr.  Something that might happen with current medical care if a mother was carrying twins, but not likely in the mid-1700's.

At least one researcher has stated that the Daniel Mitchell whose daughter Mary Mitchell married William Walker Stearman was a different Daniel Mitchell, but they've provided no supporting documentation to prove same.

That just leaves James Mitchell, Sr. born abt. 1720 as the probable father of James Mitchell, Jr. born 17 November 1754 who married Elizabeth Brumfield in Mercer County, KY.

In  Lt. Col. Richard F. Mitchell's 'Tom Mitchell of the Soledad' [9] on page 54 he makes the case that between James Mitchell, Jr. born 1754 revolutionary war pension application and a letter written [8] by the below referenced John Rogers to his cousin Elizas Caldwell, that James Mitchell Jr. and John Rodgers were half-brothers via their mother Margaret Caldwell Rodgers Mitchell.  James Mitchell  Jr. is listed as a furnishing a security in a 1780 Bedford County Will for a John Wilkinson that also lists John Rodgers, Mary C. Rodgers and Ann Rogers as witnessess.  In 1781 John Rogers and James Mitchell, Jr. both migrated to Mercer County, KY. and in 1807 they both migrated to middle Tennessee which suggests there was a close friendship / relationship.

In 1825 at the age of 79 John Rodgers the son of Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers wrote a letter to his cousin  Elias Boudinot Caldwell, of Washington City. (a Supreme Court clerk) and outlined his and Elias's Caldwell family history.  Within that letter in the book Caldwell, Epps, MacQueen-McEachin, MacNutt-Gilespie by Anderson Loraine he stated:

 "Within 25 miles of that place in that neighborhood I was born and in it was married and had 6 children before I moved to Kentucky in the year 1781. Our grandfather's (John F. Caldwell who married Margaret Phillips) children were William, Thomas, David, Margaret, John, Robert and James. My father (William Rodgers) and grandfather (John F. Caldwell) both died in October 1750, just 14 days apart. My mother (Margaret Caldwell Rogers) then married a man by the name of James Mitchell. She had 5 children by each husband. Two of her daughters died in Virginia. The rest all came to Kentucky and have been numerous families. Her son Robert [Rodgers] died in Kentucky. William, Thomas, and David Caldwell (his three Caldwell uncles) are all buried in the same graveyard with their father. David's widow and all that family moved to Kentucky. Uncle John went to South Carolina and died there. Uncle William's widow and all that family went to South Carolina, also. Our friend, John C. Calhoun is a son of the 2nd daughter of that family."

Some past genealogical researcher in a poor transcription from the original letter attributed 'William, Thomas and David' as being children of Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers and James Mitchell, Sr., when the entire letter in the book Caldwell, Epps, MacQueen-McEachin, MacNutt-Gilespie by Anderson Loraine it clearly states 'William, Thomas and David Caldwell', then goes on to state where their widows migrated to after their husbands died.  Some genealogical researchers have also attributed the Robert who died in Kentucky as being a Mitchell, but when you look at the letter from the Rodgers/Caldwell genealogical perspective, he is talking about his brother Robert Rodgers, not Robert Mitchell.  Robert Rodgers died in Kentucky, as well as a Robert Mitchell (in 1792 Mercer Co., KY).

In James Mitchell, Jr.'s 1832 Revolutionary War Pension Application he made the following statement:

"That in the fall of 1776 he lived in the house of John Rogers in the County of Bedford and State of Virginia....."

Barring new genealogical finds and based upon my opening information above and Lt. Col. Richard F. Mitchell's extensive genealogical research, then James Mitchell, Sr. and his wife Margaret Caldwell Rodgers are presented as the father of James Mitchell, Jr. born 17 November 1754  Bedford County, VA., who migrated to Mercer County, KY in 1781, then on to Robertson County, TN. in 1807 where he died in 1835.  While many researchers state Robert Mitchell, Daniel Mitchell and James Mitchell, Sr.s parents were John Mitchell and Mary Boyd, further research shows their parents were Robert Mitchell and Mary Innes.


Margaret Caldwell 1st married William Rodgers (*) born about 1708, died Oct. 1750 [1][2], about 1738 in Lunenberg County, VA.  William Rodgers died in Oct. 1750 and his Will was probated at the April 1751 court.  2nd she married a James Mitchell about 1751-1752.

* - In this transcription of John Rodgers 1825 letter it states his mother Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers married John Rodgers, not William Rodgers.  See:  John Rodgers 1825 letter. Other transcriptions leave out the sentence where his father is mentioned.  Most genealogies show his father as William Rodgers.

The children of William Rodgers and Margaret Caldwell were:

1. Robert Rodgers born abt., 1740; died in Kentucky per John Rodgers 1825 letter to his cousin Elias Caldwell.

2. Margaret Rodgers born abt. 1744; died 1800 Bourbon County, KY.; married Abraham Irvin 1760 Virginia.

3. John Rodgers born 25 Jan 1746 in Lunenburg County, VA.; died 30 Aug. 1836 Franklin, Williamson County, TN. Married Margaret Ann Daugherty

4. Ann Rodgers born abt. 1748 in Lunenburg County, VA.

5. Andrew Rodgers born Jan. 1749 in Lunenburg County, VA.

James Mitchell, Sr. born about 1720; died betwn 1772 [6.5] and 1776 in Bedford County, Virginia [6] as James Mitchell, Jr. in 1776 was living in the home of John Rodgers; married Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers. She was born about 1720 (most trees give a 1712 date but that means her her last 5 children would have been born after age 39 when her ovarium reserve would be in significant decline ) in Ireland; the daughter of John Caldwell and Margaret Phillips.

As William Rodgers died in Oct. 1750, then it is assumed that Margaret (Caldwell) Rogers married James Mitchell in late 1751 or early 1752 which would allow for a first Mitchell child being born in 1752.  So James Mitchell, Jr. was most likely the second child of James Mitchell, Sr. and Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers with subsequent children every 18-24 months.

1. Unknown Mitchell born abt. 1752 in Bedford County, VA.  [3].

2. James Mitchell  Jr. born 17 November 1754 Bedford County, VA. [3] per his [1] Revolutionary War Pension Application; died 18 Jun 1835 Robertson County, TN.  He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Brumfield in Mercer County, KY. 

As noted above some past genealogical researcher in transcribing the "John Rogers letter on the Caldwell genealogy inserted 'Michell' in lieu of 'Caldwell' after 'William, Thomas and David" when the letter cleary states 'William, Thomas and David Caldwell are all burried in the same graveyard with the father." (John F. Caldwell).  The poor transcription led other researchers to the conclusion that James Mitchell Jr. had three brothers named William, Thomas and David, when in actuallity John Rodgers was writing about his Caldwell uncles.[8]  The only facts concerning the Mitchells in John Rodgers letter was his mother married James Mitchell and that they had 5 Mitchell children.  Everything else is about the Caldwell's..

3. Unknown Mitchell born abt. 1756 in Bedford County, VA. [3].

4. Unknown Mitchell born abt. 1758 in Bedford County, VA. [3].

5. Unknown Mitchell born abt. 1760 in Bedford County, VA. [3].

Several family files on Rootsweb.com suggest the following additional children for James Mitchell, Sr. and Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers born 16 Mar 1712 were:

1) John Mitchell b. 1761  (may be son of John Mitchell & Ann Greer)

2) Robert Mitchell b. 1766   (may be Enos Mitchell's son Robert Mitchell born 1770)

3) Elizabeth Mitchell born 1767  (may be daughter of Daniel Mitchell, Jr.)

4) Sarah Mitchell born 1768  (may be daugther of John Mitchell & Ann Greer)

5) Thomas Mitchell born 1769  (may be son of a Thomas Mitchell 1750-1777)

6) Tellitha/Tibittha Mitchell born 1770  (may be daugther of John Mitchell & Ann Greer)

If the birth year for Margaret Caldwell is truly 1712, then she would have been age 42 when James Mitchell, Jr. was born, 49 years old when John Mitchell was born, 54 years old when Robert Mitchell was born, 55 years old when Elizabeth Mitchell was born, 56 years old when Sarah Mitchell was born, 57 years old when Thomas Mitchell was born, and 58 years old when Tellitha/Tibitha Mitchell was born.  A Wikipedia chart shows the percentage of decline of ovarian reserve related to increasing age. Statistically any child listed as born after 1761 is unlikely to be a child of Margaret (Caldwell) Rodgers as her ovarian reserve would have been depletedThis proves a misatribution of children from a different Mitchell line, to the James Mitchell, Sr. that married Margaret Caldwell Rodgers Mitchell.

And some researchers have a James Mitchell born ABT. 1704 Prince George, Virginia marying Margaret Amey Caldwell and having children Jemina Mitchell, Josiah Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, David Mitchell, Amy Mitchell, John Mitchell and Abraham Mitchell born variously in Granville, NC or Lunenburg County, VA.  A search for the Abraham Mitchell born Lunenburg, Virginia finds a James Mitchell who married an Amey Johnson abt. 1726 in Surry County, VA. listing these same children and references to a Granville, NC. will of James Mitchell dated 1 Mar 1775 and proved Feb. 1799.  The James Mitchell who married Margaret Caldwell Rogers is a different James Mitchell to the one who died in Granville County, NC. No known document supports Margaret Caldwell have a middle name of Amey!

[1] Lunenburg Co, VA, Will Book 1, page35 - William Rodgers' died 20 Oct 1750 and his Will was recorded 3 April 1751.

 I, William Rodgers of L...., being sick and weak in body, but in tolerable mind and senses...
- I appoint David Caldwell, Thomas Rodgers, and my wife, Margert Rodgers, to divide and title my land among my children, at their discretion, and to sell and title any part thereof that they shall judge convenient for the maintenance and support of my family, during their nonage, and I desire that no inventory may be taken of my real or personal estate, but be wholly at the disposing of my executors above mentioned.
- Signed Oct 15, 1750 - Wm Rodgers.
- Witnesses - John McNeese, James Anderson, Robert Mitchell, Henry Pattillo.

Executors David Caldwell, Thomas Rogers, and Margaret Rodgers" entered into bond with John McNeesse and John Logan, their sureties, certificate was granted them for obtaining a probate of said Will."

Lunenburg Co., VA., Will Bk 2 page 210. An account of sales of the estate of Matthew Campbell dec'd Oct 19, 1763. Purchasers were: Wm Rutherford, Josias East, Sarah Campbell, Wm Flemen Cock, James East, Collier Barksdale, Jos Davis, John Holt, James Mitchell, Richard Gideon, James Gideon, Wm Edwards, Samuel Allin, Peter Rawlins, John Caldwell, Robt Templeton, John Brent, Wm Price, Josias Campbell, Wm Hazlewood, William Rawlins, Wm Weatherford, Geo Welch, Henry Barnes, Burwell Voden, Gidion Thomas, John White, Arthur Slayton. Rec: Feb 9, 1764.

[2] William Rodgers married Margaret Ann Caldwell, only daughter of John Caldwell. William Rodgers died in Oct 1750 and his Will was probated on April 3, 1751, the same year that John Caldwell?s will was probated. John Rodgers, son of William Rodgers, writing some years later to Elias Caldwell, said his father died in October 1750 and Caldwell (John) died within fourteen days of Rodgers death.

[3] Bedford County, VA was created in 1753 from parts of Lunenburg County, VA. - Wikipedia.

Bedford County, Virginia

[4] 1754-1758, Bedford Co VA order Book 1A, 146, Mitchell, Daniel, James, Robert work on road.

Request that you will grant us an order to repair the road between Col. Randels Rowling Road and from thence to where the county line crosses James Mitchell's Mill Road and to make such alterations as will be most convenient for the inhabitants so that your humble petitioners may have an opportunity to go to the place of public worship without trouble or molestation. So your humble petitioners shall ever pray:

Robert Mitchell
Geo. McDavitt
Wm. Chamberlain
Pat McDavitt
James McGlaughlin
Daniel Mitchell
William Rogers
Robt. Shipley
Thos. McMundy
Matthew Campbell
William Thompson
James Mitchell
William Dudgeon
Wm. Caldwell
Richard Dudgeon

[4.5 ] The Lincoln kinsman - No date, but roughly the Aug term 1767 in book, but it may be item [4]:

This record shows James Mitchell Sr. in roughly 1767 having a mill in Bedford Co., VA. and James Mitchell Jr's is listed as having a mill on the Elk Fork of Red River in Robertson Co., TN.. after 1807.

[5] 1772-1774, Mitchell, James exempt from future payment levy & work on road Bedford Co VA OB 5A, 22

[6] 28 Sept 1778 -  Mitchell, Margaret from George Walton (Prince Edward Co), 7 lbs, Bear branch, 32 A, 'his heirs'?, Adams line, Bedford Co, VA, DB 6,p. 108 (FamilySearch)

Note: James Sr had to have been dead by 1778 or Margaret couldn't have bought land in her own name. James on the sale must have been her son James who per his pension application moved to Mercer County, KY. in 1781.

[6.5] 22 Nov 1779 Bedford County, Virginia Court

Inventory of the Estate Jeremiah Wade deceased. Taken this 10th day Oct 1772. Taken by James Hilton. Er of said Wades Estate + appraised by Wm. Hudnall, Wm Adams + James Mitchell on Oath pursuant to an Order Court

Wm his X mark Adams
James Mitchell
(assume same James Mitchell as [6] and [7] since Adams is noted)

In a Court held for Bedford County 22d day of Nov 1779. This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Jeremiah Wade deceased was returned to Court and Ordered to be recorded
Teste J. Steptoe, Cl.

[7]    22 Sept 1783 Bedford Co, VA land indenture

 Mitchell, James & Margaret his wife of Bedford to George Rust of Campbell Co, 61 lbs, 10 sh, 90A plus 33A adjoining, S/S Otter River, Adams corner, Bedford Co VA DB 7,p. 246 (FamilySearch)

A abstract of the above deed states that Margaret was the wife of James Mitchell (not his mother) and that she released her right of dower. Prior to 1991 a surviving spouse was entitled to a 1/3 interest in any real estate held by the deceased spouse at the time of death.  There's also the issue that James Mitchell Jr, son of James Mitchell Sr. & Margaret (Caldwell) Rogers , per his Revolutionary War pension application, migrated to Mercer Co., KY in 1781.  IF this deed applied to James Mitchell Jr. the deed should have stated James Mitchell and Margaret his wife of Mercer Co., KY sell land in Beford Co., VA to George Rust of Campbell Co., VA.  Was there another James Mitchell in Bedford Co., VA who married a Margaret?

[8] Virginia Historical Magazine, Jan 1911, v 19, pages 92 - 94 - Per letter from John Rodgers to Elias B. Caldwell on the Caldwell family. "Her [Margaret Caldwell's] son Robert [Rodgers] died in Kentucky. William, Thomas, & David Caldwell are all buried in the same grave yard with their father."  Full text of this letter can be found in the book Caldwell, Epps, MacQueen-McEachin, MacNutt-Gilespie by Anderson Loraine.  John Rodgers per his letter was in his 79th year and enjoying good health. Per "Colonieal Men and Times: Containing the Journal of Col. Daniel Trabue" the letter from John Rodgers was dated Nashville, Tenn. May 11, 1825" to his cousin Elias Boudinot Caldwell, of Washington City. (a Supreme Court clerk.) 


Dear Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of March 18 and thank you for the information therein contained. You cannot conceive what feelings crossed my brain when I heard of so many of my kindred according to the flesh well in this world and to human appearance not forgetful” of the next the accounts you give me of many of my dear are truly” pleasing to me as I am now oldest of all our family & have from my” youth up been very curious in collecting all the information I could” obtain from my oldest relations with regard to our ancestors. I will give you a short sketch of what I know on that subject. It may afford you some amusement in your leisure hours.

NOTES AND QUERIES. Our grandfather emigrated from Scotland to Ireland soon after King William’s conquest of that place. Our grandfather John Caldwell was born in Ireland & was there married to a Margaret Phillips (our grand-mother). He remained there till they had five children at which time to America with him (to wit) Moor Ritchey and Dudgeon. All of whom I well remember & one brother-in-law who married his wife’s sister whose name was Dougherty grandfather of my wife and Thomas” Dougherty formerly clerk to the lower house of Congress and of course known to you. These set sail together and landed in Delaware the very day that King George the Second was proclaimed there. From thence they got up the Country to a place in Pennsylvania then called” Chestnut Level.

Our grandfather naturally of an enterprising spirit explored the Country Southwesterly from a place in Virginia now Albemarle County to which he moved & was soon followed by all his kindred. There he lived some years; there our grandfather died and his oldest son and my mother his only daughter were married. They and their companions moved with him to Roanoke River and the fine lands there explored the Country Westwardly till he and his followers fixed on a fine level watered spot not 30 miles outside any inhabitants to which place him and his sons and brothers-in-law moved about the year1742 or 3.

They were soon after joined by other friends mostly from Ireland or Pennsylvania until they formed a little connected Settlement which was known and always called Caldwell Settlement for thirty years after our father was the first Justice of the Peace and his oldest son the oldest militia officer that was ever appointed under King Geo. 2nd within 25miles of that place in that neighborhood I was born and in it was married and had six children before I moved to Kentucky in the year”1781.

Our grandfather’s children were Wm. Thomas David & Margaret John Robert & James.
[Caldwell]  My father and grandfather both died in October 1750 just 14 days apart. My mother married a man by the name of James Mitchell. She had five children by each husband.

Two of her daughters died in Virginia. The rest all came to Kentucky and have become numerous families. Her son Robert died in Kentucky.

William Thomas & David
[Caldwell] are all buried in the same grave yard with their father. David’s widow & all the family moved to Kentucky.

Uncle John
[Caldwell] went to So. Carolina & died there. Uncle William’s widow and all that family went also to So. Carolina. Our friend J.C. Calhoun is a son of the 2nd daughter of that family.

I enjoy as good health as” a man in his 79th year has any good reason to expect or look for which I ought to be very thankful to the Great Giver of all blessings. My Kindred in this Section of the Country are all well as far as I know I am sorry to hear of your declining state of health but hope you will be enabled by grace divine to bear it without the murmuring thought. Remember me to your wife and children and to your brother Josiah and family.

I greet you all as dear relations and although I shall never see any of you in this world I hope to meet you at a future day in a far happier place. How vain are All things here below yet I feel a desire to hear from you all often whilst I do live. On looking over what I have written I see a good many blots & blunders which you will readily excuse. Farewell! Farewell!” From your affectionate Cousin”

     John Rodgers

[9] Tom Mitchell of the Soledad, pages 54-64 as researched / written  by Lt. Col. Richard F. Mitchell. decd. 2002 Santa Barbara, CA.  He then put forth his genealogy beginning with James Mitchell, Sr. in Tom Mitchell of the Soledad Part 4 of 4.

[10]  Abstracts of Bedford County, Virginia: Wills, Inventories and accounts, 1754-1787; Abstracted, Edited and published by Miss Joida Whitten, printed in Dallas Texas.  On page 60 of the abstracts: Page 237 in the records:

Will for Daniel Mitchell. Dated: 13 June 1775.
Lend to my beloved wife Mary Mitchell my lands and stock of every kind and all my estate both real and personal during her life and after her decease my Executors sell the whole of the said estate and let it be equally divided amongst all my children.  (Will failed to list the children.)
Executors: my brother Robart[sic] Mitchell and Michael Pruitt
Witnesses: Charles Cobbs, Daniel Mitchell, Thomas McCown
Proven: 25 Sep 1775 by oaths of Charles Cobbs and Daniel Mitchell.
Executors: Robert Mitchell and Michael Pruitt
Security: James Mitchell and Charles Cobbs.

On pages 334-335 Inventory and appraisement.
Daniel Mitchell 18 October 1775
Listed: household furnishings, livestock, farm equipment
Appraisers: Geo. Caldwell, Abraham Irvin, John Irvin.
Returned 22 Feb 1779

[11] Bedford Co Va land on Falling Creek became Campbell Co, VA in 1781-82.

Deed Campbell Co, VA 12/1790 probably settling the last of Daniel's land "coheirs and legatees of Daniel Mitchell late of Bedford Co. deceased" are named:

Daniel and wife Judy (Prewitt) Mitchell
Robert and wife (Naomi) Oma (Shipley) Mitchell - news of her death must not have reached them
William Sturman (Stearman) and wife Mary (Mitchell)
James and wife Sarah Mitchell
Adam Mitchell

The above 1790 deed extract states that the wife of James Mitchell (son of Daniel Mitchell) was named Sarah, while James Mitchell, Jr. was married to Elizabeth Brumfield. By the time of this deed James Mitchell, Jr. had migrated to Mercer County, KY. so this is a different James Mitchell.

At least one researcher has stated that the Daniel Mitchell whose daughter Mary Mitchell married William Walker Stearman was a different Daniel Mitchell, but they've provided no supporting documentation to prove same.

[12] Bedford County, VA - 1781 Will of Robert Mitchell. mentions wife Mary, sons Samuel (Revolutionary War Pension application), Daniel, Robert, Stephen. Witness: John Dowdy, James Davis, James Freeman. Sureties: Jesse Leftwich, Stephen Preston. Teste: Jas Steptoe.  At a Court held for Bedford County the 25th February 1799 the last will & Testament of Robert Mitchell deceased was proved  (Is this is the Robert Mitchell mentioned in the 1752-58 Bedford County, VA. road orders?)

[13] The Mitchell Family Magazine, Volumes One and Two - Jan. 1916, to April 1917.

Rev. James Mitchel (Clerk of Presbytery) and Frances Rice, daughter of Rev. David and Mary Blair Rice, 19 December, 1782. date of marriage license. John Mitchell, security.

Page 35 - "FATHER MITCHEL" OF VIRGINIA - Reverend James Mitchel (the orthography preferred by him) was a son of the late Robert Mitchel (born in the north of Ireland) and Mary Enos his wife (the latter of Edinburg, Scotland, and of Welsh descent). Robert Mitchell and family emigrated to America at an early period. James Mitchel. his son, was born at Pequa, Pennsylvania, 29 January, 1747. The family removed to and settled in Bedford Co., Virginia, at an early date. James Mitchell was licensed a Presbyterian minister in October, 1781. He married Frances, daughter of Reverend David and Mary Blair Rice. He was known in South-west Virginia, as an humble, able, successful preacher from the day he was licensed to the day of his death which occurred 27 February, 1841. He was aged ninety-four years and one month. He left many worthy descendants, was tenderly loved and venerated and often addressed and spoken of as "Father Mitchel." R. D. B.

[14] Bedford County Ecclesiastical Statistics from Historical Sketchs of Bedford County, VA. 1753-1907 - A list of the ministers of the Gospel, who were authorized by the County Court between 1754 and 1820, inclusive, to celebrate the rite of marriage, the date of the order confering the authority, and the denomination to which they severally belonged.

James Mitchell, 16 Sept. 1783, Presbyterian Church.

[15] Bedford County, VA Dowdy Marriage Bonds:  

16 Dec. 1785 Samuel Mitchell & Siner Pullen, dt. Thomas; Daniel Mitchell, surety; married by James Mitchell, 20 Dec. 1785.

11 Jan. 1787 - John Ross & Elenor Mitchell; Geo. Bozwell, Surety. Married by James Mitchell 18 Jan. 1787.

9 Aug. 1787; Ezekiel Dowdy & Jane Freeman; James Freeman, Surety; Married by James Mitchell, Aug. 11, 1787.  

1 Jun. 1809; John Dowdy & Polly Howard; David Howard, Surety; Married by James Mitchell, June 2, 1809.

11 Sep. 1809; Wiatt Dowdy & Lucinda Wood; Peyton Foster, Surety; Milly Wood, consent; Married by James Mitchell, Sept. 12, 1809

Jun. 1, 1829; Ezekial Williams & Charlotte Dowdy; Blagdon Wood, Surety; Married by James Mitchell, June 1, 1829.

(Note: The James Mitchell, Sr., the subject of this web page was most likely deceased as his wife Margaret Caldwell Rodgers Mitchell bought land in Sept. 1778  and James Mitchell, Jr. was in Mercer County, KY. by 1781 per his 1832 Revolutionary War Pension Application, and the Biographical Sketch in note 13 states Rev. James Mitchell was the son of Robert Mitchell, so the Rev. James Mitchell is not the same as the James Mitchell who married Elizabeth Brumfield.)

[15.5] Lunenburg County, VA. - First Court - assembled 5 May 1746, the Justices present were....John Caldwell....William Caldwelll....VMHB, Vol. 10, No. 3, p. 321.(Source)

Lunenburg County, VA. - On June 2nd, 1746, additional Justicies present were ....James Mitchell  VMHB, Vol., 10. No. 3, p. 322.

[16] Lunenburg County, VA. Order Bk. 2, 1748-1752, 5 June 1749 - June Court - Robert Jones, Henry Embry, John Hall, Wm Hayward, Matthew Talbot, Field Jefferson, Wm. Wynne, James Mitchell, David Stokes, Lewis Delony, John Phelps, W. Hill, John Caldwell, Cornelius Cargill, Abraham Cook, Hugh Lawson, Thomas Bolling, Liddal Bacon, Thomas Lanear, Robert Henry Dyer, Wm. Caldwell, Peter Fontaine, Abraham Martin, John Cox. and Nicholas Hayle. Gentlemen, sworn as Justices of the Peace/ Justices in the County Court in Chancery.

[17]  Bedford County Virginia Order Book 1, 1754-1761, p. 61 - February Court 1755:  James Mitchell, Plaintiff, against Edward Watts Sr. and Edward Watts Jr., Defendants, in debt. This day came the parties by their Attorney, and thereupon came also a jury, to wit, Samuel Drake, Henry Bunch, David Dalton, John Quarles, Stephen Chinalt, Paul Chiles, Francis Callaway, William Verdeman, Benjamin Orrick, Jeremiah Yarbrough, James Wilson, and David Watkins, who say that the Defendants owe the Plaintiffs 10 Pds. 7 shillings and 2 pence. Therefore, it is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the Defendants the said sum and his costs.

 [18] Bedford County Virginia Order Book 1 - A, 1754 - 1761, p. 217 - September Court 1757:  James Mitchell, Plaintiff, against Edward Watts and Edward Watts Jr., defendants, in debt.  This day came the parties by their attorneys, and thereupon came also a Jury, to wit, William Verdeman (William Vardeman I), Jeremiah Shrewsberry, William Harris, Moses Williams, John Board, William Rogers, Joseph Mackmurtry, and 'Manly', who say that the Defendants have not performed the conditions of the Writing Obligatory in the Plaintiff's declaration specified, but has broken the same, as the Plaintiff has 25 declared, and they do assess the Plaintiff's damages by occasion thereof, to 5 Pds 10 shillings and 7 pence besides his costs. Therefore, it is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the Defendants his damages aforesaid, in form aforesaid assessed, and his costs.

[19] Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - A 1739 land survey for Peter Hairston who between 1739-1741 migrated to Goochland County, VA. shows him having property next to a James Mitchell.

[20] The History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Franklin Ellis & Samuel Evans, Everts & Peck 1883 page 759 - East Donegal Township lists James Mitchell 1718, John Mitchell 1720, Thomas Mitchell 1720, William Mitchell 1730, and Alexander Mitchell 1730.

[21] 1770 Bedford County, Virginia land patent found on the 'Library of Virginia' website that states "John Rogers as assignee of James Mitchell a certain tract of land containing three hundred and eighty two acres by survey bearing the date of February one thousand seven hundred and seventy lying in the county of Bedford on East branch of Little Falling River and bounded as follows to wit.  Beginning at John Irvin and Robert Mitchell's corner.....on Daughterty's line.....

[22] John Caldwell profile.

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