Origins of Matthew Rogers 1714-1762

Rogers Family History

Origins of Matthew Rogers 1714-1762

Peter Rogers vs. William Rogers as father of Matthew Rogers

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The Matthew Rogers who died between 1762 and 1767 of Hampshire Co., VA. (now W.V.)  WAS NOT the son of Peter Rogers of Halifax Co., VA, nor was he born in North Carolina. Go to this webpage on Col. James Rogers Ancestry, and do a FIND for Peter Rogers. Peter Rogers of North Carolina in his will did not name a son named Matthew. And given that Matthew Rogers bought land on Patterson Creek, Frederick, Virginia in 1748 the roadway network between Patterson Creek and North Carolina was virtually non-existent. It's more likely most of the early settlers came to the Patterson Creek area via the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road a distance of 260 miles versus 400 miles miles to Bertie, NC., and when you look at this 1751 colonial map the geographic elements (rivers, mountains, and forest growth) are another element that further questions the connection to Peter Rogers in North Carolina. See map below. Not impossible, but questionable.

1751 Colonial Map - Peter Rogers vs. Matthew Rogers

Source for 1751 Colonial Map - North Carolina GenWeb

Then there's the confusion between two Peter Rogers  (father and son).  of  Virginia who've both been linked as Matthew Rogers 1718-1762 to 1770's father:

1 April 1717 - John Rogers and Peter Rogers granted land patent in
Spotsylvania County, Virginia on middle fork of Mattapony River. Peter Rogers
had a son named Abraham Rogers who was placed under the guardianship of Thomas
Estes, 6 Aug 1734, Spotsylvania County. See related records for 1734, 1736 and

GEORGE, etc. ... to all, KNOW YE that for divers and good causes and
considerations, but more especially for and in consideration of the sum
of forth shillings of good and lawful money paid to our Receiver General
of our Revenues in this, our Colony and Dominion of Virginia.
We have given, granted and confirmed and by these presents for us, our
heirs and successors do give, grant and confirm unto PETER ROGERS of King
and Queen County one certain tract or parcel of land containing four
hundred (400) acreas and being on the north side of the Middle River in
St. John's Parish in King and William County and bounded as followeth,
to-wit: ...
WITNESS, our tryly and well beloved Hugh Drysdale, Esq., Our Lt. Governor
... of our said colony this 9th day of July, 1724, and in the Tenth Year
of our Reign.
Source: Volume 12, Page 46, 1724-1726, Virginia State Library

4 Feb 1726 - Francis Smith of King and Queen Co to Edward Pigg of Spotsylvania Co. 2000 lbs. tobacco, 100 acres of land in Spotsylvania Co. given to sd. Smith by the last will and testament of Peter Rogers deceased., and part of a tract granted to John Madison, John Rogers, Peter Rogers, Henry Pigg, Edward Pigg and John York by patent, April 1, 1717, and is part of John Madison, bought by the sd. Peter Rogers.  Witnessess: Jonathan Clark, John Connor, William x Smith, Jno. Rogers.  Rec. 2 May 1727.  Sarah Smith, wife of Francis Smith, acknowledged her dower right to the said land to the said Edwd. Pigg, by her attorney, John Waller.  (Source p. 98)

So Peter Rogers Senior 1677-1726 was of Spotsylvania (red on map below) and owned land in  King and Queen County, VA. (elongated yellow on map below) as evidenced by these 1717 and 1724 land indentures and deceased by 1726 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, as evidenced by the above 4 Feb 1726 Spotsylvania Co., VA land indenture. His son Peter Rogers migrated to Halifax Co., VA (yellow on N.C. border).  So neither Peter Rogers (father or son) was of North Carolina which is where many trees state Matthew Rogers was born between 1714-1718.

 Virginia County Map

1 March 1734 - Abraham Rogers of Spotsylvania County, is deeded 85 acres on
middle fork of Mattapony River, part of tract granted Henry Pigg, Edward Pigg,
John Rogers, Peter Rogers, and others. Witnessed by John Rogers. Spotsylvania
County Deed Book "C" 1734-1742. This must be part of an estate settlement in
which Abraham inherits land from father Peter Rogers. See 1736 records

So by 1734 Peter Rogers Sr. was deceased in Halifax Co., VA.

6 Aug 1734 - Abraham Rogers, "orphan of Peter Rogers" placed under
guardianship of Thomas Estes with Zachariah Lewis as Security. Spotsylvania
County Guardians Books 1721-1800, Will Book "A" page 70.

24 March 1736 - John Rogers of Drysdale Parish, King and Queen County,
Virginia to Abraham Rogers of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County, VA for
10 Pounds, 228 acres. Part of tract granted to Henry Pigg, Edward Pigg, John
Rogers, Peter Rogers, and others, 1 April 1717, lying part in Spotsylvania and
part in Caroline Counties, and "also all that tract or parcel of land given by
my brother Peter Rogers, deceased, in his Last Will and Testament unto his son
John Rogers, deceased." Spotsylvania County Deed Book "C" 1734-1742, page 138.
Spotsylvania County formed from King and Queen County VA in 1721.

The sons typically listed for Peter Rogers Senior are: Peter Rogers, Jr., Thomas Rogers, John Rogers, William Rogers, Joseph Rogers, Abraham Rogers and Armistead Rogers. born between 1708 and 1724.  No Matthew Rogers except for those who've made the leap from King and Queen County Virginia, to North Carolina and back up to Hampshire Co. VA. (now Mineral County, W.V.).

It was the son Peter Rogers born before 1727-1785 whose wife (a cousin) was Elizabeth (Armistead) Rogers, mother of Armistead Rogers 1762-1835,  Elizabeth (Armistead) Rogers was still alive in 1812 when she sold her widows dower to Roger Adkinson's estate [Halifax Co., VA DB 23, p.373] (FamilySearch) on 13 June 1812 which her husband Col. Peter Rogers had bought from William Harrelson the 1 Feb 1768. For her to be the mother of Matthew Rogers 1714-1767, she'd have to have been born abt. 1700 making her 112 years old.  Elizabeth Rogers husband Peter Rogers died in Jan 1785 Halifax Co., VA. where his will was probated [Halifax VA WB N, 2].  His assets were left to his son Armistead and his wife Elizabeth. Will pages 1 and 2.  DAR profile for Peter Rogers, born Ante 1724 King & Queen Co., VA, died 1785 Halifax Co. VA. Ancestor # A098166

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN: I, Peter Rogers of Antrim Parish in the County of Halifax, being in low state of health but in perfect sense and memory do make, constitute and ordain this Last Will and Testament in the manner and form following, that is to say:

ITEM: I give and bequeath unto
my son, Armistead Rogers, my grist mill on Coleman Creek together with one hundred acres of land whereon the mill stands provided that he shall let his Mother, Elizabeth Rogers, have half the profits of the said mill during her widowhood. I also give my said son on sorrel mare, a man's saddle, a rifle gun and my sword to him and his heirs forever. My wish and desire is that they have two hundred and sixty acres of land which I purchased of John Naselson should be sold towards for paying my debts. My Will and desire is that all the rest of my land not before named should be equally divided as soon as they can agree amongst my sons, when the youngest comes to age, otherwise my wife with the consent of my Executors may sell the whole of it if they think proper.

ITEM: I devise my loving wife Elizabeth Rogers all movable estate during her natural live or widowhood which shall first happen, all my slaves and moveable estate of every kind except the specified articles above mentioned, also the use of my plantation on Coleman Creek. At the expiration of her natural life or widowhood, I devise that all the negroes and personal estate that may then remain shall be equally divided amongst the children that shall then be living. An I will and devise that my said wife do have my children educated in the best manner that the circumstances of my estate will admit of without inconvenience. I also devise that Alexander Haulson shall have six months of schooling at the expense of my estate, this expense of schooling expect to be paid from profits of my estate.

In case of my son Armistead Rogers should die without a lawful begotten heir of his body, I devise the estate be given to him to be sold to the highest bidder after the marriage or decease of my wife and the money accruing by such sale to be equally divided amongst my children that shall then be living.

And lastly I do appoint my wife Elizabeth Rogers, together with Nicholas Hobson, James Coleman, Archibald Murphy to be Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, revoking and disanulling all and every Will and Will by me heretofore made.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, said Peter Rogers, have hereunto set my hand and

affixt my seal this 22nd day of January, 1785.


Signed, sealed, publishedin presence of John McMichael, Mary McMichael,

David L. McMichael.

At a Court held for Halifax County, Virginia, the 18th day of August, 1785, this Will and Testament of Peter Rogers, deceased, was exhibited in Court by Elizabeth Rogers and the same was proved by the oath of two of the subscribing witnesses hereto, made oath that certain obligations in the Will was not observed by them when the same was signed and ordered to be recorded and on motion of said Executors Nicholas Hobson and Elizabeth Rogers




Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinet has a page on name patterns wherein it states: "'''17th century southerners tended to name their eldest sons for paternal grandfathers''' and their second son for the father. Kulikoff’s study of Prince George’s County, Maryland showed that roughly 80% of all eldest sons were named for one or the other. In the late 17th century, the great majority of eldest sons were named for their fathers. " Matthew Rogers eldest son was named William Rogers. NOTE: This '''DOES NOT''' constitute genealogical proof that Matthew Roger's father was William Rogers, but for those who claim Peter Rogers was Matthew Rogers's father it should be noted that none of Matthew Rogers children were named Peter or Armistead as the Peter Rogers of Halifax Co. VA. did.

The will of William Hogg [Frederick Co. VA Will Book 1, p 338] dated 18 April 1729, Chester Co. PA. has as one of the witnesses William Rogers. However William Hogg of Chester Co., PA. (to the west of Philadephia, PA) did not die in 1729 as he thought. He moved to Frederick Co. VA and died there in 1749. The original will of 1729, named his children, wife etc. is listed in 1749, There is an addition in 1749 (naming present wife) with his son George Hogg who's named as Executor. MATTHEW ROGERS is listed as security along with George Hogg, George Right. These two sign their name. Matthew Rogers signed with an X.  The date for the addition to this will is 15 Nov 1749.

The above William Hogg's will was written in Chester County, PA.  Chester County, PA is one of the three original Pennsylavnia counties, just to the southwest of Philadelphia, PA. and it's original city was Chester, PA..  This places Matthew Rogers and a probable father / brother William Rogers as migrating into Hampshire Co. VA. (now Mineral County, W.V.) from Pennsylvania via the Great Wagon Road to Philadelphia. This William Rogers would have been born by or before 1708 to have been 21 years of age to witness a will, which means William Rogers father was born by or before 1687.

Chester, PA is also where the Scots-Irish started emigrating to in large numbers after 1718. They settled first in the western Chester County area (later Lancaster county) and moved west over the Susquehanna River valley and Cumberland Valley area and later pushed into the western Pennsylvania counties of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, Greene, and Allegheny.

Matthew Rogers Lot #13 land grant on the Patterson Creek Settlement is dated the 10 June 1749.  Of note is that the adjacent Patterson Creek Settlement  Frederick Co, VA Lot #12 was granted  on 9 June 1749 to John Parker 1700-1760, one day earlier.  This John Parker has been documenatarily tied back to Nottingham, Burlington Co., New Jersey (essentially the Trenton, NJ area) where his 1st wife father wrote his 1751 will as well as to Bucks Co., PA.  Bucks Co., VA (just to the east of Philadephia, PA). See: Origins of John Parker 1700-1760.  Most of the inmigration into this area was via the Great Philadellphia Wagon Road.  John Parker, like Matthew Rogers was Scotch-Irish.


BIOGRAPHICAL Information for Matthew Rogers of Frederick/later Hampshire Co., VA:

Matthew Rogers was in Frederick Co. VA by 1747, Frederick Co VA Court Order Books. He is mentioned numerous times in these court order books into the 1750's.

Lord Fairfax granted Matthew Rogers land on Patterson Creek, Frederick Co. VA 10 June 1749

Matthew Rogers and a Jasper Sutton were named in 1749 as executors of the estate of a James Ross. In James Ross 1749 Frederick Co. VA, will he names Matthew Rogers "my best friend"

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 133-34: Mathew Rogers of Hampshire County, 115 acres adj. Lot 14 on Patterson's Creek in said County. Survey David Vance. May 19, 1762.

Land grants 1757-1762, Book K, p. 431 By this grant, the Proprietor of the Northern Neck of VA. conveyed 115 acres of land adjoining Lot No. 14 on Patterson's Creek to Matthew Rogers (Sr.) on May 19, 1762.

Considering this addition, Matthew Rogers Sr. had a total of 784 acres on Patterson's Creek this date. Also, there is a record of James Rogers marrying and living in the West Augusta District of VA. in 1766. He must have returned to Hampshire County about this time to get his share of his father's land.

Hampshire County Deed Book 1, pp. 359-360 By this indenture, William Rogers and wife Sarah conveyed 264 acres of the 379 passed on June 10, 1749 to Matthew Rogers Sr. to James Rogers on April 14, 1767.

Since William Rogers owned this tract this date, one can discern that Matthew Rogers Sr. of Hampshire Co., VA died sometime between May 19, 1762 and April 14, 1767.

If you are a descendant of the people listed on this page, have information different, or in addition to what's shown above (birth information, baptistery info, marriage bonds/certificates, wills, obituaries, deeds, court records, etc..) please forward to Joe Crouch and I will edit and or add it to this site.