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Thomas Parker married Susanna Rogers

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Thomas Parker was born 29 February 1768 [17], the son of Nathaniel and (1st Elizabeth Scott; 2nd Mary (Ramsey) Bledsoe) Parker. He married Susanna Rogers born 11 April 1773 [17], the daughter of William and Sarah ( ) Rogers of Hampshire County, Virginia [17].  He bought land from his father Nathaniel Parker on 4 Oct 1796 in Sumner County, TN. that provides the earliest proof of his arrival in Sumner County, TN. Susana (Rogers) Parker died at 4:30 PM on Wednesday 24 October 1838 age 78 years, 4 months, 10 days ("A perfect model of Industry.") [17] and was buried in the Hibbet Cemetery, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN. (FindAGrave).

After Susana (Rogers) Parker's death he moved to Todd Co., KY. where he appears in the 1839 through 1845 property tax records.

He wrote his will on 26 June 1846 and died 8 August 1846 age 78 years four months and ten days in Hadensville, Todd County, KY. .   Thomas Parker is buried in the Hibbett Cemetery, Gallatin, Sumner County, TN. (FindAGrave)

Several family files suggest that Thomas Parker's middle name was 'Henderson' and that he was born in Isle of Wight, Virginia.  There was a Thomas Henderson Parker, but he was born 21 May 1821 in Boston, Mass. but I've not found any documentation to show that the above Thomas Parker had a middle name. As to the Isle of Wight birth county, Thomas Parker's father Nathaniel Parker bought land in Hampshire County, VA. from James Rogers in March 1771 and his grandfather John Parker had been in Frederick later Hampshire County, VA. since 1749.  Given the distance between the Isle of Wight and what is now Mineral County, WV this seems incongruous.

Their children were as follows:

1. Elizabeth Parker born 3 February 1793 [17]. Married John C. Beeler on 26 Sep 1811 in Sumner County, TN.  Based upon current research John C. Beeler of Louisville, KY. was non-biological 1st cousin.  John C. Beeler's step-mother was Susannah Parker who married Charles Beeler in Hampshire County, VA, an older sister of the above Thomas Parker. Charles Beeler's first wife was Sarah Colston who was John C. Beeler's mother.  John C. Beeler's died in 1836 and Elizabeth appears in the 1840 Jefferson County, KY. U.S. census as head of the household. On 29 May 1848 Elizabeth (Parker) Beeler married William M. Terry  in Jefferson County, Kentucky. In 1850 she appears in the Todd County, KY  U.S. Census, age 57, along with Thomas M. Bealor in the household. She died between 24 Oct 1855 and 21 December 1857.  (Jefferson County, KY. Deaths and Obits.)

2. Sarah Parker (Sally) born 23 December 1794 [17]. Died 24 April 1837 Sumner County, TN. with burial in the Morgan Cemetery, Castalian Springs, Sumner Co., TN. (FindAGrave)  Married Charles Morgan 26 October 1815 Sumner County, TN.  He was born 21 April 1788 Sumner , TN

3. Pearson Parker born 29 August 1797 [17].

Not the father of the Pearson Parker born in Tennessee abt. 1824/1825.   Census Records: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910  Findagrave shows Pierson "Pierce" Parker born 8 Mar 1823 Franklin County, TN.; died 5 Jan 1916 Platte County, MO. with burial in the DeBerry Cemetery, Platte County, MO., son of Nathaniel Parker, grandson of the Rev. John Parker, and g-grandson of Richard Parker 1770-1738 (brother to the Thomas Parker in this profile.)

4. Mary Ann Parker aka 'Polly', born 19 May 1799 [17]; died 8 Sep. 1864 Sumner County, TN with burial in the Gallatin City Cemetery, Sumner Co. TN. (FindAGrave) ; married John Branham on 11 May 1820 in Claire, Sumner County, TN. He was born 12 April 1798 in Garrard County, KY. and died 2 Feb 1887 Sumner Co., TN. (FindAGrave) with will probated 17 Feb 1887 Will Bk#4 pages 383-401, the son of John Branham and Rachel Brown. Her portraitHis portrait

1830 (FamilySearch), 1840 (FamilySearch), 1850 (FamilySearch),  1860 (FamilySearch), 1870 Sumner Co., U.S. census

Children: 1) Thomas Wiseman Branham b. 20 Apr 1821 Sumner Co., TN. 2) Albert Gallatin Branham b. 15 May 1823 3) Pamelia Barthenia Branham b. 28 June 1825 4) Cornelia Ines Branham b. 29 Mar 1829 5) John T. Branham b. 9 Mar 1831 6) Susan Anne Branham b. 6 Apr 1833, 7) Mary Elizabeth Branham b. 16 Jul 1836, 8) Sarah Frances Branham b. 6 Nov 1839 Sumner Co., TN. 9) Frances Milton Branham b. 10 Aug 1843 Sumner Co., TN.

1836 Tax Payer - Todd Co., KY

5. Milton Page Parker born 15 February 1803 [17]. Married Caroline M. Sullivan on the 17 November 1830. Moved to Lexington, Missouri where he died in 1834. 

Children: 1) Athaliah Caroline Parker born 4 April 1835 - died 7 December 1853 Lexington, MO., married Arnold T. Winsor 14 February 1849 2) Thomas M. Parker born 1833 Lexington, MO., died 1889 California, married 1863 Helen Mar Wells

After the death of Milton Page Parker, Caronline M. Sulliavan married William F. Bradley 12 May 1836 by whom she had 5 children.

6. Pamelia A. Parker born 15 March 1805 [17] in Sumner County, Tennessee. Married Francis Duffy. Death 28 October 1847 in Todd County, KY., burried in the Hibbett Cemetery, Sumner County, TN. (FindAGrave)

7. Nancy Caroline Parker born 30 August 1807 [17]. Died 7 April 1886 with burial in the Hibbett Cemetery, Gallatin, Sumner County, TN. (FindAGrave)  Item 4 in Thomas Parker will, Nancy Hibbett. Married John Johnson Hibbett b 30 May 1806 Smith Co., TN., died 16 Dec 1893 Smith County, TN., buried Hibbett Cemetery, Sumner County, TN. (FindAGrave),  married January 1829 in Sumner Co, TN.

Children: 1) Susan Hibbett b. 1830; d. 1912  2) James Hibbett b. 1832, died 1873 (FindAGrave3) John B. Hibbet b. 1834, d. 1890 4) Martha 'Nelle' E Hibbett b. 14 Feb 1837 - died 12 Feb 1922 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, TX.  5) Mary Elizabeth Hibbett b. 28 Dec 1839 (married Marcus Bearden DeWitt); d. 1912  6) Valeria Hibbet b. 1843; d. 1894  7) Andrew Jackson Hibbets b. 1846; died 31 May 1924 Hattiesburg, Mississippi, married Mary A. Hawkins 8) Robert M. Hibbet b. 1848, d. 1915  9) Charles Thomas Hibbett b. 23 Nov 1851- died 1930  (FindAGrave)

In 1850 J.J. Hibbett is listed as one of the trustees of the Bledsoe Female Academy in Sumner County, TN. [Acts of the State Of Tennessee passed at the First Session of the Twenty-Eighth General Assembly for the Years 1840-1850 page 276]

1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 census Sumner County, TN.

Was this the Aunt Nancy mentioned in a letter to her father page 18 of letters in Francis Duffy section 28. Nancy Parker, also called Molly married John Johnston Hibbett (A.J. a son) lived on Greenfield Lane & Mark McKee III farm 1892. Born 30 May 1806 Smith Co. Tenn. M. 1829.

8. Martin Parker born 19 October 1809 [17].

9. Martha Almira Parker (aka 'Patsy') 27 born April 1813 [17]. Died 28 February 1833 age 19 years 10 months. [17]

10. Susan Ann Parker born 11 September 1815 [17]. Died 3 February 1831; age 15 years 4 months 25 days. Did not marry.

[1] What is Morgan tie to family tree. Morgan Fort Site on Greenfield Land adjacent to Nathanial Parker home (original home occupied by Bryson Alexander in 1992) Check marriages of Thomas Parker & possibly Sarah? Sally? Parkers husband.

[2] See land transaction of Thomas Parker. See also Thomas Parker Will dated 26 June 1846.

[3] Francis Duffy and Willy Taylor executors of Thomas Parker deceased do account of sale bill made on the 24th & 25th days of September 1848 on a audit of ------ ---- due 25 Sept 1847. (FamilySearch)

[4] Will of Thomas Parker
Todd Co., KY Will Book F, p. 339 (FamilySearch)

Begun and held for Todd County at the Court house in Elkton on Monday the 14th day of September 1846 produced in open court examined approved and ordered to be recorded where upon I have truly recorded the same together with this certificate in my office.
Willis L. Reeves

In the name of Almighty God Amen! I Thomas Parker of the county of Todd and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and disposing memory and knowing that all men must die, do make this my last will and testament revoking all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made.

Items 1st I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Beeler, two lots of land containing about twenty acres adjoining the lands of James Terry, Elijah Atkins and B. D. Smith to her and her heirs forever.

Item 2nd I give to the heirs of Sally Morgan Deceased all the rights title and interest I have in and to twenty six acres of land purchased by me from Wilson Cooksey also all the rights title and interest I have in and to one hundred and thirty acres of land including Drakes pond.

Item 3rd I give to the heirs of Milton Parker Deceased one thousand dollars out of my estate to be paid to them by my executors herein after named.

Item 4th I give to Nancy Isbell my Daughter the claim in life estate of fifty dollars per annum during my life. I have (sic) against her and her husband to the land they now live on provided they ___ in the gr___ of and on the land on which they now live.

Item 5th all the residue of my estate both real and personal after my just debts and funeral expenses are paid to be sold and the money arising from the sale thereof to be equally divided between my children to wit: the heirs of Sally Morgan Dec'd, Elizabeth Beelor, Permelia Duffy, Polly Branham and Nancy Hibbett.

And lastly I hereby appoint Francis Duffy and Wilie B.Taylor Executors to this my last will and testament In witness whereof I Thos. Parker have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 24th day of June 1846

                                                                                    Thomas Parker (seal)
Joshua Lister
Wm. M. Terry

Todd County Court
Clerk's Office
September 14th 1846
I Willis L. Runy Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify that the foregoing Instrument of writing purporting to be the Last will and Testament of Thomas Parker Deceased was at a county court begun and held for Todd County at the Courthouse in Elkton on Monday the 14th day of September 1846 produced in open court by the oaths of Joshua Lister and Wm. M. Terry subscribing witnesses thereto to be the act and (sic) of said Thomas Parker and the same was ordered to be recorded

Whereupon I have truly recorded the same together with this certificate in my office.

Willis D. Reeves

Estate Settlement of Thomas Parker [ Todd County, KY WB G, p. 288 July 8, 1850] (FamilySearch)

Settlement after Sale of Personal Property of the estate of Thomas Parker, Todd County, Kentucky

John and Mary Branhan       $1,000.00
Charles Morgan (grandson)  $1,000.00
John J. and Nancy Hibbet    $1,000.00
Elizabeth Beeler Terry          $1,000.00
Francis and Pamelia Duffy    $1,000.00

Property Bought and Sold:

[1] 1796 4th October - Sumner County, TN. Nathaniel Parker conveyed to Thomas Parker 200 acres of Land on Bledsoe Creek that Nathaniel Parker had purchased from the heirs of Anthony Bledsoe. (FamilySearch)


[3] John Parker sold Thomas Parker 260 acres on the north side of Cumberland River 11/14/1812

[4] Lot number 61 in Cairo on the south side of High Street.

[5] Bought 140 acres of land in Sumner County, Tennessee on 5/19/1818.

[6] Bought 100 acres apparently beside those listed above. 8/21/1818

[7] Bought 17 acres on 3/11/1826 state of Tennessee, sold to Thomas Parker for 12 1/2 cents / acre in Sumner County beside his land.

[8] Thomas Parker's brother Robert sold him 174 acres on 5/28/1835 beside Thomas Parker land.

[9] Thomas Parker sold to Francis Duffy 160 acres in Hickman County on the waters of Mud Creek adjoining the land of Rogan & others. Being in the S.E. quarter of section 16, Township one range four west 9/19/1836.

[10] Bought 120 acres along Bledsoes Creek 6/7/1836.

[11] Bought 105 acres in Montgomery County, Tennessee near Drakes Pond.

[12] Sold his niece Nancy Morgan 160 acres in Hickman County, N.E. quarter section 27, Township one, Ranges west 5/5/1841.

[13] Bought 70 acres in Todd County, Kentucky along Spring Creek 4/7/1842

[14] Bought 70 acres in Todd County, Kentucky along Spring Creek 8/1/1842

[15] Bought 120 acres in Todd County, Kentucky including Drakes Pond 5/15/1843

[16] Bought 105 acres near Drakes Pond in County of Montgomery, Tennessee on 11/23/1829.

[17] Francis Duffy 'Family Bible

[18] Christian County, KY. - Vol 2 published by Turner Publishing Company, Jun 15, 1991

Christian County Court - May 9th, 1808: A deed of bargain and sale from Nathaniel Parker of Christian County to Thomas Parker of Bourbon County state aforesaid for a tract of land lying in Hampshire County, VA. acknowledge and ordered certified to the county court of Hampshire County, Virginia.  Research has proved that the Nathaniel Parker and Thomas Parker referenced in this Christian Co., KY court record  were this Thomas Parkers 1st cousins, sons of Aaron Parker, brother to this Thomas Parkers father.

[19] Early Records, Hampshire County, VA. (now West Virginia) by Clara McCormack Sage & Laura Elizabeth Sage Jones by Genealogical Publishing Co. 1939.

           Grantee                      Grantor

1755 Parker, Thomas,      from Robert Pritchard
1760 Parker, Elizabeth,    from Walter Bond
1762 Parker, Robert,       from Hampshire Co. Court
1763 Parker, Richard,      from Thomas McQuiure, et al.
1764 Parker, Richard,      from Edward McQuire and wife
1765 Parker, Nathaniel,    from Thomas McQuiure, et al.
1766 Parker, Robert,       from John Petter and wife.
1771 Parker, John,           from Phillip Martin
1771 Rogers, James (w. Martha) to Nathaniel Parker
1771 Parker, Nathaniel,    from James Redgers and wife
1791 James, David, Jr.     from Nathaniel Parker
1792 Armstrong, William, from Nathaniel Parker
1792 Armstrong, William, from Nathaniel Parker
1800 Parker, Thomas,      from Nathaniel Parker

Parker, Nathaniel to Thomas Parker of Hampshire Co. (letters of administration) Recorded 2-16-1801. Wit. None. Parker, Robert (w. Hannah) to Christopher Smith (lease and release) 721. on Little Capon; rec. 5-11-1768. Wit.

[20] Tax Lists / Enumerations

1817 Sumner County, TN. Property Tax List

Persons Name        Land                 Situation                 FP     TL      BP      SH
Parker, Isaac             171                   BC                            1     blank     3       blank
Parker, John                60                   G Creek                 blank  blank   blank   blank
Parker, John               115                  Lick Creek                 1     blank      1      blank
Parker, Judeth              75                   G Creek                blank   blank  blank    blank
Parker, Nathaniel        288               Cumberland River     blank   blank     4       blank
Parker, Richard           507               Cumberland River         1         1       3      blank
Parker, Robert            170               Bledsoes Creek             1    blank     3      blank
Parker, Thomas           260               Bledsoes Creek        blank   blank  blank   blank
Parker, Thomas            260              Cumberland River     blank      2        7      blank
Parker, William           blank                        blank                   1    blank  blank   blank
Parks, Jacob               258                  W M F R R                 1    blank  blank   blank
Parks, Robert              100               W Middle F R R            1     blank  blank  blank

1819 Sumner County, TN. Property Tax List

Persons Name   Quantity of Land  Situation
King Parker                   209              Station Camp
Richard Parker               457              Station C & Bleds
William Parker                  -                Station C & Bleds
John Parker                    115              Lick Creek
Thomas Parker               260             Bledsoes C
Thomas Parker               260             Buffalo Run
Thomas Parker               586             Espes Creek

Robert Parker                 200             Bledsoes Cr
Nathaniel Parker              288            Bledsoe Cr
Isaac Parker                    171            Bledsoe Cr
Judith Parker                     75            Trammels Cr
John Parker                       60            Trammels Cr

1820 U.S. Census - Sumner County, TN.

Name                                  Residence
John Parker               Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Judah Parker             Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Isaac Parker             Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Nath Parker              Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
King Parker              Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Robert Parker           Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Thomas Parker          Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
John Parker               Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Cincinnatus Parker     Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Dempsey Parker        Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States
John Parker               Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States

1821 Sumner County, TN. Property Tax List

Name                         Land              Situation                      FP     TL      BP     SH     PC
Parker, Demsey           blank              blank                              1     blank  blank  blank   blank
Parker, Isaac               194                 B C                                1     blank     3     blank   blank
Parker, John                  60                 Goose Creek                  1     blank  blank  blank   blank
Parker, John                115                 head of S Cr                   1     blank     2      blank   blank
Parker, Judith                 75                Goose Creek               blank  blank  blank   blank   blank
Parker, King                209                Station Camp                blank  blank    10     blank   blank
Parker, Nathaniel         288                     blank                       blank   blank      4     blank   blank
Parker, Richard            407                Station Camp               blank      1         2     blank   blank
Parker, Robert             180                Bledsoes Creek               1      blank      4     blank   blank
Parker, Thomas          1120                blank                           blank       2         5     blank   blank

1822 Sumner County, TN. Taxable List

Name                       Land              Situation
Parker, Isaac               194              Bledsoes Creek
Parker, John                  60               blank
Parker, John                105               B L Cr
Parker, Judith                 75              Goose Creek
Parker, Nathaniel          228              (?) Bledsoes Creek

1830 U.S. Census - Sumner County, TN.

[21] 'Parker in America 1630-1910', page 481, compiled by Augustus C. Parker, published 1911 by Niagara Frontier Publishing Co.

Parker In America page 481

[22]  The Tennessee Genealogical Magazine "Anserchin" News Vol. 38, No. 4 Winter 1991 page 26:    2 Jul1799 Petition of citizens of Sumner Co in the bounds of Capt BRADLEY's Company seeking to have Capt James HART appointed Justice of the Peace ..•the only Justice in the company is contemplating moving. Signed by: 23 Aug 1799 (2 pages)

1799 List of men who signed Sumner TN petition

[23] 1828 Francis and Pamelia A. (Parker) Duffy family bible - Pamelia A. Parker was a daughter of Thomas and Susana (Rogers) Parker and granddaughter to Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Scott) Parker

[24] Tennessee GenWeb: Sumner County, TN. marriage records:

Bride: Parker, Elisabeth     Groom: Beeler, John C. Married: 26 September 1811 Bondsman: Barham, John

Note: John Barham (typo: should be Braham) was Elizabeth Parker's brother-in-law who married her sister Mary Parker.

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